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When Ladybug and Adrien gave each other an air kiss


Senyuu Characters' Birthdays

*By month/day.

  • Alba: 3/6
  • Ros: 5/4
  • Ruki: 8/27
  • Foy(foy): 6/30
  • Janua: 8/1 (Why isn’t it in January?!)
  • Ares: 10/28
  • (Alba’s) Mother: 2nd Sunday of May
  • Teufel: 6/13
  • Crea: 4/5
  • Samejima: 7/23
  • Hime-chan: 3/3
  • Neun: 9/9
  • Rudo(lf): 6/5
  • Mii(-chan): 1/22
  • De(zember): 12/21
  • Zwei: 2/29
  • King: 0/0 (?!)
  • Minister: 4/2
  • Lake: 2/24
  • Salt: 2/8
  • Lym: 6/23
  • First (Rchimedes): 1/1 (a lie)
  • Juli: 7/7
  • Elf: 4/1
  • Lyman Oz Baum: 5/11
  • Elmer Toryuu: 8/15
  • Alf: 10/31
  • Bonus - Haruhara Robinson: 3/12

Sources for the birthdays are the image above, SQ, MQ profiles, and Wikipedia (where the citation was one of Haruhara’s tweets.)

You know what I used to do all the time, in the pre-digital world? Make mix tapes and give them to my friends. Yes, my friends. And they would often make me mix tapes. Because we had a mutual interest in each other’s interests. I don’t do it anymore because digital music kinda confuses me but I still force my friends to watch tv shows and movies that are important to me, so they will better understand me and get my references. I share books that I love with anyone and everyone who will listen and accept a recommendation. I text my friends and call them and sit close to them and make eye contact and smile like a doofus when I see them because I love them. I hug my friends and make inappropriate jokes with them. What I don’t do? I don’t want to have sex with them or be in a romantic relationship with them, because I just love them as friends. Platonic love is awesome and legitimate and worthy of storylines and plot arcs WITHOUT it developing into “something more.”


so @katikacreations showed me a bunch of Bond stuff and shares so many wonderful ideas about this tall glass of water that we drew him a little during my trip.

Again, this stuff is mostly based on an idea that Mark Beaks hires him again as a sort of body guard . and even tho that isn’t what he does usually Mark pays enough that he can’t really turn it down.

Also he is older than Mark by quite a bit so that is fun. B3

Yet another "professional"

Submitters Comment: Was scrolling through Facebook recently when I came across a girl whom I know personally has been doing unprofessional piercings. I’ve witnessed her pierce people multiple times in filthy outdoor areas without gloves or any sanitation before hand besides maybe water at best.

What’s Awful: She claims she has been doing it for years and assumes that is what qualifies her to pierce people. Also, that she has performed such doings on herself. She actually charges money-cheap or not-for these terrible piercings. She claims if something happens to the piercing, it is your own fault due to the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing. 

How It Can Be Fixed: DO NOT get pierced by someone who claims they’re a professional. Do your research, and remember that you get what you pay for.