pair: open your eyes

Just imagine John kissing Sherlock for the first time and Sherlock hesitating for a moment with his eyes open and then, as John reaches his fingers into his hair, he slowly lets his lips move and his eyes close. When John finally pulls away, fingers still in Sherlock’s curls, Sherlock can’t open his eyes, he never wants to let go of the feeling of John’s lips on his own. After a few moments of John softly massaging Sherlock’s scalp in the silence, he whispers quietly “Open your eyes.” And when Sherlock does, he is staring into the eyes of the bravest, wisest and most beautiful man he has ever known.


(Sorry, I had to - it’s just perfect ;-) )

(track list)

Vanilla Sky ~ Sherlock

There are suggestions in series 4 that Sherlock or, ‘someone’, maybe John, is actually asleep and dreaming; that the whole narrative is someone’s dream or several dreams.

When the track titles of the series 4 soundtrack were announced one immediately struck me.  The track titled, ‘Open Your Eyes’, shares its name with the title of the movie on which, ‘Vanilla Sky’ (2001), is based.  The movie is called, ‘Abre los ojos’ (1997), which means, ‘open your eyes’.  Beside the obvious reference to waking up, I think there may be a reference to one (or both) of these movies in this TFP.

So, basically, if you haven’t seen either of these movies *spoiler alert* because I’m about to tell you the premise and then the ending.  

Here’s a very basic outline of the plot:

A man has a terrible accident and becomes discouraged that he’ll ever find love.  Miraculously he overcomes some obstacles and does find love with the woman of his dreams.  He is very happily in love with her: his whole life is like a beautiful painting he adores, like beautiful music he’s memorised.  Eventually the plot thickens and he realises that he never really recovered from his terrible accident.  Everything that’s happened since then, his blissful happiness, has all been a dream.  Now, he has to decide, does he want to go back to this happiness, knowing it’s not real?  Or, does he want to take a chance at a real life?  One with no guaranties but with the chance at real happiness?  Well, he chooses to, ‘open his eyes’, and stop dreaming, literally and figurativley.

I just wanted to add this to the list of possible clues that someone may, indeed, be dreaming their way through at least some of what we’ve seen in series 4.

The fact that, ‘Vanilla Sky’, is a remake of a previous film may interesting in light of the fact that TFP is full of references to the movie, ‘The Ring’, which is itself a remake of the original, ‘Ringu’.  BBC Sherlock obviously being a new version of the ACD canon, makes this possibly something of interest.  Both, ‘The Ring’, and, ‘Vanilla Sky’, are also cross-cultural remakes, which begs the question of whether Sherlock is also a cross-cultural remake.  And what is the new culture into which it’s being remade?  Is it about contemporary culture?  And does this contemporary culture include openly gay characters?  To make an openly gay Sherlock Holmes, finally, could arguably be a cross-cultural remake.    

PPS I know that the title of this track is about Sherlock finding and comforting Eurus.  Please don’t comment with this information, thank you.