pairing: wincest
Fic: Night Heat
Sam and Dean flee the scene of their captivity and go to ground in a shabby motel. They have a lot to figure out and deal with after their enforced sex performance. A long walk in a beautiful country evening gives them ample opportunity to face the consequences of their ordeal...and maybe even move forward. Sequel to Caged Heat

Author: firesign10
Artist: deansbeerbottle
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean
Word Count: 5078
Rating: NC-17
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crystalfeathers asked:

Kiri what if Dean met Jared and Jensen met Sam? How would they act? (skipping past the 'wtf who are you I don't believe this' of course)


No but for real

(I just want them to fuck, holy shit, but for real?)

Sam and Dean would obviously go for the initial, “Where’s my brother?” while Jensen and Jared would be confused, and then slightly starry eyed, tbh.

God, Jared would probably be so excited to meet Dean, holy shit. He’d ask about him, and Sam, and just, little things like, “Is Sam taking care of himself?” because obviously there’s aspects of Sam’s life that Jared doesn’t know about, considering Dean Winchester is real and standing in front of him.

Dean? Dean wouldn’t be as excited. Because this guy that looks almost exactly like Sam – same height, same dimples, pretty much Sam – is standing before him, but he isn’t Sam. He’s not his little brother. So he’d be wary. Not want to talk much because who knows how this even happened, right? His hand would be on his gun at all times, not necessarily drawn, but ready to be. Can never be too cautious.

They’d be trying to find Sam and, Dean remembers from his stint in that one universe, someone called Jensen. Up until this moment, he’d thought that that world was created by Balthazar; that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki didn’t actually exist… but boy was he wrong. Because Jared Padalecki? Was made of sunshine. And he was real.

He didn’t realize when he’d let go of his gun and loosened his shoulders, but it had to have been recent. He thinks Jared’s laugh would have done it.

But Sam looks weird with all that scruff; almost a full beard. But Dean kind of liked it. He actually imagined himself kissing it, which was all kinds of wrong because he couldn’t do that to his brother, right? It’d be terrible, to betray him like that; to kiss someone that looks just like him.

(But they did, and Dean left all kinds of marks on Jared’s body, made him writhe like he’d never made anyone writhe before. He doesn’t think Jensen fucks like he does.)

Jensen would be in awe of Sam. Touching his hair and his forehead and just. djkfhjldskhgfj and Sam would be cautious because this is more beard than Dean has ever had. This guy isn’t dressed anything like how Dean dresses, and he smiles much more than Sam’s seen Dean smile. (He absolutely likes his smile.)

Sam wouldn’t be as cautious as Dean was, but he’d be wary. Worried about his brother. But Jensen’s good company, and he knows Jensen’s just as worried about someone else and anxious to get back to him as he is.

Jensen would absolutely ask how Dean is, what he’s like. Because Jensen cares so much about Dean (Jensen and Sam have a lot in common with that aspect; their love for Dean, just like Jared and Dean have in common for Sam). He’d want to know all the things he doesn’t know; things that aren’t scripted. They’d talk for hours, and Sam would be so excited but also miss Dean listening to Jensen because they look alike, but are so different it hurts. They talk differently, use different word and grammar, have a different posture. Jensen more relaxed whereas Dean’s reserved and alert.

Sam would talk about how he and Dean are, were, and how they haven’t been in awhile. Sad. Missing his big brother.

Jensen would kiss him soft and sweet, tell him it’ll be okay, they’ll find each other again, and fix everything. It won’t always be easy, but it’ll come through eventually. They’d kiss again and again until Sam was gasping and whining for Dean, and Jensen would take good care of him, call him sweetheart and just make him feel loved like he hasn’t felt in so long.

And when they all find each other again, Dean thanks Jensen. They give each other a handshake but don’t go beyond that and a simple nod. But Jared pulls Sam to him, cradles the back of his head and says, “It’s going to be okay, Sam, I promise. Always keep fighting. No matter what, you’ll always have Dean, despite whatever circumstances there are.”

That’s how I think it would go~~~~~

Alright, it’s time for me to admit

I ship Wincest.  I have a ton of Wincest stuff stored in my likes because I was afraid of reblogging it.  Then I realized, “What the hell?” 

This is my blog so imma post what I like.  Feel free to unfollow or block wincest on tumblr savior- no hard feelings. If you have nasty messages, please keep them to yourself.

Probably gonna do a massive unloading of my wincest likes onto my blog tonight so beware if that ain’t your thing!

Peace and blessings.

willingwinchester asked:

Sam Winchester + first crush

(okay I’m totally taking a wincest-ish approach to this. sort of.)

Send me a character + a thing and I’ll write a thing?

His name was Thomas. An eighth grader when Sam was in sixth, hair with too much gel and an attitude that got him into too much trouble.

Sam never really even talked to him- just admired him from afar, wondering what it was that made the older boy so intriguing. 

It wasn’t until years of awkward sort-of-crushes later, that Sam realized why he’d felt that weird sort of attraction to Thomas.

All of the girls and guys all fit a sort of type- maybe he just had a think for rebels? Punks? Oddballs that were still into eighties metal?

Everyone he’d ever liked, or admired, or developed a crush on- was startlingly similar to Dean, in personality or appearance or sometimes both.

Dean wasn’t exactly his first crush, technically, but only because Sam didn’t realize it. 

If You See Dean Winchester on the Side of the Road Don't Stop

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by compo67

Sam and Dean argue after Dean walks two miles home; the argument shifts, because they can never argue about one thing and one thing only.

Words: 534, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 91 of Chicago Verse

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Don't Love Me

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by Krym

“What is the damn problem?” Sam finally said, startling Dean into with a little jump.

“It’s not- You just- We don’t,” Dean started and stopped, thinking of how to say what he needs to. “You don’t love me anymore, Sam.” Dean said it like it was a fact. The words struck Sam like a knife, cutting him open and gutting him all at once.

Words: 2409, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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In Silence Sealed

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by rivkat

Fiercelynormal tagged me with “piercing.” After a hunt, Dean can’t hear, but he can still talk. Warning: may induce diabetic coma.

Words: 2572, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Steady Love

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by TimeMermaid

Never staying in one place long enough to make real friends, the Winchester boys grow up incredibly close to each other. Questionably close, according to their father. When Sam finishes high school he heads to college, leaving his old life, big brother Dean included, behind him. After 4 years of virtually no contact, a phone call from Uncle Bobby informing Dean that Sam is engaged forces Dean to face his long-denied feelings and decide what to do about them.

Words: 3090, Chapters: 5/?, Language: English

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