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Start of my Sasuhina Halloween Collection. It’ll be part of my customized inktober plans! 

Sasuke and Hinata go to a Halloween party together. Sasuke is a warlock, Hinata is his familiar and they take the typical picture together. The cat ears and tail are for kinky fun later :’)

electrodude61195  asked:

What are your favourite horror movie couple killers gender bent or non gender bent like Freddy and JASON JASON leatherface Like these

Oh boi I got a lot, but here goes:

(new) Pennywise x the Creeper.
(old) Pennywise x the Creeper.
Pennywise x the Creeper x Pennywise.
Pennywise x Pennywise.
(new) Pennywise x the Babadook.
(new) Pennywise x Michael Myers.
(new) Pennywise x Jason Voorhees.
Michael x Jason.
Leatherface x Herbert West.
Leatherface x Jason Voorhees.
Leatherface x Michael Myers.
Sadako x Kayako.
Nancy x Kirsty.
Laurie x Sidney.
Carrie x Pinhead.
Carrie x Sue.
Carrie x (new) Pennywise.
Carrie x (old) Pennywise.
The girl x Ghostface.
The girl x Ahmanet.
Chucky x Tiffany.
Tiffany x Elvira.
Rachel Lang x Vincent Sinclair.
Victor Crowlet x Candyman.
Candyman x Bloody Mary.
Candyman x Pinhead.

There are more, but these are the one I can think about now.

Imagine your OTP
  • Person A: [kisses Person B's neck]
  • Person B: what is this?
  • Person A: affection
  • Person B: disgusting
  • Person B:
  • Person B: do it again
OTP !!
  • Person A and B are in a car. B is driving, and the radio is playing softly. They're probably sitting in peaceful silence, or having small talk.Then, the song changes to A's favorite song!
  • Person A: *screams at the top of their lungs*
  • Person B: *swerves car a bit* WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT IS IT!
  • Person A: I love this song!! *turns up volume and starts singing*
  • Person B: ... WE COULD HAVE DIED!!!!
OTP lego
  • Person A: are you going to be okay?
  • Person B: *tearing up, while standing bear foot on other side of lego covered floor*
  • Person B: yes..
  • person A: do you want me to carry you?
  • Person B: *quietly sobs* yes..
  • <p> <b>Otp:</b> *does a thing*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *hugs*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *has adorable relationship*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *stares into each others eyes*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *has a cute moment*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *literally inches away from each other*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *isn't cannon*<p/><b>Me:</b> *screaming internally*<p/></p>
  • Person A: Fuck you!
  • Person B: When and where?😉
  • Person A: No, seriously! FUCK YOU!
  • person B: Yeah, and I said WHEN and fucking WHERE!!
  • Person A: NEVER! And NOWHERE!
  • Person B: So,... my room my room in ten?
  • Person A: ...
  • person B: ..?
  • Person A: Fuck it, yes!