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Paris clashes after French police kill Chinese man


Father-of-five Liu Shaoyo, who was 56, was shot dead on Sunday night in Paris’s 19th arrondissement (district).

Police say he attacked an officer with a sharp object as soon as he came to the door and the officer was only saved by his bullet-proof vest. Another officer then shot him dead.

One of the man’s daughters told French media that her father, who spoke little French, had gone to the door holding a pair of scissors he had been using to prepare fish.

China’s foreign ministry lodged an official protest, urging a full French investigation and for Chinese people’s “security and rights” to be protected.

China’s intervention is unusual, says the BBC’s Hugh Schofield in Paris. The government in Beijing has spoken out in the past about the threat to Chinese tourists in Paris from criminal gangs but this is the first time it has implicitly criticised an action by French police.

Cutting ties with someone toxic that you’ve invested a lot in is like taking a pair of scissors against a chain. It’s not easy to break it but you damn well know someone who really cares about you will be ready to hand you a pair of bolt cutters 

  • Kara: *has been solar flared* Hey, I'm having some trouble opening this box, does anyone have a pair of scissors?
  • Lena:
  • Lena: *internally* don't say it don't say it don't say i-
  • Mon-El: Back on Daxam, we used swords
  • Lena: *sips casually from a tea cup, pinky elegantly extended* Darling, she asked for scissors, not a sword.
Crafting in Fallout
  • 3: Found blueprints, found parts, weapon is not as good as regular guns/grenades
  • New Vegas: Crafting weapons, ammo, equipment and food out of specific components that I've scavenged, player sees value to specific objects with varying degrees of rarity
  • 4: I built a wall out of 10 pencils, I can melt down and perfectly shape cans into fully-working gun parts, I made an advanced medicine syringe out of a pair of scissors and a tube of 200 year old toothpaste

But like, is Disney not aware of how much sense Cogsworth X Lumiere would be?

*They literally throughout the film argue like a old married couple.

*Im pretty sure Lumi is Bi??? He obviously kisses Belle’s hand and obviously tries to flirt with Babette, but pretty sure Cogsworth cockblocks him half the time.

*Cogsworth actors have both been gay??? His orignial VA is a open and proud gay man, and his present one is also openly gay.

*Both are pretty much together in every scene.

*Cogsworth literally takes one look at Lumi in danger in the castle fight, despite how Lumi annoys him- HE STILL JAMS A DAM PAIR OF SCISSORS INTO LA’S BUTT.

*Which led to Lumi kissing Cogsworth to thank him- like, LITERALLY KISS HIM TILL COGSWORTH QUICKLY STOPS HIM.

*Pretty sure they danced at the end of the film together.

What did Disney choose? Fucking. La. Fou.


LR Nicolive

Dummy Head mic time with Shimazaki Nobunaga
voicing a yandere with a pair of scissors~ 

Shimazaki Nobunaga:
Hey… Why don’t you look at me? Why is that? Hey!!
Why do you look towards other guys?
*Breathes in & out slowly
If you don’t look at me…Then… You’re not needed… Right?!?… Come on… Look at me… Love me!… Hey!!… Always look towards me!!
Don’t avert your eyes from me during recording!!…
You’ll always be thinking about me right?!!! Right?!!

this is going to be part of a longer post episode 7 fic but im posting it now because every time i think about jughead crying in the interrogation room without writing about it i lose a year off my life 

west of memphis 
characters: archie, jughead 
words: 1212

Tuesday he sits down and mutilates his school notebooks, using a heavy pair of red kitchen scissors to take out any strange doodles, any negative words, any pencilled song lyrics that are less than cheerful. His hands shake as he does it, as the HATE and BORED and I WANT THE ONE I CANT HAVE litter the ground around him like snow, spreading out in a semi-circle as he goes further and further back through everything and anything that can be used to incriminate him.

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Once again, I changed the prompts for the last few days because the original ones sucked, just fyi

Day 28 was absolutely satisfying to draw in every way

This is Niscient, the only uncorrupted black hole in the entire Iconoclasm Universe, which is why his appearance is so different from the others. He wields a half of a pair of scissors that can cut through time and space, and has a habit of turning into a roomba-like creature to scare newcomers.

Fun fact, Niscient used to be a persona of mine, and also one of my previous internet handles c:

Prompt #144

She stood outside the nightclub, shifting her weight on either foot, mostly out of nerves. “There you are Flo! I’ve been looking all over for y- hang on a moment I need to fix your dress.” Carlo was leaning out the door, security watching closely as she made her way down the line. She reached for the neckline of the dress, pulling out a pair of nail scissors and cutting a slit, then tearing it to enhance the small amount of cleavage that Flo didn’t own. She rolled her eyes impatiently before being grabbed by the hand and dragged ahead of the queue into the club…

OK, picture this

Star vs The Forces of Evil Season Three comes out, and Marco Diaz is on the search for Star. In one hand he has the dimensional scissors. In the other he has the magical vacuum cleaner from Quest Buy.

Marco Diaz: Interdimentional Warrior/ Janitor on a quest to find his best friend, wielding nothing but a pair of scissors and a dust buster.


Rochelle & Adelaide.

Morning hues

Yoongi wakes up to the sound of drumming against the windows. His eyes crack open to the soft light through the undrawn gap of the curtains. It’s bright enough to tell that it’s morning, yet too faint to be anything after 6 am. But it’s not the pitter-patter of rain, nor the inexplicable, random yet natural correspondence to mother nature’s call that rouses your boyfriend from sleep. Instead, it’s the overwhelming urge to grab a pair of scissors.

Of course, he likes your hair, but with it swarming over his face, Yoongi revisits the thought of shaving your head bald. It’s a fleeting reoccurring mental image that only strikes him mornings when his pores are being mercilessly attacked and prickled at. Everytime without fail it amuses him, causing him to chuckle low and deep at the thought of pressing his lips to the scratchy surface of your scalp. Does it feel like the way you sometimes do when he’s too lazy to shave? He might as well get you to shave, after all, since he’s going to wake up to you every day for the rest of his life.

But he ends up deciding for the thousandth time again that you’d look better with hair. Thus, Yoongi opts for something different, reaching his fingers over the back of your spine across to your shoulder and turning you over to face him. In response, you let out a groan as your find your cheek smushed against the hair between the pillow. Your subconscious reaction, of course, is to sweep up and push your hair out of the way.

‘Now you know what it feels like’ he thinks half-heartedly before brushing out the rest of the strands. Underneath, reveals your face puffy from the blessing of mornings, the bumps of acne and a trail of saliva.  

A strike of possessiveness squeezes at his heart. Yoongi wonders if the is the most beautiful version of you. While he likes you with makeup, you definitely prefer the makeup version of yourself. Sometimes, you squeak when you begin to wake up to the sight of yourself in the mirror. Too many times, you ask him how does he even stand the sight of your face. Maybe it’s out of selfishness, but Yoongi likes how he’s the only one who is allowed to one who gets to see your flaws first hand.  Even fading lipstick and smeared off mascara that boated your eyebags to match only serve to drag his heart against his ribcage and bang them over and over again.

“You’re staring.” You mutter, making Yoongi chuckle low and deep.

“It’s not sex. I promise.”

Had it been any other time of the day, you’d retort something along the lines of ‘that’s new’, but right now, under the light of not quite morning and cosiness of the covers, your mind only functions just enough so that your finger is pressed to your boyfriend’s face. Well, pressed on the left side of his nose. Now the love of your life only has one nostril to breathe from.


So he scoots forward so he’s close enough to breathe his morning breath all over your face. He presses his lips to the scowl on your lips until you relax. With that, Yoongi lets himself relax, and obeys your command, letting your scent lull him to sleep. After all, he’s got the rest of his life to wake up to you.