paisley attention to me!

Alina Zagitova, Russian Nationals 2016 (Short Program)

I also had to use some photos from the Junior Grand Prix, but we’re starting and ending with Russian Nationals because that’s where I first saw Alina and got my impression of this costume. 

I have serious doubts about that hand-veil. I get the concept of it, but I also feel like the second she actually starts her program it becomes irrelevant, and it’s seriously not that good an opening gimmick to need a whole extra costume frill. If it were fully incorporated into the costume and she had multiple hand-veils or her hand-veil became something else when she took it away from her face, maybe I’d be on board but as it is I am mildly resentful over having to type the word “hand-veil” four times now because of three seconds in a two minute program.

I like the color a lot though, and the bright paisley designs (does that count as paisley? IT’S CLOSE ENOUGH FOR ME) are attention grabbers in a good way. Really, this is a perfectly good dress without any hand-veil nonsense, so why must we have the hand-veil? 

And o dear god I almost forgot about the tights half on the skates. That is actually worse than tights fully over, because it’s like… commit to your tights situation! Either your tights are fully pulled over or they’re not over at all! Don’t sort of pull your tights over your skates!

And here’s a quick glimpse of the back. It’s really a shame but the devil is in the details, and the details hold this one back from greatness for me. I’m hoping for less hand-veils in Alina’s next season.

Grade: B-

Color: Paisley Attention to Me! (Sephora by OPI)
Retail Price: $9.50 (USD)

This tangerine orange creme is from the spring 2012 Bohemian Brights collection from Sephora by OPI. This entire collection is so unique because I think many nail polish brands saved their brights for summer collections, but Sephora by OPI is ahead of the curve because they incorporated brights into their spring collection. I also love the slightly burnt feeling the colors in this collection have because it makes them perfect for the fall, too.

The formula for this shade was good, as expected. The thickness of the nail polish made application very easy, and I love the slightly glossy finish. In the photo above, I am wearing two coats of Paisley Attention to Me!

Even though this shade is from a spring collection, it’s sure to fit in with your summer and fall wardrobes. So, if you’re liking this color, I’d say it’s worth investing in it. Looking for a dupe? Check out Orange, It’s Obvious (Essie), which is slightly brighter/more saturated.

Disclosure: Product sample provided by Sephora by OPI.