Lati Yellow Lea NS par Nomyens cosmetic dolls

“Do I look like a desire demon? Do you want me to strip down and put on something filmy and sheer?”
Imshael - The Masked Empire

Imshael, as a Desire Demon, even if he doesn’t look like himself at all.
Consider it a random design for a male desire demon.

I don’t know if it counts as a nsfw piece, so if you want me to tag it or to add tw, just contact me!


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Reason for this? Making space in my fabric storage!

Board #1:
Front panels illustrating Lady Godiva by John Collier
Side and back in deep red silk overlayed with metallic gold mesh
Matching gold silk for the binding

Board #2:
The tree of life by Gustav Klimt mixed with vibrant orange and gold silk.

Board #3:
Tapestrie of The Hunt of the Unicorn mirrored on the front panels.
Side and back in green silk overlayed with a beige/gold crochet.
Binding in green or gold