pairing: chanyeol x baekhyun


can we just talk about how strong the ChanBaek is this comeback



anonymous asked:

hi pie, i just wanna know, have you read any good baekyeol fics recently? if so can you recommend some? I'm open to any genre ;;

hello sweetheart ;] humm lately people on livejournal seem to abandon baekyeol so these days i often lurk around asianfanfics for something to read. heeeyy never underestimate aff, you can find really good stuff here. i can list down some of my favourites here for you…

and i don’t know if you have read these already but aahh i love these stories: 

i actually lost all of my baekyeol ff bookmarks sometime ago so…sighs /; but well, enjoy! 


also, baekyeol in a form of poetry. haha if you get what i meant