pair of dachshunds



5 pairs of suit pants
5 pairs of khakis
3 pairs of corduroys
1 pair of jeans (I know there’s another around here somewhere)
1 mysterious pair in white-and-rust plaid that I do not remember buying
Also have 2 pairs of pants unfit for further use, to go for rags

And just in case anyone wants to pull the “lol pants are underwear in the uk” joke that stopped being funny five years ago:

8 pairs boxer-briefs (assorted)
2 pairs Special Hiking Undies
1 pair skull-patterned boxer-briefs
1 pair dachshund-patterned boxer-briefs (Dachxers)
2 pairs Underwear So Shameful I Only Wear Them To Bed

Acceptable. Turns out I don’t need to make a run to Old Navy tomorrow evening after all. Also my new hiking hoodie arrived and fits, so hooray! 

wafflenull  asked:

Writing prompt: Non-murderous veronica and jd go to a pet shop and jd becomes obsessed with a little rabbit and veronica's all heart eyes

You probably thought I had given up on writing this… but no… I just procrastinated a lot because I didn’t like how it was turning out (sorry). 

BUT I finally pulled through and finished it, and I hope it isn’t too much of a disappointment.

It was Veronica’s idea.

They were on the way back from one of their weekly after-school 7/11 trips when it happened. One stray glance out the driver’s side window, almost deflected by the setting sun bouncing off the newly-erected sign, and suddenly Veronica was dragging the steering wheel in a sharp, reckless u-turn, hauling the car in the direction of the pet store.

Before today, the building had been a bit of a cursed location for businesses, with no store lasting more than a month or two. Over the years it had been a hardware store, then a Halloween decoration store, and at one point a photography studio. But today it was a pet store. Not one of the dumb ones that only sold fish and animal care supplies either; this was a proper pet shop with dogs in the window and everything.

One look and Veronica knew she had to see it that instant, before it disappeared like all the other stores seemed to.

And JD was there too, tumbling forward in the passenger seat at the sudden turn. He wasn’t wearing his seatbelt, as usual. He grunted upon impact with the passenger’s side door, but didn’t complain about the change in destination.

As the car rolled into a parking spot, Veronica grinned up at the marquee.

“Cmon,” she said, climbing out of the car in a hurry, “I wanna look at the animals before they close.”

JD quietly complied, following his girlfriend into the store like her shadow- a looming, slightly threatening in appearance shadow in a trenchcoat a size too big for him, but a shadow nonetheless.

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baykatt98  asked:

I have a pair of mini dachshunds and they both jump up on the couch. I've been told that's bad for their back, is there anything I can do to lessen that risk?

Jumping and going up and down stairs shouldn’t be a problem for dachshunds that are the correct weight and in good muscle condition, but it’s been spread as wisdom about the breed because not many pet dogs are that fit and are at risk for injury. If you’re worried, get pet stairs or make a ramp or set of stairs out of household items so they don’t need to jump.