pairing: hank x raven


  • united!hank has only been out as a mutant for like 3 years tops, since we see him in x2 passing for human.
  • so he’s gone from ‘average, but pro-mutant senator’ to ‘token-mutant politician’ and is the guy the military brings in because ‘you know i’m not allowed to interrogate these people
  • speaking of; the person they’re talking about is MYSTIQUE
  • most of the first class is dead at this point
    • what happened to alex? who knows??? probably stryker.
      • youre-gonna-have-a-bad-time.png
  • lbr first class!hank’s crush on raven was the sort of thing that doesn’t go away entirely and it probably hurts to see her mistreated like this. even if she’s a terrorist, part of him still feels a bit protective of her.
    • why does nobody talk about the fact that raven and erik are about the same age?
    • isn’t a fan of the cure as a whole, but a little part of him is probably tempted to take it, little 19-year-old, CIA hank who was taught to hide his true nature.
      • first class just makes this whole scene sad okay?!
  • he goes back to the mansion to tell the professor; i GUARANTEE even if charles no-longer thinks of raven as his sister, it still hurts to see her restrained and treated like an animal, and the two of them share a bit of solidarity
  • dofp!hank was obviously shoved into the ‘dad friend’ role because charles wouldn’t take care of himself, but i’m glad they’ve moved past it and their friendship isn’t awkward
    • hank has never left the dad friend role
    • do you think that when charles returned to running the mansion as a school that his dad-ness returned and they were co-dads over the next generation?
      • which is also why he’s tite with jean and ororo
  • he knows what happened with mystique and how she was hit with a weaponised version of the cure
    • please don’t think about hank mccoy demanding to see her, scaring the living daylights out of the officers sent to guard her, but just staying in stunned silence when he meets her. for the first time in like 30 years.
    • raven probably cries. straight up cries. erik has left her, she’s got no mutation, everyone’s treating her like shit and she knows she’s going to prison for life, at least.
    • she doesn’t tell him about what erik was doing there because she’s stubbornly loyal and is still hoping he’ll come back for her, against all odds, but she tells him about hte guard and the cure.
      • magneto-was-right.jpg
    • hank taking care of raven because literally no-one else will??? getting her clothes and a blanket and food so she doesn’t starve to death. fuck protocol.
  • charles dies, everything goes to shit and hank realises he’s the last of the the first class left
    • (alex????? if ur here, please speak up????)
    • (erik doesn’t count)
  • he goes back to teh mansion i will not BELIEVE that he didn’t cry. i don’t care that it’s not canon, hank mccoy spent AT LEAST A DECADE OF HIS LIFE in that mansion taking care of the professor when charles couldn’t be bothered taking care of himself LET THIS MAN GRIEVE
  • reasons prequel!hank turned beast:
    • fucked up a serum that he thought would make him ‘normal’ (first class)
    • to protect the mansion and himself from a stranger (dofp)
    • to stop erik and protect raven (dofp)
    • out of anger and fear because erik dropped a fucking stadium on him (dofp)
    • out of the desire to attack (never. this boy is all about self defense)
      • ‘there is a time for diplomacy-” he found a new way to protect people (through the government) but even in the final fight he is aggressive for the good of others.
  • conclusion: im SO SAD ABOUT HANK MCCOY
X-Men | she'll never be that girl again [standalone]

>>X-Men: First Class. fic. 

The One You Want Me To

Summary: There she was under his wing, his baby bird, his pet, his sister. She was all of those to him and at thirteen Raven thinks she’s in love with him. Figures, ‘What’s one more?’

A/N: Well I haven’t shipped a straight pairing so hard for a long time…

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Sharing (Requested)

Pairing: Charles x Reader, Erik x Reader
Featuring: Raven, Alex, Hank, Logan
Request: @mm277me: I want to request a Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr imagine where the reader is caught in a love triangle between them and it takes place at first class. They have to share a hotel room and the heat is very uncomfortable and takes off some clothes but not too much, although the other two started getting turned on and stuff? (Not smutt if you don’t write) and she is younger than them, she teases them a little but in the end they kiss and fluff maybe? Thank you sweetie!
Word Count: 1400 words
Warning: Swearing, sexual reference/jokes, fluff, lil bit of jealousy???
A/N: Sorry it took so long, and sorry if this is shit…..

Originally posted by twilight-deviant

((gif not mine, credit to owner))

                Raven sat on the floor in front of you, talking about growing up with Charles while you braided her hair. You were laughing at some story when you heard the library door push open. You spent most days in here, Charles sometimes found you past out on the couch. You glanced over to see Charles, slightly out of breath walking up to you. Raven smirked at you before slipping out of the room. “I need a favor.” He stated sitting on the arm rest.

“How can I help?” You raised a brow out him, as he let out a breathless laugh.

“Well love that depends on what you mean.” You ran your tongue over your bottom lip, leaning into the couch. You met Charles a few weeks ago, when he asked you to join his little group of mutants. You were going to say “Screw off”, but Erik was there with a pleading look in his eyes.

Or was it lust?

Maybe both.

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mango-llama  asked:

One thing I have to ask, what is your view on Beastique?

hank/raven is one of those ships that i think it’s important for raven’s character development, so i am sort of okay with it being in the canon of the films – their dynamic, their discussion of passing and their falling out mirror charles and erik’s falling out, and it’s through rejecting his concept of what makes her beautiful (which, mind, is the same concept of beauty that charles espouses) that she gains the self-belief to be herself authentically.

i don’t think it’s at all healthy or that it would ever work out if they tried again, but i think that for raven to develop into the character she has in the film universe, that subplot needed to be there.  

note that she also rejects erik, the other man in her life, when she meets him again in dofp – she is quite thoroughly taking the things she learned from those relationships and making them her own.  she’s making her own choices, and those choices include all the things that charles and erik couldn’t do in the sixties.  she saves mutants, and she makes hard choices, and eventually, she manages to create a third option.  

her walking away from charles and erik in the stadium at the end of dofp, and her taking stryker’s place at the very end when they pull logan out of the water, all of that implies that she’s taking a different path from both of them, and a different path than the one she walked in the dark timeline.

and that development starts with her realizing that just because someone else has to hide something physical in order to feel good about themselves doesn’t mean that she has to, and if someone needs her to hide herself to love her or think she’s beautiful, then they’re not worth it.

i think that’s really important, too, considering that a lot of young girls who aren’t ‘conventionally attractive’ for whatever reason can look at that story and relate to raven and get to feel a little bit of that.  i know i did, and still do.

tl;dr – raven’s development is helped along in an important way by her brief romance with hank in xmfc, so i’m glad it happened, but i do not think that it would be a healthy relationship for them to try and make work at a later time, unless hank undergoes some major development of his own to match her level of self-acceptance and self-love.  so far, there’s no indication that he has, so i don’t want it to happen again.