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This makes me want a wincest fic where demon!Dean is pinned down by a group of demons and can’t get himself free because there’s a lot of them and they’re strong. At first he thought they were another bunch Crowley sent for him to kick ass but those guys didn’t call him pretty or tell him down delicious he looked. And they definitely didn’t hold him down and start taking his clothes off. The guy on top of him was big and strong. It didn’t take him much effort to rip his shirt open but Dean’s body still nudged along the movement. He knew what was coming and if he got out of it, he was kicking everyone of their asses.He looked down at his chest where the guy’s hands started sliding down. His thumbs brushed over Dean’s nipples and Dean watched until those hands disappeared under his shirt. The guy lifted his shirt up under his chin. His other hand went down to unbutton Dean’s pants. Dean cursed and kicked his legs to push the guy off him and stop him from advancing but another demon pressed them down on the ground. He kicked again and they barely moved. He looked up at them all and they were staring down at him with eyes full of lust and hungry looks on their faces. Then, the one on top of him leaned down close enough for Dean to feel the guy’s breath on his lips before the guy whispered to him, telling him how pretty he looked pinned down and half naked. But he was going to fix that. The guy unzipped Dean’s pants and pulled them all the way off. The other demon removed his hands from Dean’s legs long enough for the pants to be taken off and held them back down. Dean cursed again, swearing out of his mind as if it was going to get the demons off of him. The guy on top of him smiled and leaned down, whispering for him to be more polite or else he was going to make a better use for that mouth. 

They stripped Dean out of all his clothes until he was completely naked with his cock hanging out and legs forced open. Usually he had Sam for backup and could rely on his brother to come in anytime now and get him out of this mess. But, he’s the one who left Sam. 

The guy’s on his mouth before Dean known it, sucking his tongue and stroking his cock. Dean doesn’t want this but his cock is telling him a different story. He bites the guy’s lip to get him off his mouth but it doesn’t stop the demon from licking down his neck and sucking on his nipples. His cock wasn’t the only one reacting now, his nipples were getting hard too. He looked at the other demons circled around the table with the cocks out, hanging near his face, waiting to be sucked. Dean was beginning to feel scared when suddenly three demons around him cried out and fell to the ground. He watched in disbelief a demon knife flew across the room, hitting the one around Dean’s feet. It was enough to have their power over him weaken and have him headbutt the guy on top of him. The guy fell back. Dean hopped off the table and quickly pulled out the knife from the other demon’s chest and stabbed the guy through his back. The man screamed and Dean did it again and again until he heard Sam’s voice. 

He didn’t know how Sam found him but he was grateful for it. Sam walked in with a look on his face that suggested they had a lot to talk about. Dean let him get close only because he felt safer with Sam here. He didn’t get the chance to put on his boxers before Sam threw him back, pinned him down on the same table and kissed him. At first Dean thought his brother might be possessed but when Sam broke the kiss and looked at him with those poppy eyes, Dean knew it was really his brother.

"Why did you leave?" Sam asked, softly. "Do you know how long it took me to find you? I was worried other hunters would find you before me."

Dean stayed quiet. The least his brother could do was let him get dressed before their chick flick moment.

"If I was a little late…" Sam trailed off. "Oh god, Dean. Thank god you’re okay."

"I had it under control, Sam." Dean frowned and tried shoving his brother off.

"No you didn’t." Sam shook his head and kissed him again. "I’m here to take you home, Dean. This whole Mark of Cain thing, we’ll figure it out together. We always do." Sam smiled and cupped Dean’s right cheek. 

Dean stared at him for a long time before giving in.

"Fine." He sighed. "Can I put my clothes back on now?" 

Sam looked down at Dean’s body, noticed the few marks left on Dean’s neck and chest, and saw Dean’s slightly erect cock. 

Sam looks up at him with his nostrils flaring. He was pissed. 

"You can when we’re done here." He growls in Dean’s ear and turns him around so that Dean was leaning on the table instead with his ass sticking up in front of Sam’s crotch. "Did they already open you up?"

"What the hell, Sam?" Dean frowned and looked over his shoulder.

Sam unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. “I don’t have anything so use your mouth.” He tells Dean.

Dean gets down on his knees and opens his mouth. He stares at Sam when Sam feeds him his cock. Dean starts sucking, pulling off and licking from the base to the head before sucking again. Sam grabs on to his short strands and thrusts deeper into Dean’s mouth. Sam grunted. Shortly after, he pulled his cock out of Dean’s mouth and motioned for his brother to resume the position he was in before. Dean used both of his hands to part his ass cheeks and let Sam’s cock slide in, little by little. 

"Mine." Sam says, possessively, and bites down on Dean’s neck. "And your ass is mine too. Such a nice ass, Dean. Still tight even after I fuck you for hours." Dean moaned. When Sam was all the way in, he didn’t wait for Dean to give him the go. He pulled back out and slammed back in, hitting Dean’s prostate. 

"Like that? He grinned and drove another powerful thrust into Dean’s ass. "Big, bad, demon Dean whimpering and moaning on his little brother’s cock. How’s that for an update to your new best friend?" Sam fucked him deeper. "Even the demon you is such a slut for my cock." 

"Ah, yeah…f-fuck, Sam." Dean moaned shamelessly. "Don’t stop…ah!"

Sam leaned down against Dean’s back and grabbed his brother’s arms before pulling them behind his back and holding him still as he pounded into Dean’s ass. Dean threw his head back, letting Sam kiss him. He shortly pulled away to let those delicious noises out of his mouth again. Oh, how Sam loved fucking his big brother down to the core. He loved making Dean weak and needy with his cock. 

"You gonna be a good boy when I’m done with you?" Sam asked. "You’re going to get in the car and we’re going back to the bunker. You’re going to stay there and we’re going to figure this out together. Got it?"

Dean nodded, submissively. 

"Good." Sam grinned. "If you can do that then I promise I’ll let you sleep with my cock inside."

Dean’s own cock twitched and he suddenly came. He reached down to touch his cock and stroke the rest of his release out as Sam continued to fuck him from behind.

"Come on, Sam." Dean whispered, breathless. "Give it to me. Wanna sit in the car with you leaking out."

Sam cursed and with two swift thrusts he came inside Dean. 

"No more running off with the King of Hell." Sam ordered and gently bit Dean’s ear.

Everyone who ships j2/wincest READ THIS FIC. It good

Title: Chemistry Author: glovered Rating: R Pairing: Jared/Jensen Summary: Jensen reminds himself that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a platonic jerk-off scene between brothers. And there’s nothing platonic about his feelings for Jared. MASTERPOST - PART 1 - PART 2 - TWITTER REACTION…

brosinlove asked:

for the drabble thing, wincest + either 14, 21 or 32 (whichever inspires you the most) <33

I’m choosing #32 because hello angst. THANK YOU <3 (Also this is longer than I intended).

Prompt: I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.

Dean makes the choice to come and see Sam at Stanford on a whim. He has been taking cases in and around California for the past few months purposefully, constantly debating whether to grow some balls and actually go see him. He comes across a low-key hunt in San Jose, fourteen miles south of Palo Alto, fourteen miles away from Sam. Dean takes the case without a second thought. He calls John to tell him he’ll be near San Francisco, better to lie about his true intentions than to get an earful. Unbeknownst to John, they’ve been sending letters back and forth for the past two years. Originally, Dean was so pissed at Sam leaving he wasn’t going to try to talk to him, he was just going to let Sam live the life he obviously wanted. It hurt like hell to let him go, but what was he supposed to do? Then Sam sent a letter a month after starting college and they’ve been writing monthly, even bi-weekly ever since.

Needless to say, Dean is excited to see Sam, but he’s also worried about how much his little brother has changed in the past two years. He’s probably some environmental hippie with a beard and long, shaggy hair down to his shoulders. Hopefully, regardless of his appearance, Sam is just how Dean remembers.

Dean takes care of the hunt, which ends up being an easy salt n’ burn he finishes in less than forty-eight hours. It’s early afternoon when he packs up the impala and drives the short fourteen miles to Stanford. A few letters previous Sam wrote Dean his address and what apartment complex he lives in. It would’ve taken Dean forever to find him otherwise. Dean parks in the parking lot behind the complex, staring at the large building in front of him, waiting. He doesn’t know what he’s waiting for only, that he’s not ready to do this yet. A pool of anxiety fills his stomach and he throws back a swig of whiskey from his flask. He can do this. 

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Open Your Eyes-Wincest

Corel. If you wanted sappy sugar sweet Wincest this is the one. Implies Teen!Wincest so if thats not your thing this isn’t the vid for you after all.

read it on the AO3 at

by Destiel_Cockles

It was supposed to be a quick hunting trip, but something goes wrong and suddenly Sam & Dean are horny beyond belief because they activated a sort of sexed up love spell. They can’t break it until they have sex with their true love, only neither of them wants to admit they have feelings for each other.

Words: 13782, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English

Series: Part 7 of Wincest Firsts

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