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how many of you other hunties n huntresses were G A G G E D when you were a little bittie just watching cartoon network during christmas time and Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer came on? Cousin Mel really was THAT BITCH! Grinch who? Scrooge WHO? Cousin Mel was serving looks on looks on looks while trying to take down grandma and destroy christmas! like her fit is so iconic. that Harry Winston necklace paired with the signature Hermes white scarf and a cropped Gucci blouse? like who is this bitch? and don’t even get me STARTED on that vintage YSL blue coat with real mink blue fur trim on the collar and cuffs? like when will your fav? Miss Mel is a legend and that’s that on THAT!

So, as a thank you for putting up with me and my asks, and just a thanks in general, I made a matching pair of necklaces for Nochoco.

This also was a great bit of practice for my charcoal drawings, as I have never done metalics before.

Thanks again friend, here is to more theories, facts, and good fiction.

Valentine's AUs

• “both our dates stood us up so let’s just eat dinner together”
• “all I got you for Valentine’s Day was a necklace and pair of earrings but you got me a puppy and now I feel like my present can NOT make up for something as great as that”
• “we’re both single so let’s inevitably hook up”
• “you know what this day is just like any other day so let’s binge something on Netflix and eat our own body weight”
• “you were crying in the middle of the street because of your ex so I helped you up and now you’re fast asleep in my bed oh no”
• “we’re in a long distance relationship but I sent you one of those shitty Valentine’s cards that people make on the Internet with comic sans font”

violet-brooklyn  asked:


The hum of the city, the sound of heels on a post-rain pavement, and a twirl of brightly colored umbrellas. Pearl necklaces paired with stiletto heels, stiletto knives, smiles that can cut you down as easily as they can bring you up. 

send me your name for an aesthetic!

I’ve been tagged by one of my babes Bri @commvnderdamerons to do this thingo, so… ta, my friend! :D

Rules: answer the questions and tag 20 people.

1. How tall are you? 5′7″ and something (it’s like 172 cm?)

2. What color and style is your hair? Medium blonde with hazel/light blonde streaks, up to my collarbone and straight (except if I curl it lol)

3. What color are your eyes? (I’m gonna pretend like I don’t hate this question) blue-ish, with a ring of lime green around. Occasionally, they look grey-blue but whatever lol.

4. Do you wear glasses? nope XD

5. Do you have braces? nah.

6. What is your fashion sense? Chilled-out clothes, graphic tees, comfy sweaters and cute accessories (esp. earrings, I have like 200 pairs XD and pendant necklaces)

7. Do you have any siblings? I have an older sis, she’s a troll lmao

8. What kind of student are you? ok-ish? Like I’m pretty decent at school but sometimes I just goof around w my friends. Other than that, I pay attention and do pretty well on exams/pop quizzes and stuff.

9. What are your favourite subjects? languages (haha I have an advantage in English rn), art, sport’s pretty fun, too.

10. What are your favourite TV shows? Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Parks and Rec, sometimes other stuff lol.

11. Favorite books? A Court of Thorns and Roses, TMI series, I loooove the HP books, some good John Green ish is ok too

12. Favorite pastimes? writing, sketching (if I can call it sketching lol), listening to music, hanging with friends, being with others, travelling

13. Any regrets? Yes

14. What is your dream job? idk. TBH my most common answer is writer but I’m still figuring that bit out :)

15. Do you want to get married? lmao I don’t know

16. Do you want to have kids and how many? not sure yet XD

17. How many countries have you visited? 9 countries (I travel a lot lol)

Anyways, I tag: @poe-also-bucky, @mellifluous-melodramas, @thenightmarebeforebucky, @theassetseyeliner, @buckyslion, @thejamesoldier, @bucky-plums-barnes, @love-allthingsmarvel, @ursulaismymiddlename, @asirenscalling, @radical1995, @denialanderror @teamspider-man, @bovaria, @buckys-fossil, @buckys-shield @buckyshattergirl, @hisbarnes, @howlingbarnes, @imhereforbvcky and anyone who feels like doing this!! (I stg that should’ve been 20 people, if it’s not just spam me with gifs of people hitting people w chairs lmao) Sorry if you’ve already been tagged before or already done this! XD

#LVL Up Fashion

I love fashion. Especially geeky fashion. My most pinned board is the one titled, “Fashion”. 

I was intrigued when I heard #LootCrate had a monthly mystery subscription based on apparel and accessories. I glanced at the website, wondering if I’d actually use the items contained in the box.

So I got one.

“What the heck am I going to do with this?” I wondered, looking at the Doctor Who cinch belt. I stared, I thought, I browsed Pinterest. I began to put outfits together from November’s ‘Time’ and ‘Combat’ crates:

“Nuka Cola Convertible Tote” (zips up into a super small tote bag) with @heruniverseofficial Tony Stark Jacket, Guess heels and 7forAllMankind jeans.

“Doctor Who Tardis Cinch Belt” & “Seal of Rassilon Necklace”

Paired with an Express sweater and @castlecorsetry dress!

“Hunger Games Mockingjay” Necklace
(with screen accurate Steve Madden boots)

Attack on Titan “Scout Regiment” Tee!

I can see myself wearing these everyday, which, I DID! Even to work (ok-sans heels, but you get the point). 

If you want to check out #LevelUp, they’ve given me a discount code for you!

“AbbysLoot” and you can get it at

OH! And they even have a sock one! Makes a great gift!


17 Useful and Pretty DIY Ideas for Necklace

We know that necklaces can complete the outfits perfectly and can be worn for many occasions. We can pair a sweater by a crochet necklace or pair a strapless dress by a jewelry necklace. Because of the wide use of necklaces, we are going to introduce 17 DIY ideas for necklaces to you. The DIY crafts cost less as well as take a short time. They will be perfect when you take your patience on them

Some peeks at our vending overstock!
Instead of working on more vending stuff, i decided to procrastinate and took photos of them instead… needed a break from jewelry making for a bit.

Over 100 earring pairs over 60 necklaces, some ear hangers, single earrings, wall decor, wet specimens ( not photographed) ,bones ( not photographed) , cedar bundles and some vintage antiques ( also not photographed)
Been preparing for vending…. non stop <3
Will be at chehalis community college on the 1rst at a craft fair, leedy grange flea market on the 4th, curiosities market on the 5th and then we will be gone for a week or so to visit some friends on southern oregon!
Upon returning home we will be at the Pe Ell farmers market on saturdays, thirst for light from the 16th - 20th and then last thursday on the 30th.

Got lots more to make for overstock but have a nice little nest of items for now : )

If you are portland locals come find us at leedy grange,curiosities or last thursday! We will also be putting items up in Redux ( located in portland) and will be curating lots of fun taxidermy/bone display projects as featured artists for the months of october and november.
Super cute shop featuring various creations from all sorts of local artists <3
Shops located on burnside, go take a gander.

If you are a washington local, some find us at the Pe Ell Farmers market on saturdays and at Chehalis community college on the 1rst <3

Been somewhat overwhelmed but at the same time so very grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves, and for the opportunities still unfolding within these next few months.
Feeling blessed and excited.

(via The Witching Hour tunic tank Black with choice of print by SOVRIN)

One size.

This tank is fully handmade/hand sewn. Pattern by SOVRIN. Design concept features an over-sized hood, low cut sides, and a longer body. Material has a soft hand, great drape, and very little wrinkling.

Looks great worn with leggings or skinny jeans, and can be paired with any bandeau top or tank. Can also be paired with longer necklaces.

If print is chosen, it will be printed with WHITE eco friendly water based ink on the front of the tank.
Please see other listing for more print choices:

fits a size S-L
waist: 40"
hip: 44"
length: 30"

Machine wash cold delicate with like colors. Hang to dry. Do not use bleach.


forget the smithsonian come to my place for a personal showing of the captain america exhibit

exhibited is, lipstick, nail polish, earrings, compact mirror, compass and case, undercover necklace, two pairs of screen accurate peggy shoes, and the accurate uso shoes, silk scarf that peggy wears in the fondue scene, howling commando joy buzzer, ssr walkie radio, walther pkk, purse, combat bag, peggy’s ike jacket, ssr pins, agent carter hat, union jack’s hat, steve’s shield blank, and authentic war bonds poster that strangely looks like comic peggy carter.

not shown includes any reproduction dresses i own, AOU earrings, clip on pearl stud earrings seen in agent carter, captain america trading cards, accurate bra, garter belt, and stockings, spy camera pen, a vial of steve rogers blood, and actual tears shed because of steggy ruining my life.’s more the exhibit the smithsonian should put on for agent Carter


Since we have been sick these past few days, i started to get a bit restless in the evenings….. so  
I dug through our recycling pile and started making these little recycled cereal box pouches, these fit a pair of earrings or necklace PERFECTLY and it looks adorable with a few sprigs or feathers for an extra little perk.
So if you have ordered something recently, dont be surprised if you open your package to find… another package made from rice crispies cereal box scraps  < 3

All i did was cut the cereal box into sections, fold them, tape them down ( would look way better with washi tape) and then stamped them with some handmade stamps! Super simple and helps keep down the recycling pile.
Next batch will be cinnamon toast crunch and pumpkin flax cereal box pouches : )



Hey, like would y'all like if I paired up with a jewelry company to do a giveaway with a necklace of your choice. Here’s some of the styles of the necklaces. I’ve never done one, but I always thought it would be super cool to do. Like does it sound silly? Would you participate? Idk let me know your honest thoughts


Modern!Atem aesthetics. I might be just slightly too excited about Metrocon…

I’m most likely going to be wearing this on Friday. I found the pair of necklaces at Payless of all places. And for cheap, barely five bucks each XD I already had a belt I just decided to get a second one. Anyway.

I’ve been out all day and need to cool down before I do anything else. I really want to draw. But I am going to have to hold off for a while longer.