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Hey guess what that Q&A y’all asked for a month ago? Yeah, IT’S HERE. NEW VIDEO ON THE CHANNEL, BABY. 

A bunch of you sent your questions in for this Q&A and plenty of you made it into the final video, so check it out for a chill little time with me talking about absolutely mature stuff……….okay it’s mostly puns. Sue me.

Go watch it maybe, if you want, so a month of hard work, sweat and tears doesn’t end up being in vain! Or not! Do what you want! This is a free world we live in but like I would-….I would appreciate it-

…it would be nice and I love you.



Million Reasons, I believe, is one of Lady Gaga’s most emotive songs, is her asking for strength and the vision to keep going forward.
For a while I’ve wanted to drew Joanne’s cover album. The visual concept is very different from her previous work, but always staying Gaga.

Million Reasons creo que es una de las canciones más emotivas de Lady Gaga, es ella pidiendo un fuerza y visión para seguir adelante.
Hace algún tiempo he querido dibujar la portada de Joanne, el concepto visual del álbum es muy distinto a sus trabajos anteriores, pero sin dejar de ser Gaga.