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In the senator Anakin verse who will the council send as guard/protection for Obi-Wan? Will it be Qui-Gon? If anyone is enough of a renegade to teach the two force sensitives who are "much too old to be trained" a thing or two I feel like it would be him... ;)

“Oh, come in Master Jinn.” Obi-Wan stepped back carefully to allow the older man into the apartment, giving Bant a little wave when the knight was released from guard duty by Jinn.

“Thank you Ser Kenobi. Uneventful shift Knight Eerin?” The master questioned and she nodded.

“Nothing today so its good.” She gave Obi-Wan a hug and then headed out, ready to return to the temple for a swim and sleep. Lunch she already had thanks to Obi-Wan and Senator Skywalker.

“How are you ser Kenobi?” Qui-Gon turned to the redhead.

“I’m well thank you, been meditating with Bant a bit, had lunch with her and Anakin and then…been here.” He shrugged a bit before moving into the rooms.

“You sound a bit…bored.” Qui-Gon confessed as he followed him into the room.

“Just a little, I’ve always been used to activity. Now I am lavishing. Don’t get me wrong, its comfortable but I get…antsy.”

The Jedi hummed at that then nodded. “I can understand that.”

“Would you like a cup of tea Master Jinn?”

“Yes please and do call me Qui-Gon.” The older man followed him to the kitchen and watched Obi-Wan move about, steadily putting a kettle to boil and finding teapot and cups. “I would like to apologize.”

The senatorial aid looked away from the cups and to Qui-Gon in surprise, green eyes large. “I’m sorry? And please, Obi-Wan if I am to call you Qui-Gon.”

“Those are my words.” Qui-Gon gave a bitter smile then sighed. “If I had taken you as an apprentice, you would never have been caught up in the slave trade or-”

“Or meet Anakin. I’m not going to regret that.” Obi-Wan offered quietly. He looked back down on the fancy cups and then to Qui-Gon. “My road was hard and it was long. It hurt me several times and almost broke me even. But…” He smiled a bit. “But I’m here now. I’m making a change. I see a future here. And I want to make it a good one.”

Qui-Gon, who had clinched at the first words, settled a bit at the end, a slow smile creeping to his lips. “I see, that future includes Senator Skywalker then?”

Obi-Wan flushed but nodded. “We’re still talking, he’s very worried about taking advantage of me but I doubt he would.” He picked up the kettle when it whistled and the two let the silence prevail a bit as Obi-Wan added the hot water to the teapot and tea leaves.

Taking a tray and adding the pot, cups, a small pot of sweetener and cream to the tray, carrying it to the sofa.

“You still practice meditation then?” Qui-Gon questioned once he had a cup in his hands.

“It helped when I was far away from the temple, to keep the fear at bay. Or help me focus away from the pain I experienced.” The younger man confessed.

Qui-Gon nodded at that and then glanced out the window at the Temple in the distance. “Have you showed Senator Skywalker how to meditate?”

Obi-Wan couldn’t help a small laugh. “Yes and he can do it but he has issues sitting still. The Force around him is strong and like a maelstrom, it reacts to his emotions and will and its amazing to be in his presence when they are strong. Sometimes scary too because it feels like he could change the very way planets works with his will alone.” He mused into his cup. “But when his mind is still…I feel whole.” He glanced at Qui-Gon. “Since I’m no Jedi, I feel no shame in admitting that I let our Force energies mingle and give him a space inside myself and he does the same back.”

“You’re making a bond.” Qui-Gon marveled. He set his cup down and reached out a hand but didn’t touch the copper haired man. “May I?”

Blinking, not understanding for a moment, Obi-Wan’s eyes suddenly lit up in realization before he nodded and leaned his head forward.

The Jedi rested his fingertips to the others temple and focused, carefully skirting Obi-Wan’s shields so he could get to the point he was allowed to go. The bond that had been created between Senator Skywalker and Obi-Wan.

“Hmm, yes. Its not a pairbond but not quite a lifebond either.” Qui-Gon murmured, fascinated by the creation of the bond as much as the reason for it existing.


“No. But it could be, if you two bond deeper then this you’re sure to become fully life bonded by the end.” Qui-Gon pulled back from Obi-Wan’s mind, smiling at him. “If that is what you two want.”

“I want. But I think I’ll have to talk it over with Anakin. I won’t force him into something he doesn’t want.” The former slave rubbed his hands together, gnawing a bit on his lower lip before smiling at Qui-Gon. “I have a question though.”


“Would you be willing to teach me some katas? I remember that some could be applied to exercise in close quarters and I’d love to have more then just dancing to occupy my time.”

Blue eyes watched him closely. “You know…I could teach you more then that.”

Obi-Wan blinked before his eyes widened. “But the Cou-”

“I never really listened to the Council, I could teach you…a little at least. I can’t get you a lightsaber but being able to use the Force…well, I see no danger in teaching you how to float something around.” Qui-Gon smiled.

“…I’d love that.”

“Then its settled.”

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Does it say something that I have accidentally fallen head over heels with Stiles without even watching Teen Wolf just by seeing your posts over my dashboard? Do you have any suggested fanfics for a person who hasn't even watched the fandom?

I fell head over heels for Stiles just by reading fanfic and without ever watching a single episode of TW so I know the feeling:)

Play It Again by metisket was the very first TW fic I ever read and it made me love Stiles. It’s Sterek though, and time travel, and Stiles is a resourceful and crazy but adorable sarcastic little shit who baffles the Hale family, so if you like that, I definitely recommend this one.

To Save Them All by Goldenpetal13 is also another one I read early on; it’s also time travel but Steter with werewolf!Stiles, and very, very good.

Corpium has written some very fine Steter as well that shouldn’t be too hard to follow even if you’re not familiar with the gist of the show. I love all of them so I can’t really pick a favourite, though if you’re just starting out, you probably shouldn’t read the Pulled Taut series first since it’s a bit more gritty.

Everything by veterization. Just, go read them. There are some Sterek but I mostly go there for my Steter fix.

azerblazer has some good Steter ones too, and Green has written both Steter and Sterek.

owlpostagain writes awesome Sterek; here is the deepest secret nobody knows and will to follow through are my favourites, and both are post-S1 canon divergents so they might be good to start with.

outside counting stars by race_the_ace is a Stiles-centric fic with homeless!Stiles who falls in with the Hales. Derek and Stiles have a pairbond but they’re not romatically together, just besties/brothers.

The Misfire ’verse (and other Sterek fics) by unpossible/mothlights is Sterek with Peter&Stiles interactions that never fail to make me fuzzy-warm inside.

snow day (and other Sterek fics) by kellifer_fic is Sterek and fluffy with a solid plot and a dash of angst.

The Strength of the Wolf by tolieawake has no pairing but lots of Stiles/Pack interaction when he goes back in time to save his friends, starting with Peter.

alone in this crowded room by Spikedluv is another good Sterek fic, an AU with older!Stiles and an alive Hale family.

There’s Monsters at Home by calrissian18 is also Sterek, long and filled with Monsters of the Week, with Emissary!Stiles who goes to BH to help out Derek’s Pack. Slow burn relationship between Stiles and Derek.

And Come with Me and Walk the Longest Mile by DevilDoll is Sterek in the a zombie apocalypse world. One of the best apocalypse AUs ever imo.

Speaking of apocalypses, one of my favourite Steter ones is Surviving Peter and the Zombie Apocalypse by Nopennamesleft. Peter and Stiles first meet after the world’s gone to shit, and it’s pretty much a road trip together for the rest of forever from there.

nezstorm also has a wide range of Steter fics, everything from cute to angsty, short and long, and always good for a revisit even after you’ve read them.

KouriArashi writes both Sterek and Steter, and the plots they come up with are amazing so I recommend checking those out.  The Searching Ceremonies is probably my favourite Sterek series they wrote (still ongoing), and Sympathy for the Devil is probably my favourite Steter one, though the others are all a close second. I haven’t started Call My Name yet - I want to wait until it’s finished before I start it - but it’s a Stiles and Peter are mates fic, with Eichen House thrown in, so I’m looking forward to reading it.

And then there’s ShanaStoryteller’s where thou art, that is home, a Sterek series that’s practically the holy grail of BAMF!Stiles in a universe where he saves the Hales (and keeps saving them), and it’s a long-ass series that’s still going, and I adore the whole thing but especially part one.

1001cranes and Rrrowr have written separate and collaborative Steter fics that I always like to go back and read when the mood strikes.

And Ceris_Malfoy writes some dark and smutty goodness for Steter with excellent characterization of Stiles and awesome plot (when it’s not just smutty goodness which is a gift all on its own), so if that’s your thing, I very much recommend their fics too.

And of course, there’s taylorpotato who writes Steter like nobody else, but… Idk if you should begin with these fics, there’s lots of daddy kink and other not-for-the-weak-of-heart aspects, and they ruined me for life. Like, no regrets reading them but you should heed the warnings and prepare to dive headfirst into the dirty gutter of no return (in the best of ways of course).

There’s (a lot) more I could recommend, especially for Steter since I’m so obssessed with that pairing these days, but this is a nice long (too long, I didn’t mean for it to get this long) list to start with. Enjoy:)

Shadows & Pheromones Part Two

The first day of spring brought a shadow into Molly Hooper’s lab at St Bart’s hospital. Or rather, a man who looked an awful lot like a shadow.

Sherlock/Star Trek: Into Darkness crossover, omegaverse style.

Thank you for all your lovely reviews and feedback so far :).

Also thanks to asgardianruminations for stepping up to help beta this as well.

Molly was startled awake by knocking on her door, immediately aware of her mental exhaustion and the crick in her neck. She’d slept curled up in a tight ball and the single, thin pillow provided was little better than cardboard.

“I’ve brought breakfast,” Khan announced, his voice muffled. “When you are ready, we should continue our conversation.”

She didn’t want to reply, the instinct to bury herself under the blankets rising, but he spoke again.

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HI! About your dimension-traveller!obi-wan... how will Qui-Gon react when he learns that Obi-Wan has gone to the Senate to meet with the Sith Lord? Alone? Taking into account that the last time his padawan encountered a Sith he died? Thanks!!

The moment the doors of the council chamber were closed behind them Qui-Gon could no longer contain himself, grabbing Obi-Wan by the shoulders and giving him a slight shake, hands gripping tightly onto him. “What were you thinking, going in front of Palpatine alone?” He hissed, eyes wide.

Oh good, someone had told Qui-Gon exactly where Obi-Wan had been.

“I couldn’t exactly refuse a invite from the Supreme Chancellor you know.”

“Sith spit, you know who he is better then we do and you went in front of him alone.” Qui-Gon growled.

“Still, I couldn’t directly refuse him, its not a valid reason to go ‘I can’t have tea with you, after all, you are a sith lord.’, he would have killed me in moments.” Obi-Wan snorted then winced when Qui-Gon’s nails dug through his tunics.

A throat cleared and Qui-Gon pulled back, jaw clenched and the conversation obviously not over as they turned to the council.

“He requested you?” Depa leaned forward, worry on her face.

“Yes, under the pretense of having attended this galaxy’s Obi-Wan pyre.” Beside him Qui-Gon spasmed. “Apparently there are quite a few rumors about me swirling the Senate, or so was his explanation. Simple curiosity at a 'hero’ returned.”

“But you think differently.” Mace murmured, frowning.

“Considering what we know, yes. I’m a version of Obi-Wan Kenobi that lived past Naboo, that alone would make him sit up and take notice, to try and determined what kind of threat I could potentially be. He also wants to know how Dooku messed up and based on what I could read in his eyes, he would want to know how to best punish him. I don’t think the Count is in for a pleasant reunion with his master.”

“A threat he thinks you?” Yoda’s ears twitched.

“He may? So far I don’t think he really understands what I am. Who I am. He only has rumors to go on and whatever he knew of this galaxy’s Obi-Wan. If he knew what I have done, my knowledge or what skills I have for sure, he would more then likely consider me dangerous. So far he seems to consider the action that lead to my burnout a fluke, a chance of luck.”

Qui-Gon growled quietly beside him. “I still can’t believe you went to him alone. With a psyche burnout.”

Obi-Wan sighed quietly. “Qui-Gon…I’m not the one who went in front of a sith and died.” He offered quietly.

“…But you are what’s here now. We can talk about this more later.” Qui-Gon settled for under the watchful eyes of the council, emotions boiling under well built shields.

Obi-Wan nodded in acceptance.

“In front of the Supreme Chancellor alone you should not go again. Dangerous it would be, know much you do, many things which holds true for our galaxy as well as your own.” Yoda frowned. “If requested you are, someone you will bring with you.” His tone left no place for arguments though Obi-Wan didn’t want to.

All he wanted to do was to go to the quarters he shared with Qui-Gon and relax.

“Well you are Obi-Wan?”

“I have a headache from being in the mans company but else I’m alright.” Obi-Wan half smiled.

“If we are dismissed, I’ll take Obi-Wan back to our quarters?” Qui-Gon stepped closer to the copper haired man.

“Do so, Obi-Wan, on the next dispatch, you will be leaving the temple with Qui-Gon again. That will keep you out of the Chancellor’s grasp at least for a while. Though you are not to repeat what you did on the last battlefield.” There was a wry tone to Mace’s voice. “I don’t think the temple can handle anymore fans trying to get past the temple guards to catch a glimpse of you.”

Kit and Depa hid small smile.

Shaak outright sniggered.

Obi-Wan just smiled and shrugged. “To be honest, I still don’t know what I did. I’ve stopped blasters before but not like that, not as many as that. It felt like the Force was pushing me.” There were some scattered mutterings at that before they were dismissed, both Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan bowing before they headed out the doors and to the lift.

The younger man could feel the other boiling beside him.

But he was tired and rested his head against the others upper arm and shoulder, sighing quietly.

It seemed to deflate Qui-Gon. “He could have hurt you…”

“Qui-Gon. He wouldn’t have killed me in the office, not with dignitaries right outside waiting to talk to him who had seen me walk in.” Obi-Wan murmured. “And you need to remember that I’m not that Obi-Wan who died…you died in my galaxy and I fought Maul and I lived. I went on to kill siths after that and dark acolytes.” He offered quietly.

Qui-Gon wrapped his arm around the others shoulders, holding him close. “Can you blame me for worrying though? Wouldn’t you have worried?”

“I still halfway think this is a dream of some kind. A wonderful, painful kind of dream where you lived and I’m not alone anymore.” Obi-Wan laughed thickly before sighing, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “And any moment I’m going to wake up alone on Tatooine, feeling every empty space inside of me that belonged to others that I had pairbonds with.”

Qui-Gon’s arm tightened around him at that. “…How are you even sane Obi-Wan? Every Jedi in your life…”

“Honestly? I don’t know Qui-Gon. I don’t know.”

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That's it. I'm in love. Your dimension jumping!obi-wan's au is wonderful!! Can you continue it please? I want to see what Qui-Gon will do, and how the two Kenobi are going to break havoc (because there's no way they don't) and... can you imagine the sith suddenly appearing (whoever it is)? And older Obi-Wan flirting with them (like always xD) and Qui-Gon like 'wtf Obi-Wan?? This is dangerous!' (his padawan was killed by a sith, after all). Thanks! Love your writing! <33

“Hmm…” Obi-Wan looked to Ben at the noise, blinking as he followed the line of gaze to the pipelines over them. The pipes lead right over the droids and would allow one or two very quiet people to drop down in a ambush right into the pit of droids and give the hostages in the middle covering and a escape route, effectively doing their mission with minimal effort.

But it was also dangerous. The slightest sound would draw attention to them and promptly put both the Jedi’s on the pipeline and the hostages in danger.

And there was no way Qui-Gon was going to allow Obi-Wan to run of to do it.

Or Ben for that matter.

Or Anakin.

But it would be the most logical conclusion in what to do and the clones would give covering fire and take out droids once they had landed.

He looked back to Ben to meet matching green eyes and lips quirked in a half grin and a questioning head tilt.

Obi-Wan shrugged then looked to where Qui-Gon was quietly talking to Cody and quirking his own eyebrows at Ben.

Ben actually seemed to hesitate for a few seconds before giving a full blown smirk and shrugging. “Better to beg for forgiveness then to ask for permission.” He whispered and Obi-Wan grinned back.

It sounded like something his master would say and that Obi-Wan could feel comfortable in. He glanced back one more time to his master then nodded and followed the others lead, hearing a whispered exclamation behind them as they both jumped to the pipelines and started a quiet run along them, boots making next to no sound as they minimized the impact until they were right above the droids and hostages.

Obi-Wan crouched down to get a better look while Ben took in the whole picture, even as Qui-Gon made his displeasure known to both of them, one through a pairbond and one through padawan bond.

Obi-Wan sent assurance back while looking up at Ben who quirked a eyebrow and ran his hand over his beard before pulling his hilt of his belt as the two looked at each other.

It was conversation without words, without a bond.

Simple gazes and miniscule gestures.

Who knew them better then each other for all his older self had experience that trumped his.

Ben took two steps back on the pipe before moving sharply and pushing of the pipe in long jump, somersaulting through the air and landing gracefully like a feline on his feet, Obi-Wan pouncing on the other side with the same ease.

Moving fluidly Obi-Wan dispatched the droids in front of him, trusting Ben to do the same on his side as they moved be a barrier for the hostages to escape to where the troopers were taking up line and sniping down the droids they could without hitting their rather foolish Jedi’s.

“My my, it seems the Count was right, you two are clever.” A all to familiar voice purred for Ben and he shifted to make sure he was in front of the younger man as Ventress pounced from her position, activating both blades as two magnaguards followed her.

Ben put on his best smile as some of his hair fell into his face, cocking his head. “And that is a compliment from a fair lady as yourself.”

There was a loud choking noise behind him that Ben identified as Qui-Gon even as Obi-Wan blinked heavily. “…Are we suppose to flirt with the sith?”

“Strictly, no. A word of advice, avoid the electrostaffs, they tend to hurt.”

Ventress gave a low snorting noise and activated both her sabers with a strange kind of smirk. “Flattery will get you nowhere Kenobi.”

“A but one who does not try, nothing gains fair lady.”



BioShock 2 OST - Pairbond (Bioshock 2 Theme)



There are two songs that I love. “Pairbond” (which is the absolutely haunting and breathtaking piece in the video with all of the lovely strings) and “How She Sees the World”. But between the two of them, “Pairbond” is my favorite without a doubt. Those strings and violins will always haunt me, I will always love this song. When it first started playing in the game, I literally stopped so I could listen for a while, and it set the mood soooo perfectly. Beautiful beyond comparison.