I’ve uploaded the Waffords (from Newlyn Hills), the Pasquals (from my old Newcrest - they never had a house), and the Landrie-Brown Lees (from my #RebuildNewcrest challenge project) to the Gallery. They’re all completely CC-free (though Russell misses his scout uniform!). Do with them what you will! 

(And sorry for the craptacular preview pics, but I need to go to sleep. :-p)
Prince memorial taken down at Paisley Park
VIDEO: Although the balloons, flowers and cards are no longer on the Paisley Park fence, Prince fans continue to show up.

Am I the only one that gets why they took down the fence memorials at Paisley? I mean they’ve been telling people for at least 2 weeks not to put them there because of the safety hazard. It sounds like they’ve been getting pressured by the city to get it under control, and I’m sure PP/Graceland Holdings has to be concerned about liability issues if an accident should occur because of people stopping to leave something or just gawk. 

As the video report indicates, they’ve been archiving things from the beginning. From Washington City Paper

Just one month after Prince’s death, multiple curators from four local history societies, working as volunteers under the supervision of a Bremer archivist, gathered up the accumulated items. The dead flowers and rotten food got tossed, but everything else was documented and archived according to standard museum procedures. The most sun-bleached and rain-soaked poster boards, their valedictory messages however illegibly smeared or faded, have been stored away in an environmentally controlled space, possibly for future public exhibition.

Since Graceland Holdings is managing PP, here’s how they handle the fan tributes at Graceland:

Elvis Presley’s Graceland, in Memphis, Tennessee, is the granddaddy of all celebrity shrines, attracting 500,000 visitors per year—many of whom leave some token of admiration behind. Though Graceland didn’t open as a tourist attraction until 1982, fans had been using the site to communicate with Elvis while he was still living: cut off from their increasingly isolated idol, they started scrawling messages to him on the wall surrounding his mansion. Groundskeepers scrubbed the graffiti away for years, but after the King’s death in 1977 the task grew too great, and now they only zap the off-color material—everything else is left to the elements.

The objects left behind at Elvis’s grave are another story. The Graceland archivists are world-renowned—in fact the Paisley Park team adopted some of their techniques from those used by the Presley preservationists. But unlike the Paisley Park curators, the caretakers at Graceland are highly selective about what they keep—only creations deemed of particular artistic merit or ingenuity get stored away in the archives.

I suspect the anguish from fans is really because, unlike Graceland, there is no grave where we can pay our respects, mourn, and leave tributes. I would think there would eventually be a memorial area for fans somewhere on the grounds, but that’ll probably take a while.

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The thesis film that I’ve been working on with @boomalee for the past year is finally done! :) 


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