pairing: quinn x puck

“That was perfectly measured!”

“We’re baking!”

Things I love about this scene: the fact that yes, Mark and Dianna are showing through, but how you know this is undeniably Quinn and Puck as well. The way they let their guards down for only each other. How this is the first moment we truly see Quinn & Puck, the couple - not Quinn & Puck, Finn’s best friend and girlfriend. The way it feels like we’re interrupting a completely personal moment in such a public area. The way she looks up through her eyelashes and it’s clear she sees only him. The fact that personal space means nothing to them in this moment. The fact that this is the first time in the entire season we see Quinn really, wholeheartedly smile for more than two seconds. The painfully obvious sexual tension. How you’re just rooting for them to close that gap between them. The little tiny ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ things about this scene - like Quinn’s lip bite when he brushes back her hair, or him lifting her up and wrapping his arms around her. The colors. Their faces. The fact that he stops being a douche for longer than five seconds and his concern for her becomes apparent. The fact that this is where their OTP status begins to show. ♥

066. Puck sits at Quinn's bedside the entire time she's unconscious after her accident. Even though she'll probably never know about it. He holds her hand, brushes her hair (because she would hate to not look presentable) and makes sure to sing her all of her favorite songs. She always liked when he did that...