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Who are you shipping in OUAT?

CAPTAIN SWAN baby. All the way. Then Outlaw Queen. Of course Snow & Charming…I sort of think shipping those two is a prerequisite to watching OUAT.

I like Belle & Rumple…it’s just Rumple is so sneaky. But I like them together.

But Captain Swan is where it’s at for me Anon.

I have spent the last 3 hours watching Finales for all my Sunday shows...

I am so beyond drained emotionally. My feels!

First up was Once Upon a Time at 8…

Snow & Emma finally making it home!

SnowCharming reunion!!!!

but poor Regina is left out even after saving the day…


Next was Revenge at 9…

Conrad & Ashley

Victoria & Conrad thinking the Initiative is behind the sabotage

Marco approaching Nolan about a new position

But Emily & Aiden

As for the preview for next year… So much going on!! 

I look forward to seeing where this whole Daniel as CEO & trying to win back Emily goes. 

Lastly was Boardwalk Empire at 10

Chalky & Capone

Harrow & Julia 

Gillian finally doing right & trying to kill Gyp

Margaret going to see “The Doctor”

Luciano getting beat up and losing everything

Harrow rescuing Tommy!

External image

Gyp meeting his maker

Nucky talking to Margaret

Gahhhhhh! SO much excitement and no more new episodes until next September! But overall such a good episode, even if we did lose a good character it has set up an interesting season 4. 

Overall my night was basically full of…

It’s been an excellent Fall for my Sunday night shows & I look forward to those that return in the Spring. Now I will go die of all the angst and feels…

Top 5 tv couples EVER

Maria/Micheal- Roswell:OTP of OTPs. Fave couple ever. I was so happy they were endgame
KC/Clare-Degrassi: I loved them, I felt they were so cute and sweet and they worked so well, and they had to change who KC was to make Kenna work.
Nathan/Hayle-One Tree Hill: they were each others high school sweet hearts. Everytime they said “I Love You” I always believed it
Snow white/ Prince Charming-Once Upon A Time: Gosh they are perfect ;)
Tony/Ziva-NCIS: The chemistry is undeniable. They are made for each other