pair of palms

Twenty One Pilots Handshake Tutorial

Slow motion video: (x)

Start with your right hands!

Hand Pair 1: Both right hands

Hand Pair 2: Both left hands

  1. Slap (Hand Pair 1) palms together
  2. Slap (Hand Pair 1) backs of hands together
  3. Slap (Hand Pair 1) palms together twice
  4. Vertical fist bump twice (Hand Pair 1) (KEEP THUMB FACING VERTICALLY)
  5. Hook thumbs together and clasp them (Hand Pair 1) [SEE BELOW FOR A MORE DETAILED VERSION
  6. Clap your (Hand Pair 2) hands on your (Hand Pair 1) hands, clap above them, clap below your (Hand Pair 1) hands, and finally, clap them on your (Hand Pair 1) hands
  7. Hook pinkies and bring them up, down, then up again (Hand Pair 1)
  8. Once you bring your pinkies down, clasp spare hands together (Hand Pair 2)
  9. Bring the clasped hands, which are Hand Pair 2, down, use the other pair of hands to clap twice above the clasped hands (Hand Pair 1)
  10. Slap partner’s forearm (elbow area) once (Hand Pair 1)
  11. Pat your own forearm (slightly above the wrist) once (Hand Pair 1)
  12. Clasp hands together again (Hand Pair 1)
  13. Unclasp the hands from 11 (Hand Pair 2) and put it around your partner as if it is a one-armed hug (Hand Pair 1)


1) Face both hands upward

2) Interlock your hands by hooking your thumbs together, still faced horizontally

3) Move both hands so the backs are touching

4) Roll your hand under your partner’s while they roll their own hand over yours (YOU NEED TO UNLOCK YOUR THUMBS FOR THIS STEP)

5) Lock thumbs together again as your hands are in a hand-shaking position

Helpful tutorial if you’re still confused: (x) 

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Listen –
You are not a lonesome freeway with a history of accidents, or the damaged record of every pair of palms that tried to unravel you. You are not a regret, not a letdown. Here you are, living like a scarlet war – no part of you wants to be real. This is when you need to open like a bud to the arms that hold you; this is when you need to let them love you, even if you’d prefer to run from the sun into the shadowy sirens that call your name like a prayer.

Repeat after me – you are a vessel of roses, and you wont always be in bloom, but I promise that the frost never stays for long. I promise that the light will find you.

an open letter to anyone who still believes all lives matter.

from a pair of open palms,
from the sidewalks stained in our blood,
from sean bell’s fiance,
from the fifty shots fired into his car the day before his wedding,
from twelve year old tamir rice,
from a spilled packet of skittles, from the race card,
from the eighth birthday aiyana jones will never have,
from ferguson,
from new york, detroit, baton rouge, houston,
from waco,
from the black women who keep dying in police custody,
from sandra bland,
from symone marshall,
from tanisha anderson,
from iretha lilly,
from a hoodie,
from an untaxed cigarette,
from a case of cd’s,
a broken taillight,
from a completely functional tail light and just a wide nose,
from freddie gray’s severed spine,
from the last laugh to dance from rekia’s boyd’s mouth before it was mistaken for a gun,
from amadou diallo’s wallet,
from a bass drop in florida,
from the cellphone in their pocket,
from john crawford and walmart’s toy gun,
from the gun george zimmerman murdered trayvon martin with,
the same gun he sold for $200,000,
from august 9, 2014,
from the disbanded black panthers,
from the still active ku klux klan chapters,
from the kkk lynching in atlanta this summer, the one police ruled a suicide before they’d even begun investigating,
from kendrick johnson,
from the gym mat his body was left to rot in,
from the charges that were never filed,
from the man that was lynched yesterday,
from the race card that you created,
from this never ending list,
all with my kind of melanin,
from the hashtag I have nightmares of turning into,
from mamie mobley till,
from sally hemmings
and sarah baartman,
from a tuskeegee experiment,
from august 20, 1619
from july 4, 1776

show me a time when all lives have mattered to this country,
and i will show you a lie.

its time for you to recognize we are living different experiences.
focus on us is not exclusion from you, we just want justice.
you’re looking out into a country on fire, complaining about how ugly the ash and embers are.
of course it’s not pretty, freedom never is.
freedom blisters.

but you’re more committed to peace than justice to see that we are not the problem. so either help us put out the fire, or sit down.
yelling “fire!” when you see one is not starting the fire itself. bringing attention to an issue is not creating the problem.

racism is not a sand castle on the beach that’ll eventually be washed away with the tide if we never talk about it, it is the sand.
that’ll morph into whatever shape it needs to stay just under the radar, to fit into juuust the spot it needs…
that sand is the foundation of this country,
of our justice system.

And yeah maybe,
it’s not just us,
but justice should be just this:
once you get black lives to matter,
then all lives can.


Hot Toys Avengers: Age Of Ultron 1/6th scale Black Widow Collectible Figure.

- Authentic and detailed likeness of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron
- Newly painted head sculpt with movie-accurate facial expression and make-up
- Short curly brownish-red real fabric hair implantation
- Body with over 28 points of articulations
- Approximately 28 cm tall
- Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable gloved palms including:
- One (1) pair of fists
- One (1) pair of relaxed palms
- One (1) pair of palms for holding pistols
- One (1) pair of fists for holding batons
- Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

Costume :
- One-piece black colored jumpsuit with leather-like trims and blue highlights
- One (1) pair of red-colored wrist guards with Widow’s Bite bracelets
- One (1) black belt with Black Widow’s emblem
- One (1) gun holster on thigh
- One (1) pair of black colored platform boots with buckles

- Two (2) blasters
- Two (2) batons with real-like electric effect
- One (1) pistol
- One (1) dagger

- One (1) pair of real-like electric shock effect accessories
- One (1) pair of baton handles
- Specially-designed figure stand with Black Widow nameplate and the movie logo