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how many of you other hunties n huntresses were G A G G E D when you were a little bittie just watching cartoon network during christmas time and Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer came on? Cousin Mel really was THAT BITCH! Grinch who? Scrooge WHO? Cousin Mel was serving looks on looks on looks while trying to take down grandma and destroy christmas! like her fit is so iconic. that Harry Winston necklace paired with the signature Hermes white scarf and a cropped Gucci blouse? like who is this bitch? and don’t even get me STARTED on that vintage YSL blue coat with real mink blue fur trim on the collar and cuffs? like when will your fav? Miss Mel is a legend and that’s that on THAT!

So at my very worst period of mental illness things were pretty freaking awful. I was dealing with psychosis, near constant panic attacks, what they called “severe bipolar 1” plus some sort of unidentified personality disorder. Basically, things were really really bad and had been for a long time. But here are some of the things that helped me when I was dealing with a 2 month psych hospitalization that summer 

  • Noticing the color of the sky 
  • Nice scented lotion 
  • Taking long showers 
  • Making sure that I was hydrated & well nourished
  • Taking deep breaths 
  • Playing guitar 
  • Keeping my living space neat
  • Putting on nicer clothes & doing my hair 
  • Journaling 
  • Exercise 

Honestly I was able to recover precisely because I started paying attention to moments like these. At the time I was still pretty miserable, but it was a major break through to realize I could appreciate the colors of the sky & grass, or the sound of rain, or the cozy feeling of a bookshop. It’s hard to articulate how much it changed things for me. 

Of course, I had a lot of other support too, and I’m not trying to say this alone cured me. I also know that stuff that worked for me in recovery didn’t work for my peers in treatment and vice versa. But I do beg you not to dismiss stuff like this that’s offered without judgement, like in self care posts. For one - you don’t know what the OP has been through & there is no reason to invalidate them or mentally people who do stuff like this –  You just can’t correlate the severity of symptoms to what kind of things help. 

And two - it’s not good to spread the idea that enjoying little moments, or doing common self care this is only for non mentally ill people. In fact, we are often the ones who can benefit the most. And it’s a shame to spread the idea that none of these things can work for any mentally ill person when that’s just not true & could prevent someone from doing something that could help. Treating severe mental illness is a big problem, but it’s often made up of lots of little changes

Just want to say that I really appreciate that Daesung still wears those earrings of his even when he’s dressed down, be it at the airport or out having a casual meal with friends. I like that he continues to wear them outside of band-related activities where he’s expected to dress up and don a little bling to draw the eye. They may be small, subtle, nothing flashy, but I always notice them, and I love them. Those simple silver hoops are a constant presence on either side of his sweet face, as steady and unchanging as I imagine he is.

Pouty Prince

Tonight is Bruce’s birthday, and everyone is going to come. Including Jason, Dick, and Babs even though they were busy planning their wedding for next week, Oliver will be there with Dinah.

But… There was one certain little guy, who didn’t like the idea of partying. Damian, your boyfriend.

You tried to convince him that it will be fun.

“Come on Dami! It’ll be a blast I promise!”

“No Beloved, I prefer to train than attending such unnecessary event.” He retorted, continuing to doodle whatever it was.

Did he think that his words going to stop you? HAHA Nope. He WILL come no matter how much he didn’t want to.

You tried for solid 9 hours convincing him to come with you, heck you even told him that you’ll go with someone else if he didn’t come with you.

“Damian Wayne, if you don’t come with me I’ll go with someone else.” You told him sternly with hands crossed across your chest when you were having a lunch break, you weren’t serious though just wanted to scare him.

“No.” He answered. That was it, you have to drag him.

He has to go with you no matter what.

You went to the manor, all dolled-up. Light makeup, high-low red dress, a pair red stilettos, necklace, earrings, bracelets and hair tied up in so it wouldn’t look messy.

Your stilettos made a clicking sound as you went up to Damian’s room, he was there just had a bath and a towel wrapped around his waist.

He was blushing.

“WhWhat are you doing!?” He exclaimed, clearly panicking as he stumbled to wear his clothes that were placed on the bed. You ignored him, walking to his closet you brought out his tuxedo.

“I’m sorry Dami, but I have to do this.” You apologized, you knew you were pushy towards him but you had to, you didn’t want to go alone. You knew no one, okay you knew his brothers but it would still be awkward without him.

Being an introvert is hard.

Helping or more like forcing him to wear the tux, you bit your lip as you tried to fix the tie to finish the look. After you were done, you dragged him.

You did drag him, literally.

Dragging him by the back of the collar, downstairs towards the room where the party was held.

Damian on the other hand, frowning the entire way and his lips poked out into a pout. You didn’t notice it until you were there and fixed his looks..Again.

“Aww, I’m sorry..” You cooed, fixing his messed hair. “I had to.” Kissing his lips after you were done.

He sighed, “It’s okay, just… Don’t do this again.”

“No promises my pouty prince!” You giggled as you linked your arms with his and walked towards the others. He groaned at you but walked with you anyway.

He was teased by his family, even Bruce mimicked his face when he was dragged down by you. Dick told you to do that again which made him received a death glare from Damian. But…

Yeah, you’re totally going to do that again.

It was cute.


Loving the cooler weather, might be rainy and beautiful this weekend. What are your weekend plans?
A great companion along with a:
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So i would like to do another giveaway since it is summer and i haven’t done one on here in a while!!

I think most of it will be things in my shop to help promote that too (bc i work much less in the summers but still need money haha)

So far i was thinking:

  • labradorite necklace
  • fluorite self standing tower (or maybe a dif stone not sure yet)
  • spirit quartz
  • rainbow hemp and gemstone bracelet
  • Other random stones
  • at least 1 other larger/expensive necklace
  • a few small/simple necklace
  • pair of gemstone earrings
  • maybe a $$ amount of credit to my shop?

Any other ideas you all would like to see?? or specific stones?? I am willing to do a couple things not from my shop too if there are any good ideas!

Also maybe i would do a 2nd and 3rd winner too and just have that be credit to my shop?

Girls Protecting Girls (Angelica Schuyler x TransGirl!Reader)


Anonymous said: Hey! I recently came out as trans to my mom and to celebrate i was wondering if youd like to write some transgirl!readerxangelica where they go to the store and someone says that reader isnt a real girl and ang sticks up for them? If not its okay haha i just really love your blog

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: Yes, of course! I’m really proud of you for having the courage to do that! Anyways, hope you like it!

TW: transphobia

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A Court of Night and Spring Pt. 1

Part 1| Part 2

My first ACOTAR fanfiction! 

Word count: 1016

Scene: Feyre wakes up in the Spring Court after last night…

I awoke, breathing hard, instantly ready to do what, I didn’t know, but I was ready. Once the initial bleariness had cleared from my eyes, I scanned the room frantically, trying to remember where I was, who I was.

Pale green, yellow and pink met my gaze. Exquisite vases, floral patterns and the largest jewellery box I had ever seen, filled with earrings and necklaces that, paired with the lacy, puffy number hanging on the outside of the wardrobe, would make me look like a living dress-up doll. The Spring Court.

Just the memories of all of the other times I had woken up in this room, afraid, panicked, made me want to run to the bathing room and hurl my guts up. It was a habit. I stood on shaking legs and tried to carry myself over to the toilet but they failed me and I fell uselessly beside the frilly sheets on the bed. What had I been dreaming about?

Flashes of hot lips on mine, rough hands roving through the countless layers of those horrible, constricting dresses flooded into my half-asleep mind. A strong body pushing me towards the bed, golden hair tangling in his shirt as he pulled it over his head. Golden hair.


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Valentine's AUs

• “both our dates stood us up so let’s just eat dinner together”
• “all I got you for Valentine’s Day was a necklace and pair of earrings but you got me a puppy and now I feel like my present can NOT make up for something as great as that”
• “we’re both single so let’s inevitably hook up”
• “you know what this day is just like any other day so let’s binge something on Netflix and eat our own body weight”
• “you were crying in the middle of the street because of your ex so I helped you up and now you’re fast asleep in my bed oh no”
• “we’re in a long distance relationship but I sent you one of those shitty Valentine’s cards that people make on the Internet with comic sans font”

Alone on New Year’s Eve

Word Count: 1570

Summary: You plan to be home alone on New Year, but Jefferson shows up and.. Idk just read the story

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Modern

Warnings: Panic attacks.

A/N: my first Imagine, and welp. I mean, i tried. I do like it, but it’s. Idk. Keep in mind that this is not my native language, and it probably sucks at a few points. Also Jefferson is so none-assholey? I’ll try to change that next time. Enjoy.

No. This is not at all how you’ve imagined the end of the year.

Almost everything went great so far. You had an amazing, well-paid job as a secretary, you could afford a decent flat, you’ve made a lot of friends and you even managed to fall in love with someone who might feel the same, despite the fact that you’ve just moved to New York. So why exactly did the year had to end with one of your worst fears?

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So today was @mistahboyfriend’s birthday, and being the Star Wars fans that we are, I made two bracelets from a pair of necklaces I bought.

Together they form the rebel alliance logo with Leia and Han quote on them. Now, my honey isn’t much of a necklace guy, so I thought this would be a better alternative for us. He loved it 💕

Iron Queen

Request: Tony request where the reader grew up poor and loves the luxurious life style she never had and comes off a little strong about that so Tony thinks she’s just with him for his money? Please 

Warnings: alcholism, poverty, general sadness

Word Count: 900+

A/N: first request from sweet anon, hope you enjoy it. @helllaellla @bovaria @marvel-ash @marvelfanfichq @givebuckyhisplums2k16 @starstar1012 @fairy-frills @annadier @buckystories @shamvictoria11

*gif not mine

send requests to my ask you have any!

Originally posted by duckbuttt

To say you had a different upbringing to the rest of the team would be an understatement. Natasha was trained in the red room ever since she was 7. Bruce had grown up normal, just a really smart kid. Steve and Bucky live through The Great Depression but say they were too young to remember it. The person whose life was completely different to yours was also the person who you had fallen in love with. Tony-damn-Stark.

You had had your powers since birth, some kind of mutation, so you’re father - or maybe-father - didn’t believe you were his. He called you a freak and left your mother to fend for herself, a single woman in a man’s world. She was so heartbroken that she fell into drugs and alcoholism. She tried to win back the money she had spent but ended up losing more that she could make up for. The most common memory you had of your mother is her passed out on the sofa, with an empty bottle of liquor in her hand and an empty kitchen. Because of everything going on at home your grades weren’t the best but you kept your head above the water. No one at school noticed how there were holes in your shoes or how you would have to borrow pens from your friends. Teachers thought of you as a nice girl but not university material, and you agreed. There was no way you could pay for it.

So when S.H.I.E.L.D approached you in the diner you were working days at, you initially thought that something had happened to your mother. Which it did, 5 days later. No one had noticed the damage she was causing to her liver, or the bloody towels in her bin. And you couldn’t pay for her AA meetings even though you had done everything you could to make money. Everything. Even the funeral sent you back a few meals so when Tony Stark offered to help you couldn’t help but love him.

The government recognised who you were. An enhanced being. So trained you to work with The Avengers and live in Stark Tower. The difference between the lives you had lead in the last few years was drastic and you couldn’t help but milk it.

‘Y/N?’ Tony had cared for you after the lose of your mother. Gave you anything you want. ‘Would it be inappropriate if I asked you out?’  

‘Of course not, Tony!’ You jumped up and put your arms around his neck.

The next year was amazing. He treated you like a princess, his queen. The team even gave you the nickname ‘Iron-Queen’. Time after time you would come home to a new pair or earrings or necklace. Every present he gave you earned an ‘I love you’ from you.

‘Do you love me?’ Tony was behind you in bed with an arm over waist.

‘Of course, I love you.’ There were two sides to Tony. The genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist, the Iron Man. And then there was Tony Stark. The man who cries at titanic and loves you unconditionally. The man who was slightly insecure. The man who saved you from the same fate as your mother.

‘Or do you love my money?’

‘What!’ You say up at turned to look at him. ‘Why would you say that?’

‘Because it’s happened before, women pretend to love me so I’d buy them jewellery and clothes. And leave me when anything got serious.’

‘Look. I know I’ve been a little over excited with your money, buying everything I wanted and more. But, damnit Tony, I didn’t grow up well like you. My dad left. My mum couldn’t even buy me a pen for school, as soon as I could I got a job so my stomach would be full. She was an unemployed alcoholic and I’m just not used to a luxurious life. But I do love you. I love you because you saved me. I love you because I see who you really are under that suit. And when I first met you I fell for you. You. Not anything else. If you lost all your money I would still do anything for you, because I’m in love with you Tony Stark’ by this point you had managed to climb on top of him, your fingers played with his hair and your thumb wiped away any tears that fell from his beautiful brown eyes. Your faces were almost touching and you could feel his breath on your nose.

‘I love you, too, Y/N Y/L/N. Would you like to become Y/N Stark?’

‘What?’ his hands shifted from your hips and moved to the bedside table. Where he pulled out small, red, velvet box. When he opened it there was a silver ring with a large diamond.

‘Will you marry me?’

Your lips cut his words off, giving him a silent “yes”. The two of you shared a passionate kiss and lost track of time.

‘Y/N’ he mumbled against your lips. You moved from them to his jaw and laid kisses along his neck. You hummed in reply. ‘Y/N. The ring’

‘Oh yeah’ you giggled. You brought your left hand up to his and he slipped it on your finger. ‘Perfect fit’

‘Everything’s perfect on you’ you rolled off Tony and turned to the side. He turned with you and put his arm over you. His placed a few kisses on your exposed neck.

‘Good night, Mr Stark’

‘Good night, my Queen’