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Sam knew his brother was a kinky fucker, but usually he was a bit more subtle than this: Shoving Sam against the nearest surface as soon as they’re in a semi-private place and growling, “Say it, Sam. Call me daddy.”

Sam almost laughs, because whatever he was expecting, it wasn’t this. He flips them over so he’s pinning Dean. “Only if you call me baby boy.”

Dean’s grin is almost feral as he shoves at Sam’s shoulder. “Suck my cock, baby boy. And if you’re good, I’ll let you swallow.”

You don’t understand how bad I need demon!Dean to be really thirsty for Sam. You saw that eye fuck Dean gave Sam when he had the blade on his throat? I need that always.

I need him sneaking on Sam early in the morning and pressing their bodies really close to whisper “Good morning, Sammy” with his mouth pressed right on Sam’s ear. I need Dean sitting on a chair with his legs spread open like an obscene piece of shit, winking at Sam when he catches him staring “Enjoying the view, little brother?”. I want him running his fingers along Sam’s hipbones over his shirt, smirking up at his brother, commenting about how all that ‘incest is taboo bullshit’ gets really old when you are demon and how he always knew Sam had more than brotherly feelings for him anyway. I need demon!Dean hitting on Sam with no shame, throwing him winks and blowing him kisses, casually bringing up how much he would like to press Sam down and make him moan.

Just making Sam this blushing-turned on-confused mess the entire time, always on the verge of just saying “yes” to all the things Dean’s offering.

“C’mon sweet boy.” Dean crooned the words low and raspy in Sam’s ear, smiling against his neck when the boy shuddered and moaned. Sam was completely naked- a mess of shivery golden skin as he rode the fingers of his fully clothed brother. “You look so good like this baby boy. Are you gonna come for big brother like the sweet little slut we both know you are?” Sam mewled, tightened, and Dean just laughed. “That’s it baby. Just like that.”

someone prove to me how it wasn’t inevitable that Dean Smith and Sam Wesson were going to end up in bed together if Zachariah had been allowed to keep the Winchesters in his fantasy land.

-after the magnetizing staring contests,

before they had properly met.

-after the accusations of sexuality,

and offering that beer after taking Sam back to his place so late at night.

-after feeling that empty shell without each other,

and then coming alive while they were near.

-after the dreams Sam had of he and Dean,

and how he told Dean about those dreams.

-after Sam, bright-eyed and hopeful, asked Dean to throw it all away and be with him,

after Dean actually did just that.

prove to me how they weren’t going to let their eyes wander during those late nights in a split motel room, wondering why this other person has so much sway in their life. why they click, why they make sense. why they met and dropped everything to do what they were doing. prove to me they weren’t going to impress each other in a brawl with a monster and save each others lives. tell me how they wouldn’t end up wrapped around each other after Sam’s dreams of him and Dean didn’t stop. because they both couldn’t explain their wild and sudden attachment, which Dean originally mistook for simple flirting.

I watched too many fandoms and now I’m having a meltdown with feels.


You just had to squint.

Sam would think about it in the shower sometimes. He would look down at his leg and really try to make it out. He had been eight years old and determined as hell but he still can’t believe he had convinced Dean. Sure it was faded and underneath the hair that had grown in there but he could feel its phantom throb, like a ghost.


“You’re not gonna tell Dad are you?”

“Dude, if Dad knew I was letting you do this I would be the dead man, not you. Now c’mon already. You wanna do this or what?”

Sam was seated on the edge of the tub in their tiny motel bathroom, shivering as the cold porcelain chilled him through his boxers. Dean kneeled in front of him, knife poised at the ready.

“Yeah, umm … right here.” Sam pointed at a spot high on the front of his right thigh, glancing at his brother for confirmation.

Dean shifted over closer, tilting his head to get a better view in the sickly fluorescent light. He held the knife with a steady hand and lightly traced a capital letter ‘D’ about the size of a quarter.

“No De, the other way.”

“Sammy, it’s gonna be upside down when you stand up.”

“Don’t care, it’ll be right to me. I’m the only one ‘spose to look at it anyway.”

“Okay buddy last chance, you sure?”

“Positive. Come oooooon.”

“Shaddup, no whining. Now don’t move.”

Dean had sharpened his knife special just for this. He applied just enough pressure that Sam’s skin parted easily under the blade. It slipped soft and wet through layers of skin until the blood beads pooled together and dripped lazily down his inner thigh. Sam didn’t even flinch.

Dean reached for a white hand towel he had wet in the sink and wiped away the blood to get a better look at his handiwork. Then came the cheap motel pen, the one with Lonely Oaks printed on the side, the bottom pulled off with his teeth. Removing the ink tube he used the knife to slit the plastic open with surgical precision and scooped a pea sized amount into his finger. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, he used his clean hand to sweep the hair out of his brother’s face as he met his eyes.

“Sammy, this is gonna be here forever.”

“Promise?” Sam beamed.

Mirroring his smile Dean dabbed the ink into the fresh cut skin and rubbed it in small deliberate circles until the exposed flesh underneath was stained. Then using the towel again he wiped away the excess until all that remained was a dark black ‘D’.

“Okay, my turn. No stoppit Sam, don’t touch it.”

Sam complied obediently as Dean lowered the toilet lid and sat. He stood to get closer and Dean batted him away.

“Dude, you’re in my light. Just wait a second.”

Sucking his lower lip into his mouth in concentration Dean began. One smooth fluid motion carved a ‘S’ into his thigh in same spot. He had made the top curve a little smaller than the bottom. Just so you could tell when he stood up, his was upside down too.

“Dean, you didn’t have to do it the exact same way you know.”

Dean raised his eyebrows and shrugged.

“I dunno kiddo, looks right to me.”

More rubbing, more ink mixed with blood sinking into open wounds. After a quick wipe with the towel now made black and red with ink and their blood, Dean motioned him over.

Sam dropped down and rested his chin on his brother’s knee, considering the mark for a moment. He grabbed the remnants of the pen that was discarded on the floor and dipped his finger into the last traces of ink. Pressing a flushed pink cheek to Dean’s thigh he slowly reached forward to trace an inky finger over the ‘S’ until the line was smeared in black and blood.

Sam knew the repetitive motion had to hurt but Dean didn’t say a word. His own mark had stung but it now blossomed into a burn, warm and comforting. Traveling up his leg and through the bottom of his stomach until it wrapped around his heart and filled his chest to bursting. He felt Dean’s fingers running through his hair and closed his eyes. Two boys just touching and breathing and branded together, forever.

“Okay Sammy, let’s get that covered.” Dean’s voice broke the comfortable silence and Sam raised his head reluctantly; pulling himself back up to his perch on the tub. Dean sorted through bandages in their first aid kit until he found one just the right size.

“Now it’s gonna itch, but don’t pick at it okay? You’ll ruin it and it won’t scar right. Got it?”

“Got it.”

Dean paused, his face inches from the fresh cuts. Sam held his breath and watched. His big brother, his initial. A sorry excuse for a tattoo but it was there. A little part of Dean in a little part of him. Dean closed the distance and softly pressed a kiss to the spot, holding his lips against him. Sam felt the vibration of a chuckle before he pulled back and stuck the bandage over, trapping in the warmth of his lips.

“There. Whatcha think Sammy?”

Sam just shot him another blindingly bright smile and flung himself forward, tucking his face under Dean’s chin where the soft breath of his words would tickle the skin there.

“Just you and me. That’s all we need right De?”

Dean wrapped his arms around Sam and held on tight. And Sam felt surrounded in every bit of pride and protection and love he had in his touch. He tried to drown in it. Sam swallowed against the ache swelling in his chest and let Dean squeeze so hard that Sam was sure that he was gonna crush him. Sometimes he loved his Dean so much it hurt. But Sam never complained.

“You know it kiddo. You and me, come whatever.”


So Sam would think about it when he got out of the shower sometimes. He would look down at his leg and really try to make it out. Dean had been twelve years old and his entire world but he still can’t believe he had gone along with it. Sure it was faded and stretched along with his skin but you could still see the gray traces of lines like a ghost. You just had to squint.

Sam and Dean crashing a massive neighborhood block party when they’re bored, left at a motel with little to do for two weeks now. They get buzzed on the beer someone brought a cooler of, eat a bit of the food, and end up dancing in the street with everyone else, getting closer and closer together as the night goes on until Sam finally pulls his brother into an eagerly-returned kiss.

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Hi! Can you please write 15 year old Sam that has self esteem issues and hurts himself and Dean finds out, freaks out, and just a lot of angsty fluff? Thank you!

Warning: Mentions of cutting, sorry if this is a sore subject.

Sam is the boy with forever bony knees. Sam is the boy with hand me down clothes. Sam is the nerdy boy with shaggy hair and eyes that change too much. Sam is the boy who will never have a girlfriend.

Sam is the boy with several cuts on each wrist and inner thigh. Sam is the boy who looks in the mirror and sees too skinny limbs, his bird chest nothing special.

Sam is the boy who is in love with his big beautiful brother.

“C'mon, baby boy!” Dean honks the horn when he sees Sam shuffling through the crowd.

Sam hangs his head as the girls begin to whisper about him. Because how could he be related to the boy with a hot car and even hotter eyes.

Sam shoves his way through a couple boys and he’s sure it’ll cost him a swirly on Monday, but its worth it to get to the car and climb in.

Dean lets out a happy yell as he speeds away from the curb.

Sam tries not to scratch at the fresh, precise cuts on his wrists under his baggy jacket and sweater as they drive along.

“Long day, baby?” Dean asks after sometime, letting a large hand squeeze Sam’s thigh.

He loves the way his fingers can close almost all the way around. It makes his cock twitch in his jeans thinking about how easy it is to handle Sam.

“Yeah, I’m tired,” the younger mumbles, looking out the window and scratching at his wrists.

“Well, Dad won’t be there when we get back and I’m gonna take a shower. Feel like taking one with me?” Dean smirks as they near the motel.

Sam almost squeaks out an excited yes before remembering the cuts on his thighs. Dean hadn’t let them do anything in the light of day unless they had a fair amount of clothes on or it was too quick for him to see Sam’s scars.

“I have a lot of homework,” Sam smiles lazily as they pull into the parking lot.

Dean groans as he shuts the car off, pouting as he moves across the seat to corner Sam’s body against the door.

“Dean, we’re in broad daylight, in the car!” Sam shrieks and gasps as Dean runs his hands under the boys baggy shirt, groaning at the soft skin of his lover.

He sucks at Sam’s neck as he pinches at his sensitive nipples, tweaking them just right so Sam arches against him.

“Oh, Dean. So good–ah!” Sam cries out and his head thunks back against the window.

“C'mere, baby boy. Sit in my lap, need you so bad,” Deans hoarse voice makes Sam’s body respond, letting his older brother drag him into his lap.

“But what if someone passes by,” Sam pants as Dean snatches his jacket off his smaller body.

He giggles when Dean takes off his shirt, but shudders and whimpers when a nipple is sucked on, pushing his chest forward for Dean and putting his arms around his neck.

Sam is now the boy who isn’t thinking as he sits half naked and ravished in Deans lap.

“Sam?” Deans voice is a whisper as his body goes tense.

“Yeah, yeah?” Sam snaps out of it and looks down to where Dean is gripping his arm, hard.

The cuts are still a deep, angry red. They stand out against his pale skin, the skin Dean worships whenever he needs or wants.

Sam is the boy who doesn’t know his skin is Deans skin. Now his hurt shall be Deans, hand in hand.

“Did you–did you…” Dean whispers in the silence.

Sam looks straight ahead where he can see a family van backing up into a space on the other side of the lot.

“Did I what, Dean?” His voice trembles.
“Did you want to die? Do you want to die?” Dean asks quietly, rubbing his thumbs along the scars.

It burns a little and Sam has to close his eyes against the wave of emotions, bringing his free hand to his mouth to keep in a sob as his body begins to shake.

“I–I never wanted to die, not really. I would never want to leave you, Dean,” Sam quivers, tears rolling down his face.

“But why, Sam? Why hurt yourself? Is this the only place?” Dean asks, more bass in his voice as he looks up.

“Dean,” Sam sobs, unable to lie and say no.

His older brother understands and he forces Sam onto his back and hands fumble with his jeans. Sam is raked with sobs as he tries to push Dean away, doesn’t want him to see what he’s done to himself. To the body Dean thought was so beautiful.

“Please, please. No, Dean, please don’t look,” Sam cries, sucking in deep breaths as Dean yanks the jeans from his body and the boxers, too.

Sam feels so bare and he closes his legs, his half hard cock and his balls trapped between his thighs. He doesn’t want to look down because he’ll see bony knees and scrawny limbs, not the beauty Dean sees. He’ll see how pathetic he looks trying to make himself look smaller and how stupid he is, how unsexy and unattractive he knows he is.

“God, Sam. Look at you, got cuts all between your thighs,” Dean whispers, prying his legs apart, spreading them wide.

Sam bites his lip against his sobs and the tears keep rolling down his face as he looks away, closing his eyes. But his scrawny chest betrays him, still heaving and jerking with his crying.

“Ssh, Sammy. Just let me…” Dean chokes as his fingers run over the scars along those creamy thighs.

He knew Sam had trouble seeing himself in the same light that he did, Sam thought he was too thin and small, too bony and ugly to be loved. But Dean loved his boy so much, too much to any on on the outside, but Dean loved him.

“I’m sorry. I just c-couldn’t,” Sam bites his lip again.

“Sorry you feel this way, Sammy. But I already told you you’re going to grow up to be big and still beautiful. Ladies and men all over you, I’ll have to fight them all off to keep you,” Dean kisses at the marks with shaking lips.

Sam is still racked with sobs, running shaky fingers through Deans short hair.

“But I won’t, Dean. You w-were already big and beautiful by my age,” Sam gasps for air.

Dean shushes him with soft kisses and gentle fingers. He cradles Sam against his chest, his brothers tears soaking into his skin and dripping their sorrow onto his soul.

Sam is the boy with a broken ego and fragile heart. Dean is the man with strong hands and an even stronger heart. He wants to be Dean, wants to be big and beautiful like the Sun, wants to be nurturing and strong like the Earth, needs to be rock solid like Dean.

“You should have came to me when you felt like that, I’m sorry you weren’t comfortable enough, Sammy. I should have noticed,” Dean kisses at the top of that brown, mop head of hair that he loves putting his hands through.

“I was scared that you’d think I was a freak,” Sam breaks, clenching Deans shirt tight in his hands till he hears the stitching start to break.

“Hey, hey, I would never think you were a freak, Sam. If you’re a freak, so am I,” Dean murmurs against Sam’s bitten, swollen lips.

Sam sniffles and nods. He’s probably a snotty mess. He’s still completely naked against Deans warm, clothed body. He doesn’t feel as vulnerable though. Just small and cared for as his older brother holds him.

“Just try not to cut yourself, Sammy. When you feel like that, bring me the razor, and put it against my skin. Would you cut me, Sam?” Dean asks, fingers trailing along the knobs of Sam’s spine.

“No! Never,” Sam gasps.
“Then don’t put it to your skin either, baby. You feel like a freak, then I’m a freak. You want to hurt yourself, well now you’re gonna have to hurt me too. I made a promise to not only myself, but to you that I’d take care of you,” Dean nods, green eyes filled with tears.

Sam starts crying for another reason now, throwing a bare leg over Deans hip. He probably sounds hysterically, kissing Deans lips and wetting them with his tears until Dean holds him tight and rocks him back and forth.

“We can be freaks together, Sammy.”

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Omega!Sam seducing Alpha!Dean into mounting him and making Sam his bitch. ;) Weecest

Dean is left alone with seductive smiles and sultry eyes. He’s left to suffer under the sweet scent of an aroused omega.

“You’re so tense, Dean. You need to loosen up,” Sam purrs as his socked foot trails up Dean’s thigh.

Dean grips the foot tightly and looks over at the naked boy, save for his socks.

“You’re going to ruin the couch,” Dean hisses between clenched teeth.

He watches as another large trickle of slick slip out of Sam’s hole and onto his black boxers laid out beneath him.

The young omega licks his red, plump lips and watches his older brother with lidded hazel eyes. He’s just slipping into his heat, fifteen but he can be patient with his brother, his alpha to be.

“Do something about it. Punish me,” Sam whispers with a dirty smirk as an index finger circles a hard nipple, mewling as he teases himself.

Dean growls, green eyes darkening with lust. He knows he shouldn’t. But his dick is begging to fill his little brother, that soaked, tight, sweet smelling hole. His brother hasn’t been claimed and he keeps trying to seduce Dean into knotting him.

“Just picture it, Dean. You on top of me, could have me on my back, legs in the air as you fuck me. Or maybe you’d like me on all fours, ass in the air,” Sam murmurs, bringing his left leg up onto the back of the couch.

Dean swallows loudly as he catches sight of the fluttering, glistening hole. Sams excitement runs steadily down onto the couch. Sam knows he’s winning, Dean’s large cock tents his boxers.

“Or,” Sam whispers, leaning forward to talk right in Deans face. “Picture being inside of my hot, clenching, drenched hole. No prep needed, just slide that fat cock in and fuck me till I come over and over. Then knot me up,” He finishes.

Dean tries to keep up his facade, but he just can’t handle it.

He leans forward to capture Sam’s mouth in a messy kiss. Their teeth clack together and their tongues come out to clash.

“Big brother. My alpha,” Sam whimpers in his ear as Dean pushes him forcefully into the couch.

Dean feels his dick throb painfully in its confines, aching.

“Show me what a good little omega you are, baby. Turn over,” Dean whispers, nipping at Sam’s lips.

Sam purrs and rolls under Dean, sticking his ass out. Dean runs shaky hands along Sam’s smooth back till he reaches the swell of his ass.

“Knot me, Dean,” Sam moans, pushing back on his brothers erection. He can already feel the stretch his hole will have to do to fit Deans knot.

“Just wait–fuck,” Dean’s voice shakes as he blankets his body over Sam’s smaller one, his cock digging between Sam’s cheeks, slick dampening his sweats.

His hands slip under the lithe body to pinch at Sam’s sensitive nipples as he ruts against him roughly, pushing Sam down into the red couch.

“Dean! Mh!” Sam squirms and pants under Dean as he lets his brother hump repeatedly against his soaking ass.

“I want you–knot me!” Sam cries out, tears springing to his eyes when he pulses out more slick, his chest and neck turning red.

“You wanna’ be my little bitch so bad, huh? Want big brother to knot you up real good, fill you up with my cum,” Dean pants hotly into Sam’s ear, pinching hard at his nipples.

Sam comes immediately, hole squirting out his slick and his cock spurting over the couch.

“That’s my good little bitch, you want it that badly,” Dean cooes as he leans back to take off his sweats, staring at Sam’s hole, excitement still sliding out of him.

Sam groans as he gets up on shaky knees, presenting himself to his alpha.

“That’s it, baby, spread ‘em wide,” Dean growls, stroking his cock, pre-come dripping from the slit.

Sam keeps panting, face against the arm rest as he spreads his knees apart as wide as he can without falling off the couch.

Large hands plant themselves on either side of his head as Dean looms over him, whining in frustration as his tip slips repeatedly over Sam’s hole.

The young omega reaches back to grab Dean and guide him inside, both of them shaking and moaning as Dean bottoms out.

Dean whines helplessly when he feels Sam blurt out slick around the girth of his cock.

“Alpha, please,” Sam’s voice is high and broken.

Dean wraps his arms around Sam’s middle and starts fucking into Sam, his omega mewling and tilting his hips up.

“Yes, harder, big brother–” Sam break off into a broken sob as Dean snarls and fucks forward roughly, making Sam’s sensitive dick rub against the arm rest.

“Youre going to take my fucking knot, right, baby boy,” Dean tells him, slapping his ass between a thrust.

“Yes, alpha!” Sam sobs, Deans thrusts jerking his body, tears blur his vision.

“Make you my good bitch. Knot you up whenever I fuckin’ want,” his older brother’s voice is a deep rumble.

Deans hips give quick, rough thrusts, slapping his ass red and forcing him to balance himself with one foot on the floor as whines are forced from his mouth.

His hole will be red and sore, used, when Dean finishes knotting him.

“Sam, ’m about to come,” Dean says, jaw clenched tight.

Sam wails when he feels the beginning of Deans knot slam against his hole. He reaches between the couch and his body to wrap a hand around his sore cock and pump.

“God, Dean! Make me your bitch, knot me up. Need to feel that big knot inside my hole,” Sam purrs and pants as he looks back at Dean.

The words make Dean hiss and lean over Sam’s body, biting at Sam’s neck hard enough to mark as he ruts, animalistic, making the couch scratch the wooden floor. Sam is sure the people next door know what Dean is doing to him.

He hears Dean whining into his ear as he slows down and tries to get his knot inside the already stuffed hole. He humps Sam hard, rubbing against his ass, snarling and whining.

“Its okay, just hold on,” Sam murmurs and kisses Dean.

He’s shaking as his chest heaves with every breath, he’s so close to losing it and coming on his alphas swollen cock, but he wants Dean locked up inside him.

He tries to push out and give the knot some more room, reaching behind himself to push at Deans hip.

“Try it now,” he nods, licking salty sweat from his lips.

Dean huffs and pushes up against him again, gripping his hips and forcing it hard until it pops in.

“Yes!” Dean hisses as he starts to fill his little brother up, balls tight.

Sam cries out in relief and pushes his hips forward just to feel the knot pull at his stretched rim. Dean growls and pulls him back.

“Don’t move, bitch,” Dean husks straight in his ear, his dick still pumping inside him.

Sam quakes as he starts to come, spasms shaking him as his eyes roll back on a whimper. He grunts as he squirts around the thick knot.

“That’s my good little bitch, squirting all over my cock again,” Dean praises.

“Alpha,” Sam whispers, turning to look at Dean, lips pouty.

His older brother moves to kiss him softly as he turns them sideways. Dean grinds into him slowly as his tongue swirls in Sams mouth.

“Want to knot me again before Dad comes back,” Sam asks, trailing a thumb along his brothers bottom lip.

“Of course,” Dean smirks.