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William/Daisy prompt 8 please?

#8 “roommates” AU

Well, this was awkward…

Daisy was trying her hardest to stay focused on her laptop, and not on the kissing couple that was sitting on the chair next to her, Sybil on Tom’s lap, her arms draped around his shoulders, his wrapped around her waist, and their lips permanently glued together (or so it looked).

She glanced up as her best mate William entered the room, holding two mugs of tea in his hands and gratefully taking the one he offered her.  He joined her on the couch and looked over himself, at the kissing couple.

“Don’t they come up for air?” William muttered under his breath.

Daisy had serious doubts.  “They’ve been like that for almost an hour,” she mumbled.  She wasn’t disgusted by the display, just…well, she just couldn’t put her finger on it.

“I think we’re cursed,” William murmured.

Daisy lifted her eyebrows in surprise.  “What makes you say that?”

He gestured at Tom and Sybil.  “This is the third time…”

She made a face, knowing exactly what he meant.

The flat that they kept was spacious and nice, but it was not something a struggling piano player or culinary student could afford on their own.  They would need at least one more flatmate, two to comfortably cover the rent and utilities, not to mention the grocery bills. 

It started simple at first.  Anna was a friend of Daisy’s, and John was a friend of William’s.  It seemed to balance everything out—two men, two women, but NOTHING was happening, just…good friends, who happened to share a flat together. 

…But then Daisy came home from cooking school and found John and Anna in the living room (not cleaning the flat like they had promised to do that afternoon).  By the end of the month, the new couple had moved out.

As happy as they were (and they truly were) for John and Anna, they still needed flatmates.  Daisy had a friend (Alfred) from cooking school, who was looking for a place to stay (and she rather liked him—hey, if it could work for Anna, why not her?)  The other flatmate was an American (Lucy Reed), who was only staying for a few months, for an internship of some kind, before going back to New York.  Alfred was at cooking school all day with Daisy, and Lucy was hardly ever around, so really, everything seemed to be fine…

Then Alfred shocked them when he announced that he was going back to New York with Lucy, that the two of them had been seeing each other for nearly a month (when did this happen?) and so instead of needing to get one more flatmate, they were again looking for two.

That was when Thomas and Sybil, two nurses from the hospital where William volunteered to play piano in the children’s wing, moved in.  And they thought it was perfect (Thomas was gay, so they didn’t to worry about him and Sybil running off together).  However, that didn’t prevent Thomas from leaving a month later, when he fell for one of his patients.  But Sybil assured them she knew the perfect person to take Thomas’ place, a friend to whom she described, “he and I are best mates, just like you two!” and Daisy thought that sounded pretty safe…

Only these two best mates who were apparently “just like” her and William…were snogging on the nearby chair.

Maybe William was right?  Maybe they were cursed.

Flatmates who always ended up kissing, shagging, and moving out together. 

“Maybe we should just get a smaller place?” Daisy sighed.  “We’re not even trying to play matchmaker, but this keeps happening!”

William looked over at her and without a second thought, put his arm around her shoulders and drew her close, Daisy gratefully snuggling into his side and resting her head in the crook of his arm, their socked feet propped up on the coffee table in front of them.  At least we’ll always have each other, Daisy found herself thinking.

“Awww…” they heard a voice murmur, and glanced over at Sybil, who had finally come up for air and was smiling at them from where she sat, perched on Tom lap.

Their cheeks instantly began to burn, and William and Daisy both slid away from each other, not really able to look each other in the eye. 

They both sat in somewhat awkward silence and drank their tea.  Suddenly Sybil’s words began to ring loudly in Daisy’s head, when she was trying to convince them to let Tom Branson be their other flatmate.  

“He and I are best mates, just like you two!”

Just like you two…

But William and I are best mates, and JUST best mates!

…Weren’t they?

She glanced at him, missing the feel of his arm around her, and the warmth and comfort she felt, close to his side…


i rewatched season two of downton
holy shit i cried harder the second time around when william and daisy were getting married


i thought i would be over it but no i cried like the little bitch i am but NOOOOO. IT WAS WORSE
at least i still have MY FANFICS THAT DONT KILL HIM OFF 

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Since everyone's asking for ship au's;: William x Daisy, meeting in prison

I’ve never really tried writing these two before but, since you asked - hope you enjoy!


1943, somewhere in South East Asia

Daisy walked from tree to tree, sharing the bucket of thin soup she had made with her fellow prisoners.

“Miss Robinson – you are a marvellous cook, you know,” said one woman as she sipped hers gratefully.

“Thank you, Mrs Hughes – I do what I can with what the guards give me.”

Hearing the gates clang open, Daisy turned to see a straggling line of thin, exhausted men coming into the camp – the return of the latest shift of soldiers working as slave labour.  One young man towards the end of the line tottered on his feet and collapsed to the ground.

Daisy knew only too well what could happen next.  She put down the soup and, gathering up all her courage, walked towards the fallen warrior.

“Gunso, please – let me help him.”

The Japanese sergeant knew Daisy so gave a grudging nod he would not have given anyone else.  She sat down and took the man’s fair head in her lap.

“Private, can you hear me?”  Trying to give him some comfort in that pitiless place, she took out her handkerchief and wiped his brow.

“I’m sorry to be such a bother,” he murmured, eyes still closed.

“Please, Private…”

“Mason, William Mason.”

“Rest now, please, Private Mason.  I will look after you.”

William opened his eyes and saw Daisy for the first time.  Years later, he told her that the blazing sun behind her head gave her a halo that made him think that she was his guardian angel.  Nothing that happened after that ever made him change his mind.

Could you write an au where Daisy is a dancer and William uses her as a muse for his photography?

William needed inspiration, his teacher had just told him his pictures lost all the emotion they had before. So he decided to take a walk arround the city, find something he loved and that brought emotion to his pictures, that brought a meaning to them. That was when he saw her. a beautiful ballerina thought the window, dancing softly to the music almost like she was floating.

He stopped there for what seemed like forever watching her, hypnotized by her, even tought it wasn’t long enough for him, he watched her until she stopped and looked at him, before walking away, showing up next to him few seconds later.

“Excuse me? Are you alright?” The Girl asked him, she was tiny and not conventionally beautiful, but still, there was something about her he couldn’t describe, something that made her special. he knew he had an answer for his problem now, he needed her on his photos, she would bring him the emotion back.

“What is you name?” He asked, debating either or not, he should ask her to become his muse.

“Daisy Robinson.”

“I am William Mason, I am a photographer, looking for some inspiration.” He replied, thinking his words carefully, he didn’t want her to turn down his request.

“Oh.” Daisy replied with a small smile that warmed his heart.

“Can I take a few pictures of you?” William asked “Just a few pictures of you dancing, it’s for a project at college.”

“Of course, I will be glad to help.” Daisy replied smiling.

“Can we take them after a coffee?” He asked and she nodded.

“I would love it, maybe then you can tell me more about your college.” She replied taking his hand walking with him.

Additional Scenes in the PBS Airings of Downton Abbey

PBS Season 3, Episode 5 - Original UK Episode Series 3, Episode 6


Bracketed lines are in the UK version and are there for context. More to come!

- Extra dialogue with Daisy and Jimmy talking about William

[After Jimmy complains about Thomas to O'Brien]
(Daisy comes over to the table, behind Jimmy and the piano)
Daisy: I like to hear you play. It makes me sad too.
Jimmy: Why’s that?
Daisy: There was a footman here once, William. He used to play.
Jimmy: Why does that make you sad?
Daisy: Because he died in the war. He was my husband.
Jimmy: I see.

- Added scene with Thomas and O'Brien (right after above scene)

(In the hallway upstairs)
O'Brien: Everything alright?
Thomas: So-so. I don’t think he’s very happy but, it’s none of my business.
O'Brien: Not like your little footman friend.
Thomas: Why you say that?
O'Brien: I think he’s got a crush on you. He was purring when you were with him at the piano. I saw.
Thomas: Well, he’s a nice lad. And he’s obviously got good taste.
(Thomas leaves, and O'Brien smiles)

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William/Daisy 46 (nanny/single parent au) ^-^

Wow! I must confess I’ve never had a request for William/Daisy before, but I shall do my best :o)

“Uncle William!” his niece cried as he came through the door.  William nearly stumbled over the child, his eyes wide in surprise at the sight of her…donning a white chef’s cap. 

“Maggie?  What are you—”

“We’re making cupcakes!” the girl grinned, before turning and rushing back into the kitchen.  William’s brow furrowed, and he followed the child into the flat’s tiny kitchen, and paused as he saw Daisy absolutely covered in flour, coughing and trying to wipe it from her eyes…and gasping as she looked up at William.

“Oh, William, you’re back!”

He nodded and looked at the mess, though he couldn’t help but smile as he looked upon little Maggie, who was just grinning and giggling as she tossed flour into the air.

Was this the same child?  His brother’s daughter who, upon coming to him and being entrusted in his care after her parents were killed in that auto accident, refused to speak for over a week, and hardly ate or even ventured out of her room during that time?

But looking at her now…she was a completely different person!  Her face bright and her eyes sparkling.  He had never seen her look so happy since he became her guardian.  And he knew he owed that to Daisy…

“Thank you,” he whispered to her, after he sent Maggie to go wash up, giving him and Daisy a chance to try and bring some order back to the kitchen. 

Daisy shrugged.  “If not for me you wouldn’t have a mess to clean up—”

“No, I mean…thank you for…for all your help, with Maggie,” he explained. 

Daisy blushed but smiled.  “I was younger than her when my parents died,” she sighed.  “At least she has you to look after her and love her.”

He looked at her and felt the corners of his mouth lift.  “She has you too.”

Daisy shook her head.  “I just come and help while you’re at work; I’m a glorified babysitter, basically.”

He shook his head.  “No, you’re more than that, Daisy, you…” his voice trailed off as Maggie returned, holding her hands out. 

“All clean!” she announced, looking proud.

William smiled and nodded.  “That you are, little miss.  Maybe those cupcakes have cooled and it’s time to frost them?”

Maggie gasped and turned to Daisy who nodded in agreement.  The child darted over to the counter where the cupcakes were cooling, and while her back was turned, William took a deep breath and leaned down and gave Daisy’s cheek a kiss.

“Oh!” Daisy gasped, looking back at her friend in surprise.  But he just smiled and turned towards his niece, grinning to himself at his own boldness.  Indeed, she was much, much more.

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William/Daisy 42 (star crossed lovers au)

“We are a pair of  star-crossed lovers, huh? Doomed to end in a tragical way.” William said after a while breaking the silence they were in. They were in Downton Abbey, they were kind enough to take him there and wait, no one told her, or him, but they knew he was running out of time.

“Don’t say that.” Daisy whispered, fighting tears “We will get trough this, and work on the farm we always wanted and I’ll have a bakery and we will be happy.”

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