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rainplague  asked:

what's actually wrong with the 90gal? :o

It’s a strange filtration system where it’s like an under gravel sump thing, but several of the species are sand burrowers but can’t because you have to have gravel with the filter. And then it also has this pipe that is the outtake that comes out this awkward spot in the tank and rains down on the rest of the tank but at a low water level and is just UGLY
And then the stand and the hood are so bulky that I can’t press it against the wall so it just sits awkwardly in my hallway taking up way more space than it should
Then the glass is double paned which means I CANNOT get the between layer clean
It has:
A south American lungfish
A black ghost knife fish
A pictus cat fish
A Raphael cat fish
A pair of clown loaches
A bristlenose pleco
A glass catfish
A pair of cardinal tetra
A peacock eel
A rosy fin tetra
And some nerite snails.

I think that’s it but honestly I’m not sure.
It’s like someone just barfed bad ideas in one glass box lmao help

Porch Report


So it’s Spring and many of the birds are back, even the Hummingbirds are showing up. We have 2 pair of Cardinals that are nesting close by, and they visit early in the morning. They get on the deck off the porch, so I can get a good look at them. Cardinals are beautiful, and the males really stand out in the back yard, against the green wall of trees they are easy to spot with their jazzy bright red suits. I think the female Cardinals deserve more attention. They don’t have the splashy red feathers, but look at their beaks - against their brownish color, the bright orange beaks pop. They are a favorite of mine. Give them a close look.

After (another) long wait, I’ve finally finished the next part of my Neighborhood Bird series with a pair of northern cardinals!  Usually we have a pair of them come visiting, and while they’re not as loud as the jays you can still hear them chirping.  Plus, when they do this little kiss, they’re adorable little things.

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other works in the series- five down, many more to go!

The birds have been interesting today. Besides the usual cat bird bullying the finches…

The Cardinal pair feeding eachother

A second Thrasher!

A Robin chasing a Blue Jay

And the resident Doves fucking on the porch

Want Tip: Getting Dressy with Sneakers

Anytime you wear a full suit, or combo a blazer with jeans or casual trousers, the look is completed by a pair of nicely polished dress shoes. But what about for times when your feet just want to be walking in something more comfortable and casual? Go for a pair of sneakers, of course! Cardinal sin? We think not. You just have to know how to mix these casual kicks with more tailored looks. Read this Want Tip and learn.

The Issue:

Dress shoes are essential, yes. Loafers, oxfords, derbies, we love them. Undeniably though, there will be times when you want to walk on something more comfortable than the hardened soles of these classy shoes. For these occasions, don’t be afraid to wear sneakers with your tailored outfit. Just take care that you don’t end up looking like a cheesy 90’s / early 2000’s pop singer in baggy pants, a blazer, and low-cut sneakers… there’s a difference between looking nonchalantly stylish and just plain immature.

The Tip:

Before you get dressy with sneakers, keep these 4 tips in mind:

1. Consider the occasion
Sure you can wear sneakers with a blazer or full suit for certain events, but remember that this style pairing is the exception, not the norm. If you’re going to a formal occasion, important business meeting or function, or a wedding, stick with the classic dress shoes. On your days off, or if you work in a more casual, creative industry, then you can get away with the pairing.

2. Wear with slim-fit jeans or trousers
Tailored yet casual is the look you should be going for; so, stay away from baggy bottoms– in general, you shouldn’t even have baggy pants in your wardrobe. Wear pants that taper near or just where the tongue of the sneakers end. If the jeans or pants you’re wearing is creating horrible looking folds when it hits the sneakers, they are either too baggy, too long, or too big for you.

3. Make sure the kicks are clean
Just because you’re dressing down the outfit doesn’t mean you have permission to look like a slob. Make sure the sneakers you’ll be wearing with your sharp outfit are clean as well. You polish leather dress shoes, so make sure you clean the dirt and mud off your casual kicks as well. 

4. Classic and low-key sneakers work best
There’s a reason why most sneaker-suit pairing is with Chuck Taylors; classic shoes work well for this look! Low-key sneakers can be easily be paired as well. Go for shoes with slim forms, basic and neutral colors, and not too much patterns or designs. Say no to athletic shoes; leave the highly cushioned basketball shoe for the court. Avoid fat high-tops with thick collars and tongues, while a few brave fashionistos can pull off the pairing, not everyone can successfully look dapper with these chunkier sneakers. 

The Looks:

(photos from: 1/2/3/4)

The Gear:

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Have a better idea of using sneakers to dress down an otherwise super dressy outfit now? Put your new found menswear knowledge to the test, and pick out stylish men’s sneakers on Wantering to create a not-too-casual-not-too-dressy outfit for your next night out!

Positive/Negative Aspect Theory





    Each Aspect has a counterpart, but it seems that they each take different sides. Both name and design of the Aspects on the “Negative” list are darker and lean towards a less happy name, with Space and Mind being the exception to the design rule. Even the meaning and abilities behind the Aspects fit into one category. 

     Negative doesn’t mean bad and positive doesn’t mean good here, but you can see what I’m getting at here. Each Aspect has a dark and a light side, but each has one more than the other. I’m going to leave this here for reference.

     Each pair makes up a very cardinal part of existence and both keep one another in balance; with life (Life), there must be death (Doom), or the world would become bloated and unsustainable. With thought (Mind), there must be emotion (Heart), or else we as humans would be robotic, depressive and unloving.