pair of lions

I got so many requests for a sequel I finally gave in. Thank you everyone for the support! I give you doting Lance and my attempt at not turning this into Latte(I have a problem with putting that ship everywhere)

The Paladins had all gathered at the edge of the Den, cautiously peeking in at them. Black huffed at them before turning back to the the kitten painting the Pride’s claws.

Black was getting purple. The cub rattled on about his day as he brought the giant paintbrush up and down the metal, something about the Red kitten.

Black tilted her head. The Red cub was…annoyingly attractive?

Black turned to Blue who giggled out something about kitten crushes. Black sighed, her new kitten was so much better than the Red Paladin.

Green plucked up the kitten and pulled him over to the tin of paint she wanted on her claws, squirming around excitedly. Yellow nudged her with her muzzle, trying to settle the jumping Lion to the best of her ability.

Black nodded, semi authoriative, mostly to continue the allusion that she was actually in charge, what with the Paladins peeking in and all.

Blue and Red let a few snickers out at her authoriative nod.

Black merely sniffed and turned around, ignoring the Blue kits squaking at how her nails weren’t dry yet.

Green hissed as Yellow tipped her over, her stern nuzzling quickly turning affectionate. Blue eagerly jumped in as the cuddles began while Red jumped in and claimed Lance to finish her nails while the rest of the Pride was busy.

The Blue cub adjusted quickly to the new situation, but when Black peaked she could see the rest of the Paladins of Voltron gawking.

Black purred as she remembered when they first discovered that decided on a different paladin than the smol angry cub to pilot her majesticness.

The Paladins of Voltron awkwardly shoved through the door to the Hangar, frantic to get to the emergency meeting the high pitched voiced princess had called.

Black did her best to imitate Red as she stood stoicly(Red hissed internally) Yellow snapped at Blue and Green, immediately making sure no enabling occured.

The Red Paladin stood in front of the Princess, pathetically attempting to look more leadery. He bored Black fast, so she turned her attention to her new pilot(temporary pilot, Blue reminded her. Green aniggered in the background as Yellow tried to regain order). The Blue kitten was shifting back and forth on his feet, clearly feeling out of place.

The Pride hissed in unison at the thought of the Blue cub not feeling comfortable.

A sudden barge of banging on her particle barrier brought Black back to the most likely cause of the problem. With much effort she attempted at reigning in a snarle. Green happily informed her that she failed, Blue didn’t seem to mind because she eagerly jumped in on glaring at the pest of a Paladin. Red merely mooned longingly.

The princess started prattling on about how Black should accept the cub already. Yellow informed the Pride that they were not allowed to roll their eyes. Green immediately tired to pout, but that to wad shut down.

black looked back down to see the Red pilot had finally left her alone. Hmph. Good. Red purred.

Green perked up with the brilliant suggestion that she claim the Blue kitten now, Black nodded approvingly as Yellow gave up and sought solace with Blue, who was mourning the loss of her Paladin.

Black prepared herself to roar and beckon forward the Blue cub when the kitten himself stumbled into her particle barrier. Black moved her paws to catch him. That seemed to do the trick.

Black purred at the memories before moving herself to the Hangar doors and shutting the Paladins out. The cubs could bother them later, Black paused for a moment before letting the Blue kittens Kaltenecker to come in.

Would it scar her new pilot too much if she ate his pet?

Special thanks to the two lovely anon asks and @violet-the-vulpix’s personal hc that she put in my ask for helping me to put this together, of course thanks to everyone who liked this strange concept enough to ask for more. I might turn this into a collection of one shots but I’m not sure yet. :)

For everyone else who is rather sick of things right now.

Please enjoy these baby animals, and feel free to add your own.

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Valentines Skype Date
  • Guang-Hong: Is it chocolate?
  • Leo: No.
  • Guang-Hong: It can wait.
  • Leo: Please?
  • Guang-Hong: It's not fair if I open my gift while yours is still in the mail.
  • Leo: I'll send you chocolates if you open my valentines gift right now.
  • Guang-Hong: Deal. *Tears open package* Aw! This is adorable! I've never seen a locket with a plane on it.
  • Leo: I found it online.
  • Guang-Hong: What are coordinates on the inside?
  • Leo: Those are actually for the airport where we met for the first time.
  • Guang-Hong: This is so sweet... I feel bad. All I sent you was tea and a pair of socks that had lions on them.

okay. a theory about keith’s mom:

i don’t think it’s unintentional at all that keith looks pretty much human despite having galra in his blood. and i think his mother might have not looked very different from most other humans either. in fact, i think it’s possible that she could have been mostly human herself.

everything that went down between the original paladins and zarkon, including the separation of the five lions, the destruction of altea, and the capture of the red lion by zarkon’s forces, would have had to have happened 10,000 years before the show even began.

there’s the theory that the original pilot of the blue lion (the lion that arrived on earth) might have been keith’s mom. (based on the fact that we know 1. keith’s mother is galra, or at least has galra in her blood, since keith’s father is human, and keith has galra in his blood, and keith got the dagger from his mother 2. she had to be on earth at some point to have been keith’s parent and 3. it’s very possible that the blue lion had been piloted by a paladin who was galra the same way the black lion had originally been piloted by zarkon.) BUT if the lion arrived on earth 10,000 years ago, that wouldn’t make any sense.

an alternative possibility would be that the blue lion arrived on earth much much later than that. and maybe its pilot was the descendant of the original pilot (and both the lion and keith’s dagger were passed down every generation or something like that ???) BUT if the lion had been passed down, that would mean each pilot would have known to stay in hiding so that zarkon wouldn’t locate them. which seems, eh. unlikely.

ANOTHER possibility is that the blue lion’s original pilot had been in a state of cryostasis (like allura and coran had been) for the time period it took for the blue lion to arrive on earth. (and woke up still young enough to get with keith’s dad.)

but still. if the blue lion arrived on earth carrying keith’s mom (descendant of the original blue paladin or the original blue paladin herself) then that would have happened only a few years before keith was born. and since keith is only around 17 years old in the show, that wouldn’t fit. as we saw in the first episode, the blue lion had been on earth long enough for ancient legends to be told about it and for magical cave paintings depicting its arrival to be painted on the cave walls far above the pit in which the blue lion remained dormant. if it arrived only about twenty or thirty years ago, that wouldn’t make any sense. so. yeah. also not likely.

WHICH is why i’m thinking, maybe the original paladin of the blue lion was galra, and they made it to earth, got separated from blue, and ended up getting busy with some human. and for all 10,000 of those years that passed, that dagger had been passed down, generation to generation. until it got to keith’s mom (who by that point, would probably look like your average human) and then keith. (???) (maybe???)

anyway … i can’t help but wonder. because, like, how WILD would it be if keith’s bloodline had some sort of connection to the blue lion ??? i mean, blue outright rejects keith and chooses lance over him. keith said those images on the cave walls had never lit up before, for all the times he spent observing them, until lance (and the others) showed up in the cavern. idk, and it would just be so wild that, for once, for something this big, lance had been picked as a first choice over keith.

Sorry to say this, but Kelly Slater and other surfers saying that sharks should be culled in big numbers are in the wrong. In the last 10 years 80 people have been killed by sharks. That’s not a huge imbalance or a big threat. There are areas where a handful attacks by sharks on humans happen every year and people are warned to not enter these waters. (The area which Kelly Slater talks about apparently saw 20 attacks since 2011, 8 of them deadly.) Yet that is still such a small number, compared to real common threats. More people get killed by dogs every single year. (Apparently 25.000 a year.) No one asks that all dogs should be killed. And are surfers forgetting that the ocean is the natural environment of sharks and NOT of humans?

You are entering the natural habitat of a dangerous (because of its anatomy, not because it loves to attack humans) animal, that can kill you if it mistakenly attacks you, and then you call for it to be extinct, so you can have some fun. That’s pretty ironic…

Servamp: Mahiru and the Shedding Lion

HEY GUYS! This was a fanfic based off what a few people and I were talking about in the discord chat. Also, @the-floofinator gave me such cute examples that I just had to use them! I really hope you enjoy reading this guys! So, without further ado, please enjoy!

This was the worst week of his life. Ever since Kuro was able to morph into his lion form, the Servamp has been learning how to do it, while keeping the size of an actual lion. So many things of the Eve met their demise. He was going to have a hard time explaining to his uncle how his coffee table broke to pieces. Even after Kuro had finally got the size right, Mahiru faced bigger problems than the broken things. Since it was Spring, Kuro’s animal form had started shedding its Winter coat, and while the Servamp was a lion, the male left gigantic balls and masses of fur. Wherever the lion went, fur followed.

                       “Kuro!” Mahiru yelled, after he slipped on, yet another, mass of lion hair that was on the kitchen floor. He was really sick of having to clean up all the mounds of fur. The brunet was sure that with every piece he collected, he had enough to knit a sweater. Hearing a yawn from the living room, the Eve sighed, and picked up the fur before stomping to find his Servamp. When he found the couch literally taken up by a black lion, he sighed. “Kuro. Can’t you stay in your human form until this stupid shedding stops? It’s literally getting all over the place!”

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Haikyuu!! Rarepair Weekend, Day 1: “Please tell me I’m your one and only or lie and say at least tonight.” - Give You What You Like (Avril Lavigne)

AkaKage. It’s really a beautiful ship, and what’s a good ship without angst? //slapped

Anyway, there’s a little LevHina and BokuTsukki, too. I’m not sure how well it follows the prompt, but it was definitely inspired by it.

Inojin’s Victory ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hold your horses Boruto, Himawari was just admiring Inojin’s tactic. [Like mother, like son.]

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imagine kic victor and yuuri on a trip for their first anniversary. they'd go somewhere extravagant (bc they've been together for a year; yuuri knows better than to put up a fight, and he secretly adores the entire thing)

“vitya, we have a dinner to go to,” yuuri says. 

victor only hums in response, pulls yuuri closer to him and wraps yuuri’s legs around his waist. the movement creates ripples in the water, and yuuri would feel embarrassed and self-conscious except for the fact that this is a private indoor swimming pool. for once, he’s grateful about victor’s expensive, extravagant whims. 

the pool sits on the 40th floor of the burj al-arab, and over victor’s shoulder, yuuri watches as the sun sets over the united arab emirates. the streetlights flicker on and dubai shines impossibly brighter, every bit as polished and sparkling as its gold-clad, couture-clothed citizens. it’s surreal, how much victor keeps surprising him with these seemingly otherworldly places. he had thought paris was a fantasy. milan was a fairytale. singapore was simply not real. 

but this. yuuri thinks he’ll never get used to this. there are kiosks for easy gold in the streets. seeing helicopters carry lamborghinis and aston martins through the air to deliver to their owners are a frequent occurrence. this morning, yuuri even spied a pair of lion cubs reclining on the backseat of a maserati, heads hanging easily out the window and tongues lolling. (”people have them as pets,” victor had explained.) 

rich people are absurd, yuuri’s decided.

“a dinner, victor. we’re going to be late,” yuuri tries to push. tries to ignore the sensation of victor’s lips on his neck, victor’s hands kneading his ass under the water. 

victor sighs. “we’re supposed to be on vacation,” he complains, mouth disconnecting from yuuri’s skin with a smacking sound. 

“you’re the one who accepted a sit-down with the prince of dubai,” yuuri points out. he pushes silver hair out of victor’s face with a wet hand, gives a small smile as the water makes the strands stick in all directions. 

victor waves a hand. “we’ll just meet up with him next time,” he says breezily. he moves to duck forward and kiss yuuri on the lips, but yuuri palms his chest, pushes him back slightly. 

“victor,” yuuri says, incredulous. “he’s the prince of dubai. this is so last-minute, you can’t just–”

“and i’m victor nikiforov.” victor raises an eyebrow at him. 


and, yeah, okay. he’s got a point. 

“you’re the most absurd of all,” yuuri tells his fiancé. he drops his hand, allows victor to recapture his lips.

moments later, the prince’s butler receives a nearly indiscernible text. 

sicnelry sorry, mr nikioforv is unabl toma ke it tonght. -yk 

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I would like to put forward the (completely and totally not-at-all crack) theory that Thace is not dead, but in fact hiding in Coran's room, a fact that will not at all lead to a series of wacky hijinks on season 3 as Coran tries to keep him hidden.

lol Coran actually straight up told everyone that Thace is downstairs in his room but they like ‘pfft now way’ they think he kidding and then one day Hunk goes down to the lower kitchen because ‘DEAR GOD SHIRO WHAT NIGHTMARE HAVE U CREATED WITH YOUR COOKING IN THE PALADIN KITCHEN?!’ and Hunk enters the kitchen and sees Thace eating space cereal and wearing one of Coran’s shirt and a pair of red lion slippers.



Roman Military Parade Buckle with Gods, 4th-5th Century AD

Extremely Rare

A silver parcel-gilt military belt suite with an ithyphallic faun (Pan) with stick and pan-pipes; a facing Bacchus (Dionysus) with thyrsus and raised horn, lion at his feet and wine jug; a dancing maenad with pipes and swirling drapery; each in a pointillé tendril and leaf frame; buckle loop formed as a pair of opposed gilt lion-heads on textured curved necks, the tongue formed as a rectangular block with geometric ornament, protruding tail and flanking curved legs terminating in gilt claws.

Bacchus was the Roman name for the Greek deity Dionysus, a god who originally came from Thrace. He was closely associated with wine, fertility and the harvest, as well as being patron god of theatres and actors. A mystery cult developed around him that was extremely popular in the Greek and Roman periods, but which was viewed with suspicion by the authorities for its bending of social conventions. The mystery cults were based on sacred stories that often involved the ritual re-enactment of a death-rebirth myth of a particular divinity. In addition to the promise of a better afterlife, mystery cults fostered social bonds among the participants, called mystai. The followers of Dionysus derived many of their eschatological beliefs and ritual prescriptions from Orphic literature, a corpus of theogonic poems and hymns. The mythical Thracian poet Orpheus, the archetypical musician, theologian, and mystagogue, was credited with the introduction of the mysteries into the Greek world.

References by Herodotus and Euripides attest to the existence of certain Bacchic-Orphic beliefs and practices: itinerant religion specialists and purveyors of secret knowledge, called Orpheotelestai, performed the teletai, private rites for the remission of sins. For the Orphics, Dionysus was a saviour god with redeeming qualities. He was the son of Zeus and Persephone and successor to his throne. When the Titans attacked and dismembered the baby Dionysus, Zeus in retaliation destroyed the perpetrators with his thunderbolt. From the Titans’ ashes the human race was born, burdened by their Titan inheritance which could only be destroyed through the ecstatic worship of Dionysus.

Buffalo Lions are thought to be a subspecies of maneless lion. They are called Buffalo Lions because they commonly hunt and kill buffalo; however, it is said that they have been including humans into their diet more often lately. Unlike other lions, this subspecies does not travel in prides. Because these lions are maneless, it is likely that they are genetically different than normal lions, which is why many cryptozoologists believe they could be a new subspecies. 

The pictured above are a pair of maneless lions known as the Tsavo Man-Eaters. These two maneless male lions were responsible for a number of human deaths in March 1898. They stalked a group of construction workers’ campsite and several nights they would drag workers away in their sleep and devour them. 

  • Mahiru: You're right, Kuro.
  • Kuro: That's... That's an unusual phrase for you. Did you just learn it?