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A list of cool things I possess in Fallen London:
  • A talking hat that looks down on people (both literally and figuratively)
  • An incredibly expensive (and protective) monacle
  • A pair of goggles stained with the color of forgetting
  • An outfit of living clothes
  • A suit made of ratskin
  • A smock of 4,308 pockets
  • Two pairs of living gloves
  • The knife that killed my brother
  • A true crime book about myself
  • Two books I authored (one a gothic romance and the other an epic poem)
  • A pair of shoes that absorb sound
  • An adopted daughter who will likely grow to be smarter, tougher, and stealthier than me
  • A ghost friend
  • An orphanage
  • My own newspaper
  • A clockwork motorbike with a miniature machine gun
  • My own personal library
  • A speedboat
  • A dreadful surmise
  • An extremely rare space-rock
  • The equivalent of a Manhattan penthouse
  • A tattoo in an astral language
  • A man-eating plant
  • Three bats, two rats (plus a squad of mercenary rats), two goldfish (one with PTSD), two ravens (one black and cunning, one white and wise), a holy serpent, a lizard, six weasels, a dog, a mole, a moth, and a lion
  • Many, many delicious friends
Alter Egos (pt. 3)

(Parts 2)

Chase waits in the trunk… room… thing with a little dragon who brings him cookies and curls up in his lap like a kitten. The actual kitten sits on the floor and plays with his shoelaces as Chase giggles and drags his shoe along the floor for the little fur ball to scramble after. The Host appears at the top of the ladder a few minutes later, calling down, “The Host believes that it is now safe for Chase to come out.”

The young Ego crawls up the ladder carefully and climbs out with the help of Host. “Dude, you’re runnin’ a zoo here, not a library,” Chase says with a laugh.

Host smiles. “Yes, the Host enjoys the company of his small friends. They are… manageable, unlike the other Egos.” The Host gestures for Chase to follow him. “It would be advisable to leave before Anti and Dr. Schneeplestein come around looking again.”

Chase stops short, and his head drops. “It doesn’t matter, really. I’ll still have to go back with them when this is all over.” Chase feels the goosebumps rise on his arms, the choking sensation in his throat, and he shudders.

The Host notices his reactions and takes a step closer, stopping himself just before he reaches the now skittish young man. “Would you allow the Host access to your memories so that he could maybe help you with your problem?”

“D-does it hurt?” Chase asks softly. Host shakes his head, stops, and then shrugs. Chase chews on his bottom lip for a moment. “Ok, if you think it’ll help.”

Host gestures for Chase to take a seat at the small table with two chairs that he normally reserves for when Amy visits. Chase sits down nervously, fidgeting in the small and somewhat uncomfortable wooden chair as the Host settles down across from him. Host holds out his hands, and Chase continues to nibble at dried skin on his lip as he reaches forward. The moment their fingers touch, Host delves deep into the other man’s mind.

It’s like a crowded carnival of thrilling rides and shouting memories and a thousand different smells and sounds and colored lights. “The rides stop spinning, and the lights stop blinking as the Host slowly makes his way through the chaos. He eyes the different tents that he passes along the way until he spots one that sticks out from the rest. While the others are brightly colored—reds and blues and yellows—this tent is mostly black with hints of putrid, sickly green. That’s where he assumes he will find the memories of Anti and the Doctor.” Host steps towards that tent and finds the entrance sewn shut. “A pair of scissors appear in the Host’s hands, and he cuts away the threads that bind the tent shut.”

Chase whimpers as the tent’s flap slip open, but the Host shushes him, giving his hands a slight squeeze as he continues further. “The Host steps inside. It’s… very dark, lit with tubes of glowing green liquid where… severed eyes swim about and stare at the Host as he goes by. At the center of the tent…” The Host’s voice trails off. He doesn’t want to see this next part, but it’s too late now. “The Host finds the memory he’s been looking for.”

“Antisepticeye stands casually to the side, leaned against an unseen object and twiddling a dagger in his hands as the Doctor goes about his work. Chase Brody is strapped to an operating table… awake while the Doctor cuts into him.” Host stops altogether and nearly throws them both out of the trance to avoid the horrible sight, but he presses on. “The Host sees that Dr. Schneeplestein is… draining Chase’s blood. And he is replacing it with-with some of the luminescent green fluid. Anti asks how much longer it will take, but the Doctor says that such things take time. He says, ‘It takes time to make a—,” Host screams as he’s pulled from the trance by a pair of cold hands.

A knife if pressed to his throat, and Anti giggles madly. “Ah, ah, ah! Can’t have ya learning all my little secrets!”

Dr. Schneeplestein grabs for Chase, who is still in shock from having the Host in his mind, and Anti presses the blade against Host’s skin until he starts to bleed. “How much do you know, Hosty?”

The Host presses his lips together into a line and refuses to answer, but when Anti presses the knife deeper, he cries out in panic. “The Host doesn’t know anything! He only knows that the Doctor performed an operation on Chase, nothing more!”

Anti giggles and traces the tip of his tongue over his jagged teeth. “Well, then. I think that means ya know too much!” He’s about to finish the job when Dr. Schneeplestein gives a shout. He hadn’t noticed until now that Chase’s eyes had begun to glow a bright green, his blue irises standing out like sapphires. An explosion of green electricity erupts from Chase, expanding from him and attacking the Doctor and Anti. Both of them are thrown back several feet, and the Host, released from Anti’s grasp, starts to collapse.

With lightning speed, Chase catches the blind man who gasps and presses a hand to the cut on his throat. “You-you saved me…” Wilford Warfstache appears moments later, kneeling beside the Host and checking his injuries. When he sees that the Host will survive, that he’s able to speak, Wilford breathes a sigh of relief.

The pink Ego stares at Chase as the young man’s eyes start to fade back to normal, and Wilford smirks. “You’re a real hero, kid.”

Severing the Red String of Fate

A spell for when you want to move on from someone or cut ties. Crafted by Izzie of tarot-cards-and-tea.

What You’ll Need

  1. Taglock of the person you’d like to cut ties with (this could be a photo, a piece of hair, or their name written on a piece of paper)
  2. A length of red string
  3. A black candle
  4. A match or lighter
  5. A means to extinguish the flame.

If uncomfortable with the use of fire, substitute for a knife or pair of scissors.

Light your black candle with the intention of banishing this person or your feelings from your life. Take the red string and tie it to your left ring-finger. Tie the other end to the taglock

Recite, invoke, or convey the following:

I am no longer bound to you.

Let feelings hide out of my view.

With this spell I now release

you from my life. I am at peace.

As I will it, it shall be.

At this time, pass the string through the flame of the candle and then extinguish it. If you feel unsafe or uncertain about using fire in your practice, substitute for a knife or scissors, and cut the string.

When you are finished, discard the remnants of the spell by lighting them on fire. Once the remnants are burned completely, take the ashes outside. Blow them away as one last farewell. Get them feelings out of there.

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Steve and Natasha having the best time together pranking the other Avengers over Christmas

This is NOT April Fool’s Day!” The shout echoes down the lab halls. 

Natasha smirks and high-fives Steve.  

“You were so right.”  She peers over Steve’s phone while they walk.  “The shiny snowman wrapping paper was definitely the one to use.”   

The peer at the screen of his phone in the elevator, watching Tony unwrap all of his lab supplies, (Each. And. Every. Item.)

“When do you think he finds Dum-E?”

“If I may, Captain Rogers.” came JARVIS’ voice.  The screen in the elevator above the buttons flickered to life.  Tony was trying to move the six-foot stuffed teddy bear wearing a pair of reindeer antlers without success.  

Oh my God, you guys suck.” Came the crystal-clear shout over the audio a minute and a half later when the ‘bear’ hadn’t so much as budged.  Tony went searching for an as-yet-unwrapped pair of scissors or knife to cut Dum-E out of his Reindeer Teddy hiding spot.  

“Ok, we have an hour before Bucky gets back.  We have just enough time to get the palm tree from the lobby and stick it in his bathroom.  Clint has the bags of sand for the floor and JARVIS is ready with Don’t Worry, Be Happy when Bucky turns the light on.”

Steve grinned.  “Perfect. A Caribbean vacation for Christmas he’ll get.”

Slightly dodgy kettle stitch/coptic binding sketchbook making tutorial!

Nobody ever said that your sketchbook binding had to be neat. Well, they might have done, but not in my hearing. So here’s a slightly dodgy, but really not too difficult sketchbook making tutorial. In it, you’ll learn how to cobble together a sketchbook like the one above in pretty short time using a messy version of kettle stitch/coptic binding! 

Tutorial after the break! 

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The One Where They Find Out Ryan Was a Theater Major

-The original idea came to me after seeing a comic on @rysarts blog. The comic is here. Check out the conclusion there.-

There was no way in hell they were going to get into that building. Short of blowing up the entire place there was just no way getting in, the security was top of the line and somehow they got wind that the crew was planning on hitting them. Basically they were up shit creek without a paddle. Gavin and Michael spent the better part of a week, heads together going over electronic and paper plans for the entire block, trying to find any possible entrance. 

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Your Ginger Housemate - Part 1

Hey, guys! Here it is. I’m so sorry for this. I can’t believe Part 1 disappeared. I don’t even remember getting rid of it! Anyway, here it is… again. It’s a little different, so feel free to read again of you did before. Hope you enjoy it. And for those of you wondering, yes Part 6 is coming. Another week or two and it’ll be posted. Sorry and thanks. xx

Summary: I’ve decided to set this series after Jerome Valeska was thrown back into Arkham Asylum after he created the chaos on Gotham (Season 2). Naturally, his face has been stitched back on by professionals and has stayed on. I’ve written this as if he has escaped Arkham and is on the loose. I don’t know how long this series will be going for. So I’m going to write it until I can think of nothing more.

Want to read the rest? Part 2 HERE | Part 3 HERE | Part 4 HERE | Part 5 HERE | Part 6 HERE | Part 7 (½) HERE |  Part 7 (2/2) HERE

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

There he goes again. Rummaging through the fridge like he owns the place. Most of the time, he annoyed the shit out of you. He was arrogant, dangerous, unstable, irritable, careless and not to mention infuriating… But what the heck, you found him boyishly charming. His perfectly styled, flaming hair. His dark eyes forever filled with sparks of curiosity. His wide grin which illuminated his features with mocking and mischief. Although somehow, his insecurities and imperfections are what lured you in the most. The stubborn strand of hair that always fell over his forehead. The unpredictability of his moods. His overstretched smile thanks to the “missing face mishap.” Even the faint, pink scars that circled his eyes and his face. Yep. Jerome Valeska. He was your housemate. Not that you had had much say in the matter.

- Flashback - 

The wind howled behind the window panes and torrential sheets of rain battered down upon Gotham City. Thunder and lightning filled the sky. You’d been tossing and turning for hours. The clattering of debris hurtling down the street and the constant howling of dogs made it impossible to even relax. ‘CRASH!’ You jumped up with a start. That wasn’t from in the street. That was downstairs. Someone was in the house. 

Quickly, quietly, you jumped off the bed and eased the baseball bat you hid behind your door, off the wall. Gripping it like a lifeline, you crept down the hallway towards the stairs. You couldn’t see much, the power had obviously cut out, filling the house with pressing darkness. Easing down the stairs, you re-adjusted your grip on the bat, cold sweat causing it to slip. The cold, wooden stairs caused you to shiver and your breathing began to hitch.‘Stay calm y/n, stay calm.’ As you entered the kitchen, you could feel the cold wind rushing through the smashed window above the bench. Rain swept through the opening, soaking the tabletop and floor. You shivered violently, praying to God debris smashed the window, and not something or someone more dangerous.

As you crept further into the kitchen, past your chairs and small dining table, lightning filled the room, revealing a dark silhouette standing only three meters away. A scream tore through your throat as you turned on your heel and went run back up the stairs. ‘Why would you leave your phone back in your room. Idiot!’ Suddenly an iron grip caught your arm and wrenched you back towards the figure, causing you to drop the bat. You were spun around, and a hand covered your mouth while you felt a cold blade rest against your throat. You whimpered as you felt the figures breath blow past your ear. A low chuckle reverberated through the figure’s throat. Not a figure. A man. He leant closer to your ear,

“Hello, gorgeous. Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?” 

You whimpered, thinking, ‘Oh God. The odds really aren’t in my favour.’

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Requested by anon♥

→ Reader x Sehun

→ In which Sehun unknowingly ditches you for his hyungs.

Word count: 733

You couldn’t soothe the tight and excited feeling in your chest as you place your finishing touches on the homemade dinner - which you had been making for around four hours, now? No, sorry, five hours.

Cooking really wasn’t your forté, you had to admit. 

You breathe out in relief as you place the dish onto the table, before going to fetch a pair of plates, knifes and forks. Once it’s all set onto your table, accompanied by a single lit candle and looking all nice, you seat yourself in your respective seat and relax as you wait for Sehun to arrive home.

You were clad in some normal black, tight jeans and a pretty - more formal, light blouse. Your face was nicely beaten with some light eye shadow, mascara and tint to your lips. The excited feeling in your abdomen was almost exhausting as you sat, watching the clock as it ticked closer to the time Sehun used to arrive back from practice. 

Time flew in front of your very eyes, and suddenly had gone an hour. The food on the table was cold and so was your body as your body temperature had finally fallen after five hours of cooking.You shivered a little as you started moving the plates and the tableware back into the cupboards.Your frown was heavy with disappointment as you set away the dinner in the fridge with a huff.

Suddenly your phone gives a deafening ‘pling’. You hurriedly grab the small device, only to see a message from your ditching boyfriend;

“Sorry babe, I’ll come home late tonight. Out with the boys.” 

“Sorry babe.” You grimace, making your voice as deep as you could, imitating Sehun as annoyingly as possible. You cuss under your breath, pure disappointment being the only thing you felt.

You look back at the clock. It was only seven in the afternoon - but you would go to bed. You had nothing else to do now than to bad, whine and wait for your stupid Sehun to come back.

“How could he forget?” You sigh, internally deciding to let your anger and negative feelings take the wheel and make a statement; you would prepare his bed on the sofa. 

Grabbing his pillow and a spare blanket, you remove any pillows already in your somehow uncomfortable sofa before laying his bed down and preparing it for him when he came home - probably very late tonight. 

As you finished, you stepped back and admired your work. “Beautiful.” You joked to yourself, before you breathed out once more and went to bed with an empty stomach and a heavy heart. 


You were awoken by soft, childish voice that sounded throughout your shared bedroom with uncertainty. You rolled your eyes internally, still feeling disappointment and just plain annoyed.


You sighed as you slowly, unwillingly opened your eyes to face Sehun. 

“Baby, if you’re awake; I’m sorry.”

You huff before cuddling further into your up drawn blanket, choosing to leave him hanging with his stupid excuses. 

“Babe, please hear me out. I totally forgot about our dinner date.” He sighs as he slowly moves into the bedroom - still quite uncertain and guilty. “It smelled wonderful, by the way.”

“It probably tasted wonderful too - but you missed it.” You murmur out. Sehun snickers lowly, barely, so that you can’t hear it and get even more annoyed.

“It sounds like you missed it too, baby girl.”

“Don’t call me baby girl! You were cheating on me!” You accuse as you feel your walls slipping, a small smile threatening to show on your lips. Sehun finally sounds his chuckles as he moves onto the bed, his hand coming to rest upon your cocoon.

“I was cheating on you? With the boys?”

“Yes - infidelity.” You spat as you tensed your whole body under his touch.

“Baby,” He whines loudly, his hands gripping the blankets of your little cocoon and undoing it; leaving it free for him to move underneath them. As his half-naked body cuddles into yours you gasp with jokingly disgust;

“Why are you here? Your bed is not here.” You finally slipped with a small chuckle as Sehun laughed into your shoulder too, before humming with seriousness;

“But I really am sorry babe. It’s not going to happen again.” And with that, the both of you close your eyes and slowly slip into unconsciousness.

A/N: waahh this was too short, I’m so sorry! ♥ but I hope you enjoy and thanks to the chanyeol-movie-anon for requesting! ♥

Bar Knowledge: Tools.

A bartender without his/her tools is like a soldier without a rifle. Make sure to keep your equipment clean and ready to use. Here we will cover different types of tools that you will find behind the bar. A great bartender finds pride in his tools and believe me when I say this, that when you start buying, this gets worse than stamp collecting. I started with one jigger and one shaker. Now I barely find space at my station for a new bar gadget.

  • 1. Cocktail Shakers- I know that you know what cocktail shakers are used for, so I will jump right into the different shakers out there.
    (From left to right)
    Cobbler shaker is a three piece shaker with a built it strainer underneath the cap, it is great for making singular cocktails, but sometimes a pain in the ass, as the cap gets stuck and it’s hard to take it off. The second shaker is a two piece Parisian shaker, it is rare, but now more and more bartenders use it. The last shaker is the most practical and common to find, the Boston shaker. It is the easiest to open after shaking and quick to clean. I do recommend using a tin on tin instead of the glass.
  • 2. Jigger- Precision is a must when wanting to be a professional bartender. Obviously it is used to measure out the ingredients before pouring them into your shaker/mixing glass. The most common jigger used has two sides, one being 2oz (60ml) and the smaller being 1oz (30ml), or if you’re in the UK, 50ml/25ml. I highly recommend getting a jigger that also has inside lines giving you more measurements such as ½ oz, ¾ oz, 1½ oz.
  • 3. Hawthorne Strainer- The basic and most commonly used strainer. It’s made to perfectly fit on top of a cocktail tin.
  • 4. Fine (Double) Strainer- A second strainer used to filter out any smaller particles that you don’t want in your drink, such as ice shards or fruit pieces.
  • 5. Bar spoon- Used to stir clear cocktails in a mixing glass. Some of them have a flat end on the other side, which is great for gentle muddling and dissolving sugar with bitters in drinks such as the Old-Fashioned and the Sazerac.
  • 6. Mixing Glass- Altough the fastest way to chill a cocktail when stirring is to use a metal tin, many bartenders use mixing glasses. One simple reason is that it’s appealing to look at. The customer can see all the ingredients mix right in front of him. Mixing glasses are made from thick glass so they don’t shatter so easily and have a pouring spout. They come in different sizes, shapes and designs.
  • 7. Lemon/Lime Squeezer- Wether you squeeze the citrus fresh while making a cocktail or prepare a bottle at the beginning of the shift, the hand held squeezer is a vital tool behind the bar.
  • 8. Muddler- There are many muddlers out on the market varying in shape, material it’s made from and size. When buying a muddler see which one is comfortable for you. 
  • 9. Waiter’s Friend- Used to open wine bottle and bottles of beer. Always handy and should be with you at all times.
  • 10. Pairing Knife- Every bartender needs a good, sharp cutting knife behind the bar. Used to cut garnish and make peels.
  • 11. Measuring Spoons- For more precise and smaller measurements that a jigger can’t help you with, get yourself some measuring spoons. They usually measure out 2.5ml, 5ml, 7.5ml, 10ml, 15ml.
  • 12. Fruit Peeler- Used to make thin peels without the pith from oranges and lemons. A definite must for a serious bartender.
  • 13. Julep Strainer- A strainer that is used better for throwing cocktails like ‘sours’, and with mixing glasses. It rests on the ice and not on the edges of the tin/mixing glass, that helps to make a more precise pour.
  • 14. Garnish Tongs- Want to look more professional? Bar tongs are a great and sanitary way to place you garnish on your cocktail without using your hands.
  • 15. Bitters Dasher- Wether you make your own or put in made bitters inside, the bitters dashers are more precise, and look really beautiful on the bar. You can use them for absinthe when needing to coat a glass for a Sazerac or even for Tabasco if you feel like it.
  • 16. Grater/zester- Need to zest a grapefruit skin to make grapefruit bitters? Or maybe you need nutmeg shreds on the surface of your Brandy Alexander? Look no further, and get a mini grater, it will come in useful.
  • 17. Ice Fork- For more advanced bartenders. Ice forks are used to cut ice blocks into any given form. Spheres for a cocktail in a rocks glass or various sized blocks for mixing a drink in a mixing glass.
  • 18. Mallet- Used in professional bars to make crushed ice on the go. I used hand machines to make crushed ice and I can tell you that they suck! It is much easier to put some ice in a canvas bag and crush it with a mallet.
  • 19. Smoke Gun- Now we get to the fun part. Most famous brand being the PolyScience, these guns are made to infuse cocktails with smoke. You place the type of shredded wood you desire into the receptacle, light it on fire, and the machine will suck out the smoke and come out from the rubber pipe. You can store the smoke in a jar, and then infuse it with your ready cold cocktail.
  • 20. Cream Whipper- iSi Cream Whipper brand being the pioneers. This is a tool used to make foams for cocktails and carbonating drinks.
    Nitrous Oxide chargers are for foam and infusions and Carbon Dioxide chargers are for carbonating. Try a carbonated Negroni. It’s Amazing!

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That’s A Knife

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by: @jadedhillon

Person A: Is that a knife in your shoulder?
Person B: Or maybe, I’m just happy to see you ;)
Person A: Nope, that’s a knife
Person B: But I am happy to see you
With Jason as person B please

A/N: Sorry it took so long. It took me forever to figure out an ending. Hope you enjoy! :)

A light gray fog and pale moonlight filled the Gotham night sky. Jason was perched on a high building, a crimson helmet covering his features while he’s on the lookout for trouble. A high-pitched screech filled the air, alerting Jason to danger nearby. He abandoned the rooftop and dropped down into an alley to see a mugger threatening a woman with a knife.

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Willford could you show us your knife and gun collection? ~Please~

(Hi, hello. It’s me, the writer, here. I have to stop you right there, cutie. Because to Wilford the word “show” when paired with gun or knife is synonymous with “shoot” or “stab,” and as I would not like for any of you to get into a tickle fight with ole Wilfy, I’ll have to say no to this one.)
Wilford stalks off pouting and mumbling about never getting to have any fun around here.

TWD - Negan Imagine ~ "Hearts still beating"

An imagine about the midseason finale of season 7

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!

part 1 is about the final scene of season 6
part 2 is about the first episode of season 7
part 3 is about the readers arrival in the sanctuary (for 7x02)
part 4 is about 7x03 “The Cell”
part 5 is about 7x04 “Service”
part 6 is about 7x05 “Go Getters”
(7x06 was left out because the timeframe between the episodes was too short)
part 7 ist about 7x07 “Sing me a song”

Originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty

The sun was shining, birds sang happily their songs and the wind rustled softly through the trees standing in Alexandria.
Without looking at the circumstances Alexandria seemed right now like a one of the most peaceful places on earth.
Well, that wasn’t the case.
You were sitting on the porch with Negan, Judith on his lap and Carl next to him.
Negan had taken you with him after the line up and since then you lived in the sanctuary knowing that somewhere there they would torture your brother Daryl.
And now you were here again only short after you had seen this place at the first visit of the saviors.
It wasn’t the same, but you still felt better being here. 
You liked it here.
You had seen Negan somehow soft while he had Judith on his lap or even when he saw Carl crying, the way you guessed before that he wasn’t even able to be that way, what had surprised you, but anyway it was still Negan and with that also the cruel killer you had experienced in this one night…
“You know what? I got an idea”, you heard Negan suddenly say chuckling.
Great one of his amazing ideas again.

As you were standing in the bathroom you looked questioning at Negan while he rummaged a cupboard, Judith was sitting on Carl’s lap on the corner of the bathtub, who looked the same way at Negan as you did.
“There it is!”, said Negan triumphant holding a razor up.
“You, my dear Sweetheart, gotta help me fucking shave”, he said grinning placing the razor in your hand.
You huffed annoyed while he began lathering his beard. He turned around to you, half of his face covered in soap.
You had problems hiding a grin, to be honest he just looked ridiculous.
“Alright lets go”, Negan said chuckling before you finally put the blade on his skin and began shaving sighing annoyed.
You felt how he put his hands on your waist winking at you before he earned a glare.
“Gentle… and always against the grain, that’s important Kid, you better listen”, chuckled Negan while you kept going.
Negan hummed some song, chuckling here and there and obviously enjoying what happened.
“Now look at us, don’t we look like some oldass couple, kid?”, Negan chuckled as Carl just glared at him, what lead to Negan chuckling even more.
“I’m done”, you mumbled as Negan smirked at you and turned around eying his face chuckling.
“Good Job Sweetheart”, he said smirking before he cleaned his face with a towel, turned around to Judith and Carl And picked Judith up.
“Lets make us some fucking Food!”, he called chuckling teetering Judith slightly. 

You found yourself standing in Ricks kitchen.
“Kid youre gonna make the fucking dough. Thats some big task so feel fucking honored that I fucking give that to you”, Negan said grinning looking at the glaring Carl.
“Well kid, you have to get the stuff”, Negan continued and had to repeat it before Carl went getting it.
Olivia was in another room with Judith, what meant that you were alone with Negan in the kitchen who looked smirking at you.
“Been a fucking while since we were alone, huh?”, he asked smirking as he stood close before you, his hands again on your waist a shiver running immediately through your body and you could see that Negan had somehow noticed that.
“Yeah”, you just muttered with an annoyed undertone hearing Negan chuckle. 
His intense stare was back again, what made a weird feeling you couldnt define come up in your stomach area staying there next to the shiver.
“Too bad that Carls gonna come back so quick…”, he said chuckling earning a glare of you.
“You’re still the one thats hard to get, right?”, asked Negan smirking as you swallowed and kept looking at him.
“I’m not gonna be your puppet”, you muttered staring into his eyes.
Negan chuckled and came even closer to you as you felt how another shiver run through your body wondering what he would respond.
“And you know what, Sweetheart? I fucking like that”, you heard him whisper in your ear while you could hear his smirk through his voice.
You felt how he pressed his lips slightly on your neck before backed away still chuckling, while inside you didn’t know what to do with the weird feeling his touch had left.
And you were relieved as just moments later Carl finally entered the room keeping you company again, breaking the weird atmosphere that had created in the room.

“It needs some some herbs. Where do you keep them?”, asked Negan Olivia after a while after he tried the sauce.
“They stand in the garden…”, answered Olivia looking slightly frightened while teetering the sleeping Judith in her arm.
“So would you fucking get us some”, asked Negan grinning stepping closer to Olivia.
“Uhm…yeah”, She answered while searching for a solution what she could do with the toddler on her arm.
“I can get some, if she moves Judith around now, she’ll wake up again”, you said walking closer to them.
Negan turned around to you grinning.
“Alright”, he said smirking before he looked over to Carl who was finally done with the dough.
“Why don’t you help her, Kid?”, Negan asked smirking.
You walked together with Carl outside, a bit relieved that you got a pause of Negan.
“Don’t know what he wants to achieve with that shit”, Carl muttered as he began ripping some herbs off.
“They are taking even more…I saw them at the gates…”, added Carl upset.
“As if they didn’t already have enough…”, you growled before you raised your voice again.
“You know…We have to keep on fighting…but on a way that won’t get anyone else hurt or killed and without giving him even more power than he already has…you saw what he did with all the guns…I want us to grow stronger not weaker..”, you mumbled.
“Yea-”, answered Carl but couldn’t finish because of Negans voice that sounded outside.
“Where are my herbs?”, he asked chuckling.
“We’re coming”, you answered sighing before going inside again, where Negan finished his sauce proudly with the herbs you got him
He placed it on the table and sat down on the head of it.
You took the bread and went over placing it on it on the table while you felt Negans stare on you.
“Sweetheart why don’t you take a seat, I guess Carl and Olivia can fucking do it themselves”, he said chuckling while you eyed him hesitating.
“Come on, I mean… if you want to you can take my lap as a fucking seat. I’d be more than fine with that”, he added grinning.
“I actually prefer a chair”, you said back glancing in his eyes as you let yourself fall on the chair next to him.
Negan shook his head slightly while he chuckled as he told Carl to put one more pair of fork and knife on the table in case Rick would arrive.
It was just weird how you sat there, at the table eating spaghetti with Negan.
Like…a family.
While you ate you thought about Daryl.
What he had to go through right now, back again in the dark small cell.
You couldnt even speak a whole sentence with him after this one horrific night and all you wished that you could finally do that again.
You just wanted to give him a hug and talk to him.
But not even that seemed realistic right now.

You finished the meal while Negan leaned chuckling back in his chair until something outside got his attention.
”Whats going on there?”, asked Negan standing up walking over to the door opening it.
”Don’t be an asshole, Arat, Let the man in”, you heard Negan chuckling say while you saw Spencer walking up the porch.
He was dressed up like he was going to a sundays brunch and held a bottle of liquor in his hands.
Whatever he was planning you assumed he had planned it without any other person knowing because you saw how confused Olivia and Carl looked.
”Sweetheart, why don’t you come outside”, you suddenly heard Negans voice ask as he opened the door again looking smirking at you while you hesitated.
”Come on. Its fucking beautiful out there. Not as beautiful as you but still..”, he added chuckling.
Thinking about that you could get to know what Spencer was doing there you finally walked to Negan outside.
He sat down in the Rocker, in another one sat Spencer who poured some liquor in the glasses.
”Sit down and enjoy”, said Negan grinning to you patting the rocker next to you.
You huffed slightly and sat down listening to Negan who talked about how much he liked Alexandria.
”The only thing missing is a fucking pool table”, said Negan sipping on his liquor.
”Theres actually one in the garage in the house there”, said Spencer pointing at the house towards you.
”Oh Spencer, you may just be my new best fucking friend”, you heard Negan euphoric say.

The Saviors began carrying out the pool table as you stood next to Spencer in the Garage.
You didn’t trust him.
“What’s your intention with that?”, you asked as you watched how a few men placed the pool table on the street trying to get it into the right position.
“What do you mean?”, he said while you turned around to Spencer looking annoyed in his eyes.
“What are you trying to achieve with this game?”, you repeated.
“Gonna get close to him so we can strike up against him”, Spencer answered not really persuading.
He was lying, he was definitely lying.
“I meant the truth”, you said a little bit more urging.
If he would fuck this up he could get others killed and you knew that he was against Rick and probably the most of your group in general.
Spencer took a deep breath and looked at you, anger in his eyes.
“Since you all are here, since Rick is here…everything is going downhill. My mother died, my father died, a whole bunch of people died and its Ricks fault”, he said quiet but upset.
“Spencer are you kidding me? Rick…we all saved your damn asses more than once! Your mom was a good leader but it’s not Ricks fault that she’s dead, same with your father. I won’t say everything Rick did was right but he’s trying his very best to help and he’s doing a good job here”, you said angry.
“Rick is the goddamn hell”, Spencer spatted.
“You know what the hell would have been? If we and Rick wouldn’t have been here when the wolves attacked, same with the herd of walkers. You would be all fucking dead if we and Rick wouldn’t have been here with you to fight together! In this times we have to stand together and not work against each other!”, you growled glaring at him.
Spencer looked at you shaking his head.
“I’d be a better leader than Rick”, he growled.
“Really? So why did your mom put Rick in charge?”, you asked, Spencer glaring hatefully at you.
“If you wanna get more power that way Spencer, then you’re a deceitful coward. And if you get anyone killed just because you can’t get enough, I promise you, that I’m gonna make you pay for that”, you growled before you heared heavy footsteps sounding through the garage.
“Any problems?”, you heard Negans deep voice say as he walked over to you.
”No everything is perfect, is the pool table ready to play?”, asked Spencer suddenly again with an innocent smile on his lips.
”It is, and Sweetheart? You okay, you look a little upset?”, Negan asked grinning.
You turned to Spencer looking warning at him.
”Yeah, I’m fine”, you answered then.
”Great, then we can finally fucking play”, Negan said grinning clapping his hands.

You walked outside while the saviors placed themselves around the pool table, their guns ready.
You decided to walk up the stairs and watch whatever would happen now together with Carl and Olivia.
You looked down to Negan who just noticed that you were up there.
“You wanna watch that game so far away from me? Wow Sweetheart, that’s really hurting my feelings”, said Negan chuckling, placing his hand dramatically on his chest.
You answered with an uninterested glance and saw how Negan smirked to himself. “Could have taught you some shit about that”, Negan added grinning before Spencer slightly cleared his throat.
And you hoped for him that he wouldn’t mess this up.
“Oh of course. Thank her for that delay, she destracted me once again”, Negan said winking up to you before he turned completely to Spencer and the pool table.
”I could never do that with Rick. He would just stand there giving me that fucking annoying side eye he’s always giving me”, Negan said smirking while Spencer bought the balls into the right order.
”Thats actually what I came to see you about”, answered Spencer while your glance turned into a glare.
Fuck you, Spencer.
“I get what you’re trying to do here, what you’re trying to build. I’m not saying I agree with your methods, but I get it. You’re building a network. You’re making people contribute for the greater good. It makes sense. But you should know that Rick Grimes has a history of not working well with others”, said Spencer.
Now you also saw the disbelief in Carl’s glance.
“Is that so?”, asked Negan sipping on his liquor.
“Rick wasn’t the original leader here. My mom was. She was doing a really good job of it. Then she died, not long after Rick showed up…same with my brother, same with my dad”, explained Spencer walking around the Pool Table.
He really said that, he really did.
“So, everything was fucking peachy here? for what? years? And then fucking Rick shows up, and suddenly, you’re an orphan? That is the saddest fucking story I’ve ever heard”, Negan said, the grin off his face while he looked eyed Spencer warily.
“Good thing for you he’s not in charge anymore”, Negan added sipping on his liquor once again.
“Doesn’t matter. His ego’s out of control. He’ll find a way to screw things up, to try and do things his way, to take over. That’s what he did with my mom. That’s what he’ll do again”, Spencer said and you first thought that you couldn’t believe what you had just heard.
He was straight up betraying and you weren’t sure if Negan saw what Spencer was trying to do there.
“What exactly do you want to be done about that?”, asked Negan stepping closer to Spencer.
“I am my mother’s son. I can be the leader she was. That’s what this place needs. That’s what you need”, said Spencer.
No Spencer, you can’t be a leader you can be a little lying bitchy asshole not more and not less, you thought to yourself.
“So I should put you in charge…that’s what you’re saying?”, Negan asked testing.
“We’d be much better off”, answered Spencer.
From the outside you probably looked completely calm, just glaring.
But on the inside you were furious.
He was risking the peace between the people in Alexandria, probably also their life’s with such a move just to get his way.
Like some toddler crying because it wanted the toy another kid had.
“I’m thinking how Rick fucking threatened to kill me, how he clearly hates my guts. But he is out there right now, gathering shit for me to make sure I don’t fucking hurt any of the fine people that live here”, Negan said grinning walking closer to Spencer.
“He is swallowing his hate and is getting shit done. That takes guts”, added Negan chuckling.
“And then there’s you The guy who waited for Rick to be gone so he could fucking sneak over and talk to me to get me to do his dirty work, so he could take Rick’s fucking place”, Negan said chuckling pointing at Spencer.
You were sure now that he had seen what wrong game Spencer played, but you asked yourself what he would do now.
“So I got to ask …if you wanna take over, why not just kill Rick yourself and just take over?”, Chuckled Negan stepping even closer to Spencer whose glance got even more shocked.
…he played himself.
“…uhm”, stuttered Spencer looking frightened at Negan.
”You know what I am thinking? Cause I have a fucking guess”, said Negan his face moving even closer to Spencers.
”Its because you got no fucking guts”, you heard Negan say and suddenly saw how he took his knife and burried it in Spencers stomach.
Spencer stumbled as you looked unbelieving down to the scene that was playing there.
You felt yourself jolt up and gasp as you saw how Negan ripped Spencers stomach with his knife open, his guts treading out of his body.
”How fucking embarrassing! There they are! They were inside you the whole fucking time! You did have guts! I’ve never been so wrong in my whole fucking life!”, called Negan as Spencer sunk to his knees holding his gut in his hands, his blood pouring outside him.
Of course you couldnt stand Spencer but that still shocked you and let a shiver run down your back. 
You looked over to Carl and Olivia.
They were as shocked as you and you could even see their bodies tremble.
Your glance stayed on them until you heard Negans voice again.
”So someone has to clean that shit up”, said Negan grinning leaning against the pool table.
Deadly silence.
”No one?”, Negan asked chuckling.
Again no one answered.
”Alright anyone wanna finish the game? I was winning”, Negan asked grinning looking into the crowd where no one answered from.
They just stared shocked and disgusted at him, before he turned around in your direction.
”Sweetheart! Come on! We two can play together how about that?”, Negan asked grinning. 
You shook slightly your had as your shocked glance turned into a glare.
”Turning me down again. What a shame! That would have been so much fun!”, Negan chuckled before he looked back to the crowd.
”Now anyone? Don’t let yourself be distracted by Spencer over here. He finally has his guts he’s more than fucking alright!”, chuckled Negan before you saw how Rosita stepped forward, took her gun and a blood freezing  shoot called trough the air.

“Shit! What the fuck?! Did you try to fucking shoot me?!” Negan screamed, your heart making another step while he uncontrollably stamped towards Rosita while Arat wrestled her down.
He looked upset at Lucille, the thing Rosita had hit instead of Negan.
Negan took a step back breathing heavily obviously trying to control himself as he saw something on the ground.
“What is this? What the fucking fuck is this? This little bad boy made from scratch? Look at those fucking crimps….This was fucking homemade”, Negan said still angry but more calm holding a bullet in his hand.
“You may be fucking stupid, darling, but you showed some real ingenuity here", he said walking closer Arat and Rosita
“Arat, move that knife up out on that girl’s face” ordered Negan while you gasped hearing Carl and Olivia doing the same.
“Lucille’s beautiful, smooth surface is never gonna look the fucking same, so why should yours?! Unless…Unless you fucking tell me who made this
“It was me. I made it”, you heard Rosita spatt.
“You see, now I just think you’re lying. And you lying to me now?! Such a shame. Arat’s gonna have to fucking cut up that pretty face”, Negan said grinning Rosita trying to assure that she made the bullet while Arat cut the first line into her face.
You didn’t have to think a lot about it to know that Eugene must have made it…and of course Rosita wouldn’t extradite him.
You listened up again as you heard Negans voice.
“Good have it your way”, said Negan and you felt how a cold shiver run down your back. 
You knew what that meant.
“Arat, kill someone”, Negan said as you felt yourself gasp.
Not again.
The woman looked up, pointed in your direction and a loud shot sounded through the air.
You felt something brushing against your arm and pain and adrenaline shooting through your body.
The pressure let you stumble a few steps back.
You saw how Negan hit the pistol out of the woman’s hand, his face even angrier than before.
“Fuck! Arat are you fucking kidding me?! Who the fuck shat in your fucking brain that you get the fucking idea to fucking shoot her?!”, screamed Negan.
The woman that seemed so tough looked now shocked up to Negan, her lips trembling.
“I’m s-sorry…But…you said someone”, she said almost unhearable for you.
“God fucking damnit! You are so fucking lucky that you didn’t fucking hit worse…”, Negan yelled.
“(Y/N),…are you okay?”, you heard Olivia’s voice. You looked at her as she glanced concerned at you. Behind her Carl looking the same way. “She didn’t hit me. I’m okay…I’m okay”, your shocked voice said as you looked down on the wound the bullet that had brushed you had left.
It was just a small wound, it wasnt even really bleeding.
But only a few centimeters more and you would have been dead.
You had goddamn luck.
The shock was still stuck in your body, leaving you trembling while you heard Negan still growling at Arat.
Olivia handed you a tissue that you pressed on the wound and looked again over to the scene.
You realized that this all wouldn’t be over, Arat didn’t hit you but that didn’t mean that no one else would die.
You’d lose someone again and it could be anyone.
And that made your heart pump faster than it already was.
“Sweetheart come over here”, Negan said as looked at you waving you over. You first stood there, not moving an inch.
“Come on”, he said in a more urging serious tone.
You breathed out, and began walking down the stairs…who knew if he’d kill not just one but two when you would resist.
You glared at him as he pulled you next to him in the puddle of Spencer’s blood he was standing in. 
The smell of the blood travelled up your nose and let another shiver ran down your back.
“So Arat, once again. Now. Shoot. Someone. And don’t fucking fuck it up”, Negan growled.
He was standing now with his back to you but you just kept glaring.
The one who would die would be completely innocent and again you could do nothing against it.
You just felt so helpless.
As helpless as in the night you lost Glenn and Abraham.
Rosita screamed again on the ground that it was her.
You looked over to Carl and Olivia seeing the fear and shock in their eyes as another shot sounded and you felt your body cramping immediately as you saw who sank to their knees.
“No”, came cracking out of your mouth.
Why Olivia?
That just seemed unreal, she was one of the most innocent people you knew and now it was her who had to pay for it.
You saw Carl looking up over to you, shock and disbelief in his glance.
You heard some loud panting as you suddenly heard Ricks voice.
“We had a deal!”, he shouted.
”Rick! Oh look everyone fucking Rick is here again! …Ah, your people are making me lose my fucking voice doing all this yelling”, Negan said chuckling at Rick.
You looked behind Rick and saw Aaron standing propped by Eric looking like he was beaten up.
God, what the heck did they do to him?
Why became this situaton even worse and worse?
“Rick how about a “thank you”? I mean, look, I know we started this fucking relationship with me beating the holy fucking shit out of your friends, and because of that, we’re probably never gonna fucking sit around and braid each other’s hair or share our deepest, darkest secrets, but how about a little fucking credit? I just bent over backwards to show you how fucking reasonable I am”, Negan chuckled.
“Your fucking kid”, he pointed at Carl “he hid in one of my trucks and fucking machine-gunned a bunch of my men down, and I brought him home, safe and sound…. and I fed him some fucking spaghetti!”, Negan said grinning.
“Another one of your people. Well, he wanted me to fucking kill you and put him in charge. I took him for you!”, Negan continued and talked about Rositas try to shoot him.
“Now you have one fucking mouth less to feed and I mean I guess that mouth did some fucking damage…I personally wouldn’t have chosen her but Arat”, he stopped while chuckling “she just didn’t trust her, you know.”
“What did you do to her?”, asked Rick looking concerned and angry at the now blood soaked tissue on your arm. “A damn fucking mistake of Arat over here”, Negan said glaring at Arat.
You mouthed an “I’m okay” to Rick trying to calm him down.
Your wound wasnt bad, it would heal itself pretty fast and Rick had already enough sorrow and problems, your wound shouldn’t be one of it.
“Don’t worry Ricky boy, she’s gonna be alright”, Negan said smirking.
“I’m gonna take fucking care of her”, he said grinning walking over to you slinging his arms around your waist.
You shifted slightly away as you felt his touch turning to him and glaring in his eyes. Negan looked chuckling at you before Rick raised his voice.
“Your shit is waiting for you at the gate….just go”, growled Rick.
“Sure thing I just gotta know who made this fucking bullet”, said Negan holding up the self made bullet.
You heard Tara scream but your glance just laid on Eugene who stood sniffling there. “It was was me..”, sobbed Eugene as you hold your breath seeing how Negan turned to him.
It made you feel horrible seeing how Eugene desperately tried to explain how he build it, sobbing and sniffing uncontrollably until Negan stopped him. “Shut up, I believe you…listen Rick I’m gonna relieve you of your bullet maker and whatever is waiting for me at the gate”, said Negan grinning before he laid his hand on your lower back pushing you with him.
You looked back to your friends, the glance in their eyes reminding you of the one you had seen in the night Glenn and Abraham got killed.
And that made your heart cramp.
You hated that every time you got to see them again it was connected with them suffering or someone getting hurt or killed.
You just wanted them to be safe.

As you came to the gates of Alexandria the saviors began loading up the stuff they had collected and pushed the still sobbing Eugene into one truck as Negan suddenly stopped.
He looked at you, his glance turned into a little bit softer a somehow concerned one while it wandered from your face to your arm where you still pressed the tissue on your wound.
“Let me see”, he mumbled taking the tissue of the wound eying it.
“Shes gonna have to work her fucking ass off to make just roughly up for that”, he muttered serious and more quiet but still hearable.
The same guy who had just minutes ago first ripped someones body open and then let someone else who was innocent get killed as punishment looked actually somehow concerned about a small wound on your arm.
You sighed while Negans glance wandered up again to your face, his glance mixed between his signature smirk and this slight softness you didn’t know how to interpret and that seemed so unfitting for him.
“Boss we’re ready”, some man shouted out of one of the trucks.
“We’re coming”, growled Negan just.
You looked back at Alexandria, not knowing when you’d come back and what would happen if you did…
But who knew what the future held for you?
For Alexandria?
For your group?
For your brother?
And for that weird thing, whatever the heck it was, that seemed to evolve  slowly between you and Negan…?

part 10 (all other parts)

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Well, You Know What They Say About Desperate Times... [Chapter Three]

It was a good thing he didn’t take Mo’s incessant insubordination seriously.

“One of my traffickers from Hong Kong says you spat at him.”

“In the mouth.”

The fiery shade from his hair matched the tone of his skin. He was real burn up.*

Was this kid not even going to try to deny it? Or grovel? Say it was his mistake and he’d never do it again?

They both were in HeTian’s office building next to the speakeasy.
HeTian sat with his hands folded on top of the desk which separated them, and Mo GuanShan stood in the middle of the room without a chair. People didn’t sit in his office: they reported, and they got out. The days when he actually needed a chair were the days it came paired with a knife, as well as someone being restrained in it. His boys had suggested if he needed it when he called for Mo GuanShan to be brought to his office, but he just renovated this flooring so he’d hate to stain it so soon.

The kid whose back was straight as can be and arms unmoving by his sides suggested that the training Meng and the others gave the little booger* went successful, if it weren’t for his brazen glaring eyes.
They were in his direction, but not necessarily at him; more like he was staring down a recent memory.

HeTian sighed.

The kid was beginning to become more trouble than he was worth.

The one he had started a fight with was a handsome white male who was useful in transporting opium from the mainland to California and New York. People just didn’t question entitled blonde haired, blue-eyed white males. They could be strapped so much they’d have to walk with a cane, and authorities wouldn’t give much of a damn.

“Luckily for you, that one had been accused of skimming my uncle’s Triad in California. From the top then, Mo GuanShan. And don’t leave out any details…”


____ , I love _____.”

Mo looked up from drying a glass at the English man before him. He may not understand the language itself, but their accents and way of dress was distinct enough.

___ ___ ____ __ pretty.

What? 漂亮*?Was he talking about their canary*? He glanced to the jazz singer on stage in front of the pianist; a unique Chinese-African duo unlike any jazz bar or restaurant had in the entire city. Probably the country. It was ironic, the race known for classical playing, sing jazz with all the bravado of a goddess, and a Black pianist killin’ the keys but in a tux meant for a concerto.

He looked back to the white man in front of him, but his eyes were solely set on the one in front of him. On Mo.

“Can I offer you a drink, sir?”

You can offer me ____ __ your ____…


What is this asshole saying?!

He tried to keep a straight face. He was given a crash course in English, but most of the time the customers were either Chinese or just spoke the name of the drink they wanted and whether they wanted added rocks or not. Some would ask about their “special”, for which he was trained to get one of the Triad if they ever said those words, and then they’d lead them upstairs. He was pretty sure they were the buyers or distributors of their opium stock.

“I am…sorry. My English -”

‘Not verry good’?” the man said in an accent that wasn’t his own, and chuckled as if he made a funny joke.

His teeth gritted, “Is not very good. Sir.”

The blonde across slightly widened his eyes, “Oh, ho! ____ __ you! Your English is ______ ____ ____!“

“Thank you,” Mo guessed.
Best to get on with this so he can finish cleaning before the act ended on stage. It was usually when the customers flooded the bar, and this guy wasn’t talking nearly loud enough for his limited English to be of any use.

Hey, Mister Bartender… Why ____ you and I ____?

“Pardon me?”

You know, “getaway”, like “leave”?

“I have work, sir.”

Mo silently hoped this guy would take the hint. He didn’t.

____ __ ____ quick. ____ you and me in the back. I’ll ____ __ ____ your _____? How ____ fifty dollars _____?

Huh? Fifty dollars? Is this guy…what’s the word HeTian used?…'Propositioning’ me? Does he think I’m a prostitute?!

___! Stop _______ __ this chink! He doesn’t understand English!” Another white man stepped in, someone he recognized had been lead to talk shop upstairs, and spoke more to the asshole in front of him, but he stopped trying to get it.

Instead, Mo GuanShan switched into Chinese.
“You tryin’ to give me a fifty like it ain’t chump change, but you should know you British shitstains, you and your shit King wouldn’t be able to afford this Asian ass.”

That stopped the white men in their tracks, confusion etched all over their faces, but a cocky grin crossed over his own.
“Wha~t? You boys don’t understand Chinese? I guess I’m not the only one who can look stupid, ah? Here you are, in your fancy coats, with your fancy gloves, and your fancy shoes… Too stupid to know the language of the establishment you’ve walked your money into.”

The men before him suddenly grew angry. Did they understand him?
No… They just hated to hear and not understand a language that wasn’t English.

One of them grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him forward, but before he could give a threat he wouldn’t even understand anyway, he waited for the parting of his lips…and made sure what he spat aimed right between them.

The man gagged and his companion looked on in horror, but all Mo could do was laugh.

Gentlemen! You look ____! _____ me __ ____slate.

He looked to his right.

Of course it had to be fuckin’ HeTian walking up to the bar, giving a rapidly spun slew of words in perfect English he couldn’t hope to under- wait, did he say the word ‘translate’ earlier?? No -

Within moments, pairs of angry blue eyes set on him.

Well, looks like they understood what he’d said now…

But before the situation could escalate and they all started boffing* each other, Kwon, one of the brunos* standing at the door of the joint, took both the men by their shoulders.

“I think it’s time for you both to leave,” HeTian said in Chinese before switching back to English… But he couldn’t understand a lick of it.

Kwon navigated them to the door as HeTian walked ahead with the occasional twirl of his cane.

“GuanShan, did you understand what HeTian-Xiānsheng said?” It was Au Chi-Kung, bent over from trying to contain his laughter. Mo forgot he had gone to the back room to check on their stock on ice. They were similar in age, Chi-Kung being just a couple years older, so he was closer to him than other Triad members.

“What’d he say?”

The act ended, the patrons applauded the ones on stage, and he had to get closer and have the other boy whisper in his ear:

“He said, ‘Everything in this club is mine. You either buy the merchandise I tell you to buy, or you get the fuck out.’”


“What’d ya mean by that? What Chi- I mean, what Au said?”*

Was he…a slave? That he was “merchandise” that could be sold to a white man? If HeTian wanted it? It had bothered him since.

A tense silence proliferated between them and enveloped the office.

HeTian still had his hands folded together, and looked over Mo, but besides that, remained unmoving as if he hadn’t heard what Mo had said.

He didn’t seem he would ever say anything.

But Mo stubbornly didn’t seem like he would be leaving anytime soon.

Are you mine?”


“Are you?”

Hell no.

There’s your answer.

…..Well what did that mean!?

Mo’s mind sputtered, somewhere between confusion and irritation by the way HeTian unsatisfyingly answers anything. What did he mean? Did Mo have a choice in anything? Just saying he wasn’t gonna do something couldn’t have been enough, right??

Not sure where to go from there and still struggling for words, HeTian stood up from the desk and spoke before Mo could.

“You’ll be needing more English lessons, I can tell you that. You seem to be able to handle yourself with just your words as long as you can speak the same language,” HeTian briefly opened desk drawers just to close them, “Now, where did I leave that book?”

He bent down to get a look in a bottom drawer, but Mo still overheard the low mutterings to himself. “What kind of mook spits in someone’s mouth…?”

Under his own breath, Mo grumbled back, “The same kinda mook who hires a person who spits in people’s mouths.”

HeTian’s head lifted behind the desk, and Mo saw the slow pull of his lips into a genuine smile.

He couldn’t help but reciprocate.


*burn up - seething, really angry
*booger - brat
*漂亮 piàoliang (peeyow leeyang) = pretty. It’s a pretty well known English word and one of the first rods you learn in Chinese, so I figured the same was opposite.
*canary - a singer
*boffing - to hit someone
*brunos - hired gunmen or other tough guys
*It’s a more reserved time and I figured that people usually referred to others by their last name, and it was impolite to the refer to someone by their first name if they’re your superior.
*mook - a stupid or incompetent person

I’m encountering a problem here that I hope… I’ve reasoned out so no one who’s native Chinese can point out discrepancies. HeTian, Mo, and Meng, are Mandarin names, while Triads mainly originated in Hong Kong. I justify this because different triads are based in different areas, and can contain Mandarin factions in Mainland China and actually kinda needed them for the opium transportations. I believe Mosspaca is based in a mandarin speaking city, so I kept the names the way they were, but will add more Cantonese names as we go on. The PROBLEM lies with whether it would have been better to have made them from the Tong, which is more Mainland China based, instead of Triad, but I think the Triad is more well known. So if HeTian was a successful Chinese gangbanger in NYC, it’d make more sense of him being Triad. But I need to figure out if the Tong and Triad are mutuals or rivals…

13 times Donald Trump could have said "stop it" to bias-fueled violence, but chose not to

1. In Richmond, California, a white man began shouting at Muslims leaving a mosque after prayer services on Dec. 4 and shouted, “I’m going to kill you all.” The man, who later pled guilty to making terrorist threats and was sentenced to 90 days in jail with three years probation, made several Facebook posts before the attack praising Trump.  (src)

2. During a basketball game at Andrean High School in Merrillville, Indiana, students held up a poster of Donald Trump’s face and chanted, “Build a wall,” at Latino basketball players on Feb. 27. (src)

3. A white Trump supporter assaulted two male Wichita State University students — a Muslim American and a Latino — at a local Kwik shop. He reportedly began chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump!” Before driving off, the attacker added, “Make America great again! You guys are the losers! You guys, we’ll throw you over the wall!"  (src)

4. At Beloit Memorial High School in Beloit, Wisconsin, on April 8, black and Latino soccer players walked off the field when opposing fans chanted, "Donald Trump, build that wall!” (src)

5. A 20-year-old black man was visiting his elderly grandfather in Cleveland, Ohio, on June 3 when a white neighbor threatened the pair with a knife. The perpetrator reportedly said to police officers, “The RNC will take care of them, Donald Trump will fix them because they are scared of Donald Trump.” (src)

6. A black father of three was verbally and physically assaulted by a white hospital worker when she saw him talk to a white mother with reportedly biracial-looking children. The woman also allegedly said: “Get your black kids out of here. Do you even have a job? Do you know what a job is, n*gger? This is what Donald Trump’s talking about, people like you.” (src)

7. While riding a New York City subway, two hijab-wearing Muslim women were berated by a white man who told them to “go back home and take their bombs with them.” He also reportedly said “Donald Trump is right,” in reference to the president-elect’s anti-Muslim rhetoric. (src)

8. A white man on a New York City Subway verbally assaulted two black women in July 2015. “Worthless stupid fucking stupid cunt,” he said. “Donald Trump 2016! Put them back in the fucking fields where they belong.” (src)

9. Black Lives Matter activist Mercutio Southall was choked and beaten by Trump supporters at a Birmingham, Alabama, campaign rally in August 2015. (src)

10. A black man and his white girlfriend kissing were stabbed by a self-described white supremacist in Olympia, Washington, on Aug. 16. The assailant reportedly told law enforcement that he had planned on attending a Trump rally to “stomp out” the Black Lives Matter group. (src)

13 and 14 are among the most frightening and violent on the list.

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A Court of Wildness and Ice

As always, thank you darling beta @saessenach , ily woman.


Chapter 2:

Out, out, out.
Out of this place, out of this skin, out of this monster, out, out, out.

“Nesta, the food is on the table. Are you hungry?” Elain’s soft voice drills into Nesta’s skull, the sound louder, sharper, but so gentle it cuts Nesta’s heart up like a blade

Elain, Elain, Elain

“No, I’m not hungry.” she wants to scream, scream at Elain’s softness

why aren’t you angry, why are you accepting this, why did you keep that jacket

“Mor says we will go to the Night Court in a few days, maybe earlier.” she says, taking little bites of some biscuits this damned place has summoned out of thin air.
Nesta doesn’t eat, can’t do it, the taste is too much, feels like ash on her tongue, tastes like years of hunger and anger.

“Do you want to go?” she asks, and Elain looks down, her eyes moving towards her room, to where that jacket lies, and nods.

Nesta closes her eyes for a moment, breathes, buries the pain that feels like a weight on her shoulder blades, it is her choice.
She doesn’t answer, her eyes drifting to the window, looking at nothing.
“Maybe it will be good, for both of us, and-” there’s that sound, that excited giggle, again, that thing, again, and as flowers and leaves grow out of Elain’s hands, she smiles, smiles like the day when that Morrigan told her that this was her gift.

No, Nesta wants to say, to roar, this isn’t normal, this isn’t a gift, this-
isn’t human.

“Nesta, look!” Elain looks so happy, so at ease, so quickly and Nesta wants to- wants to feel something, at least for her, but the water is still so deep and-
No. She’s not in there, she’s not drowning, there’s no blood on the floor, it’s in the past, she survived, they both did.

Sometimes Nesta wakes in the middle of the night and sees the King’s blood on her hands, as if she has dug her way into his ribcage to carve his heart out with her bare hands and she feels so complete and so empty at the same time and she doesn’t know what is worse.

Nesta hears the sound before the Fae appears and it’s like an explosion in her head, the loud booming makes her eyes go wide and for a second she just wants to hide.
But she doesn’t, she turns her head and looks at Morrigan, at the dark circles under her eyes, her blonde hair, her strange clothing.
“Good evening,” she says, her voice cheerful, but there’s something in it, a note of pain that makes Nesta wonder whom she is trying to fool.
“Hello, Mor.” Elain answers, her voice happy but cautious, and as she turns to talk to the Fae, it’s just a moment, a moment and her hair moves and her ears, her ears, the proof of how Nesta wasn’t enough, of how her screaming, her fighting, they all weren’t enough.
Nesta turns, closing her hands in fists until it hurts, trying to rein in her emotions, the whirlwind that is tearing her apart, stronger and stronger with each passing day.

And this place, she hates it, loathes it. It can’t give you what you want, it couldn’t give her what she needed, as she stood in front of a mirror those first days, and she-she just wanted something, a knife, a pair of scissors, anything to make her ears round again, normal, anything to give her some semblance of humanity again, but there was nothing, not in the cupboard, not in the drawers, nowhere.

But he has round ears, too

The mirror was in so many pieces after that, there was no hope of ever repairing it, and for every single day that the house put it together, she broke it and broke it and broke it, until one day all that was left of it were little pieces on the floor.

“Nesta? Nesta, did you hear? We’re going to the Night Court.”
No,” fury hits her like a wave, uncontrollable, absolute, stronger than she is.

No, no, no.

She will not go there, will not move, will not leave, will not-

“Being closed here will not help, Nesta. And besides, Feyre asked me, and I will do as she says.” Nesta turns, she feels every part of her body shift to something hard and cold “My sister has no right to make this decision for me and I’m not taking orders from her. Or from you.”
Nesta feels Elain’s gaze begging her to calm down, as always, to control her emotions, but Nesta just can’t.
“Your sister is my High Lady and my friend. She just wants you to be safe, Nesta.”
Nesta feels the venom rising up in her throat, the bitter and familiar burn of it, “Of course,” she says, “it worked so well the last time you and your people wanted to keep us safe.”
She sees the hurt, sees as Morrigan takes a step back.
And Elain, with daisies wrapped around her fingers, she takes Mor’s arm, a reassuring smile on her lips, “We are still very shaken because of what happened. I hope you’ll understand.”
The fae nods, her eyes shifting to Nesta, looking at her like she’s a child.
Nesta turns, her eyes drifting, her mind reeling.
In the Night Court, there’s-
She doesn’t want to go, but it’s one step closer to the King, one step closer to making him feel what she has felt, what they’ve all felt, and to knowing what happened to her sister.

But she wants it-she needs it to be her choice.

“So what happens once we’re there?” she doesn’t look at Elain, but she can feel her smile.
It doesn’t warm her like it used to.
“Whatever you want. You will be free to roam as you please. We could go shopping, buy some dresses. Something new.”
Elain smiles and asks of flowers, of dresses the color of the falling leaves in autumn, and Nesta’s fingers shake, going up and down on her gown, thinking of those dresses, the dresses that were in her wardrobe, at home, those pieces of fabric that were so important and yet so frivolous. She remembers her Mother’s words, how she thought a lady should always be well dressed in order to find a suitable husband; and now all those dresses, all those words, they will only gather dust, a distant reminder of the life they once had.
Morrigan clasps her hands, and the sound makes Nesta jump. The Fae looks at her, something like concern passes on her face, in her brown eyes.
The Fae takes Elain’s hand and stretches out her arm to Nesta and she sees the other Fae, his pointed ears, gripping her arms and dragging her out of her bed, the fear, the panic-

No, she’s choosing this, she’s choosing to go with this Morrigan, it’s her choice.

She doesn’t take Morrigan’s hand, but she gets closer, close enough for the Fae to do that trick of hers and in that moment, all she sees is the starry night sky.

thewordofthedayiscosplay  asked:

Not really a ask but I just have to say I love your rose quartz sword it is so awesome I would love to know how you made it if you would mind sharing

Okay so first of all this is going to be quite a long post so buckle up

Lets start by going over the stuff that you will need for this:

1. Something to use as the foundation of the sword - Cause lets face it, foam alone isn’t going to cut it. I used a wooden pole that I bought from a hardware store. You can also completely skip this step and simply purchase a cheap toy sword to paint over instead, its cool.

2. A yoga mat - Honestly I found this is the cheapest way to buy large amounts of foam for cosplay. 

3. Your finest primers - I can’t stress how important this step is. Without priming your prop before painting what you end up with is a less finished product and find yourself wasting more of your spray paint on trying to cover up the foam. Not a cool move. I used mod podge, a white undercoat paint and gesso primer to prime my sword, all with different finishing results which I will explain below. 

4. Spray paint - Yes you can use normal acrylic paint here instead but I found that spray paint gives you a smoother, more even finish free of brush streaks. Again I used a couple different brands here and I’ll explain the differences between them. 

Some other necessities:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Fabric Scissors or a craft knife 
  • A saw or just a really good serrated knife (you’ll see what I mean)
  • Window sealant???? 
  • Leather stripping/ a nice leather belt

Now lets get started!!!

So first of all I started buy taking away some of the thickness of the wooden pole cause otherwise when I applied the foam the pole would show through underneath. Now guys I dont own a saw so I literally spent about an hour using a knife to saw off little sections of wood until I had a wooden pole that was half as thick as when I had started. I Also left a section at one end of the pole untouched where my handle would be. 

Next I cut out 2 generic sword shapes out of the foam and glued them together over the length of the sword. Now if like me you also dont own a good pair of scissors/ craft knife and end up with really uneven/ unsmooth edges which are not very blade like at all then I have a nifty little tip for you. 

>>>> Secret tip <<<< Window sealant works really well at filling in all the rough edges along the foams surface. I literally bought this stuff for a £1 at a 99p store and honestly it transformed how it looked instantly. 

Seee you can see all the window sealant applied to the outline of the sword, 100x better. 

Now that brings us on to priming!

So like I was explaining earlier You. Need. To. Prime. If you skip this step your sword will basically end up looking like exactly what it is, a painted piece of foam. This goes for any cosplay prop (armour, other weapons, whatever) the finished result will look a million times better just trust me. 

Here I used about 3 or 4 coats of matte mod podge (great for smoothing out any rough surfaces) and then sprayed it with a white spray paint. Though honestly dont used the brand I’ve got crossed out above, it takes about 5 coats just to produce any coverage and each can only has about 2 coats worth in it.

Instead I’d recommend using a better quality white spray paint or mixing some white paint/white gesso primer together with some mod podge (again the mod podge will help here to smooth out any brush stroke lines as it dries. 

Time to paint!

Once I left the undercoat to dry (you will need at least a couple hours between each coat and another 24 hours for the sword to dry fully) I applied a line of masking tape where I wanted to protect the section I would be later painting silver and then painted the rest pink. 

Now guys let me talk about canbrush spray paint for a sec. This shit is super cheap but still produces the smoothest, most chip proof finishing layer ever like I’m in love with it. In fact the end result is so good that when I went to apply some weathering later on I could barely get a blade to cut through it or the acrylic paint to grip onto its surface so thats why I decided to leave the the pink looking nice and slick and used a different brand for the grey paint which was a little more easy to work with. 

Again after allowing long enough to dry (otherwise good luck trying to remove masking tape off a wet layer of paint) I covered up the pink layer with masking tape and plastic bin liners and spray painted the remaining section of the sword with silver spray paint. This is what it looked like before I weathered the silver section ^^^^

And this is what it looked like after weathering. If you don’t know how to weather then heres a really cool tutorial for you. Like I mentioned before, instead of using canbrush here I used hycoat spray paint for the silver section which turned out for be much more easily manipulated and susceptible to weathering. 

On to the handle!!

Again I cut out different sections of foam and then hot glued this bad boy together. I didnt follow any template patterns for this I just went with trial and error and whatever I felt looked good but if you want a little more help on this part I can probably whip up some templates for you. The rose on the other hand (again made out of the same foam) I made following this tutorial.  

I then once again smoothed out some edges using the window sealant but this time primed the handle using a couple layers of white gesso primer mostly because I wanted the finishing result to be a little “messier” as this would help with making it look like real metal once I weathered it. 

Get a load of that handle. 

So lastly as a finishing touch, again to try a make it look a little more fancy I used an old leather belt I had lying around the house, cut off the end and buckle and wrapped it around the handle, adding a little hot glue in a couple places.

And thats it! Final results: me looking like a straight up badass. 

You guys can also add me on snapchat (dormantfig) where I usually post my my cosplay progress.