pairing: chanyeol x baekhyun

Poly! Chanbaek

  • Ok so this is hpw you guys get together
  • You work at SM as a translator
  • You were supposed to go to the practice room to help EXO film a video in English
  • But you accidently opened the wrong door to a janitorial closet and chanyeol and baekhyun were in a sexual position
  • You scream and run to your work room at SM
  • They follow you because they have to keep you quiet
  • So when they walk in they see you staring at the opposite wall wide eyed
  • “Look you cant tell anyone. No one knows. We will do anything”-baekhyun coming up to you with chanyeol behind him
  • “Trust me. I wont tell anyone”-you make a nasty face
  • “Imma need you to calm down the sass. We did not look bad”- baek
  • They look at each other and nod
  • “I mean we could show you”-chanyeol
  • Long story short you guys had sex in your office
  • So you became friends with benefits with them until feeling developed
  • Baekhyun was the first to confess
  • Then you and chan confessed after him
  • That how your relationship started
  • Baek is whiny
  • He must have cuddles before bed
  • Its like a tradition now
  • “Hey giant”-you
  • “Yes baby”-chan
  • “Can you give me the rice cooker tjat you put on the top shelf”
  • He gets the rice cooker bit his shirt rides up exposing his vline and almost fall
  • He does it on purpose i swear
  • He teases you and baek all the time
  • You will be out with all of the members at like a club and chanyeol is in the middle
  • He will grab you and baeks hand and grab his bulge
  • “I know you want it Jagiya. Just say the word and we can go home”-chan
  • Chanyeol pulls up your dress where your sitting and starts playing with you
  • Baekhyun gets really whiny
  • “Lets go home baby. Im really horny now and tight pants dont feel good on top of a boner”-baek
  • You guys race home
  • Dirty stuff 😏
  • Chanyeol picks you up and carries you to the room and baek guides you to the room
  • Either sex is soft and sweet or rough and hot no in between
  • On the rare occasions of it being sweet they would mark you all up then whispers sweet nothings in your ear
  • On the hot and passionate nights, the headboard would be slammed againt the wall repeatedly
  • Back scratching
  • Loud groans from chanyeol
  • Moans and whines from you and baek
  • “Yes baby, god that feels so good (y/n)”-baek
  • Chanyeol loves begging
  • He loves to see you and baek a whimpering mess under him
  • He is in charge of aftercare
  • He takes you and baek to the bath and sits on the side as you and baek bathe together

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So I stared at these two pictures and they inspired me for a little story….

He walked into the club and there he was, the man who sang at least two songs every night. He has the most handsome face he had ever seen. He wanted to know more about this mysterious guy so after his little performance, Baekhyun approached him. ‘’Hey, handsome can I buy you a drink?’’

Because of this bold move three years ago they’re now happily married and already adopted a child.

This is so random I know but they just inspired me XD

Chance Encounter III

[Genre] - Angst M

[Length] - 1,500K

[Pairing] - Chanyeol x Baekhyun

[Summary] - Chance encounters were meant to happen right? Or were they?

[Warning] - Contains mature content and language. Continue at your own risk.

[Author’s note] - All Iron Man references are credited to the original owners of Iron Man. This is my first ever EXO fan fiction so please hang in there with me. I will try and keep this as up-to-date as I possibly can. Please excuse any typos I apologize in advance. Let’s have fun on this ride together. Enjoy! 

Baekhyun pulled into the garage of the SM building and went a few floors up when he saw a parking spot next to a silver Mercedes SUV. Pulling his Lexus in next to it, he grabbed everything in a rush and ran into the building. He wasn’t usually late but just his luck he got stuck in some unnecessary traffic and ended up being later than he wanted to be. This really was not how first impressions should go. Chanyeol was going to hate him before he even got a chance to properly introduce himself. Making it into the building, he went through security quickly and caught the elevator up to the twelfth floor. Getting off, he quickly locked his things up in his desk drawer, took his Americano and bagel, and went down the hallway looking for the studio that had Chanyeol’s name on it. Few people had their own personal studios, but Chanyeol happened to be one of them. Nearly walking past his studio, he backtracked to a half-opened door. Inside he saw the well over six-foot giant taking off his jacket and running a large hand through his silver hair as he took his hat off and tossed it to the side. Baekhyun’s stomach jumped and he didn’t know why.

“Are you going to go in or are you just going to stare?”

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Concentrate (Chanyeol fluff)

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Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (and some Baekhyun)

Genre: Fluffy fluff

Type: Drabble

Warnings: Some gaming violence and a slightly frustrated pcy.

A/N: This is heavily inspired by that video where a YouTuber played Battlegrounds with EXO.

Please give me some feedback!

You felt Chanyeol’s breath slowly coming down onto your neck. His arms were sneaked around you, hands furiously typing and doing things on the keyboard of his computer. You were seated in his lap, watching the screen intently. His leg was bouncing up and down despite you basically putting all of your weight on both of his legs. In other words, he was strong. “Fuck, Baekhyun, why did you throw that fucking thing at me, we work together, remember?” you heard your tall boyfriend basically seethe into the microphone. You tried not to giggle. Baekhyun, on the other hand, was laughing his ass off on the other side. His character running towards the car they’d been in on their way. He was playing Battlegrounds and you had decided to make yourself comfortable in his lap, watching him (obviously) win the game. 

“Yeol, calm down” you giggled against his chest. His eyes went to you for a small moment and you saw a faint grin on his lips. “Listen to your girlfriend” you heard Baekhyun tease from the speakers. “And you, Byun Baekhyun, need to be a better partner in crime if you want to win this.” You spoke, making Chanyeol grin proudly and shutting Baekhyun up. You felt a set of lips pressing a kiss on your neck and you smiled, sneaking your arms around Chanyeol’s waist. As Chanyeol began concentrating again, you occasionally nuzzled your head into his chest, making him chuckle, patting you head or giving you a small kiss before concentrating again. 

“It’s only us and those others now” you heard Chanyeol state, hearing Baekhyun ‘mhm’ right after. You watched in anticipation. “You’re gonna win” you whispered softly, biting your lip, squeezing his bicep as he tried to shoot his opponent. “Throw the fucking grenade, Baekhyun” you giggled at Chanyeol’s slightly frustrated voice, but the giggle was cut off by a loud screech from both Baekhyun and Chanyeol. “You stupid! You killed us, we were winning!” Chanyeol exclaimed over the mic, throwing his hands in the air. “Even the girl sitting on my lap knows how to fucking not let a grenade go off when you haven’t thrown it yet” he grumbled, Baekhyun on the other hand was again, laughing his ass off. “Yeol, calm down, please?” you giggled, gently stroking his ears as Chanyeol angrily looked at the screen. But when he saw your face, his one softened and he let out a huff. Pressing a kiss on your cheek, “Next time, I’m playing with you.” he hummed, teasingly biting your earlobe, his left hand gripping your thigh.

sEXtO | two ° jongdae

pairing: reader x exo members

genre: smutty texts

summary: series of sexting scenarios with exo members; endless parts probably; request a member and scenario if you want.


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jongdae: Hey

you: hi?

jongdae: Why the (?)

you: we don’t really talk… how’d you get my number?

jongdae: Oh, Minseok.

you: ah okay. so whats up

jongdae: Nothing much. I wanted to tell you that Ms. Rose says we’re partners now.

you: why?? what happened to Minseok?

jongdae: Hes with someone else now.

you: oh

jongdae: Problem?

you: no not really, but its a bit awkward, right?

jongdae: Why would it be awkward?

you: because you broke my friend’s heart???

jongdae: I’m pretty sure I broke hers, not yours… So why would it be awkward between us?

you: you’re right

jongdae: Yeah. What are you up to?

you: nothing, bored. you?

jongdae: Let’s play a game.

you: creepy, sure.

jongdae: It’s just a question game, you HAVE to answer. Deal?

you: hmmm… Deal.

jongdae: Ready?

you: ready.

jongdae: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done?

you: a lot of things, i can’t think of anything

jongdae: Hmmm… You’re grades are really high? Do you cheat?

you: rarrreeely

jongdae: Do you have a boyfriend?

you: nope.

jongdae: What attracts you most in a guy?

you: someone who can be funny but is still smart and someone who is comfortable enough with their own sexuality to break stereotypes.

jongdae: Does my style count?

you: yes. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ye-

jongdae: Hahahaha awh. Have you ever kissed someone in public?

you: yes if partied count.

jongdae: Have you ever watched porn with a boy?

you: weirdly… yes.

jongdae: Has porn ever madr you wet?

you: loads of times. these are really sexual jongdae wow can i even trust you?

jongdae: I might break hearts but I don’t spread shit.

you: great

jongdae: Have you ever had a wet dream?

you: yes.

jongdae: Describe it.

you: i don’t remember who it’s about but there was a shit ton of bdsm

jongdae: Hot. Where do you like to be touched the most?

you: doooowwwnnn there

jongdae: Your knee??????????

you: NO

jongdae: Where? :(

you: my pussy

jongdae: You’re so so naughty. What turns you on the most?

you: i like to be dominated and degraded.

jongdae: I mean with your size it would be fairly easy to control you.

you: i’m smol ik

jongdae: Ever had phone sex?

you: nope

Suddenly, my phone began buzzing in my hand. Jongdae was calling me. I swiped to answer and raised the phone to my ear, “Hello?”

His deep voice sent vibrations through me, “You’ve really never had phone sex?” I felt the blush on my face intensify, having someone say it out loud was way different than over texts.

“Wanna try?” I could almost hear the smirk in his voice. “Jongdae… I don’t know.” I heard him sigh on the other end, “Didn’t I say you could trust me? You can. Trust me.” His voice sounded reassuring, “So, were my questions turning you on?” I felt my core tingle with excitement, “Mhm.”

“Tell me how much.” I sunk into my bed so i was completely laying down, “A lot.” “Enough so that you’ll wanna touch your wet self?” I moved my hand lower into my pants, “Yes Jongdae.” He chuckled, “Good girl, are you doing it now?” I rubbed over my panties gently, “Yes, it feels so so good.”

“You mind if I help myself out a bit too, Y/N?” He seemed unsure of himself, “I don’t mind.” I heard something unzip on the other end, “Thanks baby. What are you thinking about?” I could hear him stroking himself because of the slapping sounds. “I’m thinking about your big cock.”

“Mmm, is that so?” he grunted. “Yes… I’m thinking of your big cock sliding into me.” I moved my fingers to enter myself and couldn’t help but gasp at the feeling. “Are you using your fingers to imagine them as my cock?” His voice was deeper now. “Yes, I’m going so quick. I’m so wet.”

“Yeah, baby, go faster.” I did what he asked and began fingering myself even quicker. “I can hear how wet you are. Use another finger to rub your clit. Pretend it’s my mouth.” i did that.

“I wish it really was your mouth.” he chuckled, “Soon baby.” I felt my climax approach, “Jongdae, I’m so close. Please.” I heard him begin to go faster.

“Yes, baby. Moan my name like that. I can’t wait to get my hands on your pretty tits and suck them.”

“Jongdae…” I moaned one last time before releasing. “Oh, fuck.” He moaned.

“Y/N… That was so good, baby. Thank you.” I wiped my fingers and said, “It was great for me too, Jongdae.”

“So, let’s go out on a date. You and me.”

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hi pie, i just wanna know, have you read any good baekyeol fics recently? if so can you recommend some? I'm open to any genre ;;

hello sweetheart ;] humm lately people on livejournal seem to abandon baekyeol so these days i often lurk around asianfanfics for something to read. heeeyy never underestimate aff, you can find really good stuff here. i can list down some of my favourites here for you…

and i don’t know if you have read these already but aahh i love these stories: 

i actually lost all of my baekyeol ff bookmarks sometime ago so…sighs /; but well, enjoy! 


also, baekyeol in a form of poetry. haha if you get what i meant

My Vampire Roommate //  Pt 1

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Pairing: Chanyeol x Baekhyun 

Genre: Vampire!au, Light Smut

Warnings: Detailed descriptions of blood play and just blood in general

Number of words in this part: 1,496

Exert:  “What are you!?” Baekhyun screams. Chanyeol tilts his head and smiles, blood all over his teeth and mouth. Crawling closer with every word, he states “I’m the bringer of pleasure and pain,”  finally reaching Baekhyun’s ear he whispers seductively “A Vampire.”

Walking out of the grocery store together, Baekhyun is giggling at a joke Chanyeol made about one of the food items they had purchased. Bags overflow in their hands but neither seemed to be concerned with the weight. When they reach the car a short distance from the grocery store, Baekhyun composes himself and asks Chanyeol if he can unlock the car doors. Chanyeol rests the groceries on his right thigh while fishing for the car keys buried in the back of his pocket. Finally reaching them, he clicks the “unlock” icon and the beep that can be heard signals that the car is now open. Baekhyun strains to open the back door with his hands full, but manages to safely unload the groceries. When Baekhyun steps away, Chanyeol deposits his share of bags into the back and closes the door. Now moving to open the driver’s side door, Chanyeol steps into the car and turns to his roommate situated in the passenger seat. Giving a sigh of relief that the pressure on his hands is gone, he starts up the car, turns up the music and begins their long drive home.

Parking the car in the number “48″ spot reserved for them, Chanyeol and Baekhyun retrieve their bags of mouth-watering food. Chanyeol stays further behind to check the security of the car while Baekhyun punches in the code to open the door to the apartment complex. When Chanyeol is satisfied and the apartment complex’s door lock clicks open, he scurries to catch up to his shorter (but evidently quicker) roommate. Walking side by side up the two stories of stairs, they are both out of breath at the top, hunched over and gasping for air. They both turn to each other and smile at how out of shape they are. After a few minutes of catching his breath, Baekhyun stands up straight and swipes a card across the sensor near the door handle. Waltzing in, he pays no regard to his roommate still hunched over outside the door. Just as he is putting the bags on their kitchen counter, he hears the door close, signaling Chanyeol’s arrival. Chanyeol stands beside him, sets his bags on the counter and helps out with putting things away.

Once all the things are away, Baekhyun lets out a sigh and looks at his watch, 6:04 it reads. “Time for supper” Baekhyun figures. Putting 2 appetizing looking steaks on a plate near the stove, Baekhyun turns it on. After around 5 minutes, he figures the pan is hot enough and plops them in. As soon as he feels that they are the correct doneness, he turns off the stove and puts each one on a black ceramic plate he had already set on on the dinner table. When he has finished also setting out the silverware and glasses of water, he calls to Chanyeol “Supper is ready! I made your favorite!” No more than 10 seconds later, they are both seated at the table and Chanyeol thanks Baekhyun for the meal. Baekhyun nods his head, accepting the flattery and cuts into his steak. Looking up to see how Chanyeol is liking his, he cringes at the amount of blood running out of the steak. “I never understood how you can still stay healthy after eating your meat while it’s practically still running” Baekhyun muttered. Chanyeol’s head snapped up in surprise despite these comments being a regular occurrence whenever they would have red meat. “Let me like what I like” he grumbles. “Whatever,” Baekhyun says, this time quietly enough for Chanyeol to remain oblivious.

When they are both finished, Baekhyun gathers all the dishes and puts them into the sink, causing the soapy water to overflow. Groaning when it gets all over the bottom of his shirt, Baekhyun debates whether or not to get a towel. Ultimately too lazy to reach for one, he deals with the dampness and reaches his hand into the water. Pulling out dish after dish and methodically washing and rinsing it, he sticks his hand in once more. Feeling a slight pinch for some reason, he rips his hand out of the water. “Shoot” he grits out. A large cut stretches from between his thumb and pointer finger into the middle of his palm. Holding his wrist, he now goes to reach for the towel hanging on the handle of the oven and presses it to the wound. 

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jealous | chapter eight

pairing: baekhyun x reader x chanyeol

genre: angst, fluff, smut

summary: baekhyun is heartbroken after you leave him. he decides to start over and try to get over you by moving into a new apartment building where he meets chanyeol. what he later finds out is that chanyeol has been your boyfriend for the past month.

pov: baekhyun + chanyeol diary entries

word count: 1,326

rating: whether you’re an underage hard stan or a legal soft stan, reader whatever the hell you wanna read.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |

November 13, 2017

I had the strongest urge to apologize to y/n before the shit she just tried to pull. What the fuck is wrong with her? That bitch is fucking crazy.

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Communication is Key

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pairings: Baekhyun x Reader, Kyungsoo x OC, Chanyeol x OC, Sehun x OC, Jongin x OC

genre: romance, angst, unrequited!love, cruel!Baekhyun

word count: 8,870

description: He cracks a smile, and your heart thuds. You have to glance away, smiling slightly even as your heart twists painfully, because that look, when his eyes turn to warm crescents, and his grin is soft… That look should be reserved for only the woman he loves. If only she had ever treasured him the way you still do.


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Torn (T)

You’ve known Chanyeol for 12 years and been friends with him for 7. You’ve chosen not to study abroad only because of him. Moving in with your best friend waz supposed to be simple and fun, not sexually frustrating. Will you be able not to fall for him in the end?

<- Previous chapter                                                                  Next chapter ->

Pairing: Reader x Chanyeol, Reader x TaeHyung | ft. Wendy, Lisa, BaekHyun, Kyungsoo

Word count: 2512

Notes: I don’t know when I’ll update next, but enjoy :) Extra notes at the end.

There are times when a valid question in regards to sidekicks crosses your mind, especially when you’re one. Why would they still be so overused in movies even though it is considered to be such a cliché. They can’t hold the story themselves because they are not well rounded, their only merit is their slightly funny, almost dumb way of acting. They only wiggle their metaphorical tails in the presence of the protagonist, who obviously, doesn’t need the help of a jester.

And even with all of these facts that might point out that their role is so insignificant that they shouldn’t even be part of the narrative arc, they still exist. They breath and smile and live, of course, in the benefit of the main character or viewers.

This is what you think while you’re walking between the tall shelves crammed with books, touching their covers with your fingers, picking the dust and absently blowing it into the air. Your hand rests on a green book before it grabs it, careful not to make the others fall on the ground.

“That’s a good choice.” you hear Chanyeol say from behind you.

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Simple Touches (and Cruel Embraces)

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pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

genre: angst, unrequited love, highschool!AU, Cruel!Baekhyun

word count: 5,250

description: Baekhyun laughs weakly, raking his fingers through his hair and bracing himself against the hallway wall. “You look so flustered,” he comments and bites his lip worriedly, scanning his eyes over your tense figure. “I wish you would just…move on.”


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I Can Help You

Pairing: Chanyeol x Baekhyun

Genre: Smut, Fluff, wolf!au, hybrid!au, omega!baekhyun and alpha!chanyeol, roomates!au

Length: 5.700 (Oneshot)

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Baekhyun is having his heat for the first time since he and his best friend Chanyeol moved in together.

It’s not that Chanyeol is nervous. He is terrified. Because if he doesn’t control his inner alpha right now, he might jump on the little omega before he even gets the chance to talk out his feelings. But with Baekhyun being so needy, he might end up doing just that.

Links: AFF / AO3

More fanfics here