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philine, there's one thing that bothers me a lot and that's the way Natsu is portrayed as a manwhore/playboy when he's anything but?? There are so many fic writers who changes the dynamics of the character and what they stand for but apparently people don't understand that -.- If that's what brings them happiness then there's no problem!! But I still don't get how Lucy would cheat on Natsu with Gray and Gray on Juvia with Lucy? If you make the character wayy ooc won't they just be puppets?

Oh dearr yeah I feel you so much. People are allowed to write what they want of course but… good grief. Sometimes you wonder just how little grasp one can have of a character eh? I hate when characters are just so painfully obviously misused for plot purposes or self-insertion… There’s nothing that hurts my shipping heart more than bad and ooc fanfiction. ;-; but the one very smart thing you can do when you encounter those kinda things is….