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Things We Shouldn’t Do (Part 5 of ?)

Chapter word count: 9.5k (50.5k total)

Summary: “The history between the two of you is well known,” Marcus went on, talking over Clarke’s continued splutters.  “And it hasn’t escaped the notice of certain news organizations–”
“What, you mean fucking TMZ?” Clarke interjected.
Marcus sighed.  “It would be in the best interest of the show and I think both your careers if you were to be seen as a couple.”
“A dating couple,” Marcus added as if that hadn’t been clear.
Bellamy and Clarke exploded simultaneously.“If we what?” Clarke demanded at the same time that Bellamy just started laughing.  He slipped sideways, dangerously close to falling out of his chair.

Clarke is at the bottom of a downward spiral and Bellamy is riding an all-time career high when they’re cast as the leads of Marcus Kane’s newest drama.  The entertainment world expects a blowup of immense proportions between the two feuding actors but get a hard to explain romance instead.  Or: a fake dating celebrities AU.

“Hey, Clarke, could I have one of these yogurts?” Raven yelled from the kitchen.

“Yeah, go for it.”

Raven reappeared in the living room and threw herself onto the couch.  “I didn’t think you liked yogurt.”

“It’s Bellamy’s.”

“You shop for him now?”

Clarke snorted.  “Of course not.  I just buy him yogurt.”  A pause.  “Stop looking at me like that.”

Raven shrugged.  “Fine, fine.  This is good, though.”

“He gave me a list of acceptable brands.”

Raven laughed. “Sounds like him.”

Clarke pet Paisley aimlessly.  For once, the cat purred into it.

“You and Gina have a nice Christmas?”

Raven’s smile was wide and bright.  “Yeah, it was great.  Quiet, but great.  What did you and Bellamy do?”

Clarke’s throat went dry.

Bellamy’s hand on the back of her neck, fingers threaded through her hair.  Her own fingers tracing along the his collarbone through his shirt, wishing she was brave enough to duck under the fabric.  And most importantly, Bellamy’s lips on hers, soft yet demanding, coaxing out feelings that Clarke had been pretending she didn’t have since Marcus had first asked them to start the whole charade in the first place.

Raven was staring at her. She cleared her throat. “Nothing special. Exchanged gifts, watched some Netflix.”

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Progress of @mejackel-bjd ‘s Soom Kremer. Look at that teeny, teeny head. I’m very happy with the chest. Lots and lots of paisley patterns in my future still tho.

thewiccanmechanic  asked:

😺 - Happy and purrs 24/7, loves to plays and bounce around (from Paisley)

Aryan stared at the cat, eying it off as it bounced around his feet, playing with his shoelaces. It wasn’t that he didn’t like cats, but he didn’t quite know why this one had taken a liking to him, or why it was so cheerful.

“Paisley, sweetheart, I think this is yours,” he called through the house.

i just imagined paisley sitting on the floor reading and she occasionally flicks her tail back and forth
and citrus is walking by and he just stops dead in his tracks and stares at the tuft on the end swishing around and nonchalantly sits down and tries to touch it but misses over and over like a cat reacting to those feathers-on-a-string type doodads

and still not changing his default expression at all