Sneak Peek to the next fanfiction. This is NOT part of the Time Frame series, but an independent fanfiction, estimated to be anywhere from a one-shot to a three-part-fiction.

As per requests of lovetoloveher80 and paixnouvelle

A fic based off the theory that Annie s going dark with the shooting scene to take place in 4x10 and how Auggie will figure it out and find her. Very sad beginning, very promising ending.

Stay tuned. ;)

Hold on a minute, because we need to talk about the masterpiece that is The Fault in Our Stars. Never, in all the times I’ve seen film adaptations of books, have I seen a movie so loyal to it’s book. From every huge emotional turning point to the little details that many people might not have picked up on… it was LOYAL. All of the best quotes, and even some of the lesser-known-but-still-hilarious quotes, were used. Shai, Ansel, Nat, and every other actor in the movie did an absolute fantastic job portraying the characters. The soundtrack fit in perfectly whenever it was used. And never have I cried so hard or so sincerely during a movie.

My rating: all of the stars. I do plan to see it again, when I can.

#TFiOS (at Regal Biltmore Grande Stadium 15)

anonymous asked:

If you could have one person with you for the rest of your life, who would it be?

I’d have to say my best friend Tori. If the rest of my life can save her, then DEFINITELY her.

anonymous asked:

I wish I could be like you. Beautiful, smart, knows what she's doing.

Oh anon, I barely have a clue what I’m doing. It looks like I have an entire life set before me, but you’d be surprised just how much hell I go through trying to figure out each day on it’s own. And I bet you’re beautiful, anon. You definitely have a beautiful soul.

Spoiler: Part II of “Six Months Dark”

I decided since it may be a while before I’d update (I have a horrible, horrible cold and its not very conducive to creative thinking) I’d give you a good little sneak peek to hold you over. (Honestly, its a rough draft so who knows if it’ll even make it to the end edit.)

Brownie points if you can guess who the stranger is. ;)