pairing: chanyeol x baekhyun

a lesson on style

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you’ve always been content with being associated with one word and one word only: average. average in looks, academics and social skills, you’re just looking to graduate high school without causing disasters you’ll have to live with until you kick the bucket. when you’re paired with school king park chanyeol for the semseter-­long physics thesis, you can’t help but think the entire situation has pretty much set itself up for failure. That is, until you strike a deal with your partner. An AU tale involving lessons in popularity, eleven consecutive B­ minuses, a secretly sensitive, chess­-loving jock, and an amateur sex tape.

Pairing: chanyeol x reader x baekhyun
Verse: high school au { jock!chanbaek ft. a super cute whiny ap physics genius jongdae }
Rating: M
Warnings: none
Word count: 5.9k

A/N: so i initially wanted to try and focus only on i won’t give up, but while i was planning it, i got pretty deep into it and just… well, um, got sad. i decided to put something a little more lighthearted up. i wanted to play around a little with perspective and try to focus less on narration and more on stream of consciousness. hopefully that makes for an interesting read! with that in mind, please enjoy, and also look forward to the next chapter of i won’t give up! 

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We Don’t Talk Anymore (Part 12: Finale)

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader x Baekhyun

Requested: No

Word Count: 11,369

Summary: Everything was going perfectly for both of you, but then he changed.

Author’s Note: It’s finally done! After countless weeks of frustration here it is! XD (I’m still crying this killed me!) I did really enjoy writing it though. A few things are pretty different here and there but I hope you guys like it!

And thank you so much to @loser-dot-com who made this beautiful moodboard for the series! Love you lots! o3o

(Part 1) | (Part 2) | (Part 3) | (Part 4) | (Part 5) | (Part 6) | (Part 7) | (Part 8) | (Part 9) | (Part 10) | (Part 11) | (Part 12: Finale)

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Integrity – Part 3

Part 1 - Part 2

Pairing:  EXO Chanyeol / Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Warning: Alcohol use

Word Count: 1,780

A/N here’s part 3, finally. Enjoyyyyy <3



1.      the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

2.      the state of being whole and undivided.

His hands gripped her waist. His eyes travelled the landscapes within her own. Her body was pulled tightly against his. It was as if he was afraid she’d leave, afraid none of it had really happened.

Chanyeol’s new wife had changed into a red lace dress which clung to her small frame. It fell at her thighs, emphasising the length of the her long slim legs. It was backless, exposing much of her skin. You watched with awe, her golden bracelet catching the light and glimmering painfully brightly towards you, flashing like a warning. Her dark hair tumbled in soft curls down her back, an innocent aura about her as she smiled towards her new husband, who returned it with just as much love.

It was the wedding reception for Chanyeol and Ara. The only sources of light were the energetic colours flashing in time with the music, gliding over the walls, the ceiling and every figure in the large room. Abandoned tables surrounded the dance floor, full of uneaten food and spilled drinks. You and Baekhyun were seated together while you watched Chanyeol and Ara sway to the music together. Baekhyun sat on your left, his eyes scanning your face as yours were glued to the couple in adoration. The love in their eyes sent a stab of guilt to you. You were almost embarrassed by your earlier interference.

You couldn’t take your eyes off the newlywed couple. Even with the lack of her huge white dress and through the many other guests accompanying them on the dance floor, they stood out entirely.

“Why can’t you look at me like that?” Baekhyun’s voice suddenly interjected your longing and sorrowful thoughts. You turned around in your seat to face him, confused.

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         pairing: barista!xiumin x reader, platonic baekhyun x reader, implied chanyeol x baekhyun

          words: 602

          genre: angst/romance/slight crack

          aesthetic/inspiration: i was eating dinner and noticed that it was bland as fuck. I feel like Minseok’s the ma’am kind of dude. But how does one do a soulmate AU?

this was kinda sorta requested? like I came up with the idea and @pcy-suga expanded on it? 

“You couldn’t taste anything.” | “It tastes different.”

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You couldn’t taste anything. It’s not a birth defect, a mental issue or anything else; it’s simply the life of a person without her soulmate.

You couldn’t smell the food your parents cooked, or the garlic powder you see your mother add way too much of.

Normally, you wouldn’t ever go to a café (and you deemed it to be this way for the rest of your life) as it’s a waste of money to drink a cappuccino you can’t even taste (ironically, you still get the effects of caffeine) but your best friend invited you out and offered to pay, so why the hell not.

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What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You  (pt.l)

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Hey ho!! I’ve had some time to write while I was away and I have good wifi for a few days so I’ll be releasing a three part series! I hope you enjoy!! As usual any feedback or comments are fully welcomed :)

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (ft. Baekhyun)

Word Count: 2.656k

Genre: Angst

Warnings: like two mean words

Part l / Part ll  / Part lll (final) / Masterlist~

“Okay, seriously (y/n), how long has it been?”

You sigh and return your gaze to the boy in front of you. Baekhyun’s eyebrow is raised at you and you know he’s annoyed. You steal a quick glance at Park Chanyeol who’s sitting across the room on the other end of the cafeteria before muttering something about it being three years.

“I know, it’s not like you’ve been telling me about how much you love him for that long or anything.” You reach over the table to punch Baekhyun in the shoulder. He doesn’t even flinch. After ten years of friendship, he’s accustomed to being on the receiving end of your punches. “Listen, all I’m saying is that you keeping your feelings all bottled up isn’t helping anything. I say you should just confess.”

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Prank Wars

Summary: You and Kyungsoo have been best friends, and the boys can’t help but prank the two of you in an attempt to pair you up.
Member: Kyungsoo (D.O.) x Reader (appearance by Baekhyun and Chanyeol)
Type: Fluff
Length: 1,539 Words

I think that relationships between best friends are just so cute. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

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“Soo!” You screamed loudly as you ran to your best friend. Kyungsoo looked up at his bedroom door in confusion. You ran into the room, slamming the door behind you and throwing yourself onto the bed beside him. He stared up at you, unsure of what to say, but not really complaining. “Kyungsoo, please go kill the giant spider in the living room. The boys just left and I can’t even go near it.” You explained to him.

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hi pie, i just wanna know, have you read any good baekyeol fics recently? if so can you recommend some? I'm open to any genre ;;

hello sweetheart ;] humm lately people on livejournal seem to abandon baekyeol so these days i often lurk around asianfanfics for something to read. heeeyy never underestimate aff, you can find really good stuff here. i can list down some of my favourites here for you…

and i don’t know if you have read these already but aahh i love these stories: 

i actually lost all of my baekyeol ff bookmarks sometime ago so…sighs /; but well, enjoy! 


also, baekyeol in a form of poetry. haha if you get what i meant