The signs as colors

Aries: the burning orange of a sunset, red converse shoes, sunflowers on a summer day, the light coming through the windows on a warm afternoon, citrus peels

Taurus: long green grass blowing in the wind, blush, rose wine, the light coming through the trees in spring, clover patches in the park, mint and chocolate

Gemini: the faded tan of old books, the soft tones a candle gives off in a dark room, lemonade, sidewalk chalk, khaki overalls, a rubber duck, key lime pie, bees on flowers

Cancer: honey, pearls and silk, the patchwork of colors on an old quilt, daisies, the warm tan of fresh bread, baby’s breath and lavender, vanilla bean ice cream

Leo: the gold of a sunrise, a bonfire at night, ginger ale, when the leaves are changing colors as fall is coming, sparklers, glitter, bloody noses and smiles, confetti on the dancefloor  

Virgo: aloe and cucumber, iced tea, dusty evening skies, mahogany tables, old coffee mugs as the thrift store, softly scented lotion, lilacs, sheer pale window curtains in the breeze

Libra: hazy gold framed artwork, creamy silk pajamas, light washed jeans and a soft pink cardigan, honeydew melons, bubble tea, fairy lights, tan sketchbook paper and white ink

Scorpio: the green and purple of the sky just before a storm hits, neon lights on wet asphalt, undereye circles, coffee and cigarettes, band t-shirts, sour gummy worms, the night sky when there is no other light than the stars and moon

Sagittarius: cranberry juice, hello kitty bandaids on scraped knees, carousel lights, old stains, your favorite plaid shirt, cherries on a picnic blanket, the two minutes before and after the sun goes down

Capricorn: the swirls as cream and coffee mix together, the light coming into a dusty room, an old journal, the faded bench by the river trail, toffee and almonds, a big sweater 

Aquarius: midday sky with puffy little clouds in it, the color of a swimming pool, the glow of a computer screen, Mountain Dew Voltage, saturday morning cartoons, primary colors

Pisces: Monet lily pads, saltwater taffy and cotton candy, old paint palettes, wildflowers, tumbled chrysocolla and labradorite gems, sunsets on the river, dewey moss, bathbombs

Comforting His Kitten

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 1,650
Warnings: Fluff. Cuss word or two. OOC Crowley.
Request: (Anonymous) I wish you would write a fic where Crowley is trying to cheer the reader up but he’s kind of fumbling at it cause hes not used to stuff like that
Request: (Anonymous) do have a fic where crowley comforts the reader, or any requests for one? Ive had a shitty past couple of weeks and im just stressed to the max and it would really be great to read one
Request:( @soinlovewithbandguys ) Toni, you know what sounds amazing? Crowley trying to comfort you when you’re just emotionally overwhelmed like you wanna scream and cry and punch something all at the same time and you just wanna hide in your room and be done with the world, and maybe it happened cause you messed up on a hunt and dean flipped out on you so also some protective crowley? Idk man 😭 I just need some fluffy comforting Crowley

Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @lunybird Prompt: Slow Dancing / Quote: “Elvis is still alive”

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lois: are you ok, clark?

clark: what? yeah. fine. why do you ask?

bruce: it’s because you’re wearing pajama jeans and pedicure flip-flops

lois: and because you’re on the verge of tears

clark: [voice breaking] i’ll have you know that these are not pajama jeans.

clark: [takes off sweater] they’re pajoveralls

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Can you give us your honest opinion about today's live show, because it was a mess.

i think the liveshow was a mess as in dan and phil have no direction for what they talk about. but it was sweet because they just like bouncing ideas off each other and it’s natural and funny. they really didn’t talk about anything but it was in that aimless way like when you watch some best friends talk for a while and you’re not participating in the conversation and just sipping your latte because you are in a cafe and this is what the scenario calls for. their separate liveshows never have any direction either but this one was sort of just like they were bumbling around for a bit. i liked it because i like seeing a more relaxed dan and phil. also why the fuck did they not wear jeans or pajama bottoms or something i mean i would understand if they were planning on being so direct about it but it seemed like they weren’t prepared to move so they just wore their underwear. weirdos. also the chat they had about the hairdresser was lovely because they were being such a couple and still think the other is cute when they are being annoying. also the part when phil said dan was bleeding profusely and they just smiled and giggled at each other for a second. it was a good liveshow and nothing exciting but still lovely.

Complete College Checklist
Complete College Checklist!

I have talked to many people and done tons of searching to compile a list of all of the things you’ll need for college. My roommate and I have divided some stuff up, especially bathroom stuff. This is all the stuff we are taking to college!

Reblog this to help others who are struggling with their college checklist!


  • Bed sheets (2 sets)
  • Blankets
  • Body Pillow
  • Comforter
  • Mattress Pad
  • Pillowcases
  • Pillows (2-3)


  • Cup for toothbrushes
  • Paper towels
  • Shower curtain
  • Shower curtain hooks
  • Shower curtain liner
  • Shower organizer
  • Trashcan
  • Toilet Paper
  • Towels
  • Towel rack (over the door)
  • Washcloths


  • Command Hooks
  • Curtains
  • Desk lamp
  • Microwave
  • Mini-fridge
  • Rug
  • Surge protector
  • Toaster
  • Trash can


  • Advil
  • Band aids
  • Cotton balls/rounds
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Midol
  • Neosporin


  • Delicates bag
  • Hangers (thin hangers)
  • Laundry hamper
  • Tide Pods


  • Brush/Comb
  • Conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Eyeliner
  • Floss
  • Foundation
  • Lotion
  • Makeup organizer
  • Mouthwash
  • Pads/tampons (for the ladies)
  • Razors
  • Retainer (for those who’ve had braces)
  • Retainer case (don’t forget)
  • Shampoo
  • Shaving Cream
  • Sunscreen
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Tweezers
  • Q-Tips


  • Bras
  • Dresses (I’m taking 3 or 4)
  • Jackets
  • Jeans
  • Pajamas (are a MUST)
  • Panties (15-20 pairs)
  • Pants (dress pants)
  • Purse (I’m only taking one)
  • Robe (a MUST)
  • Shirts (20-25)
  • Shoes (1-5)
  • Shorts
  • Slippers
  • Socks (24 pairs)
  • Sweaters
  • Workout clothes (in case)

School Supplies:

  • Backpack
  • Binder
  • Cup for pencils
  • Erasers
  • Folders
  • Folder/Letter Holder
  • Glue
  • Highlighters
  • Index cards
  • Markers
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Notebooks (8)
  • (college ruled) paper
  • Pens
  • Post-it Notes
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Staples & Stapler
  • Tape & tape dispenser

Cleaning Supplies:

  • Air Freshener
  • Broom & dustpan
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Gloves
  • Tiny Trash Bags
  • Toilet Bowl Brush
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner


  • Alarm Clock
  • Car charger
  • Computer mouse
  • Flash Drive/USB/External hard drive
  • Headphones
  • Laptop
  • Laptop Charger
  • Phone
  • Phone Charger


  • Cereal
  • Coke
  • Heath bars
  • Hot Cheetos
  • Tupperware Containers

My roommate and I have decided we are going to purchase our own microwave, minifridge, and toaster (instead of renting them from the University).

Please feel free to alter my list for your own personal needs.


pairing : regulus x petunia
word count : ~3.1k
prompt : summer fling
for : the anon who requested it and @petuniaevans who i know loves this pair

she didn’t know. of course she didn’t know. she wouldn’t let herself know.

here was this perfectly polite and handsome boy, this funny and intelligent and charming boy and he was interested in her.

she should have known.

the summer of her sixteenth year was hotter than usual. the clouds had all ran away and left the sun free to cook the streets of cokeworth. just like lily had ran away to spend the summer with her school friends and left her there all alone.

her sundress stuck to her back as the tall grass bit at her chins. she wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her wrist and pushed her hair off of her face. the lake seemed closer last year. had she come to the right spot? just as she was starting to think she’d made a mistake, she crested the hill and saw her glistening salvation.

the air was hot but the water was cool. the sun hit her face as she floated along on her back, the rest of the world slowly fading out of existence. the water lapped at her chin and birds called out overhead. it was so peaceful that she almost forgot how unfair her life was.

“watch out!”

she almost forgot how sad her life was.

“hey! girl!”

she almost forgot how horrible her life was.


she startled, breaking the water tension and taking in a gulp of water. upright and treading in the water, she looked around to find a dark haired boy waving frantically at her. he pointed to her left; she was a meter away from his fishing line. she sighed and wiped the water from her face.

“it’s too hot to fish!” she called. he fiddled with what she now saw was a very expensive looking rod, struggling to reel his line in.


she rolled her eyes and swam in towards him. “it’s too hot to fish,” she repeated when she was at the bank. she pulled herself up but stayed sitting on the bank, keeping her distance.

“maybe that’s why i haven’t caught anything.” his accent was too polished.

“what are you using for bait,” she asked, looking around and seeing no tackle box or anything that could be holding bait.

“that might be another reason.” with his bait-less line finally out of the water he set rod down.

“haven’t you ever even fished before?” she scoffed.

his face fell for a moment before he shrugged. “no, but it looked like fun. have you ever fished?” she nodded but didn’t say anything. there was a silence between them before he stretched a leg out and dug around in his pockets. “do you want a peppermint?” he asked, holding a hand out to show three wrapped candies in his palm.

she shrugged. “sure.”

he stood and walked over to her, then sat down beside her, careful to leave a generous gap between them, then handed her a sweet. she pulled her legs into her chest and hugged them, resting her chin on her knees and unwrapping the peppermint in front of her legs.

“i’m regulus,” he finally said, the candy affecting his words. her face scrunched.

“that’s a funny name,” she said before thinking. she flinched. it was a mean thing to say. she’d found that lately everything she’d say would be mean, and she didn’t know how to stop herself.

but regulus just laughed. “yeah, i guess. but it’s a family name.”

she looked at him, really looked at him. she took in his odd clothes and his posture and his nails, his new rod with zero experience, his odd and stuffy family name. “you’re not from around here, are you?”

a big smile spread across his face and his bit his lip. she knew then she was in trouble. “it’s that obvious, huh?”

she had to leave, and she had to leave now. she’d only end up embarrassing herself if she stayed any longer. she’d only end up hurt. she pushed herself up with her hands and then wiped them together to clear them of dirt. “maybe next time you should leave the fancy loafers at home, regulus.”

he jumped up as she walked into the water and shoved off from the bank. “where are you going? you didn’t tell me your name! wait!”

“petunia!” she called, unable to help herself. she swam backwards, farther away from him. “it’s petunia!”

“i’ll be here tomorrow petunia! right here, right at this time!”

she took a breath and dived, turning around under the water and swimming away as fast as she could. when she came up for air he was a small dark blob against the green grass of the bank, standing there with his had shading his eyes, watching her swim away.

she should have known.

it had been a week of meeting almost everyday, right there by the lake. most days they just swam around, racing each other, splashing each other, seeing how long they could hold their breaths, and when they grew too tired to swim they laid out on the beach towels she’d brought and let the sun dry them off. more often times than not, they fell asleep, if only for a few minutes.

this time he’d brought a picnic basket, full of sandwiches and fruit and fizzy drinks. “i can’t keep living off of crisps,” he laughed as she looked at it all in amazement.

“yes but how have you kept it all cool?” she asked, popping a grape into her mouth. she didn’t see his face, she was too excited about the food.

“uh, fancy new basket,” he said, pushing the empty, plain wicker basket back with his foot. “try the sandwiches,” he hurried, “they’re delicious.”

they spoke as they ate, all about petunia and her family, her school, her hobbies. he was so interested in her that she hadn’t even realized that he’d never given up any information about himself. it was so rare that anyone wanted to hear about her and her thoughts and ideas and now that he’d opened the gates she couldn’t stop.

“i think i’d like to open up a little bakery one day,” she gushed. “with yellow awnings and little tables outside.”

regulus smiled. “you like to bake?” she nodded. “well then you’ll have to bake me something sometime.”

she blushed and finally decided that it was too hot to continue sitting in the prickly grass. they stripped to their swimsuits and raced to the water’s edge, laughing as they each kept trying to pull the other back so as not to lose. the day continued on just as the days before it. they swam until their skin was pruned and their legs cramped up and then they crawled on to their towels and stretched out in the sun.

only this time, just as she was nearly asleep, he reached out and rested his hand in hers.

when they woke up, still holding hands, they didn’t say anything for a long while. they turned and faced each other, their cheeks sunburned and their fingers dancing together between them. he looked into her eyes, memorized by their honeycomb color. she blushed.

“you’re getting freckles,” he finally said, his voice barely audible.

“well your hair’s getting lighter.” she retorted. they laughed.

they laid there even longer, until the air cooled off and the sun started hiding behind the trees, their sign that it was time to part ways.

“let me walk you home,” he said suddenly. they’d been quietly packing up their things and petunia almost dropped her towel.

“that’s probably not a good idea,” she said, reaching for the towel regulus had rolled up.

“it bugs me every time to think of you walking all that way alone.”

she was quiet. the last thing she wanted was for this to all be spoiled. she felt like if they never left this spot everything would stay perfect forever. she didn’t want her parents to know, didn’t want them asking questions or ruining everything like they always did. and if her sister ever found out? well that would be the end of everything. lily would be so excited and happy for her, would want to know every detail, would never stop smiling every time she looked at her. it would be horrible.


she looked to him. his concerned face morphed into a small smile. but oh! if he walked her home that was just more time to spend with him. “fine,” she sighed. “but not to my door. i don’t want my parents to see you.”

he smiled and took the rolled up towels from her, putting them into the empty basket, then held out his free hand for her to hold.

“what about you? won’t you have to walk twice as far now?”

he shrugged. “i’ll just send for my brother. he has a motorbike.” he smiled, like he was proud.

she should have known.

there was a ping on her window. she put down her book and looked around, and then another one sounded. concerned, she threw back her covers and went to the window between her bed and lily’s, which stood empty and perfectly made. just as she pushed the window up, another ping sounded right above her.

“oh! sorry!” 

she looked down to see regulus smiling up at her. it had been a week since he first walked her home, and he’d done it everyday they met since. “are you honestly throwing rocks at my window?” 

when he didn’t respond she closed the window and changed from her pajama bottoms into jeans and put her shoes on. she opened her door and peeked into the hall, the clock on the wall read half past ten. her parents would be sound asleep, even so she crept quietly down the stairs and out of the front door. 

“what are you doing here?” she asked when she met him on the street.

“i just wanted to see you,” he stammered.

she eyed him, then looked around. “how did you get here? did you walk the whole way?”

“my brother dropped me off,” he said quickly, then took her hand. “want to go for a walk with me?”

she eyed him carefully again before agreeing. it wasn’t until they passed under their first streetlight that she saw how puffy and red his eyes were, how rough his cheeks were. “reg, what happened?”

he tried to shrug it off, tried to keep walking. “just some family stuff. honestly, i’m fine.”

petunia stopped them and turned to him. “you know, i don’t know anything about your family. aside from the fact that you’re well off and have a brother with a motorbike.”

regulus sighed and sat down on the curb. petunia sat next to him. “i don’t really have a good home life. my father’s never around, and when he is he and my mother are fighting. my brother’s a bit of a family disappointment and because of that i have all these extra high expectations on me.” he stopped and she could see that he was trying not to cry. “but when i’m with you it’s like, none of that exists, i’m just a fifteen year old kid enjoying the summer. it’s just us and the lake and the sun. it’s just you.”

and there, in the middle of a summer night, sitting on the side walk under a street light, next to chain link fence, with a boy whose last name she didn’t even know, petunia evans had her first kiss. his lips were salty but soft, and his nose was pressed into her sun-burnt cheek but she didn’t care. her arms were still at her sides, gripping the pavement as if she might float away at any minute, but his hands moved to her hair, pulling her closer as his tongue slid across her bottom lip.

the light above them burst with a loud pop, leaving them startled and in the dark.

she should have known.

the next few weeks passed in a hazy and sticky sweet blur. they spent more days at the lake, but petunia would also occasionally led them into town where they got ice cream and sweets and once they even went to the cinema.

“that was amazing!” regulus gushed as they walked out, hand in hand as they nearly almost always were. petunia laughed.

“you act like you’ve never seen a movie before.”

he laughed too, but his was more nervous. “my mum’s really strict. it’s all books as far as she’s concerned.” he was quiet for a moment before he turned to her. “want to see another!?”

she should have known

it was the middle of august. the heatwave had finally broken and cooling off in the lake wasn’t quite as satisfying as it had been, so they laid on the bank, sprawled out on a large quilted blanket.

“you’ve been so quite all day,” regulus said, playing with the ends of her hair. he was on his stomach, propped up on his forearms, and she was on her back with her arms folded over her eyes to block the sun. “what’s the matter?”

she sighed dropped her arms to look at him. “my sister’s coming home tonight.” regulus didn’t say anything, he knew what a touchy subject her sister was. “it’s all my parents have been talking about for days, it’s all they’re going to talk about for ages. she’s going to have learned all this new-” petunia caught herself about to say the word magic. that would have been horrible, it would have been the end of her and regulus. he would have thought she was insane and run away screaming. “i wish she’d just stay there.”

he kissed her, sweetly, slowly, in the way that always calmed her down when she got upset. “i wish we could just stay here,” he said.

“the summer’s coming to an end,” she said, holding back tears. “what’s going to happen then?”

“we’ll figure something out.” he said, pressing his forehead to hers. but she pulled away, sitting up and looking down at him.

“i don’t even know where you go to school! how are we going to figure it out?”

he sighed. “it’s just some dumb old private school. it’s embarrassing really.” he paused, then when he saw her skeptical face he added, “i can write to you!”

she thought about the offer for a moment, thought about how romantic it could be. maybe in the letters he’d open up more, they’d could share more and be even closer next summer. “we can trade addresses,” she said hopefully. her heart dropped, though, when she saw his face. “what?”

“i don’t really know the schools address, is all.”

there was something in his voice that told her he was lying and her heart broke. “you ass!” she cried. she pushed him away and stood up and began to hunt for her sandals. “what, do you have a girlfriend at school or something? was this all just some joke to you?”

“petunia, no!” he said, struggling to get to his feet. “of course not! i’ve never even had a girlfriend before. please, just stop!” he took her by the arms, stopping her from gathering up her things.

“why are you lying to me?” she pleaded. she saw that he was just upset as she was.

“there are just, things i can’t tell you.” he said. she scoffed. “i can’t. i’m scared to, but i want to, but i just can’t. i would be in so much trouble if i did.”

she crossed her arms. “oh, you’d be in big trouble if you gave me your school’s address?” she asked. “please.”

“it’s just complicated, okay?”

“it seem’s like you’re the one who’s making it complicated. can’t you even tell me the name, then? if you can’t give me the address? or do you just really not want me to write you? how about a phone number?”

there is no address!” he exclaimed, and half empty can of fizzy drink that had been sitting on the ground next to them exploded.

petunia shrieked and froze, hands up, fingers splayed, legs covered in syrup. and then, as if a sports highlight reel was playing behind her eyes, everything came together. how out of place he was, the odd name, the mysteriously cold picnic basket, the streetlight, his amazed reaction to nearly everything she showed him, how he never talked about his life, the school…

you-” she started, pointing a shaky finger at him. he reached out a pleading hand, but she pulled back.

“it’s not what you think, i can explain.”

“you’re one of them,” she mumbled, tears streaming down her face, eyes focused on th ground behind him. she was too heartbroken to move.

“please petunia,” he begged, “let me-”

“hogwarts,” she croaked. this time regulus froze. she looked to him, saw the confusion in his face. “that’s it. you go to hogwarts, don’t you? don’t you!”

“h-how do you know about hogwarts?”

“my sister, you idiot!” she slapped at his arm. “my sister’s a witch! and her friends are witches! and you-you’re-” she finally broke down and her knees gave out. his arms latched around her, catching her and guiding her do the ground. “you’re a freak, just like her!” she sobbed, pushing away from him. she stumbled to her feet.

“petunia wait!” regulus cried, but she was already running.

“just leave me alone!” she yelled, she ran until she hit the street nearest the lake, until he was clear out of sight, and then she walked home, crying and cursing herself.

she should have known it was too good to be true.

petunia watched as her father slammed the boot of their car shut, lily’s school trunk snugly inside. her mother was already in the front seat, and as her father opened the driver’s door he called for her sister. lily stepped on to the step behind her.

“are you sure you don’t want to come with us, tuney?” lily asked, nudging her shoulder.

petunia shook her head. “i’m still not feeling well,” she lied. lily nodded and hugged her, petunia hugged her back but only just. she watched as the early morning sun bounced off of her lily’s shining red hair and for the first time since she was twelve, petunia wanted to follow after, to go to the station and get on the train and go to school with her.

“lily, wait,” petunia said, her voice surprising even herself. lily turned and took a few steps back.


petunia bit her lip. “do you… do you, maybe, know a boy named regulus?”

lily looked at her with amazement. “sirius has a brother… but how-”

“does sirius have a motorbike?”

lily stepped even closer. “petunia how do you know all of this?”

petunia took her sister’s hands. “please. i’ll tell you everything when you come home if you just- just tell him that i’m sorry.” lily opened her mouth to speak but petunia kept going “please. just tell him that i’m sorry and that… he can write me, if he still want’s to.”

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44 Msr please!

44. “You need to see a doctor.”

Scully absent-mindedly chews on her lower lip; her eyes are glued to the screen, not blinking once. She doesn’t do this often; indulge in a silly romantic comedy on a Saturday night with a glass of wine and, if she feels really frisky, some Ben & Jerry’s. It’s one of the very rare occasions that she even finds herself at home on a weekend. She and Mulder wrapped their latest case on Thursday and while she wrote the report, Mulder desperately searched for some unexplained phenomenon that would save his weekend. Monster and aliens, however, seemed to be in need of a quiet weekend as well, and so he came up empty-handed. Not that Scully is complaining.

Oh darling, do you have any idea, any idea at all how much I love you?” Scully leans forward, nearer to the screen, as if that would transport her right into the scene unfolding in front of her eyes. She’s seen this movie a thousand times, yet she fears the heroine is going to make a different choice. Maybe this won’t end in a kiss. Perhaps there is no happily ever after. Her elbows dig into her thighs as finally the characters close in, their mouths coming closer, meeting almost, and she can feel it tingling in her toes, her fingers and her belly and they’re almost there and-

“Scully, are you in there?” Mulders voice tears through the fantasies. He knocks, frantically, and the moment is destroyed. She throws one last glance at the screen, but she’s missed it. The credits are rolling already, her lovers gone. Scully grunts, turns off the TV and opens the door to a confused Mulder.

“I thought you might not be home.” Scully was prepared to be angry with him; it’s late and he is, albeit unknowingly, crashing her solitary movie night. But all her complaints fly out the door when she sees his pale complexion, his glassy eyes.

“Mulder, what is the matter? Are you sick?” She ushers him in, not in the least concerned that she’s only wearing pajama pants and a rather revealing tank top.

“Uhm, I had a little, well, accident.” Scully immediately checks his head. Somehow he always ends up hurting his head. Her hands run through his hair, leaving it messy, but there’s not a scratch on him. Stepping back a bit she finally sees the strange way he’s holding his arm. Carefully, she touches him there and he winces.

“Mulder, what did you do?” She sighs seeing his swollen wrist.

“Just a little accident and it would have been fine, really,” he nods at her, or to himself, “but then I got dizzy and well, here I am.”

“You need to see a doctor.” Scully tells him, her fingers gently prodding his wrist.

“That’s why I’m here.” His grin is no more than a grimace. She can only guess in how much pain he is.

“Mulder, I don’t have x-ray vision, you know.”

“You don’t? And here I thought you were Supergirl.”

“I think you’re delusional. How did you even get here?” Scully leads him over to the couch. She sees him glance at the half finished ice cream and her glass of wine. He hesitates, uncertain suddenly, but she gently pushes him and he sits down.

“You didn’t drive, did you? Please tell me you didn’t drive.”

“I took a cab.” He tells her. He leans against the back of the couch, his eyes drifting close.

“Mulder, I’m gonna get dressed and then I’ll take you to the hospital. You’re scaring me.” Scully puts her hand on his forehead; despite his pale complexion he feels warm. Too warm.

“I like what you’re wearing,” he smirks with half open eyes, “Don’t change.”

“This is not exactly appropriate attire for the ER. I’ll be right back.” Scully cups his cheek briefly, feels his light stubble and fights the sudden urge to kiss him there. She sprints into her bedroom, exchanges her pajama pants for jeans and quickly puts on a t-shirt. She looks somewhat presentable, she decides, and returns to the living room. Mulder, of course, is asleep, his head slightly tilted, his lips lightly opened as if he fell asleep in the middle of a sentence. She hates waking him, but he needs to see a doctor and have his wrist examined; she fears it might be broken. Only Mulder would manage to hurt himself on their weekend off. Gently, she touches his cheek again - definitely too warm - and he opens his eyes.

“Come on, Mulder. You can sleep as soon as we have your wrist checked out.” She still has no idea what even happened. He owes her an explanation. Right now though, she just wants him to move and get going.

Mulder gets up, looking sluggish, and leaning against her.



“Can I stay here with you tonight?” The words surprise her and she almost lets go of him.

“Of course you can. But first we have to go to a hospital.” She feels him nod against her. Scully settles him against the wall once they reach the hallway so she can lock her door. As soon as she’s done, she sneaks her arm around his waist, holding him, leading him.

“Scully?” His voice tickles her ear; he’s just so close to her.

“When get back… can you put on that tank top again?”

Everything and More ✦ Rucas

Prompt: The core six are on a road trip, and It’s all fun in games until suddenly there is only one bed. And two people left.

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The idea of a road trip seemed like a good one. At first. 

 The many miles the six drove and endured to reach the peak of somewhere near Niagara Falls was entertaining, but grueling all the same. There was laughter, loud music, and lots and lots of fast food visits. They often had placed bets or participated in contests to see how many tacos Zay could eat in five minutes, or who could guess a song. Great way to spend your final weeks of the summer before senior year, right?

 It was more than fun, it was great. 

 "Get off me!“ 

 "Stop kicking my seat, or I’ll replicate your DNA to make a copy of yourself to choke you.”

 “I have to pee.”

 “Oh my God Lucas, those aren’t horses." 

 "What time is it?" 

 "Stop listening to Drake or I swear I’m going to jump out of this vehicle." 

 Well, maybe not everything was great. There were the ups and downs; after all, what all can you do when you have a car full of six teenagers?

 "When do you think we’re gonna get there?” Riley barely whispered, as it was almost midnight and her friends were all mostly asleep around her. She was sitting up in the passengers seat, hurdled up more accurately, as Maya drove. Everyone was rotating, taking turns on the wheel. “The motel is only four minutes away. I suggest you start waking everyone up soon.” Maya responded back, before she herself slightly yawned.

Riley nodded in affirmation, before she slowly turned around in her seat to glance back at the others. But when she did, she noticed Lucas, the green eyed boy staring outside the window beside him, the full moons ever glowing light casting upon his face which showed his structural cheekbones and jawline. 

She parted her lips, about to say something, but he noticed. It wasn’t long until his eyes met hers, and she smiled tiredly. “We’re almost there.” She spoke with a soft tone. Lucas instantly nodded, before shifting in his seat under her gaze. “It would probably be best if we started waking them up now, who the hell knows how moody they’re going to be.”

“There’s a eighty seven percent chance that the others are going to be very disgruntled when they wake.” A voice suddenly peeped out of nowhere. 

Riley turned her head to see Isadora suddenly yawning, while sitting up with her head no longer lying on her boyfriend, the geniuses, chest. “Thank you for that calculation, Smackle. Think you can conjure one up for how likely it is for Zay to punch me once I wake him up?” Lucas sounded grim towards the end of his sentence. 

 "Oh that’s one hundred percent.“ Smackles grin reached her eyes. The blonde boy frowned simultaneously while groaning. Riley giggled a tiny bit, eyes meeting Lucas’ before she fell back down into her seat comfortably. 

 "We’re here, guys.” Maya denounced.

It was just a one night stop. A motel to get a good nights rest before they would reach their actual destination tomorrow afternoon. The rooms were tiny, although budget friendly, so they took what they could get. Two people in each room, two beds. The plan seemed to be working so well.

Until everyone trudged across the motel balconies, eyes hung low with bloodshot vessels. Farkle was practically carrying Isadora into their room. And that was the problem—everyone was retrieving to the rooms without a word, so solemnly yet so fast. Riley was following Maya, hot on her tail, as they reached a room, but she was quickly halted as the spicy blonde whipped around to face her.

“We’ll see you guys in the morning.” She suddenly says with a small, but evident smile. Lucas is standing a bit back, although he is now clearly alarmed. Riley’s eyebrows furrow before her eyes flash before her life and she notices Zay unlocking their door, and sneaking inside.

“What—” She begins to say, but before her sentence is finished Maya interrupts the middle of hers. “You two enjoy your night.” She smirks, yet tiredly, as she begins to turn around to walk inside the room. Lucas suddenly felt his face drain of color, yet he’s so shocked he doesn’t have the strength to say anything.

“Maya Hart don’t you dare—!” Riley crows, fists clutched by her sides as the door suddenly closes in her face. 

Maya knew the situation behind the brunette and blonde boy. This was her job as a dependable best friend, right? Force the two meant-to-be’s into one room, and it would all work out. At least she thought it would. 

Riley released a big huff, fists clenched deeply by her sides as she’s still facing the door, nose to cold metal. Lucas is standing idle, and he’s trying to ignore the way his heart is rapidly beating at the moment but he can’t. Not when he knows that he now has to share a room with her, the girl he’s been in love with for, God, who knows how long? More than three years, that’s for sure.

He kind of wanted to elude and hurl himself off of this balcony, but decided against it. That wouldn’t help the situation at hand. 

The truth was, Lucas didn’t want to be near her so often because he couldn’t control himself when he was. Meaning, his heart would beat so rapidly he was scared she might hear it. His eyes linger over her for too long, flicking away too slowly when she turns, too many times, as he just tries to imprint every second and every chance he can get with her into his memory. And he wonders, if they can read each other so well as friends, why is she so oblivious to his feelings for her? He’s not sure how she misses it, and acts like nothing happens. Like when his hand just naturally falls on the small or her back when they’re side to side, walking through crowds of people in school, millimeters away before she moves. Maybe she’s just willfully ignoring it, to spare his feelings or two. 

Maybe her feelings were platonic. Maybe she didn’t care to explore the way she felt about him anytime after freshman year, maybe it just wasn’t important to her anymore. That’s what Lucas constantly tried to tell himself, a mental affirmation that nothing would ever blossom between them again. Their eyes scrape over each other’s, catching on the rough edges and never quite meeting most of the time. But that’s it. 

And when they talk, it’s only in a group most of the time. It’s not like they had a falling out or anything, it’s just that life decided to sway a different direction. Everyone developed … changed. It was just her time, and he respected that. He just didn’t expect to lose her in the process of it all. Why did life have to get so … complicated? 

Riley is still frustrated at what just happened. And honestly, it’s a bit of a turn on for Lucas to see her so riled up. But that he wouldn’t dare admit. Riley finally decided to turn her angry, stoic glare away from the door, so it would soften as she turned to face the blonde boy who was nervously fidgeting with the hem of his long sleeved shirt. 

The edges of the brunettes lips tilted upwards warmly, a stark contrast to moments ago. “I’m sorry, about all of this. Maya’s just being Maya, you know. I don’t mind sharing a room with you.” She says, as if to ease any tension that might have been building up between them. 

Lucas looks up to her, while shaking his head. “It’s okay, don’t worry about it. Everyone’s tired.” He laughs, although it doesn’t reach his eyes as he’s grabbing the room key and unlocking the room door. 

Kill me now, he thought.

Riley nods her head, while adjusting the strap of her duffle bug more firmly on her shoulder. Despite how his hands are shaking, Lucas opens the door, allowing Riley to walk in first. She whispers a silent thank you. 

 And all is okay then. Until he walks into the room, and realizes,

There’s only one bed. 

Just their luck. Dammit Maya Hart, always having a plan

Lucas’ breath gets caught in his throat quite abruptly, but the fact of it all doesn’t seem to phase Riley. Or at least, she didn’t let him know that.

Riley is walking over to the desk, as she plops her bag up on top temporarily. It isn’t long until she’s sitting at the foot of the bed, untying her shoelaces. Lucas slowly steps further into the room, and the suddenly sound the door clattering shut behind him makes him flinch, as he’s already on edge. 

He isn’t sure what to do, or say now. The bed wasn’t even a queen, though it could easily fit two people. But it would be close proximity. Too close for Lucas, way too close. Only in his dreams did something like this happen, where he would even have a second of a chance of laying down in the same bed with Riley Matthews. Some things are meant to stay in a daydream. He was too scared of messing anything up.

Riley began to unbutton her pink plaid shirt, since she was too tired to currently change in her pajamas, and sleeping in jeans only confirmed her exhaustion furthermore. Lucas slowly dropped his bag down next to him, but once her bare shoulders came into sight as her loose brown curls were shifted over to one side, he couldn’t breathe anymore. The light fabric tank that covered her torso left very little to the imagination, so much that Lucas was forced to advert his eyes away. Riley finally released a breath, before her eyes fell upon Lucas’ stature. She furrowed her eyebrows, even though her insides were fluttering up like someone had just pulled party poppers in her stomach. She tried to hide it. “Are you just gonna stand there?” She said playfully, although too tired to poke at the issue for too long. 

Her words caused Lucas to shift his gaze from the floor, to her eyes. The way the moonlight was cascaded as a masquerade over her figure in this moment, the slight shadows of grey from the curtains causing lines to appear on her skin, it only made him much more attentive, unfortunately.

 "I’ll sleep on the floor.“ He finally spoke, breaking the eerily silence that had fallen upon them, before he began to kick of his shoes. Riley stared at him, almost appalled. She was giving him the ‘don’t be stupid’ look at the moment, and it didn’t go unnoticed by him. "Don’t be ridiculous, the beds plenty big enough for both of us. Come on, it’s late.” She proclaimed, already feeling herself fall half asleep while sitting up. She patted the spot beside her, flashing him a small smile. He barely moved. 

She turned off the beside lamp which was dim, and curled up underneath the warmth of the white blankets. Once her head hit the pillow, and she opened one eye to give him another look, he knew there was no way he would deny it now. She was stubborn, that was one thing he knew from the beginning. 

They weren’t children, it’s not like this was compromising her virtue. Even if she had one. It was just a … complicated mix of feelings, feelings that Lucas didn’t want to reveal yet. But he knew he didn’t have a choice, so he headed over to the one empty side of the bed, albeit rather slowly, before he hesitantly crawled under, finally, while feeling tense immediately. 

He laid on his back, and it wasn’t long until he heard the breath of contentment release from the girl beside him, as she slowly felt her eyelids close as she caved into her slumber. The stars would be dancing in her eyes now. 

Lucas couldn’t move. His heart flutters down his spine, and with reasonable cause. He’s afraid she can hear his erratic heartbeat, as she’s just a few inches from him now. His eyes stare at the bare ceiling above, and he tries to think of anything to rid his mind of this feeling. The feeling of wanting to turn over and wrap his arms around Riley Matthews. It was a hard one to ignore. Especially when he can hear her peaceful breathing, like the way she was falling asleep, much of how he fell for her. Slowly, and then all at once

Thanks for that, John Green, Lucas thought grimly. 

He swallowed hard. He was trying not to make this overwhelming, when it shouldn’t even be a big deal. He’s only dreamed of something like this for years, just a minor coincidence.

A coincidence is just the universes way of telling you something, Riley might as well have been practically saying it to him out loud in her sleep in this moment. 

So Lucas just released a breath, his back pressing firmly into the mattress as he laid idle, as far from asleep as possible. 

 He’s not sure what time it is now. He’s felt like he’s been laying in this position for hours on end, because he probably has. His mind was on overdrive basically, and he blamed his feelings for it completely. 

His eyes have adjusted to the darkness, so he chances a look over at her. But what he doesn’t expect to happen next, is her body shifting. She rolls over, facing him now. But she’s still sound asleep, that peaceful look of content resting on her beautiful face. She’s close now, really close. He can spot every freckle on her cheeks, and the crackles in her lips. He can notice the soft wisps of hair falling on her skin, and Lucas suddenly has the urge to brush them away. 

No, you can’t do that. But the feeling was overwhelming. His heart beats him to it before his mind can, and he’s already brushing the soft piece of hair out of her face. And before he knew it, he was speaking the words he’s always wanted to say, the words he never really found the strength to recall aloud. 

He wanted her heart to speak to his, or more his heart touch hers. She’s already got his heart, proclaimed it her own. And she didn’t even know it. The reason he’s still holding on after all, is because he needs this hole in his heart gone. He’s missing her. All of her, and he just wants her back. He would do anything to have those deep and long soul satisfying talks they used to have, most specifically in libraries. He craves to feel her lips on his once more, three years being long enough of that distance. She dominated his thinking, every thought consumed of her. 

And it was suddenly too late, he had felt safe knowing she was sound asleep in her own little world, that he thought he could finally tell his world what it was all about. There was no greater urge than in this moment now. 

“I tried to tell myself that this would pass. That I could, forget about what we had, and what feelings I had formed so deeply for you …” Lucas whispers so softly, he can barely hear himself.

His voice is shaky now, “But you walk into the room and you’re just this light. The whole atmosphere changes, like the world shifts on it’s axis because of your presence. Mine does. You look at me with those big brown eyes, and I see my life flashing right before me. Because all I see in it, is you.” He admits, her eyes not flinching and her chest still rising and falling steadily. So he softly dances his fingertips across her cheek, letting his love overflow to her while she’s completely unaware.

“You’re everything and more … to me. From the first day that I met you, I-It was like I wasn’t ever the same again. But in that moment, when you fell into my arms and I held you so safely … I did change. Everything did. You treated me like I mattered … ” Without realization, Lucas was inching closer and closer to her. And so he paused … before there wasn’t even a hairs breadth of space between them.

“And, I don’t know, you looked at me like no one ever had.” He whispered like it meant everything. Because it did.

“And that’s why I haven’t stopped myself from falling in love with you entirely.” He admitted, more so to himself, after all this time. His finger caressed over her so softly and delicately, as if she was made from glass and he was scared she would purely shatter. But this, it felt right. God it felt so right. It felt like the biggest weight being lifted up and released from his shoulders. 

And he knows, these moments don’t last forever. So he slowly closes his eyes, burning this moment into his memory. Another piece of her to keep

That’s until her eyes suddenly flutter open.

As he doesn’t realize, the most adoring smile curves onto her plump lips, while her heart wanted to fly out of her chest and soar at everything she had just heard. And that fact that this was reality, and not a dream of hers, made it all the more emotional. 

Her eyes fall on his closed ones once more.

“I love you too.” She whispers.

Lucas suddenly feels himself tense up immediately, freeze almost, a wave of nausea coursing through his veins as his heart suddenly picked up pace. He quickly opened his eyes, and was met with her glowing gaze. Her cheeks were tinted pink, and her smile was radiant. 

He didn’t know what to say. He could only muster out a few, choppy words. “W-What—” He was caught off guard completely, by her warming lips pressing up against his into a long awaited kiss. Her hands gently cupped his face. 

It doesn’t last long, it’s a bit evanescent, but it’s exquisite and sweet. The need in her touch explained it all, and the passion he delivered back against her lips was all they needed. 

It was everything and more. 

Their lips slowly untangled from each other’s, faces barely inching away … until their eyes opened at the same time, and their hearts were one in sync. 

They held the love in their eyes, and the giggles and happy laughter that escaped them both from pure relief and finality, was more than enough.

It’s fair to say,

neither of them got much sleep afterwards.

Jeff Hardy; Bar Games

A/N: This took SO LONG and I’m super sorry! I just recently got adopted by a baby squirrel and I’ve been taking care of him, making sure he’s okay. I named him Buckwheat! He’s adorbs. This was requested by @ittybittywriter. Also, can anyone tell me how to do the “read more” html on the app for the phone? I don’t own a laptop/computer

A/N Part 2, Heart Complications update: I’m working on Part 3 as we speak and BE WARNED, IT’S GOING TO GET VERY DARK. There’s going to be a few jealous men, some stalking, slight abuse, harassment. It’s going to get dark, so I figured I’d warn you first off before I post it.

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Word Count: 2,585

Style: Reader x Jeff Hardy

Triggers: Alcohol?

Type: Smutty, Fluffy.


You’ve been friends for years, but what happens when Jeff talks you into a night at the bar?


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“Oh come on, it’ll be fun to go out. You know, something you don’t know how to do?”

Jeff was right. You didn’t know how to go out. Hell, you barely knew how to get out of your pajama pants into jeans half the time. You were always a shy person, even after four years of being best friends with the youngest Hardy brother. You two had met at a house show where he managed to botch a move, throwing himself over the barricade into your lap. The accident started a beautiful friendship.

You look down at your half assed attire. Black skinny jeans and a normal purple cotton shirt. You roll your eyes and sigh.

Fine, you win. I’ll have to.. dig something nice looking out of my bag”.

You can hear Jeffs smile pulling from ear to ear.

“I’ll meet you at the club after the show. I’ll text you which one we decide one. See you there?”

“Well obviously, you already talked me into going out. See ya later”. You hang up with him, turning around to face the big balcony window.

You grab your duffle and rush over to the edge of the hotel bed. You begin shuffling through your duffle bags, hoping to find a miracle you threw into you bag when your packed it, half asleep, before you took this trip with him.

Throughout the years, Jeff always tried to get out into the scene, getting you out of your comfort zone of staying in your hotel room. It never worked, no matter how many times he begged you to go throw beers back. Finally, you feel the familiar, soft touch of silk. Your miracle in a duffle bag. The dress you bought before the tour. It has a low plunging neckline with a strap halter and a slit from on the right hip from the waist to the middle thigh where the dress stops. It’s a beautiful light green, which contrasts perfectly against your skin. You lay it on the bed and check the time on your phone. 9:49.

Good you think. Enough time to get ready. You waltz over to the desk, which has a giant vanity mirror on it. Grabbing the makeup bag you managed to find before leaving home, you begin putting on a little mascara and foundation, to make yourself look like you’re not tired. Your phone buzzes.

Jeff: Hey, we’re going to The Underground. Meet us there around 10:30?

You put your bottle of foundation down, picking up the phone to start typing.

You: Yeah, I’ll be there. I’ll maps it to find it.

Your phone buzzes a minute later.

Jeff: ♡

The phone reads 10:14. You didn’t realize how long you took on your appearance for something you’re not even going to enjoy. You also zoned out the fact that you put on eyeshadow. You get up and walk to the bed, sliding the pajama pants off your body to the floor. You pull your shirt up off your torso and glide yourself into this silky, beautiful dress.

Next is the worst part. High heels. You grimace at the black spiked heels, knowing you’re not the best walking around in them.

“Fake it ‘til you make it, I guess”, you mumble as you pull the heels over your delicately soft feet. You spray a bit of perfume on and off you go out into the dark streets of Chicago. Your hands clenched into your smartphone, following maps down blocks of city sidewalks. A text pops up on your phone.

Jeff: Where are you? You’re late! :P

You smile softly at the semi-worried, semi-joking text as you hit the reply button.

You: Do you know how long it takes for me to look good?

You take a left, finding a brightly lit street of neon signs and loud human activity.

Jeff: Not very long. Getting the balls to come out? Probably about 3 ½ hours of crying and telling yourself you can “do this”. :D

You walk down the street, multiple men and women turn their heads to look at you as you strut passed them.

You: Eat me, Jeff.

Jeff: ;)

Ahhh, The Underground. Finally finding the building as you quickly glance up to read the signs. You turn your phones screen off and push the door open to the night club. Instantly looking for your little party of Jeff and the gang. Multiple heads turn as your legs stride with your walk, checking you out from every angle.

Deans sitting with Jeff, along the likes of Alexa, Renee Young, and Seth. They’re around a little round table, pounding back shots of mid shelf tequila. The burn of the smooth alcohol twists everyones faces into indistinguishable looks of approval. Seths head comes back down, his eyes landing on you. Almost instantly he starts elbowing Jeff. Finally, he looks your way. He takes his swallow of alcohol in surprise before his mouth lays open, the sight of you sending his heart racing. He sways over to you, his tight blue jeans hugging his hips almost too perfectly.

“We started without ya”, ha places his hands on your bare shoulder, “buuutttt, we saved your shots”, his smile beams through the dark lighting of the venue, “you’re three behind”.

He takes your hand and walks with you over to the table, fully noticing that Seth can’t even say a word to you, let alone look at you.

Jeff chuckles, “Cat got your tongue?”

Seth shakes his head, “nah, (Y/N) does”. Bayley smacks him in the arm before laughing.

You take your first shot and instantly wince. Tequila. You wish someone would have told you, so you could have licked some salt. The burn trails down your throat. Before you know it, you’re six shots in, thirty minutes past midnight, laughing at Dean and Renee attempt drunken karaoke. Jeff struts over with another round of shots. As he reaches the table, he eyes you up and down before a light pink spreads across his face. He hands you another shot.

“What was that look for”, you ask, “impure thoughts?”

A grin cracks across his face, “very impure”. He places salt in between his thumb and forefinger. You shake your head and dust it off. “I have a better idea”.

You take the salt from his hand and smile your prettiest “almost beyond drunk” smile, then lick your thumb. You rub the wet thumb on your collar bone and pour salt on it as Jeff raises an eyebrow. You bat your eyelashes, “body shot”? He grins, almost evilly, before pressing his lips to your collar bone, sliding his wet tongue across it, before taking his shot and biting into a lime.

He brings his head to your ear, “your turn”. Jeff empties off the table before jumping onto it to sit, leaning back against the wall. You look him from head to toe, then back up, as he drunkenly pulls his white shirt tshirt up to his rib cage. He then mimics you, licking his finger, rubbing it right above his belt on his hip. He pours a little bit of salt, then hands you a lime and a shot. “Go ahead, princess.”

You smirk, cocking an eyebrow at him before slowly bending your head down to his belt. You slip finger underneath the hem of his pants and tug down slightly, before licking your tongue against his hip slow, as he bites his lip watching. Your head comes back up, to take the shot of tequila. That’s when he grabs your hands and leads you out to the dance floor as a bassy, dirty, EDM song comes on.

Before you can even blink, he’s got his arms wrapped around your hips under the darkened, strobe lit, and black light paint room, as you both begin to grind on each other. Your hips touch as he slides his hand down to the cut of your dress. When did this happen? Why is my heart going a million miles a minute? Your soaked hair pulls against your skin as he again brings his hands up from your hips to your waist, watching your lower body move against his. He spins you around, so your back is placed against his chest as you both continue to sway against each other, getting completely lost in one another’s bodies. He holds your hips so they stay connected to his, the bubble of your ass firmly pressed into the crotch of his jeans, which continue to get more strained every second.

He grabs your arm and whispers “I can’t handle it anymore”. You mouth back, “handle what?”

Bad question.

Not even ten minutes later, Jeff pushes you against your hotel room door, your mouths wrestling against each other for dominance as he scrambles to find the door key. You pull on his cotton tshirt, flicking your tongue against his lips as he nearly rips the key card from the pocket of his pants, forcefully shoving it in the slide, almost breaking the door off the hinges as he swings it open, pushing you both into the room.

He pulls his shirt off without any effort, dropping it to the floor before fumbling drunkenly with his belt. You grab his hands and pull them away, before placing your own hand on his green studded belt, pulling him towards the bed. You strip yourself of the dress with your empty hand, letting it fall to the floor as you lead him to the edge of the bed, pushing him down slowly as he sits on the edge.

You climb up behind him on the bed, pressing your breasts against his back, taking your hands and rubbing them down his shoulders, to his chest, and back up before reaching up and taking his hair of the bun it’s in, allowing his hair to fall against his shoulders. He stays quiet, quickly glancing over at you as you climb back down and place yourself on your knees in front of him. You run your hands from his knees to his belt buckle, his bulge fully straining against his pants, the imprint taking you by surprise. That’s gonna be more than a mouthful.

You undo the buckle, then work on the button and zipper, as he pushes up to allow you room to tug his pants down from his waist and off his body. You look back up at him as he begins to palm himself, the pressure from your tease barely controllable. You watch him for a couple seconds, noticing the wetness forming between your legs. You take the band of his briefs and slowly pull them down, exposing the thick, hard cock in front of your eyes.

As he helps you kick them off, you lap your tongue against the tip. Jeff lays his head back as he leans himself on his elbows. You watch him bite his lip as you fully surround the head of his cock inside your mouth, again licking your tongue around it. You hear a soft moan slip from between his lips. You slide your head father down his shaft as your face comes in contact with his lower body, fully engulfing him in your hot, wet mouth. You pull back and begin to do it again as you feel him twitch inside you. He pulls your hair slowly until he’s out of you, standing you up.

“As great as that felt, that’s not how I’m getting off when I’m with you”.

He stands up and pulls your panties down to the floor, his fingers leaving trails of fire as they run back up your body, before slowly laying you down against the bed, your legs still off of the mattress. His evil grin reappears, as he takes your legs in his hands, pushing them to your sides as he takes in the view of your body. It’s almost mesmerizing to him. He aligns the tip of his still hardened cock to your slick, hot entrance, before pushing the tip inside of you. He gives you no time to adjust as he buries himself inside you directly after. The high pitched, shaky moan you let out, instantly receives a growl from him. He begins to slowly pull out a little, before snapping back in hard, keeping your legs pinned to the bed. Your fingers grip the blanket.

He pulls out again, snapping back in harder, your moan getting louder. That’s when he begins thrusting at a bruisingly fast pace, feeling every inch of him fuck you into the mattress. The bed here’s every time he repeatedly buries his cock inside you, his own moans spilling out. His eyes lock with yours as you’re moaning out swear words, you turn your head to the side, clinching your eyes shut as pleasure completely starts taking over your body.

He scratches your thighs hard, “fuck”, he moans out, breathily. Your pussy begins to clinch around him, keeping yourself from exploding, Jeff puts a hand on the bed to keep himself from collapsing from it, continuing the bruising pace on you. The sweat soaks his hair, as he grinds his cock in you, your expletives getting louder against the blanket as your orgasm begins to take control of you. He knows what’s coming, and it’s you.

His devil grin forms against his lips as his thumb presses against your clit, tempting you to explode.

“You want to so bad, don’t you”, his words like fire from a dragons mouth, only pushing you closer, “my little (Y/N) wants to come, huh”?

Your head nods fast, biting your lip.

“Just how long have you wanted me to do this to you?”

Your head turns to him as your lust filled eyes sends him directly over the edge into his own orgasm.

Mmmmfuck, (Y/N)”, he slowly rubs your clit in circles, allowing the coil to burst inside you, pulsing against his cock, before he agonizingly slowly pulls himself out of you, catching his breath. With the little bit of energy he has left, he picks you up bridal style and lays you under the blankets, wrapping your sweat soaked body against his own, placing fiery hot kisses along your shoulder and neck before you both drift off to sleep.

The next morning you wake up, and Jeff is already awake. He’s kept you close to him as you slept, watching your chest rise and fall as you breathe.

“We need to talk”, he mumbles.

Your heart starts racing with anxiety. Those four words only almost always means bad things are coming.

“Mmh, okay, what’s up”?, you rub your eyes, taking a moment.

“What happened last night…”, he pauses, your blood runs cold, “…I want that to keep happening”.

“…Jeff what?”

“I want that, between us, to keep happening”.

You look up at him, “can I ask a reason why”? His face turns red as he looks away from you. “(Y/N), I love you.”

The breath from your lungs escapes your mouth as you stare up at this messy haired, beautiful man. He looks away again, “I just know last night you were very drunk and I know you’d never have feelings for someone li-“

You instantly cut him off by placing your lips against his.

“Jeff, I love you too. I have since I met you”. Jeffs beautiful green eyes light up like neon signs, gripping you tight in his arms.

“You’re my forever, (Y/N)”.

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how do we know they weren't wearing pants I couldn't watch

when both of them had to get up to get something the other turned away the camera because they weren’t wearing jeans or pajama bottoms

“Cautious” - Part 8

“Cautious” - Part 8

(Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7)

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 3500

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Cursing

Summary:  Bucky is now pretty much rehabilitated and able to be part of the group. Reader was taken by Hydra and made the subject of experiments due to her having powers. She is slowly getting more comfortable with the Avengers, but is still working on it. Bucky stayed with her while everyone went on a mission. They have grown feelings for each other but want to wait until reader is more comfortable with the group. Maybe dinner and movie night will help?

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Author’s Note: Welcome to Part 8! I’m not sure how much longer this story may be. If you guys want more, I can continue it. But I think there may only be one or two more parts after this, maybe.

Just a reminder: This is my interpretation of the characters and the reader is one of my own creation. I leave the names and such open so you can put your own name and features in or you can create your own. I know this may not please everyone, but I’m writing this for myself. I hope people will enjoy this fanfic, but I know that you can’t please everyone.

As usual, a special thank you goes to @goodnightwife​ for being a wonderful person and always being supportive. Please go check out her page for some really great fics as well!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

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    You told Bucky that you were going to be fine during the movie, but you actually weren’t too sure about that. Even though there isn’t a lot of talking to each other while watching movies, there was still a weird pressure try to be calm.

    As you and Bucky were heading to the living room, you stopped and looked at the elevator. You needed a couple minutes to yourself. Just a few. And you knew how you could get them.

    “Hey, Bucky? Would everyone mind waiting for another 5 or so minutes?” He turned and looked a bit worried before responding.

    “Yeah, of course. You okay, sweetheart?”

    “I think so. I just wanted to change into pajamas for the movie. Jeans aren’t the most comfortable movie watching clothes.”

    “Okay. Yeah, I’ll tell them to wait a bit. Just… Let me know if you need me. I’ll have my phone on me and be at your door in a heartbeat.” He flashed you a smile that said he was happy, but his eyes still had worry written all over them. You thanked him, grabbed his hand, and gave it a squeeze before heading to the elevator.

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Brady Skjei #1 - Off Day

Anon asked: Hey, could you do a NYR one (Brady skjei maybe??) where him and the reader are hanging around NYC on an off day?? 

This one has been finished for a few hours dear anon, but my computer was acting up and wouldn’t let me upload it. The storyline itself is based vaguely off of my recent trip to New York. I hope you enjoy it! 

The Rangers had put up a tough fight against the Canadiens in the first round of the playoffs and ultimately it had been enough. You were fortunate enough that it had been a home game and thus allowed you to be there to congratulate your boyfriend Brady Skjei in person. Clinching the win in game six instead of seven gave the two of you an extra day to be together before he had to leave again to face the Senators. You planned to put that extra time to good use.

Your day started as few did recently, by sleeping in. It was the smell of what you hoped were pancakes that lured you from your sleep and notified you that the bed beside you was empty. Judging by how the sheets were still warm he couldn’t have been up for long. You begrudgingly left the warmth of your bed and slipped on one of Brady’s sweatshirts before meeting him in the kitchen. The small television on the counter was playing the news and added to the overall feeling of “home” that radiated from the room.

He nudged a mug towards you without looking up from the stove and you readily took it. You blamed Brady for your coffee dependence seeing as he was the reason you were prone to getting up earlier than needed.

You raised the mug to your lips just as Brady said, “careful it’s really hot.”

It was too late and you burned the roof of your mouth and tongue on the drink. You forced yourself to swallow it and let out a breath, “more of a warning next time would be great babe.”

He quirked an eyebrow, “I tried to but I know nothing gets in the way of you and your coffee. One of these days you’ll wait for it to properly cool.”

“Not likely,” you placed the mug on the counter and crossed your arms, “waiting is for the weak.”
“Yeah okay. Tell that to me when you can’t taste anything because you’ve burned your taste buds off.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have advice on how to write good drabbles?

THIS IS THE ASK OF MY LIFE. I could spout a million quotes at you, show you examples of great drabbles I’ve read both in fanfiction and outside of it, but there are a few things I’ve learned since starting my 100 drabble writing journey earlier this year that could help:


I try to keep myself above 300 and below 1,000 words for a drabble. If it wants to climb above that, then it wants to be a short story or ficlet and should be posted on its own. Sometimes I break this barrier by 100 words or so, and other times the drabbles HAVE demanded more form me (see Chaos (Sirimione) and Never Tamed (Draco x Charlie) as two prime examples). This will keep your mind on the end goal, to keep the little prompt as just a drabble.


You don’t have to give the audience ALL of the details here. Is it important to know what color the walls are? How long her dress is and who designed it, or the color of her lips? Not always. Some things are better left to the imagination, for the reader to fill in, which makes the drabble all the more appealing. 

When you take a single scene out of a movie, it is expected you won’t know all the facts of the plot. Build on what we can infer. (actually this is also my advice for novellas and novels as well, don’t kill me with the way the drapes make you feel, unless it is IMPORTANT, as explained below.)

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Let’s use this scene for an example: I suspect most of us recognize this as Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Savvy? I apologize I couldn’t resist.

What we have here is a scene in the near middle of the movie. Take it out and it is STILL A GOOD SCENE even though we don’t see any of the character development before or after. Here, we have a drunk pirate, with an accent that tells us what his life before may have been like growing up in the bowels of a ship, where hers is all high society and well-bred manners. Tell me about his tattoos, how his skin is tanned compared to Elizabeth’s showing his life at sea. Talk to me about her hair, unbound and waving in the wind, and her prancing around in her underwear (yes that is her underwear) to explain how she’s still from good breeding but right now none of that good breeding has really prepared her for getting marooned on an island with a drunk scallywag so she’s going on instinct. They talk about life, they sing a well-known song, we get a little information on their history, and a LOT OF ANGST lot of interaction between the two characters. There is still a definitive beginning, middle and end, and if I really tried, I could probably write out what happened here in less than 1,000 words. And it would still make sense.


Again - is it important to the plot? Yes?? Good! ADD IT. If not, leave it be. Understand what questions you want the reader to ask themselves, and here are some examples to get you going:

  • What era? (Regency, Medievil, Victorian, Future, Present, etc.)
  • Is this an alternative universe where magic exists? If so, how does that work? Wands? Is everyone magic?
  • What kind of building are they in?
  • Is it day or night?
  • What does the air smell like?
  • What are they wearing? (IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: sometimes explaining each detail of an outfit is important. Sometimes we just need to know if they are wearing pants, or goggles. One item of clothing is usually enough to build a whole picture - short skirt, high heels, leather pants, wallet with a chain, button down shirt, baggy sweater, ripped jeans, pajama pants, slippers, cargo shorts…)
  • Are they blind? Hearing impaired or totally deaf? (You would be amazed at how long you can go in a story without revealing these things, and they can be a GREAT plot twist, same as revealing gender or age.)
  • How old are they?
  • How long have they known each other?
  • Do they get along or is this a relationship of convenience?
  • What ethnicity are they?
  • What country is this?
  • What religion do they practice, if at all?
  • How would they react to a gunman entering the building they’re in? A late train? Seeing an ex from ten years ago? The snack machine not taking their money, it keeps spitting out their wrinkled bill, so they can’t get that candy bar?
  • Has this happened to them before?
  • What is their favorite food?
  • Do they come from money? Do they come from humble beginnings?
  • Did they grow up an only child or one of a dozen?
  • Are they street or book smart?
  • What are their fatal flaws?
  • Which of the seven deadly sins works most accurately to describe them?
  • How do they feel about murder?

There are so. Many. Questions. You can ask yourself these with EVERY story, but understanding what is important to tell the story you’re telling RIGHT NOW, is vital.




This may sound harsh, but really, do you go back and read a book again because you understood everything the first time you read it? No? It works the same for a 750 word drabble someone posted on the internet. You go back to answer those questions, to interact with the author however you can, to revisit the characters and fall into what is comfortable about them or what about them makes you question your own personality or life.

Anon, I truly hope this helps, and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Like She’s Mine (part ten) - Stiles Stilinski

sorry for the inconvinience guys :(

warnings: the usual + fist fighting also there’s a lot of  pov switching

I was laying in bed wide awake that night.  I hadn’t talked to Stiles since Scott and Allison left.  After Madi had gone to sleep, I just went straight to my room and laid in bed.  Not under the covers, not in pajamas.  Just in my jeans and sweater, lying on my back and staring at the ceiling.  After a while I pulled out my phone and ended up watching the video I’d previously taken.




How long will I hear her voice say this in my head?

Around the fifth time I watched the video, the baby monitor went crazy.  I heard Madi down the hall just screaming her head off.  I jumped off the bed and made my way quickly to the room.  But when I walked in, Stiles was already there.  I hung back at the doorway, watching as he cradled her and rocked her.

“Sh sh shh  it’s okay Madi… it’s okay I’m here” Her screams turned to whimpers.  “It’s okay” He cooed.  “Daddy’s here” He said softer.

And there it was again, the word that made my whole face fall.

“It’s okay…it’s okay…”

He turned as he spoke down to her, until he was facing me, and his eyes met mine.  I wondered what my expression said.  Sad? Angry? I wasn’t even sure how I felt, what was he thinking? I stepped back slightly, and went out to the living room while he stayed there with Madi.  I wandered aimlessly and plopped myself onto the couch.  I sat there staring at my favorite spot.  But today the stain just angered me.

When Stiles came back into the room, I looked up at him.  My face was blank and he gave me the most broken look.

“I don’t even know what to say to you Stiles” I mumbled.


“How do I… I never thought that… how is this a conversation I’m having?” I put my elbows on my legs and hung my head in my hands.  “Stiles… I… you”

“I know, I know it was wrong but she likes it it calms her down it works and I help and-”

“No, no Stiles you can’t… you can’t do that”

“Why not? Okay I don’t really understand why not?”

“Because you’re not her father” I muttered to the floor.


“BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT HER FATHER STILES” I said, standing up and throwing my fists to my sides as I screamed.  “You can’t let her believe you are either! Because then that just makes my talk, when she’s older, and I have to tell her that her father was a deadbeat, so much worse!”

“But isn’t that why I’m here!? To help with those things!?”

“Stiles!” I wanted to yank my hair out of my head.  “Just because you rock her, or feed her, or are able to make her laugh, does not make you her Dad!” I was trying my hardest not to cry, and it seemed like I wouldn’t shed a tear.

But then he did.  He was crying.  And I caused it.

“y/n please just-”

“I can’t right now Stiles” I mumbled, shaking my head and lowering my voice.  “I can’t do this I can’t- I can’t be around you”

“What?” His voice cracked and I wanted to cry, so badly.  But I couldn’t.  I couldn’t show him I cared.  I needed to stand my ground.

“I nee- I need you to go”

“Go? You’re kicking me out?” He asked.  His arms fell limp, and his tears were dripping from his cheeks and off of his jaw.

“Stiles I- no no not kicking out I just need a night to myself please”

“No, no y/n please just can we please just talk? Please?”

“N-no” I choked, and as I walked towards him he backed up to the door.  “We can’t Stiles please just go somewhere else tonight I can’t look at you right now”

My heart broke as I said the words.  I opened the door, and he walked into the hall.

“y/n please I-”

I shut the door.

When I heard his footsteps walk away, I let out a pained cry and hit my head against it, then my hands.  What was I supposed to do about this? God knows I wouldn’t sleep tonight.  Would he even talk to me again? Had I hurt him too much? Would he understand.

“Goddamnit!” I screamed, banging my fists on the door before turning around and sliding down against it.  When I tell Allison about this, she’s gonna be pissed I let him walk out the door.

The next day at Lou’s, I busied myself as much as possible.  Yes, I was avoiding talking to Allison.  I knew even the smallest interaction would lead to me spilling about last night’s events.  

This morning was the worst though.  I had to call the Sheriff short notice and ask if he was open for babysitting.  He said he was until two, but that then had to go to the station.  I told him I was able to pick her up then and thanked him a million times.  Though to be honest, I was feeling pretty embarrassed about the whole situation.

It was one thirty now, and I’d successfully stalled for the whole five hours on taking inventory, watering plants and getting new bushes from the back.  My mind was spinning all day, no matter how hard I tried to occupy myself.  It just always went back to Stiles crying in front of me.

15 minutes later rolled around, I called a quick goodbye to Alison, leaving in my apron and tugging my baseball cap over my head to hide my obvious sleep lacking eyes.  The bags under them this morning were ridiculous.  Big dark semicircles that sagged and made tears spring in my eyes.  Ridiculous.

I took the bus to the Stilinski household or, as close as I could get.  Which was only a block away.  I had knocked on the door and began to undo my apron.  It opened quicker than expected.  But I smiled up at the Sheriff, stuffing my work apron into my bag.

“Come on in y/n, I’ll round up Madi” I nodded and followed him inside.  He went into the living room while I stayed at the bottom of the stairs in the doorway.

“Was she any trouble?” I asked, awkwardly rocking on my feet.

“Of course not, Stiles is always so good with her.  She didn’t cause a single problem” I bit my lip, not sure what to say.  A few moments later he came back over to me with Madison on his hip, and her away bag hanging on his arm.

“Hi baby” I said happily, reaching out for her and her hands stretched out towards mine as well.


“Dad did you say my name?” Stiles came down the stairs, and before it was too soon to turn back, our eyes made contact.  My lips parted, preparing to say something.  Maybe hi, or thanks for watching her, but no words came out.

“I uh… I actually have to get going before we miss the bus” I said, taking Madi from Noah’s arms.

“Bus? You don’t have to take the bus y/n Stiles can drive you over” My head shot up to Stiles, just as his eyes snapped to mine.  “Right?”

“Yeah, yeah of course y/n I’ll give you a ride over to your complex” He said, coming all the way down the stairs, and picking up his keys from the side table.  I didn’t say anything, not even as he opened the door and walked out.  Just nodded in a silent thank you to the Sheriff, and followed him outside.  I was surprised that he still had Madi’s booster seat in the back, but still didn’t say anything.  Just strapped her in and went up to the front.  Keeping her bag and mine on my lap as he drove out of the neighborhood.

I was staring out the window, pretending to be interested in the passing trees.  Anyone with common sense could see I was bored out of my mind and this tension was killing me.  I hadn’t even spoken a word to him.

“If you needed a ride you could’ve called me rather than take the bus” Stiles said, and I looked over to him.  His gaze was dead set on the road.

“I didn’t know if you’d want to talk to me” I whispered, and I saw his eyes flick to me from the corner of his eyes.  He looked away just as fast though.

“Well then y/n we’ve got more than one problem if you think I’m going to ignore you” I smiled barely, a slight tug at the corners of my lips.

“What’s our problem?” I asked quietly.  He turned his head to look at me now.

“You tell me” He said.

The rest of the ride was a comfortable silence.

Stiles walked me up to my room, carrying both bags as I held Madi.  He used his own key to unlock the door, and I stared at it for a moment before even going inside.  I took Madi to her spot in the living room.  She spread out on her blanket and was crawling around with her toys delightedly.  The girl enjoyed herself doing anything.

“I’ll uh… I’ll get going then” Stiles said, rubbing the back of his neck and heading towards the door.

“Wait- wait Stiles” I walked back over to him and he turned.  “Um, thanks for the ride” I said weakly.  He smiled lightly and nodded.

“No problem” He replied.  I chewed on my lip as he walked out.  But I still hung back, holding the door open.

“I’m sorry” I called to him before he was out of earshot.  Again he turned to face me.

“Me too” He called back.  A ghost of a smile tugged on my lips.

“So I’ll see you later?” I asked hopefully.

“You couldn’t keep me away” He responded with his big dumb grin that always made me laugh.

“Take care Stilinski”

“You too”

When the door shut, I did a little happy dance as I went back to Madi.  She just giggled and waved her arms around in her own little dance move that made me giggle.

“Me too princess, me too”

(Meanwhile with Scott and Stiles…)

“So you apologized?” Scott asked as his friend flopped onto his bed.

“We’ll sort of?”

“What does sort of mean? Did you say the words ‘I’m sorry’?” Stiles sighed.


“Then you didn’t apologize” Scott chuckled and began to work on his research paper.  He’d grown to be very good at helping Stiles with his y/n drama while studying, working out, cooking, and talking on the phone with Allison.

“But I mean… she said she was sorry when I walked out the door and I said me too” Stiles explained.  “And I meant it, and she was friendly after so I guess it’s all good?”

“See you’ve worked yourself up over nothing” Scott said.  “You’re lucky she forgave you.  What you did was stupid”

“But I don’t even underst-” Scott let out a long breath.  Then swiveled on his desk chair to face his friend.

“You taught Madi to call you daddy”

“Well… kinda yeah” Stiles shrugged a shoulder.

“y/n is the only parent that that little girls got.  Whether she calls someone else papa or not, it’s all she’ll ever have” Stiles swallowed.  “You know why you never see me and mrs l/n around?” Stiles shook his head.  “Because when they heard of Madi they turned their heads and walked away.  How do you think that made y/n feel?”

“Terrible” Stiles mumbled, sitting up on the bed.

“Exactly.  The shit in her life isn’t just that she had a baby, Stiles”

“I know but… but the shit is the reason why I’m here” He stressed on the word, and Scott shrugged his shoulder and pursed his lips.

“I know, but there are things she won’t even be able to tell Allison-”

“I’m closer than Allison” Scott scoffed at the remark.

“You’d be surprised buddy” Stiles’ brows furrowed.  “But that’s not my place.  I’m just saying there’s a lot of things that branched off of her having Madi, and keeping Madi, you know?” Stiles was quiet.  He stared down at his hands in his lap, fiddling nervously with his fingers.  “She lost her parents, Theo is a cocksucker-” Stiles gave Scott an amused look at his choice of words.  “She lost her chances at her dream school…” Stiles put his face in his hands, shaking his head back and forth.

“I just want to help… I just don’t want her to be…”

“Alone?” Scott finished, and Stiles let out a groan in answer.

“Do you think she meant to be friendly earlier? Do you think she’ll talk with me?” Scott shrugged his shoulders.

“I can’t answer that for you, I’d like to think so but I can’t tell you that as solid advice” He sighed softly, and Stiles got up, zipping up his hoodie.  “Are you leaving?” Stiles nodded.

“I’m gonna walk over to y/n’s apartment” He said.

“You want a ride?”

“Walking will give me time to think” Stiles answered simply.  “I don’t mind anyways”

“It’s getting late and dark…” Scott said hesitantly.  “You’re sure you don’t want a ride?” Stiles nodded his head.

“I’m good, really” He assured.  “I’l text yu or call you later, okay?” Scott nodded.

“Yeah, good luck man”

“Thanks” Stiles said before rushing out of the room and down the stairs.  Scott quickly followed him to the door.

“Oh, and Stiles?”


“Whatever happens, just be honest with her.  She deserves that much” Stiles nodded.

“I will” He said, and rushed outside.  “Bye!”

(back to reader’s pov at her apartment…)

“I am searching high I’m searching low…” I rocked Madi in my arms as I stood over her crib.  She’d woken up again crying, only an hour into her sleep.  On the bright side, I was still awake.  “Ooh, does she know that we bleed the same?” I sang softly to her and watched her eyes droop shut slowly.  “Don’t wanna cry but I break that way… did she run away did she run away I don’t know… if she ran away if she ran away come back home… just come home” I paused my movements, checking to see if she’d truly fallen asleep.

I sighed with a smile as she was, and laid her back into the crib.

“Goodnight princess” I murmured, kissing her head as always, and closing the door as I walked out.  I clipped the baby monitor onto my belt loop and went back to the kitchen.  I’d previously been making my dinner.  It was nine thirty now… the night kind of got away from me.  My meal was mac and cheese, but honestly I didn’t even care.   Was so hungry I salivated just looking at Madison’s baby food jars.  The smell is what made my stomach stop growling.  When I finished, I excitedly dumped the noodles into a plastic disney princess bowl I borrowed from Madi.  My hunger was getting pretty extreme.  

I’d just sat down at the table when rapid knocking.  It’s nearly ten who’s coming over at this hour? As much as I wanted to ignore it, and scarf down my food, I pushed myself up, and went to the door.


My eyes widened as they landed on a beat up Stiles.  A swelling purple eye, a split lip, blood dripping down from the side of his face.

“Good god what happened to you?” I stammered out and tanked him inside by his sleeves.

(2 hours earlier… stiles’ pov)

I’d been wandering around Beacon Hills, slowly making my way to y/n’s apartment complex.  My hands were in my pockets and I just tried to collect my thoughts of what I would say when I got there.  Apologize again? Beg for forgiveness?

Honesty.  Be honest.  She deserves that much.

Scott’s voice rang in my head and of course it sounded good, it sounded like the right thing to do, but could I do it? Could I be honest and tell her why I taught Madi to call me dad? Could I tell her how much I wanted that? No, of course not.  Because that would involve me telling her how much I love her and I can’t do that.  Our friendship is already on the rocks and it would be selfish of me to wreck the little things she had left just because I’d caught feelings.

But oh how much those feelings fucked up my life.  It wasn’t even something that happened over time.  It wasn’t ‘a crush I had when I was young and it grew every day-’ yuck.  No.  It just hit me like Allison’s uppercut.  I just looked over at y/n one day and knew.  I knew I was in love with her.  I knew she was the only girl I would ever see myself.  The only girl I could only be with.  I wanted to wake up next to her in the mornings and make her breakfast, I wanted to kiss her before she left for work and play with Madi all day, I wanted to be mom and dad, I wanted to be the one to put a ring on her finger.  I wanted all of it, the good, the bad, the happy and down days, everything.

But Scott was right.  She had enough on her plate.

And it would be selfish of me to ask her for anything more than what we have now.

The sky was getting darker, fading from a bright blue to dull grey.  It looked like someone had put a black and white filter on it.  y/n loved black and white photos-

Damn it Stiles stop thinking about it.

I think this is what people mean by digging your own holes.

And here’s my problem.  No matter what, I can’t stop thinking about her.  At the most random moments.  If I even see a word that has a letter that’s in her name, I’m already gone.  I’m in too deep.  And I don’t even know how to get out.

As if I were given a sign, I saw a familiar head of gelled hair walk out of a shop, and across the street.  I stared at him, and contemplated what I was going to do next.  I spoke before processing, and that’s where it went wrong.

“Hey, hey Theo” I called, and he turned.  He looked at me with furrowed brows, clearly confused.  I picked up my pace and jogged over to him.

“Uh, hey, do I know you?”

“Stiles, Stilinski? We went to highschool together” His mouth made an ‘o’.

“You were on the lacrosse team right? Never played?”

“Yeah, yeah that’s me” I chuckled bitterly.  “You uh, you lied to y/n right?” His face fell, seemingly recognizing the name.

“Lied? No I don’t think so.  But I do remember y/n… wow she was a beauty wasn’t she?”

“Oh she still is” I said, and took my hands from my pockets.  They set on my hips and for a moment I felt like Lydia.  Weird.

“She still have good legs?” I snorted.  I fucking snorted.  Theo laughed too, and it made my blood boil.  “I do remember her legs.  She always wore those shorts and miniskirts… wow what I would give to see them aga-”

Somehow I found the courage and confidence and my fist collided against his jaw before he could say another word.

“If you ever even fucking think about seeing her again, I’ll tear you to shreds Raeken” I snarled, and he looked at me confused, but also slightly amused.  His hand rubbed over his jaw.  “You ruined her life, she couldn’t go to her dream school because your dumbass knocked her up!” His brows raised, and before I knew it he’d grabbed my collar and slammed my back into his truck.

“You must have me confused with some prick Stilinski… because I never once fucked her” I growled and my eyes narrowed at him.  My knee raised and I kicked him in the gut, causing him to stumble back.

“You’re even more of a jackass than I thought” I said, shoving his shoulders hard as he neared me again.  His fist balled and he socked me across the cheek, toppling me to the ground.  He jumped on me before I could move, lifting my upper arms and shoving me straight back down into the pavement.  I think I cracked my head on the ground but tried to show no sign of pain.

“You know what, I do remember fucking her” He snarled, and again punched me across my jaw from the other side.  Pain seared through my head and down my neck.  “She was so good, you have no idea” Another punch, and the metallic taste of blood filled my mouth.  “And you never will Stilinski, because a girl like y/n, would never even think twice about being seen with a lame ass benched lacrosse player like you” I moved to push at him, but his knuckles collided with my eye.

“You’re a dick” I said, spitting blood up at his face.  But he wiped it off with his sleeve, and shoved me down as he stood.

“And you’re a loser” He responded.  “You always have been Stiles.  The only reason people like y/n, like Lydia like Scott, keep you around, is because they feel bad for you”

“That’s fucking lie”

“Is it Stiles? You’re the kid who’s mom died.  You’re the kid who’s leg is always bouncing under the table and making people’s pencils fall on the ground.  You’re the klutz, you can’t keep to yourself, you always open your damn mouth at the wrong time you’re a star wars geek, and you’re hitting on a girl who’s so far out of your league, that you’ll end up an old loser just like your Dad”

I wanted nothing more than to get up and swing at him again, but I couldn’t even stand.  I couldn’t even move.

Theo spit down on the ground which thankfully did not land on me, then got in his truck.

“Stay the fuck away from me Stiles.  Or I’ll give you a real beating”

Did that really all just happen?

(back to present time, readers pov)

“Stiles come in” I said, still clutching onto the sleeves of his dirty hoodie.  I stared at him with wide eyes, looking him up and down.  “Oh God- oh- how?” I shook my head, unable to form words.  My shaky fingers made quick work unzipping the ratty jacket and taking setting it on the small table by the door.

“I-” Stiles almost spoke but I dragged him carefully into the living room.

“Sit here, I’m getting the first aid kit” I told him, and ran back to the bathroom, ransacking the drawers and cabinets for the red plastic box.  “First aid first aid… damnit where is it!” Bottles and boxes fell onto the counter until I finally found it, and rushed back to Stiles.  I sat on the couch next to him and attempted opening up the box but my hands were quivering too much.

“H-hey” Stiles’ voice cracked.  “It’s fine, I’m fine, breathe” He said slowly, and I closed my eyes as his bloody hand rested over mine.  I sucked in a deep breath, and let it back out for as long as I could.  When I calmed myself enough, I opened my eyes and looked down at his hand.  The blood was coming from his knuckles.

“You got in a fight” I said quietly.  My brows furrowed as I met his eyes again.  “Who did you get in a fight with? Oh god please not Sco-”

“No it wasn’t Scott” He said miserably, and again I attempted to open the first aid box.  This time successfully doing so, and pulling out neosporin and gauze.

“Well are you gonna tell me who it was?” I asked, holding his hand up in mine.  “This is gonna sting a little” I said, spraying neosporin on the back if his hand.  He didn’t wince or even flinch.

“I don’t want to” He said in the softest voice.  I wiped the blood and disinfectant as gently as I could.  His fingers curled and I kept mumbling apologies every time I did it too rough.

“Is it important for me to know?” I asked him, and when I finished wiping I took the gauze and wrapped it around his knuckles and palm.  Stiles sighed.

“I saw… uhm… I saw…” I looked up to im patiently but expectantly.  “I was walking here from Scott’s and…” Was it really so bad?”

“Look if you want you don’t have to tell m-”

“I beat up Theo Raeken cause I saw him leave and I don’t know what happened one second I’m wondering if it’s even real and the next I’m punching him and he’s on top of me and saying shit about you and he ruined your life I couldn’t just let him get away and I’m sorry I know you hate fighting cause it makes you sick but he was just.. I care about you so, so damn much y/n and he was just getting away with it” Stiles spoke so fast I was surprised I heard every word.  The were registering slowly through my mind.  Stiles was staring at me as I sat in silence across from him.  “Say something be mad, cry, something please just tell me how to fix it I don’t want to fight anymore-”

I wrapped slid my arms around my neck and slowly pulled myself against his chest, hugging him to me as tears welled in my eyes.  His arms slowly wrapped around my back, and I heard im wince so I pulled away.

“You’re not mad?”

“I… I don’t know how to answer that” I replied, wringing my hands together.  I began to busy myself with getting out an aloe like lotion for his eye and lips.

“What does that mean?” Stiles asked, and I gently began to dab my finger all around his eye.  He closed them both as I focused on my work.

“Well… I guess I’m mad you thought you had to fight him-”

“The bastard deserved it-!”

“Volume” I whispered.  “Please don’t wake Madi she’s been crying all afternoon” I said, and he closed his mouth.  I heard him breathe heavily through his nose.

“He still deserved it”

“I don’t disagree, but I’ve come to terms with him.  I don’t have control over him so I don’t focus a lot of negative energy towards him”

“You weren’t there.  You didn’t hear what he was saying.  About your legs” He muttered the last part in a tone that was almost a growl.  I put more lotion on the tip of my index finger.

“My legs?” Stiles’ eyes opened and I smirked just a little.  “What about my legs?”

“I’m not repeating it” He uttered, and I giggled softly.

“I didn’t know they were so special” I said, and began to rub the lotion onto his lower lip.

“W-well they’re nice you know as legs go th-they aren’t bad or anything” I giggled and raised a brow.

“Do you like my legs, Stiles?” His cheeks tinted pink and I laughed as I finished smearing the lotion until you couldn’t see the white color anymore.  “Does that hurt at all?” I whispered, and he shook his head.

“So you aren’t mad about the fighting?” He asked.


“So the good parts of my story is me beating the shit out of Theo” He smiled proudly and I packed up the plastic box again.

“The good part about the story is that you defended me.  Even though I’ve been treating everyone like shit” I chuckled bitterly, and walked back to the dinner table where my mac and cheese was.  I took a huge forkful of it before I could be distracted.

“Well y-yeah that’s what we… that’s what we do” Stiles said sheepishly.  “And you haven’t been treating everyone like shit… I know you’ve got a lot going on” I looked down at the bowl as I stood in the middle of the room eating.  “Uh… Scott told me you actually did get into Corcoran” I paused my chewing, just swallowing the lump of food and blanking my expression.

“Yeah… yeah I did” I whispered shakily.

“Do…. do you wanna talk about it?”

“No” I answered right away.  “No I don’t want to talk about any of that that’s an old part of my life”

“But back then it was important to you” Stiles said softly.  “Don’t you ever think about what your life would be like now if you’d gone?”

“No I don’t.  Don’t you have more pressing matters to worry about rather things that I don’t care about anymore?” I snapped, gesturing almost angrily towards his beaten face.

“I don’t actually, because the past hour of my life has been me trying to help you, in fact, the past ten years of my life has been me trying to help you” He raised his voice but not to the yelling point.  I silently was grateful for that.

“Well then find someone else to help because I’m doing fine on my own”

“I know you are but I’m just here for anything y/n, maybe you get called into work, I’m here to watch Madi.  Or if you’re sick, I’m here to take care of you.  That’s what I do.  That’s what I’ve always done”

“Stiles you’re not my mom, you don’t have to hover-”

“Damnit y/n that’s not what-” He paused mid sentence, taking in a deep breath.

“Well then what Stiles? What did you mean?” I asked tiredly, and setting my bowl on the table again.  Suddenly I wasn’t hungry anymore.

“Nevermind” He grumbled, and headed towards the door.

“So now you leave? Seriously? What the hell Stiles-

“Goodnight y/n” He said in a low voice, and stomped out, closing the door behind him.  My eyes watered as I just stared at it.

What the hell just happened?

His sweatshirt was still on the table, and I was just standing there, frozen and silent like an idiot.  Until tears began to fall and small whimpers erupted from my throat.  I was about to go lock the door when it whipped open again.

“Screw it” Stiles mumbled, crossing the room in fast strides.

“Stiles-” His hands flew up to cup my cheeks, and in seconds his lips covered mine.  My eyes widened for a moment in surprise, but I melted into it and pressed my lips against his softly, as not to make his split wound hurt any more than it probably did.  He pulled back for a split second and I gasped, but his hands just slid back to my hair and he kissed me again.  And god it didn’t feel real.  Years of dreaming, of wondering and pretending what he felt like, it was nothing compared to the real thing.  His lips were warm, and soft.  They tasted like the coconut lotion and a slight hint of dry blood but I didn’t even care.  I just lifted my hands from his shoulders to tangle up in his hair.

This time when we pulled away, my eyes opened, to find he was already staring back at me.

“Sorry I forgot something” He said quietly.  My brows raised slightly.

“Well I hope you found it” I said in an amused tone, and he smiled slightly.

“I spent most of my life looking for it I think I know what I’m doing” Now it was my turn to smile and blush.  It was quiet for a second before I leaned up on the tips of my toes to kiss him tenderly.  A small, sweet kiss.  His hand cupped the back oh my head, the other resting on my hip.  “What an eventful night” He hummed, kissing me again.

“Mhm” I mumbled into his mouth, not wanting to pull away.

“I have to go though, Scott’s expecting me back” I pouted, wrapping both arms around his neck.

“Don’t go things just got interesting” I whined.  He chuckled, pushing my hair back behind my ear.

“How about I come back in the morning then” Stiles said quietly.  I pondered for a moment, then grinned and nodded, my nose bumping his.  “Alright” He kissed me longingly, then let go of me.  “I’ll see you in the morning then”

“Okay” I whispered and followed him to the door.  He opened it and turned to me, squeezing my hand with his gauze wrapped one.  “Don’t get into any fights on the way home” I murmured.  

“I make no promises” I rolled my eyes.

“Goodnight Stiles”

“Goodnight y/n” He squeezed my hand once more then let go.  I smiled sadly as he walked out the door.

That just wasn’t real.

that escalated quickly in the greatest way possible”

ooh.  boy that kiss tho… in my head it played out sooo guud

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don’t get into fights unless it’s justified babies :3

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