pairing: arthur and mithian

Princess Mithian

Just, wow. This beautiful woman brought so much in just this one episode she was in. She was the first woman since Elena that I’ve felt I can relate to. She’s so happy in her own skin, she loves to hunt, she burps, she’s not totally perfect, nor does she pretend to be. The fact that she went out of her way to be kind to Merlin, just shows me the depth of this woman’s kindness. She’s a princess, she’s been breed to think herself above lowly peasants, yet she helps Merlin move the things, she even truly wants Merlin to like her. I think Merlin did in the end, because it was impossible to dislike the woman. Her short time with Arthur was just lovely. I loved the fact that she wiped the food off his chain mail, and that she made Arthur stutter and become a silly school boy around her. She would’ve made a truly great Queen and I was beyond sad to see her go.