Sneak Peek to the next fanfiction. This is NOT part of the Time Frame series, but an independent fanfiction, estimated to be anywhere from a one-shot to a three-part-fiction.

As per requests of lovetoloveher80 and paixnouvelle

A fic based off the theory that Annie s going dark with the shooting scene to take place in 4x10 and how Auggie will figure it out and find her. Very sad beginning, very promising ending.

Stay tuned. ;)

Spoiler: Part II of “Six Months Dark”

I decided since it may be a while before I’d update (I have a horrible, horrible cold and its not very conducive to creative thinking) I’d give you a good little sneak peek to hold you over. (Honestly, its a rough draft so who knows if it’ll even make it to the end edit.)

Brownie points if you can guess who the stranger is. ;)