Ladonia is a micronation in southern Sweden which was claimed in 1996 following a years-long court battle between Swedish artist Lars Vilks and local authorities regarding two sculptures. The claimed land is located within a nature reserve and the micronation is therefore not recognized by authorities.

In 1980 Lars Vilks created two massive sculptures, Nimis and Arx, made of driftwood and stone respectively. When they were discovered by the authorities the artist was ordered to remove them. Vilks appealed the order many times, but continually failed. Later, a third sculpture made of cement appeared, but the authorities were unable to prove that Vilks had created it. The third sculpture was removed amid much controversy, but Vilks gained permission to build a memorial so long as it did not exceed 8cm in height. The two original sculptures are still in place despite the order for their removal.

The official flag of Ladonia is a green nordic cross on a green background. As of 2011 it boasts over 15,000 citizens around the world. Citizens are to pay taxes by “giving away part of their creativity”.