you can’t fuck a pak’ma’ra. any pak’ma’ra at all. they haven’t got any sex organs. doesn’t matter how alluring those big cow eyes or tentacles are, you just can’t do it. pak’ma’ra probably don’t get sex. i bet they think it looks like two losers flailing around on each other, making weird noises.

they probably think every alien in possession of things like noses or visible mouths or dicks look like losers who flail around and make weird noises, even when they aren’t having sex.


Babylon 5. The famed space station played host to a summit between two species today: the Pak'ma'ra and the Cardassians. To try and resolve their differences.

The Cardassians, recently discovered through a Roddenberryan anomaly in Pak'ma'ra space, had made no attempts to hide their contempt of the Pak'ma'ra during the now infamous First Contact incident. 

In that incident The Pak'ma'ra envoy, both a master vocalist and renowned pornography king, the James Deen of the Pak'ma'ra as he’s been called by porn historians, had made several key mistakes as his attempts to seduce his Cardassian counterpart led him to be served at dinner. It had not been known at the time that the Pak'ma'ra had been biologically compatible with the Cardassians in only one way: food. Negotiations soon broke down and open hostilities quickly followed.

The summit today was an attempt to return to pre-anomaly borders. However it appears the Cardassians did not come in good faith as their delegation was preceded by crates of Yamok Sauce. Several of the Pak'ma'ra delegates have already disappeared.

Interstellar Alliance President Sheridan has threatened retaliation and there has been no response from Gul Macet.

More on this as the situation develops. 

I love the Centauri and Narns so much, but I need to draw something that isn’t a human-like with weird hair or a weird skull.  The pak’ma’ra are my fav alien-looking aliens, probably of all time.  I could almost forgive JMS for what he did to Londo if he made a pak’ma’ra a significant character in something in that universe.  And let me play that character.  Almost.  I mean come on.   Who doesn’t want to be an adorable fucking squid person with big cow eyes and noodley face appendages????


Species that are alike: the pak’ma’ra (Babylon 5) and the Ood (Doctor Who).

Not only do they both have weird tentacly mouths, they also both carry around a translator ball.

Neither are treated very nicely.

‘The interesting thing about the pak'ma'ra is that they’re everywhere…. We see them every day but no one wants anything to do with them. For all intents and purposes the pak'ma'ra are invisble. Ignored. Shunned. People go to great lengths not to notice them.’
–Delenn, ‘Learning Curve’

‘They work the mine shafts. All the drilling and stuff. Supervision and maintenance. They’re born for it. Basic slave race… But the Ood offer themselves. If you don’t give them orders, they just pine away and die.’
–Danny, ‘The Impossible Planet’