paisley trousers


**  Drop Tops and Crop Tops  **

Never in the last 15 years of my life did I think, I’d wear crop tops - EVER. I’m just not the most comfortable, until that time when I realized you could cover your belly with your bottoms, let they be trousers, shorts or skirts! Parfait!! This way, you can eat what you please, guzzle your dranks and maybe even have dessert and not feel bad about it. #fatkidatheart

These pants honestly feel like a paisley dream (infact, everything feels like a dream these days, maybe because I’m a Pisces? who knows). They are silk, comfortable, breathable and a show stopper. 

I decided to pair a bold bottom with a muted top - I mean, you can always go prints on prints, but I decided to stay away from it this time and just let the pants speak for their first debut.

Crop Top: Forever 21

Trousers: Givenchy multi-coloured paisley silk trousers

Bag: Chanel Wallet on a Chain

Shoes: Zara

Necklace: Elephant - Dogeared

Wrists: Hermes bihapi bracelets X Cartier Watch X Ardene beads X Hermes enamel bracelet X street vendor skull

Show 1" of skin, don’t be shy.


Les Best.