pair: this is not a love story

I feel like I’m the only one who’s fine with the FT ending. It’s an open ending so I’m fine with it. Jerza and nalu are not “not confirmed canon” I’m hoping for a sequel or an epilogue but the ending is a good ending for FT in general. It’s the ending we can all expect from Mashima.
But it’s not over as Mashima did say he’s not done with the story and I doubt he’s gonna end it like this. He’s gonna milk the series till it’s every drop.

The manga ended but the story didn’t. So my fellow shippers grab your pen and start creating cause we still got alot of materials. We still have the pairings moments. We still have their love story. And out imagination knows no bound

Westallen is one of the best ships

To be Honest out of all the years I have watched shows, where there are many ships, and many pairings ,I must say that Westallen has touched me the most. The story of how love changes things, and can be said out by destiny and hope truly makes the ship so amazing. I love how much Natural chemistry they have, and it was not forced at all, it just.. for me the first episode when I saw them I instantly fell in love with the ship Westallen, and tbh I think that is kind of the main core of the show. Of how barry and Iris loves each others, and also how love, friendship, and faith helps them to get through the hard things in life. I love Westallen so much ughhh :))


why are their goodbye kisses so freakin sad ugghhh

366 Days - Part Three

Story Summary: Dean Winchester was the love of your life; and you were the love of his life. That’s why he sold his soul to save you, two years ago. By the time you and Sam had learned he’d done this, it was too late. And now with Dean gone, you and Sam were left to make it through without him. As time passes, you and Sam grow closer. But is Dean really gone forever?

A/N: Sorry this took so long to edit! I was sssuperr sleepy this morning.

Pairing: Sam x Reader (eventual)

Warnings: Alcohol withdraws (briefly), it’s angsty, but things start to look up in this chapter I swear.

Word Count: 1.8k


October 21st - 105 days after Dean’s death.

Simple gestures like holding your hand whenever you were on the road, occasionally sleeping next to you at night, and brushing the hair out of your face when you were down had been just some of the things that Sam had begun to do for you.

Not only that, but he’d also stopped allowing you to drink. He said that you would never learn to move on if you were busy drinking yourself to death; and it took you a few days. But you did it. Sam had been right.

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What are you afraid of?

Fandom: Xmen

Warnings: cursing, danger?, Angst, feelllsssss

Pairing: m/m Peter Maximoff x male reader

6. “Oh my God! You’re in love with him!”

86. “I’m tired of being your secret.”

Originally posted by leafywinchester

@cosplayinganimedork requested:

86 6 Hello! I love your stories. Can you do a Peter Maximoff x Reader story where the reader is male (I can never find any stories that aren’t female) based off prompts 86 and 6 where Peter and the reader are secretly gay and dating but no one knows because they don’t know how everyone would react? But Peter somehow accidentally gives it away to his friends that he likes the reader and then both have to come clean to everyone about their relationship? Thank you!

Answer: thank you so much for this request! I love writing m/m though I don’t have much experience with it so I don know how good this is. I didn’t really write the part when they were supposed to ‘come clean’, but if enough people want it I’m willing to write a part two. I was super inspired with this one so I wrote a lot, might have gotten carried away …

I hope you like it!

“Hey y/n, we’re going out tonight, wanna come? The last one to get a girl to dance with them looses,” Scott Summers waved, calling him over. Y/n winced internally, trying not to stare too long at Peter as he joined the four men. But the jovial silver-haired mutant didn’t even blink when he shook his hand casually and smirked.

“Bad luck my man, so far the bets are against you,” Warren chuckled while tapping his cigarette cinders on the damp grass. They were all grouped around a tree in the flourishing mansion garden, Kurt hanging from his tail, Warren and Peter leaning against it, the latter eating a Twinkie and jittering on his feet as usual, and Scotty sitting with his legs stretched out and hands behind his head, soaking in the afternoon sunlight. It was Friday, they only had an hour of class left before they were done for the weekend and training for some, like y/n and Warren, the latest recrutes.

They had met in the underground battle rings, on same sides, and after Apocalypse the Archangel had come back for him, having created a small bond of friendship with the mutant. He took him back to the x-mansion, where he became one of the X-Men. That, was when he met the funniest, most beautiful man he had ever seen. The one and only Peter Maximoff had swept him off his feet and charmed him from day one with his smirks and witty comebacks, and a few weeks later he fell desperately, miserably​ in love with him. A kiss and a confession later, Peter’s reprocicated feelings were brought out to daylight and they started dating. Peter was to scared to tell the others yet though: nobody knew of his sexual orientation and he had some really big rejection issues, but his lovely boyfriend was willing to wait, anything to make him feel better. Besides, he wasn’t out of the closet either.

“Maybe we could even ask the girls to come along,” y/n pushed aside his distressing thoughts, throwing a teasing look at Scott.

“Yeah, why not? I’ll ask Jean to tell them.” He could tell he was trying to sound casual, but everyone knew of both mutants neverending crush on each other, and it was killing them to watch them continue on ignoring it. Maybe tonight was their night.

The bell rang, and they all parted ways, exited to be over with it and finally go party. Y/n was mainly planning on drinking, at least enough to take his mind off watching the love of his life flirt and bat his beautiful, dark chocolate eyes at some random college girl in a cheerleader skirt. He hated it.

As he trudged up the steps behind Warren on his was to the training room, leaving some space so as not to risk a sudden flap of his giant wings, he felt something flash by him. He barely caught a glance of silver before he felt his heart flutter at the feel of soft lips on his cheek, familiar and warm. He smiled, but the instant was gone as quick as it had come, without a sound or anyone noticing. He realized he had pressed what felt like a wrapper into the palm of his hand. He gripped it tight, shoving into his pocket.

He waited until he was alone in the changing room after Warren had left before pulling the Twinkie wrapper out, feeling his lips curl into a small smile at the messy handwriting scrawled on in silver sharpie, which he had bought him as a gift to match his hair.

Meet me at our spot after class?

Love you babe


 He barely had the time to set foot into the small alcove that the mansion seemed to be full of when a hand gripped his arm an pulled him in, holding him captive with another hand on the small of his back. He let out an ungracefull “Hey!-” before he was cut off by soft, plump lips in a sweet, longing kiss, lips moving in sync, then tongues rolling together in some sort of dance. 

 “God it’s been too long,” Peter whispered when they broke apart, setting his forehead on y/n’s, staring at him with his giant, puppy-dog like eyes.

 “You were just in my room last night,” huffed y/n lightly. He snaked his arms underneath his boyfriend’s, hugging him close. “Yeah but Warren was there too, I had to pretend like I was just there for the ice cream. Why couldn't​ they have made us roommates? Imagine all the things we could do?” He laughed softly, making his chest rise and fall, resting his chin in y/n’s soft hair. Y/n kissed him once again, and was met by willing lips. “Yes, that would be quite fun,” he mumbled when the speedster started moving down to his jawline and neck, leaving small wet marks that made his skin tingle. He was right: it had been too long. But not like Peter thought. He pushed aside the thought that had been haunting his mind for a few weeks now, becoming harder and harder to bear. 

After a half hour of more kissing and soft, reassuring words he left, dragging his feet reluctantly back to his dorm. But his conscience wasn’t settled. He had tried talking to Peter before leaving, in vain. His boyfriend had clearly noticed he wasn’t doing to well. 

 “Tonight, after the party, we’ll go out, okay? On a date somewhere, I promise.” Peter had said. Y/n had just stared at his laces, not saying anything.

 “Why not at the party, Peter?”  he finally asked. Peter’s eyes took on a pained expression. 

 “You know why…” he looked down. 

Y/n sighed. “It’s been months, don’t you think it’s about time they knew? How much longer are we going on like this? Months? Years?” Now it was Peter’s turn not to answer, and he l simply looked away. 

 “I’m getting tired, Peter. Tired of being your secret.” he had said, then left without even a kiss. The though still bothered him greatly. But he wasn’t sure he wanted to know the answer. 

The lights flashed in tune with the boom of the bass, the rythm pounding with the beats of his heart. “Come on, y/n, you’re going to loose! Get out of the booth!” A sweaty Warren called while flashing a smile to the brunette pulling his hand. He had to admit, he had a deviously bad boy look that seemed to attract girls from mile radius, with a giant leather jacket (to hide his wings) and golden locks. “Even Kurt got the little redhead in the corner!”

 “I’m good man, just taking some beer, i’ll be right out there.” Handsome, but not as much as my boyfriend, he thought smugly. They hadn’t talked since that afternoon though, and he was starting to feel uneasy. 

 He searched the crowd for him, not finding that familiar silver jacket. Furrowing his brows, he got up, leaving his drink and dove into the crowd. He slid through the sea of bodies moving in sync, passing Kurt and a cute little redhead in a paint-stained sweater who looked too innocent to be here, but then again so did Kurt, and he went deeper into the club. Finally, he caught a glimpse of him. He prepared to go up and talk to him, hold him, anything to be with him, when he noticed the figure that had approached the silver-haired mutant. She was, to any straight man, the perfect woman, if you understand what i mean. She draped herself over him, taking all his attention. Y/n boiled in rage, then saw Scott give Peter a hearty thumbs-up and he thought he would explode. Peter responded with a wiggle of his eyebrows y/n knew was fake, then proceeded to grab the girls ass as she grinded into him. 

He felt his fingers curl into fists, his jaw clench. Y/n couldn’t take anymore. He pushed through the crowd, not caring about the drunken insults and protests thrown his way. He tried to look ahead through the tears blurring his vision, holding back the urge to punch the first person he saw until the floor was colored crimson. He passed booth, downing what was left of his drink and everyone else’s before running out the door. He passed Warren making out with the brunette, not even answering to his quizzical call, ran past the cars into the night. He didn’t know where he was heading, into the city, following the lights of racing cars, but he just kept on running. He was drunk off his ass, and he could feel the alcohol affect his poor judgement. But now a single thought ran through his mind, and he couldn’t get it out. 

 When Peter heard the surprised yelps his head whipped around and he felt his stomach drop. He saw that familiar head of hair he had spent so much time burying his nose in, and wanted so badly to call out to him and push the girl away. But Scott could see him, and Kurt was barely a few feet away. He wished so badly they would disappear,  wanted to kick himself for being such an idiot, regret making it hard for him to breathe. Why hadn’t he seen him earlier? He knew this would hurt him. Then the girl turned, looking up at him through mascara drenched eyelashes. She grabbed his chin, tilted his head, and for an instant her face was replaced by another, until he could feel her breath on his lip, could hear Scott cheering him on, she was so close, they were almost touching, her eyes closed and- this wasn’t the smell he loved. Those eyes weren’t the ones he had dreamed of waking up in front of every morning. He slid past her arms and raced through the crowd, barely a blur despite the throng of people slowing him down.

 Peter rushed out into the cool air, panic rising up his system. “Y/n!” He screamed.

 “What happened? I just saw him run out if here he didn’t even answer me,” Peter turned his head to look at Warren, a girl still under his arm, with a hopeless, lost expression.

 “I’m such a fucking idiot. I’m an absolute asshole.” He said, gaze still lost. A girl poked her head out of the bar. “Hey, come back! Why did you leave?” She pouted, yanking on Peter’s sleeve.

 He had snapped out of his initial shock, and he could feel the anger rising. He pulled back so hard she almost fell over in her ridiculously tall heels. “Get off!” He burst. “And go back inside and find some other fuckboy to screw tonight, I’m not coming home with you, alright?” He spat,”And you know why? Because I’m an absolutely fucking idiot, i’m a screwed up piece of shit who just let the love of his life run off crying and I won’t even be able to find him! He’s probably drunk on the streets being mugged or something and I’m here yelling at some girl with Daddy issues who probably doesn’t even know my name! I Don even like you! I don’t even like women! What the hell do all of you guys find in women? Just let me get my boyfriend!” He continued yelling when she had run back inside, terrified and claiming he was a phsycopath. He was left breathless, a deep pang fear taking over the blinding anger, losing his lucidity with the thought of what could happen to a drunk y/n alone on the streets. 

 “Oh my God, you’re in love with him!” Warren said, surprise in his eyes. A gasp could be heard behind him: he whipped his head to Scott who had come outside, seeing him run off, and Kurt peeked behind him. Peter huffed,  shoving Warren off, tears welling up in his eyes. Without a word he took off, not so much as a glance back.

Y/n finally stopped running, his chest aching and legs screaming in pain. The bile in his throat rose and he belched right there on the road. Where even was he? He looked around, hugging himself. The alcohol was wearing off quick, as always with him, and his lucidity was returning. It was completely dark, he couldn’t tell if he was in an alleyway or in a parc, all he knew was that there was hard concrete at his feet and something that could be a wall, cool and rugged, against his hand. 

 Suddenly light invaded the area from behind him. He realized with a sickened thought that he was on a street, the wall beside him was the side of the tunnel. His shadow shortened, and as he turned around the bright white blinded him, and as he heard the honk he braced himself for impact. He closed his eyes, and once again the same thought kept running through his mind, and at that moment be accepted he would never have an answer. 

 Is he embarrassed of loving me?

Awkward Attraction (Part 7)

Pairings: Roan / Reader

Warnings: Language (as always), fluff, craziness 

AN: Big thanks to everyone who sent me idea’s for what to do next with these two, main credits for this idea though have to go to the lovely @something–awesome and @selldraug. This part of the story is going to have a few continuing parts so the idea will continue in parts 8 and maybe 9. 

Find the other parts of this story just down here
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“You have got to be joking right now…” when Roan didn’t answer just continued to stare at you panic started to bubble in your chest “Oh god you’re not joking are you? You’re actually serious”

“Y/N everyone knows you sleep here most nights now anyway”

You groaned loudly, burying your face in your hands as you dropped down onto the edge of the bed. “How? How is this even possible?”

“We haven’t been trying to be subtle”

“No!” you jumped back to your feet shaking your head as you marched up and down Roan’s room. “No you haven’t been subtle. I’m very subtle, I’m so stealthy I’m a ninja”

He was trying very hard not to laugh at you. The sudden blankness on his face a dead give-away as to just how hard he was trying.

“Don’t you dare laugh” you warned him “I am so not in the mood”

“I can tell that”

You felt like stomping your foot and screaming at the same time. “How are you being so calm about this?”

Roan smiled coming over and grabbing your shoulders holding you still. “This is not that big of a deal Y/N”

“Of course it is” you whined “You want to tell everyone that we’re together, like in a relationship together”

“Which is the truth?”

“What are you making that a question?” you snapped out, just because you weren’t a fan of announcing your relationship to the world it didn’t change your feelings towards Roan. “You know it’s the truth”

“Then why are you so nervous about this? What do you think is going to happen?”

“I’m not good with people Roan” you whispered staring up at him. “Surely you must have noticed that by now?”

“You’re… unique” he agreed.

“If you tell people about us they’re going to want to talk to me. To interact with me” you paused having to look away from him “What if I screw it all up?”

“How would you do that?”

You snorted shaking your head “trust me my foot in mouth syndrome would find a way”

“Sometimes I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about”

“Foot in mouth?” he nodded “it just means that without me meaning to I generally say the wrong thing. Hell Roan, the first thing I said to you was that you were pretty. How is that normal?”

If it wasn’t for the fact that you looked truly upset Roan would think you were just being your usual sarcastic self, because he honestly didn’t understand why you were worrying so much. “I’ll be right there with you. You’re going to be completely fine”

“No. No I can’t do it. We just have to stay as we are. I can’t be in public like that Roan, I just can’t”

“Y/N we can’t keep this secret anymore. It just won’t work”

“Why?” you asked stubbornly.

“I’m the king. The ice nation crown is inherited”

“Inherited…” you took a moment for that to sink in enough for you to understand what he meant. “You mean children. Oh god you mean kids?”

“Hey” Roan grabbed your face forcing you to look into his eyes “take a breath” he ordered.

“I can’t do kids Roan” you gasped out “hell I barely manage to look after myself, I cannot look after a mini human”

“I’m not asking you to Y/N. Not yet. I’m just saying that people will expect it at some point and if I don’t pick a mother for them then the council will pick for me”

Your brain was literally racing at a thousand miles an hour, pinging around like a ball in a pin ball machine. Mainly you were just at panic stations a loud siren blasting in your head screaming at you to ‘abort’.

Roan could obviously see that in your face as well because he smiled sadly “too much for you?”

“Roan… I’m 20 years old. I’m not planning on settling down for a while now” Roan’s face did that whole impassive thing again and you knew he was getting ready for you to run. “But” you took hold of his wrists where he was holding onto your face still. “I do know that I love you and I can’t imagine my life without you, so…” you sighed taking a deep breath to steady yourself “so what do you need me to do?”

“You love me?”

“Did I say that?”

“You definitely said that”

Panic stations were starting to activate once more “nope, I don’t think so. Must be your hearing…”

Roan leant in and kissed you, mouth effectively silencing your babbling protests. “I love you too”

“You do?”

“Of course I do you weird, annoying completely batshit crazy woman”

“Alright… so tell me what to do. I’ll try”

“Just be yourself”

You smiled at that “Oh my poor innocent King, you are so going to regret saying that”

The Moon’s Love Story

Pairing: Reader x JB x Jinyoung

Genre: Angst

Words: 2816

A/N: This fanfic is dedicated to my dear @park9495​ who loved the Sun and Moon story that was told in my series: Look At Me. Also, I wrote this to celebrate JJ Project comeback. Yay!

Childhood friends. Saving. Loving. Words left unsaid is haunting.

Have you heard about the moon’s love story?

The three of you were inseparable since you were kids. You lived in a neighborhood close to each other and you have been best friends for as long as you can remember. JB, who reminds you of summer that gives you energy and courage to do things you never would have thought you could. Like jumping off a waterfall, rock climbing, and performing in front of strangers. And then there’s Jinyoung, a person who makes you feel calm and safe. A soothing presence to you that he knows the right words to say at the right time. Someone that understands you and accepts you without trying.

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“Because I love you” a Theo Raeken Imagine -> CHAPTER ONE

Originally posted by puxlineel

Hi everbody, this is my first Story I ever post here. Normally I´m more the fanfiction Reader then the fanfiction Writer, but I had this Idea about Theo in my head and I want to share it with you.

I have to say, that english is not my first language, because I´m a german Girl :).

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Warnings: I don´t know maybe pain and a little Brother and Sister Fight

So and now let´s get started with Chapter One :).

Your view:

When (y / n) arrived at the factory and saw what scenery she was offering, she could not believe what was happening there. She watched Theo fight for his life with the Dread Doctors, but Scott, Liam, Stiles, Kira and Malia were standing on the edge, watching the scene from a safe distance.

Because they knew that the doctors would not do them anything, because their goal was to kill Theo, cost it what it wanted. None of them wanted to help Theo, they did not see why they should save him after he nearly killed Scott, he should be punished for all his mistakes and die.

Theo´s view:

Theo was alone, he had killed all of his pack members. But at the moment he was fighting against the Dread Doctors, he was not even sure why he had done it.

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coffee and rainy kisses

request: Hi! I love your stories!!! Can you do a super fluffy Yoongi?!? 💕💕💕;

  pairing: reader x yoongi

genre: fluff !!! coffee date w yoongi !!

author: admin l

a cute song to listen to whilst reading: never in my wildest dreams by dan auerbach

 Your phone buzzes, groaning, you reach your hand out and grab your phone, only to be blinded by the bright light and spam of messages from your beloved boyfriend, Yoongi.  "I hope you slept well sweetheart"

 "wake up princess ㅜㅜㅜㅜ" 

 "meet me @ monet’s at 1:30 baby “ 

He always planned cutesy dates, he was a sucker for the cheesy, romantic things-but don’t tell anyone else that! Although he could act cold, when it comes to his Y/N, his princess, he melts into a soft little puddle. You rub your eyes, yawning.
Y/N: ahaa, baby I only just woke up ;;
Yoongi: it’s okay baby, just please come see me. I miss you. ㅜㅜ
You softly snicker, he is pretty clingy - but the good kind. You feel butterflies fill your stomach.

You walk into Monet’s, with the pleasant aroma of coffee, the comforting warmth, and a nostalgic vibe you can’t figure where from. The coffee shop looked very vintage with wooden furniture. You notice familiar fluffy black hair, glowing porcelain skin slightly flushed red from the chilly weather and small beady eyes puffing up from the now big, gummy grin spread across his face, from noticing his favourite human being who he missed so dearly.  His appearance complimented the background immaculately in his big, cozy looking, yet stylish sweater, black jeans and boots- he looked like an angel, so pure. The man approaches you, pulls you into an amorous embrace and holds you, your face pressed against his chest, “Ah, my adorable little Y/N, I missed you so much princess.” he spoke soft but contentedly, he smells of cinnamon and everything wonderful, you blush and wrap your arms around him, “I love you Yoongi.”

 "I love you too baby,“ his smile looks so ethereal, chuckling, “now come on shorty”. He may be alluring but he can’t help but pick on you a little. You both sit down and order your coffee, “Wow, is that enough sugar? I knew you liked me but I didn’t know you liked me that much.” You rolled your eyes at his bad attempt of a pun, “Haha, so funny, you know I can’t handle even the slightest tad of bitterness in my coffee.“ 

“You just like to be reminded of your sweet boyfriend, Min Suga, in everything you do.” He leans his elbows on his table and puts his hands on his face, pulling the cutest expression. You missed this massive dork so, so very much.

After some coffee, you two both go out into town, holding hands. He loves to show you off and claim you as his own, he holds a lot of pride for having you and protecting you from anything potentially harmful. “That guy stared at you funny I’m gonna-” he lowly growled,

 "Yoongi pleaaase no, stop it.“ 

“He’s gonna catch these hands.” You sigh, he really is such a dork, with his stupid remarks and stupid, adorable smile and stupid boop nose and stupid everything, ah, how could you not love him? The sky was slate grey, clouds looming in every shade of monochrome, not letting in even the smallest ray of sunlight. The calm before the storm. Suddenly, a mass parade of droplets start pouring down - You both run, holding hands whilst searching for shelter, laughing like children. “Yoongi-ah! Protect me!” He turned to you, chuckling with soaking wet hair and swiftly lifted you off of your feet and carried you bridal style and ran into the nearest place with shelter, it was a cramped bookstore. He stares down at you, piercing your heart with his soft, dark gaze and his admirable smirk, “Bet you didn’t expect that.“ 

“No, you’re so full of surprises, my heart skips a beat every time, it feels like a dream,” you blurt out, “ah, that was so cheesy!” Your face turns a tomato-like shade, “No, I want to hear more, tell me more at home, please baby,” Yoongi pouts, he wants to know how you feel about him in as much depth as possible, no matter how cheesy or cringe it is, and besides, he loves that kind of stuff. “Okay..”  you speak hesitantly. 

You both return home, “I’ll run a shower for you right away, I can’t let you get sick, stupid rain~!” He sounds a bit mad, but it’s only because he cares so much. After the shower, you dry off and change into Yoongi’s sweater that he left out for you, it’s a bit big but that adds more comfort. (oversized sweaters/jumpers ftw) You exit the bathroom and see Yoongi wrapped cozily in blankets, waiting for you. “Y/N! Come over here, it’s so cold, I need my baby girl,” You rush over to him and he traps you in this ball of blankets, “I’ve captured you! You’re all mine forever!!“ 

“You’re so fucking cheesy, it’s so adorable.” He holds you in his arms.

 "You’re adorable.“ 

“You are more so.“ 

“Nah, not even close, I could admire you forever, you’re a work of art, Y/N, you’re so incredibly beautiful inside and out.” You cheeks flush a soft pink,

 "I think you’re very warm and dreamy-there’s just something about you that I cannot put into words. You emanate this amazing, homely feeling to me. Like the feeling of warm water trickling down your spine, or the feeling of running like children in the rain, or the strong aroma of coffee making you feel fuzzy on the inside. Something stronger than love.“ You whisper, he gazes down at you, with an almost shocked expression on his face, “I’m sorry I-” He presses his lips against yours passionately,  it felt like a trance. “You’re a blessing. You’re prettier than all the stars in the sky. A true work of art you are. You’re my rose, you’re my light in the dark, my sun. How did I get so lucky to have you-“ 

You shut him up with a kiss, “Seriously, shut up you dork,”

 "Okay, midget.” 

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for a fic in wich Kenna tells Diavolos she's with child? I hope Im not bothering you, you're the best <3 i hope you have a nice day

Of course! Sweet Kenna and Diavolos fics are my happy place! 

Waiting, Hoping
By Misha

Disclaimer- Sadly Kenna and Diavolos (and the world they inhabit) belong to someone else. I just like to borrow them for a while, but I always return them unharmed.
Author’s Notes- I figure there is no such thing as a first response pregnancy test in the Five Kingdoms, so it would be more of a waiting game. Also, I picture Diavolos as noticing every little thing about Kenna and that influenced this story. I love happy Kenna and Diavolos and hope to write lots more of happy family ficlets in the future.
Pairing- Kenna/Diavolos
Rating- PG
Summary- Kenna waits and hopes for news that will change her life.
Words- 468

Kenna has never been so aware of her body before.

She tracks the passage of time carefully as a month without her cycle becomes two. Every additional day makes her heart beat a little bit faster with hope and anticipation.

She analyzes every symptom and change in her body carefully. Noticing the way that food no longer smells the same or how she can no longer get by on only a few hours of sleep.

She tells herself it’s too soon to know for sure and that only time will tell, but that doesn’t stop her from dreaming of tiny little fingers and sweet baby smells.

Diavolos is an observant man, especially where she is concerned, and she knows that she is not alone in the waiting game, though they never discuss it. But she can feel his gaze linger on her as she refuses a once-favorite food because of the way it makes her stomach roll. She notices the way he caresses her now-tender breasts with infinite care and can feel the hope that neither one of them wants to voice.

He holds her in his big arms at night and one hand inevitably ends up splayed protectively over her stomach.

Finally, two months becomes three and the symptoms continue to grow stronger and her once-flat stomach begins to show a slight swell and she is confident enough to talk to the local midwife. The woman conducts a quick exam and then confirms Kenna’s deepest hope.

She’s going to be a mother.

Kenna can’t keep the smile off her face the rest of the day, even as she impatiently wants her meetings and appointments to come to an end so she can be alone with her husband.

“Did you have a good day, my love?” He asks that night, greeting her with a kiss. It’s their custom to meet in their chambers before dinner and discuss their day in private.

“I saw the midwife today,” she tells him, placing her arms around his neck. She can feel him go completely still, as if too nervous to even breathe. His face is a mask, but she can see the hope, the longing, in his dark eyes. “You’re going to be a father, in the spring.”

Anyone else might be surprised by the look of awe on his face or the tears in his eyes, but not Kenna. She knows the gentle man beneath the tough warrior and knows exactly how much this means to him. How much it means to them both.

He drops to his knees in front of her and places a gentle kiss on her stomach, the place where their child is growing. Kenna runs her fingers through his hair and sighs with contentment, wondering if life has ever been better than this.

-          End

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I know we're saying Bob shuts down the ships, but he hasn't seen but the first script right? I guess I'm just worried that Jason is gonna butt in with some B/raven and B/echo in later scripts. He knew what stories were happening (like Raven learning to fight) and did mention all the hookups happening in space (people getting together, hooking up, breaking up over and over again). It sounds like we will definitely have multiple pairings in space including Bellamy pairings, b/c Jason hinted.

yeah i know, i always take what the actors say at sdcc with a grain of salt but i just love how much bob hates becho okay, it gives me life, let me have this one thing before they make them swap spit

Ignore the fact that Alya is proportionally too tall @alya-bug. I love your stories and know you have a thing for… well, Alyabug so have a cuddly pair of girlfriends for this author appreciation week.

Day 5 is Rarepair and there probably isn’t enough love for these girls in a romantic relationship.

My current Alyabug story favorite is “Chloe vs. Adrien! Fight!” It is hilarious and you should all go read it here.

.Good job Plec ! now give them klarol!ne and H@ylijah and lets end this shit!  Instead of giving a chance to the spicy/ electric/ intriguing and awesome to watch pair = KLAYLEY, you feed us some overly cringy / sickly sweet and most predictable pairings and storylines. No surprise here.

You couldn’t spot potential if it was right in front of you!  Its not just about the ship is about good writing and having a gold mine to work with and not exploring those actors talent to the maximum. PEOPLE are sick of the same old scenarios same type of cheesy love stories same predictable endings and most of all obvious fanservice that just doesn’t work for the story , does not tie it together and shows no evolution for the characters. They all just go back to the same old toxic relationships. Regartless of the sci fi genre the relantionship between characters are applicable in rl . The way some characters matured (Klaus and Hayley ) is inspiring. What is also inspiring is two flawed characters that initially had no ties and end up being tied for life because of one event . And what would be MOST inspiring is for them to find that real connection that they thought was non-existent.  But instead all the pairs that are explored are the ones who were “love at first sight”.It’s so cheesy and predictable that it’s just not fun to watch. Same goes for the storylines , the main character gets all the hardship and its still seen as vile. 

this will be the last show I watch that is signed by you that’s for sure

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Your Liam x mc fanfics are super good. Any other author recommendations who do liam x mc fanfics? Love your work💙💙💙

Thank you so much!  @hartfeld has a gorgeous one, but it’s super angsty. I’m trying to think of other Liam/MC stories. They are definitely the underappreciated pair. There was one in last week’s ChoicesCreates that featured the MC from LoveHacks that was really sweet.

As a kid, I used to think love was when you thought someone was pretty and they let you hold their hand. I would send out the letters to every girl that caught my eye and I would wait anxiously for a reply. I carried that trend into my adult life–pairing myself with any pretty girl that didn’t find me repulsive.

So when you asked me when I knew I loved you. I was tempted to say it was when we held hands for the first time and I felt it in my gut, but it was seven months later, a week after I met your family, that double date with your best friend and her loud boyfriend. During one of his many stories, you reached for my hand under the table and smiled at me because you knew how irritated I was getting. I tried to master a smile back at you but my lips turned to concrete. I felt it like I had never in my life: butterflies.

All my life I’ve been building walls and towers so high you couldn’t see what was behind; my fears and insecurities. Perhaps that’s why I always looked for battles and challenges, even when there wasn’t any. I always looked for ghosts to fight and demons to shoot so I would keep myself busy. Then, you came along and you made it easy for me. You laughed at all my jokes, especially the terrible ones and made me special, safe. I couldn’t fight this and I didn’t want to because it was the best thing to ever happen to me. I knew instantly that you didn’t want to change that part of me which always looked for the hard path but you would encourage it, standing by my side. So that’s what love is, not the absence of a battle, but fighting together.

—  A collab between my immensely talented friend @writingbykawelwa & @giulswrites
only reblog if youre autistic

reblog and tag your autism brand
tired autism:
- has insomnia
- autism is backed with major depression and eight thousand metric tons of trauma
- always has a headache/chronic pain
- has meltdown if strict schedule is disrupted
- is mentally 51 years old but also mentally 9
- eats a certain handful of food and wont eat anything else
- never tries new things
spicy autism:
- hyper empathetic
- loves friends but has a Hard Time
- loves spicy foods and foreign food
- has screaming crying tantrums/meltdowns
- makes weird noises
- tells stories of their life alot
- wears the same few shirts and one pair of jeans
stay at home autism:
- likes to be taken care of by others
- can cook kinda good though
- has one thousand pets
- never not dissociating. Always
- skips school a whole bunch and sleeps instead
- probably like five textures theyre okay with, the rest make them die
- has one friend maybe
manic autism:
- hallucinating right now
- “i promise ill stop!” They Didnt.
- tries really hard to do their makeup but is bad at it
- gets lost in fantasy worlds nonstop
- texts everyone, cant take a hint when they dont respond
- has eaten mcdonalds for a whole month straight and considers it an accomplishment
- identity changes every five minutes

The Sunshine Club™ is a network that mainly aims to promote positivity, self-love, and equality where you can share your love for animals, plants, art, poetry, and literally whatever the heck you want. You can ask for advices, develop friendships, and relationships with people from all over the world! This network will most likely be facebook-based (I will create a facebook group) so please before entering the club, make sure to have an fb account!


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🌻 things to expect on The Sunshine Club™

  • friendships! new pals with similar interests
  • positivity because that is the main goal of this club
  • the buddy project: every week you will be paired with a different member of the club that you have to befriend and converse with!
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🌻 things to remember:

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🌻 other notes:

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  • will only be picking max 20 bc i don’t think i  can handle so many ppl
  • i will add more ppl over time so yeppo, dont you worry this is 100% open to everyone but im just trying my best to keep it a little controlled right now wohoo

Inspired by The Marks We Make by @wittyy-name

I personally really enjoy this fic because I FEEL the internal conflict. This is a lovely written piece paired with amazing art by @wolfpainters. The story is an interesting concept and I highly recommend it. It’s still a work in progress so try not to rush the author. Good things come to those who wait.

I tried to convey Lance wanting to reach out and Keith’s conflict. The lighting at coloring obscured the expressions ; v ; sooo I was bummed. I’ve never really colored with warmer colors so don’t judge it too hard.