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i recently enrolled in a fitness class because i am a tiny, skinny student who could get knocked over by a strong breeze. my instructor is a former classically trained dancer in her early fifites. she is the most relentlessly cheerful, determined, and has shit taste in music. if someone is having trouble, she will manhandle them into position. she could kill man between her beautiful dancer thighs. all i'm saying is, this is one hell of an AU y'all are missing out on...

I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it’s already canon that Hannibal can dance and Will’s got a booty like a milk shake and thighs so thick he can suffocate more than one very willing serial killer.

You aren't sorted by what traits you have but by what traits you value the most.

Else Fred and George would’ve been a Slytherin, Hermione a Ravenclaw, Luna a Hufflepuff and Cedric a Gryffindor. You can fight me on this.


i cannot and will not be stopped so here take these best friends

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Give me s3 where Lotor kidnaps Lance and everyone realizes his significance especially Keith. Yet again will he discover another part of who he is; that he’s fucking gay for Lance.

You’re in my arms and all the world is calm. The music playing on for only two.

A very rushed drawing for soriku day because to day was busy, but I desperately wanted to put something out today. I won’t let something as frivolous as an occupation get in the way of soriku day. nope.


in the first picture they just ‘hugged’ and pulled back a few inches, then they smiled at each other in second picture, and really hugged in the third… but… but what if they kissed? Victor pulled back a few inches, and was pulling back when the camera angle moved to show them where the first picture has them at, what if those few inches was how far he had to move to kiss Yuuri?
We already had one, maybe this is the second?


Happy Valentines Day! <3

Have some Fatalberry :3

This ended up way more adorable than I had anticipated, haha XD See Fatal this is what you could have if you didn’t go around twisting people’s arms but nooo you gotta be all rude and ish

Also I realised I messed up the feet so the dancing is…kind of off, but I don’t have time to fix it and I like it all the same <3

Also when streaming this we all…got ideas for future streams, haha. Stay tuned for that <3

“Don’t worry Oikawa, it’s just dog adolescence.”

Sorry dear Anon ( and @etstrubal​ for you too ofc :D), but did you really think that “IwaKyou” is going to get a serious answer from me? XD ……Didn’t think so.
Here have some Kyoutani rebelling against the team-mom.

This guy. Makes me laugh. Thanks.



#cat wants affection so badly #so so so badly #but she has no idea how to ask for it #even with kara she has to start with the pretense of criticizing her hair #pull a face so that kara doesn’t know that cat just wants to be close to her #to reach out and touch her friend while she can #which she does until she realizes what she’s baring in the action #flattens her hand and jerks back when she meets kara’s eyes #and what makes them so perfect #is that kara doesn’t just know what cat’s doing #she understands #kara knows what it’s like to be hesitant to touch someone you care about #cat is scared because of how vulnerable it makes her to show how she needs someone #needs /kara/ #and kara used to be afraid because of how vulnerable other people were to her strength #and so she barely makes cat wait a moment before she pulls her in for a hug #one cat falls into #closes her eyes and breathes out in relief and comfort and connection #and twice now when kara’s squeezed cat tighter with those too-strong arms #cat’s tightened her grip right back