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Marshall Lee the Vampire King and Prince Gumball of the Candy Kingdom 

Marshall needs a low grade red fix on boys night

blaise/theo first date
  • it takes a lot of maneuvering and blushes and silences, but mostly a lot of years, for blaise and theo to actually confess their feelings
  • and it takes some more of awkward conversations until finally deciding to go on a date
  • they promise each other they won’t say anything to pansy or draco
  • theo even suggests an unbreakable vow, and blaise tells him if he’s not going a little too far
  • (when blaise gives in and tells pansy, and pansy tells draco, and draco comes to him demanding to know what he’s going to wear to their date, theo thinks that the unbreakable vow was perfectly fine)
  • theo just wanted to wear his favourite jeans and dark grey sweater, the one which is a little baggy and covers his knuckles, but he ends up in a suit with a turtle neck sweater because in words of draco malfoy: turtle necks are bloody attractive, so listen to me, nott
  • meanwhile, pansy tries to lecture blaise about the importance of using protection, but they end up sharing embarrassing sexual experiences while drinking gigglewater
  • the places they can go are limited, so they end up in a high end restaurant theo’s father and his friends often go to
  • blaise seems to fit in so well, in a burgundy suit with a half opened shirt and theo knows the heat expanding in his belly has nothing to do with the turtle neck sweater but the shrivels of dark skin
  • “you seem nervous, theo”
    “a-aren’t you?”
  • a lot of his father’s friends and acquaintances come to greet them during their evening, and theo cannot help to think with a hint of envy how charming and easy going blaise is
  • blaise intists to take theo home, which theo says it’s ridiculous because they can apparate, but blaise just insists and claims that chivalry isn’t dead
  • the nott’s manor is always too cold for blaise’s taste, too grey; and theo looks nervous and fidgety as they stand in the middle of his room
  • “is your father home?”
    “h-he’s in america this week…”
  • their date ends with blaise’s long fingers curled around his chin, and a kiss so urgent and so deep, it takes the little air left in his lungs
  • and a lot of more kisses and cold pale fingers pressed against warm and dark skin
  • the next week, when his father returns form his business in america he seems in a unusual good mood, and theo can’t almost believe when he gives him a squeeze to his shoulder saying: “so flint told me he saw you with that zabini lad, good to keep those connections, theodore, brilliant!”
  • good to him, theo’s father misses his deep blush as he moves away to serve both a glass of firewishkey as celebration

the next time he meets with pansy, blaise and draco, he tells them about the encounter with his father, blaise seems somehow relieved with a sided smile on his face, but pansy and draco start howling in laughter.

“well… your father isn’t missing the point though, you two are definitely connected.” pansy says with a shrug, before laughing again.

theo opens his mouth to say something but he’s interrupted by draco’s click of his tongue. “body fluids are a deep connection indeed. theodore, brilliant!”

he cannot help to turn a deep red while blaise just rolls his eyes muttering they are a bunch of idiots, but draco and pansy start laughing again after high-fiving each other.

* eternal uncertain groaning *
I really don’t know if I should have done this :D
I totally love the ship but my fear of JUDGEMENT is too big.
Probably won’t go to my dA.
I did by no means come up with Eddy’s hairstyle. I’ve just seen several artists do it and I really adored it so the credit is their due.

So, Aku and Blossom spontaneously decided to date each other in my Tomodachi Life file, and out of my morbid curiosity, a Google search turned up that this is an actual pairing with 400,000 hits and loads of fanart/prospective children.

Did…did I miss something here? Why are you guys pairing the noble superhuman construct with the ancient humanoid cosmic horror?

ok so im slowly turning back into a fnc blog and i feel like it’s the ‘im gonna see cnblue in less than a month’ excitement setting in ahahaaaaaa


Last year, the 13 members of Seventeen all sat down and wrote love letters to their Valentines and came out with the Love & Letter albums. But what if those love letters were for you? SVTNETWORK is hosting a secret admirer event where Carats can be loving and friendly with each other and receive cute Love Letters from their biases!

How this works:

  • It’s open to everyone – network members and those who aren’t! Members of the network will be paired first. Network membership applications are open
  • You fill out the form > another person fills out the form > we assign someone to be your Secret Admirer > we assign you to be someone else’s Secret Admirer > Secret Admirer sends you anons as your bias until Valentine’s Day > you respond as their Valentine and have fun > reveal yourself to your Valentine on Valentine’s Day!
  • Keep anons cute, friendly, and appropriate!

How to join:

  • Please reblog this post! We’ll need lots of participants to make this work
  • Have your ask box open and anons on! That’s the only way your secret admirer can contact you. Also, have your PMs open so you can get details on your Valentine.


  • You must be active with your Valentine/Secret Admirer! If you don’t hear from your Secret Admirer in 2-3 days or aren’t sure if your Valentine is getting your love letters, then message an admin and we’ll check in with them!
  • Let an admin know if you want to drop out! Don’t just disappear.
  • Tell us if your URL changes in case your Secret Admirer can’t find you
  • Use the tag “svtsecretadmirer” on any asks you get and if you make a gift for your Valentine. It’s easier to find the responses that way and to reblog your Valentine gift!
  • Sign off all of your Love Letters with your “name” (-love seungcheol, -vernon, etc.)

DEADLINE TO JOIN EVENT: 11:59PM EST February 7th, 2017

any questions can be sent to the admins (Si and Messy).

S1 Ep 24 GROW UP

Who’s a happy boy? Who’s a happy boy?!

Things to remember from this ep:

  • Numbuh 1 goes on solo missions without tellin g the team where he’s going or what he’s doing.
  • He also owns a jetpack.
  • Father has localized control over the weather with his moods??
  • Foreshadowing exists.
  • Also Numbuh 1 says they have a while before they’ll be 13? so are they 10 or possibly 9?? 3 years isn’t long kids.
  • The DC knock.
  • Hippie hop’s been fixed!
  • Aaaand he’s dead.
  • Numbuh 5 now knows the pasword for the Treehouse defense grid.
  • The really really destructive machine has missles, reflective shields, flaming chainsaws, tentacle arms, and a flyswatter.
  • Nigel is ageified as an adult for 2 weeks. During that time Sector V sits in a box.
  • Numbuh 4 is the hero we need and deserve.
  • Numbuh 5 majored in guilt tripping.
  • Numbuh 5 minored in considering the ideas of others.
  • Without the KND the DC are bored to tears.
  • The Delightful Mansion can be breached through the window by a Tasty Taste Icecream truck.
  •  Any adults can order the Delightful Children to do things against their will.
  • Father’s Fire powers can make cages.
  • He also has a really short fuse.
  • Grapefruit Sugarslides are Kuki’s favorite icecream.
  • Father can even grow horns.
  • Even after 2 weeks the debris of Sector V’s treehouse was just left there on the Uno’s lawn and the street.

Sick of all these people talking, sick of all this noise // Tired of all these cameras flashing, sick of being poised


The old man - the Dumbledore - stood and welcomed them to the enormous, hideous, freezing castle. It was exciting to see him in person, the draw of seeing the man who’d defeated Grindlewald, a man they learned about in endless lessons, only increasing the hype about spending a year at Hogwarts for the tournament.

Still, he didn’t appear so terribly impressive, she thought, gazing in some disappointment around the old-fashioned hall. It was a magical castle, was it not? Was this some strange British sense of humour to keep it so cold and unwelcoming?

A dark-haired girl hissed at her, eyes flashing ferociously, and Fleur’s interest was piqued.

She was still wearing the muffler that hid her Veela hair, so few people were affected but still… it was rather refreshing to be hissed at.

She watched the girl, studying her delicate features on the brink of blossoming… terrible hair and rather large teeth. She wasn’t pretty, exactly, and yet behind the hair and the overbearing way she was talking to her friends there was something that held Fleur’s gaze.

She pulled the muffler off (might as well get it over with, they’d get used to her eventually) and walked over to the girl’s table.

“Excuse me, are you wanting ze bouillabaise?”

The girl’s eyes snapped up and Fleur’s breath hitched for a second. The dark eyes were even finer up close, thick dark lashes clustered around, sweeping the sharp curve of her cheekbone, but more amazingly they were clear, unglazed, unblinded - and yet a soft rose blush crept along those cheekbones, cheekbones just pushing up through the roundness of her youthful cheeks, her skin clear, the last hints of a sun-kissed glow still warming it.

She was perhaps fifteen, she thought, younger than she’d seemed from across the hall and Fleur… Fleur felt caught in that dark gaze, eyes older than her face and tremblingly, soul achingly innocent at the same time.

“Yeah you can have it,” one of her companions said and the other girl dropped her eyes, staring in horror at her purple-faced, gurgling friend.

“You ‘ave finished wiz it?” she asked the girl, hoping to hear her voice again, but it was the other boy, the black-haired one who could speak, who answered and she gave up and returned to her table.

read here (part one)

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study buddies!!

(original network post here)

this is the next update regarding the studyblr 2017 network: I paired everyone (i. e. 400 people, I spent so much time on this hahaha kill me) up with their study buddy! So, while I set up the network page and add every member into the network list, you can start talking with your study buddy! Click on “keep reading” to access the study buddy list :) To everybody who missed the deadline: soon we’ll have another application process, so don’t worry, and tell me if I should notify you when it’s time!

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Did this piece for Amechu Week! The prompt was “Walls” and I guess my brain jumped to thinking of “the Great Firewall of China” and a long chain of thought later decided to do Yao and Alfred on their respective popular social network sites–WeChat and Facebook! The Internet sure can both connect and divide, depending on what you use, who you talk to, and where you live…

(also wanted to show different time zones I guess, like daytime in China and middle of the night in the US, hehe)

-Also: Firealpaca is lovely for linework