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Identity Theft

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Request: “63 and 67 separately jughead x reader please if its too much then could you just do 67 thank you”

#67 “Are you getting jealous?” - “You’re changing your outfit, now!”

Warnings: I think there’s more than one curse in this one? Also allusions to sex but no actual sex because I’m innocent

A/N: I didn’t want this to get sexual like it did but OOPS I guess I’m just really thirsty lately

Tag list: @1amluke, @betty-coopers-number-one-stan, @keepcalmandflywithtoothless, @lostinpercyseyes, @captainsuperfangirl

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When We Collide (Part 15)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“What are you doing here?” The confusion was written on your face once you opened the door to your dorm. You hadn’t expected guests tonight, it was Friday and you were supposed to be alone. 

Luke looked down at his feet shy as if he had forgotten the reason why, he almost looked like he wanted to be in disguise by the way he was standing against the door frame. 

“You said I didn’t know you.” He mumbled and ran a hand through his hair.

“So I’m here to learn every single thing about you.” 

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Love in Other Words
(Part Two of Two)

Part One

By the time Jamie caught up to Ian and Claire, Ian had worn down much of Claire’s resistance. When she saw Jamie and the pleading in his eyes, the rest dissolved. She had come for more than just herself; she had come to bring him news of his daughter and was slightly ashamed to have been so quick to run away.

That didn’t make the prospect of meeting with him in the house he shared with another woman any more palatable, however.

With Ian accompanying them on the walk to that house, there was little either was comfortable saying to the other. Luckily, the lad––who had come to Edinburgh to surprise his uncle and enjoy himself––was more than happy with the excitement of the unexpected turn of events.

“Mam says ye’re the one told her to start plantin’ potatoes and that it’s a right miracle ye did,” he informed Claire as he worked on recounting everything he’d ever heard said of her, the mysterious aunt who healed folk and seemed to have the sight––might even be a fairy or possibly a witch.

“That’s right,” Claire confirmed for him.

“Dinna talk yer auntie’s ear off before we even get home,” Jamie chided, then flushed as he caught Claire looking sideways at him.

Claire took a deep breath as Ian ran ahead to the front door of what must be Jamie and Mary’s house; it looked like the two houses on either side had crowded in on it and in response it had sucked in it’s stomach and raised itself on its toes in an attempt to be taller and skinnier.

Jamie’s hand was suddenly on her elbow helping to guide her up the steps and through the door behind Ian.

It smelled wonderful. Mary had meat roasting in a deep skillet set at the edge of the hearth and Claire thought she smelled some vegetables and butter alongside them. The space, while small, was clean, warm, and inviting. There was already a small pallet in one corner with blankets that Ian was arranging for his use that evening. There were a few shelves with books, a shadow of the study and library he’d had at Lallybroch; perhaps he had even printed those copies himself. A pair of chairs sat opposite each other near the hearth, a basket of knitting and mending next to one, the other in reach of the bookshelves. Claire could easily picture them sitting together in the evening, Mary mending Jamie’s shirt while he read to her.

Jamie kept contact with Claire, his hand drifting from her elbow to the small of her back as he led her inside.

Mary appeared from the doorway that led to the kitchen and dining area and smiled encouragingly at Claire.

“Supper will be ready presently. Jamie can show ye upstairs to wash if ye like.”

Claire turned to Jamie who nodded but she could also see the self-consciousness in the flush creeping up his neck.

The stairway was narrow and steep and Claire was incredibly aware of everything around her as Jamie opened to what could only be the bedroom he shared with Mary. The bed sported two distinct depressions––she couldn’t help noting the space between them; there was a single small table that they clearly shared with Mary’s brush and hair pins on one side and a small stack of paper with a bottle of ink and a single quill marking Jamie’s side.

Claire spotted the second smaller table with its basin and ewer and a small mirror next to the door and moved to do something that, after years of surgery, she found incredibly calming. Jamie poked around the room while Claire poured the water and scrubbed away the dust and sweat of her journey then dampened a nearby cloth to wipe it from her face and neck too. She caught Jamie’s reflection in the mirror watching her from a seat on the edge of the bed as she toyed with some loose tendrils of her hair, repinning them and patting down the frizz.

It was easier for her to begin while not looking at him directly.

“I thought he was your son,” she said quietly.

“I ken what ye thought,” Jamie admitted. “He’s more a son to me than any of Jenny and Ian’s other bairns––they’ve six and near twice as many grandbairns now… But I’ve no children with Mary.”

There was a beat and Claire waited for him to finish the thought or by any other women but when his eyes found hers––even in the reflection of the mirror––she could see that it wasn’t coming. His fear that she would flee again was also evident when his eyes drifted from hers to the door just a foot away. She swallowed then carefully rinsed and wrung out the dirty cloth she’d been using before folding it and setting it next to the basin.

“I do have a son, but I need ye to let me explain,” he begged.

Claire nodded and moved to sit beside him on the bed, her hands flat on the fabric of her skirt.

“Go ahead,” she told him keeping her eyes on the fading redness in her fingers from where she had scrubbed the skin hard from habit.

Jamie told her about his time at Helwater and Ardsmuir before that; about Major Grey and how his brother had spared his life after Culloden; he told her about the cave and the one night he shared there with Mary.

“When we wed––Mary and I––she said that night had been consummation enough though it was years before. That night before I was handed over… she was right––it gave me something that helped me when I went to Ardsmuir… but it took something from me too,” Jamie tried to explain. He couldn’t look at Claire but he could feel her sitting there beside him listening and saying nothing. “I think she didna want me to lose more of whatever it was… that what there was to gain wasna enough to justify that loss.”

“And… you lost some of that with… with the woman at Helwater?” Claire asked.

Jamie nodded. “I dinna quite ken what it is but… I think it’s to do with you… with the man I was when I was with ye; the man ye made me.”

“Did the boy––your son––did… did he give some of it back?”

The corner of Jamie’s mouth ticked up but Jamie shrugged. “Perhaps. He was a braw lad and did bring me joy though I couldna claim him for my own. I didna see him much when he was a wee thing––more when he got so he could walk and would make his nurses mad wi’ findin’ trouble. His mother’s family would ha’ let him commit murder wi’out taking him to task but he minded me well enough and the horses fascinated him. I could see… He didna have my hair––and thank the lord for small miracles for that… but I could see a bit of myself in him and the way he looked. I always… wondered…” Jamie peeked up at Claire then but she was still looking at her hands in her lap. “I wondered… did he look like his brother? Was Brian that old when he walked first or started talkin’… I didna think you would be so indulgent as William’s nurses were.”

“Brian?” Claire blinked, momentarily confused.

Jamie watched tears flood her eyes as his meaning settled and Claire reached for something in her skirt pocket, something that rustled.

“You can see for yourself,” she explained extricating a small packet that had some sort of shiny film encasing it. “But, your William doesn’t have an older brother,” she handed him the packet. They seemed to be some sort of printed paper but of a thick stock and with a shiny finish that was different from the transparent film that Claire had removed. “I called her Brianna,” Claire told him, adjusting the item in his hands so that he could make out the image of a swaddled newborn. “She’s named for both your parents, actually––Brianna Ellen. She did inherit your hair…” Claire pointed to one of the images that was brightly colored, the lass’ ruddy hair vibrant enough to touch. She moved that image behind to stack to bring a new one to the front. Brianna looked out from the photo with annoyance and disgust as laughs escaped both Jamie and Claire. “She’s got more than a bit of your temper and stubbornness too.”

“She’s beautiful, Claire,” Jamie said, his voice full of tears and his fingers gripping the photographs tightly.

She looked up at him with worry. His eyes were still locked on the photos though she knew he couldn’t see them through the tears.

“I’m… I’m so sorry I couldna… that I canna…” he mumbled.

Instinctively Claire slipped an arm around him and guided his head till it came to rest on her shoulder. The photos fluttered as his grip loosened and they drifted to the floor, his freed hands and arms tightening desperately around Claire. She clung to him, too.

“Do ye think… Do ye feel…” Jamie mumbled into her hair.

“What do I feel?” Claire asked before sighing and letting her head rest against his, her cheek pressed to the warmth of his throat. “I feel… tired. I’m tired of missing you; I’m tired of being angry with you for making me go; I’m tired of being scared of what you’ll think or what you’ll say.” As she spoke her tears flowed freely, wetting his throat and dribbling down the back of his neck. She was vaguely aware of his tears dampening the collar of her dress. “I’m tired of living without you.”

“Aye… In twenty years there’s not a day I’ve not thought of ye and longed to have ye with me… that I’ve no wanted to talk to ye or just have yer hand to hold,” he murmured. “Now ye’re here… If ye go again…”

Claire sniffed and turned her face away from his neck, keeping her cheek pressed to his shoulder but looking at the table with Mary’s things on it.

“And what about Mary? If you didn’t have another wife…”

Jamie’s deep breath shuddered through Claire causing her to pick up her head and pull back to look at him. He rubbed at his red and watery eyes.

“If… If Mary weren’t my wife any longer…”

“I didn’t come here to break apart whatever it is you’ve built with her,” Claire interrupted firmly but with evident pain. “I’ve been close enough to the other side before––”

“Frank had a wife before ye and she came back for him did she?” Jamie quipped but Claire wasn’t amused. Jamie bent to begin retrieving the fallen photographs.

“I might not have loved Frank the way I love you––maybe not even the way you care for Mary––but I’ve been close enough to having someone else upend my entire life without asking. I’m not about to do the same to someone else––especially not someone who’s done nothing wrong,” Claire argued.

“Ye’re right… It’s no the same wi’ me and Mary as it was for you and Frank,” he said rising from the bed to retrieve the scattered photographs from the floor. “She never sought to replace ye or made me feel guilty for no bein’ able to let ye go. She’s been a comfort and no mistake but you…” He set the carefully stacked photographs with his things on the table and crossed to take Claire’s face gently between his hands, making it impossible for her to look away from him. “You alone heal me down to my very soul. Havin’ ye near makes me feel whole again, makes me feel stronger. Ye’re the heart of my life.” He bent his head and kissed the tracks of her tears along her cheeks until she took hold of his wrists and offered him her lips.

The kiss left her breathless and the silence stretched between them as he rested his forehead against hers. They could hear the commotion downstairs as Mary told Ian that supper wasn’t ready just yet and the over-eager teen whined about how hungry he was.

“I should go see if she needs any help,” Claire whispered. “It’s the least I can do.”

Jamie nodded and helped pull Claire to her feet. She led the way while he secreted the photographs of Brianna away.

Once his stomach was full, Ian curled up on the pallet in the corner and promptly fell asleep.

“Did anyone notice whether he turned around three times first?” Claire asked quietly.

It had surprised her how calm everything had been after she and Jamie came back downstairs; Mary smiled and asked Claire about her journey, about where she’d been and what had happened, how she’d heard about Jamie and found him after all this time. It was impossible not to relax confronted with such warmth and welcome. Ian too had chimed in with questions––what was life like for her in France, had she kept in touch with the other Jacobites who had managed to escape, why hadn’t she written to his parents once she was settled to let them know she lived.

“I’m sorry if it feels like I’m questioning ye too much,” Mary apologized, rising to remove the bowls and dirtied plates. “It’s just… ye always were such a mystery even before.”

“Let me help you wash up,” Claire offered taking her own bowl to the kitchen area. She heard Jamie rising and locking the house up for the night, adding a log to the fire and pulling a third chair over.

Alone with Mary, Claire felt compelled to apologize.

“If I had known about you and Jamie…”

Mary waved a dismissive hand at Claire. “If either of ye had kent the truth about the other bein’ still alive, there wouldna be anythin’ for ye to worry yerself over. It shouldna take too long to straighten this mess.”

“You… truly don’t mind?” Claire asked, still unconvinced.

Mary smiled to herself. “I ken ye didna notice me so much about Lallybroch when ye were there––no wi’ what ye had just gone through yerself.”

Claire blushed at the memory of those early days back in Scotland after everything that had happened in France. It did take a while for the comforts of Lallybroch and the reassurance of having Jamie with her where they belonged had healed those still-fresh hurts.

“I noticed you,” she assured Mary. “I don’t know that I ever told you how sorry I was about what happened to your husband––to Ronald, that is.”

Mary nodded. “I tried to dissuade him, ye ken. After the beating Jamie gave him and Rabbie goin’ to work in yer stables. I tried to get him to leave it but he wouldna heed and… Ye’d done my Rabbie a kindness and I tried to repay ye… tried and failed. And Mistress… that is… Jenny––she and Ian showed still more kindness givin’ me a place at Lallybroch too after the fire. And when ye came back and Rabbie had his fits…”

Claire heard the thickening of Mary’s voice as she rambled and the somewhat strangled noise as Mary swallowed her tears.

“I ken what ye would say––that ye’d have done as much for anyone––and I’m sure ye would. You and Jamie both… It’s just yer way. But it’s meant so much to me and mine… Yer Jamie needed someone to turn to when ye were gone and I’ve tried to be that for him since I couldna prevent what Ronald did before… I think I’ve done him some good though what he needed of me wasna what I first expected. Now ye’re here the best good I can do for both of ye is to let ye be. No… I truly dinna mind.”

Claire crossed and wrapped Mary in a hug surprising the other woman into briefly laughing before returning the embrace.

“Thank you,” Claire whispered. “Thank you for taking care of him.”

“Ye’re welcome, Mistress.”

Claire shook her head. “Claire. Please… call me Claire.”

“Ye’re welcome, Claire.”

Pulling back and wiping her own damp eyes, Claire rolled up the sleeves of her gown and moved to fetch the large kettle from where it was warming near the hearth, then brought it to the washtub where Mary was depositing the dirty dishes.

“Do you have an idea for what you will like to do once everything is settled? I don’t expect you’ll want to go back to Lallybroch.”

“My Rabbie’s settled in London now––with a wife. He’s asked me to come for a visit a few times now but I’ve no been in a position to do so before…” She looked to Claire conspiratorially casting her glance toward the light from the other room where the crisp sound of a page turning could occasionally be heard amongst the crackling of the fire in the hearth. “I’ve no told Jamie yet––the letter only came yesterday and I didna have a chance to go through it till this morning––but Rabbie writes they’re expectin’ a bairn.”

“Congratulations,” Claire whispered with sincere relief.

“Aye. Ye needna feel ye’re puttin’ me out. Like as not were ye here or no I’d be goin’ to London for a time anyhow. Now I dinna have to feel so torn about comin’ back or no.”

Jamie offered to sleep on the floor by Ian so the two women could have the comfort of a proper bed but Mary wouldn’t hear of it.

You ken better than anyone how easy I sleep in that chair,” Mary teased Jamie. “I enjoy the stories well enough but the sound of his voice sends me straight to sleep,” she explained to Claire. “He tried carryin’ me to bed once and put his back out and I scolded him enough he’s never tried it since.”

Claire pursed her lips as she took in the redness of Jamie’s face.

“Are you sure you don’t sleep better down here because you don’t have to listen to his snoring?” she asked, earning a glare from Jamie.

“I dinna snore so loud as you do, Sassenach.”

“Then I’ll sleep doubly well so far from both of yer snoring,” Mary said ushering the two of them to the stairs with a knowing grin that had Claire blushing alongside Jamie.

Nerves overcame Claire when she and Jamie were alone in the bedroom again. She crossed to where she saw Mary’s things and grabbed up the first things that her hands found.

“Mary will be needing these,” she stammered heading for the door again. “I’ll be right back.”

Mary already had a blanket spread in her lap and her feet propped up on a small footstool when Claire hesitantly approached.

“I thought you might want these,” Claire said, placing them on the floor beside Mary’s chair.

“He’s as nervous as you are,” Mary said quietly, her eyes still closed.

Claire rolled her eyes and slipped away again. Knowing Jamie was nervous too didn’t help quell the anxious fluttering in her stomach but it did steel her resolve.

A sole candle lit the room when Claire eased her way back in. Jamie’s clothes had been folded and set aside next to his boots and stockings. She could make out the shape of him sitting up in bed, waiting for her.

Reaching behind her, Claire took a deep breath that she let out as she pulled the zipper of her dress down to the base of her spine, the loose fabric slipping from her shoulders and baring her torso. The rest of the dress fell to the floor in a whisper of cotton a moment later. She swallowed as she stepped out of the dress, out of her shoes, and approached Jamie’s side of the bed in just her stockings.

“Jamie,” she breathed, extending one leg towards him in the dim, flickering light. “Will you help me with these?” There was nothing teasing or sultry in her voice, just a simple invitation to help them ease their way back into something that had once been accomplished with a look, a touch, a sigh.

Jamie shifted to the edge of the bed, his legs sliding free of the blankets. He took hold of Claire’s calf and gently raised her leg higher, resting her foot on one of his knees. His fingers skimmed their way up the silk stocking to find the garter holding it in place a few inches up her thigh and finding the gooseflesh his touch had raised when he overshot his mark.

The silk of her stocking was replaced by the light touch of his lips on her sensitive inner knee. Lowering one leg, she offered him the other and he did the same, resting his hand on her hip when he was done and guiding her closer to him till she stood between his knees. Her hands found their way into his hair, pulling his head back so he had to look her in the eye.

“Ye’re beautiful,” he whispered. “I’ve never wanted ye more than I do right now.”

She believed him and leaned into his kiss. He pulled her to him, easing back onto his elbows as she knelt above him on the bed before reaching between them and taking him into her. He closed his eyes for a moment, his head lolling back, then a smile lit his face.

“I thought when ye walked into the print shop ye must be a vision––one of my dreams escaped the night and found its way to me in the day,” he murmured as Claire slowly rocked her hips.

“Do you need me to pinch you to prove you’re not dreaming?” Claire offered. Her hand slid through the sparse hair on his chest as she reached for and found one of his nipples, gently squeezing between her thumb and forefinger and making his breath catch, his hands tighten on her waist.

“No, I ken ye’re no a dream,” he said, his hands applying pressure to her hips guiding her slowly forward and then back. “I could always tell when I took ye in a dream that there was something missing––I could feel my blood poundin’ wi’ yearning for ye but my chest felt empty. It’s full now, though; you are my heart restored to me. I am whole again.”

We are whole again,” Claire informed him before bending to kiss him once more and smiling against him as his need refused to be contained and he rolled with her so he could ride her hard and fast. They had all night and twenty years to make a start of remedying.

//My Hero//

Word Count: 3377

Group: NCT 127

Member: Jaehyun

Warnings: none

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

“C’mon, (Y/N), why won’t you come tonight? For me?” Your best friend pestered you during your last class of the day. It was the Friday before a long weekend and you just couldn’t wait to unwind in the comfort of your home. Nothing appealed to you more in that moment than the idea of putting on your coziest pajamas, watching the cheesiest k-drama, and eating some spicy ramen. But that’s not what Yoona thought. She gave you the best puppy dog eyes she could muster as she continued to question you. “You never go out! And it’s my birthday this weekend. If you go you won’t even have to get me a gift…”  

“Why is it so important that I go? You go to parties without me all the time!” You rolled your eyes at her as you shoved a book into your bag.

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What’s the Kiss Cam? [Mon-El x Reader]

A/N: My first Supergirl story! I hope this is enjoyed! Thanks for reading

Mon-El is constantly asking you to explain Earth’s sports. So when he wins a set of baseball tickets he asks you to come to help explain what’s happening, but a certain question leads to something you weren’t expecting.

[F/n] - First Name [L/n] - Last Name


You were currently sitting in the DEO headquarters with Winn. Looking through some reports while Winn was looking up names as you listed them. 

“Guys! Guys!” Mon-El yelled, excitedly walking over to the both of you.

“What’s up?” You looked away from the report. “I won tickets to a baseball game!” he cheered excitedly.

You and Winn looked at each other with confused expression. “Dude, you don’t even know what baseball is” Winn laughed looking back at him. “I know! That’s why I came! [F/N] will you go with me?” he was literally bouncing with excitement.

“I, uh” you stuttered. Of course you wanted to go, you’ve liked Mon-El since Kara first brought him from that pod. You were one of the main people helping with his care.

“Please!!” He begged, Winn was over your shoulder mouthing ‘do the thing I taught you!’ He then went on to jutting out his bottom lip and giving puppy dog eyes.

Sighing you crumpled under his gaze “Fine, when is it?”. He pumped two fists in the air, “YES! Tomorrow twelve o’clock sharp! I’ll pick you up!” he raved, smiling like a kid in a candy store.

“You don’t even know where I live” you laughed, causing Winn to shake his head and Mon-El to stop jumping. He sheepishly smiled before asking for the address.

Laughing and answering, “It’s the same building as Kara’s just on the 5th floor, apartment 506”

“Got it!” he smiled as he made a note of it.

Phone buzzing, you looked down at it and seeing a message from Kara and Alex asking for help at a crime scene. Being a specialist in both human and alien behavior and profiling, they probably needed you to build a profile.

“I gotta go give Kara and Alex a hand, I’ll see you guys later” informing the two before grabbing your jacket hand heading to the elevator.

Once out of earshot, Mon-El looked back at Winn a giant grin gracing his face. Smirking at him, “You like her~” he teased as Mon-El snapped his attention to him.

“No I don’t” He defended but Winn gave him a knowing look. “Fine I may have a small, what do you call it here, crunch on her”

“You mean crush?” Winn corrected.

“Yeah, that!” Mon-El pointed at him. “Are you nervous?” Winn inquired, cocking an eyebrow. He was answered only with a nod.

“You’ll be fine man, [F/n] already likes you” Winn revealed, his expression changed as he mumbled “and I was not supposed to tell you that”

“Wait, she likes me?” Mon-El clarified his grin reforming on his face. “Yes, but I didn’t tell you that” Winn commanded, Mon-El just nodded while raising his hands in defense.

The next morning you got up throwing on a National City baseball jersey and hat, along with a pair of denim shorts. Something very different to your usual work attire.

Knock Knock Knock

Upon hearing that you ran over to the door. Pulling it only enough the chain lock allowed, you peeked out of the small crack. Mon-El waved given you the dorkiest smile.

Rolling your eyes before closing the door and chuckling while undoing the lock. “Come in, I just have to grab some shoes.”

“Thanks” he came in, now seeing you completely. Thinking ‘Whoa’ upon seeing you, he had never seen you out of your work attire.

Returning after going into your bedroom and grabbing a pair of tennis shoes. “Ready?” you asked standing up. “Uh, yeah let’s go” he smiled offering you an arm. Blushing slightly you looped yours with his.

Your apartment was near to the stadium so you both decided to just walk there. The walk was filled with questions and answers about the sport, and laughing… Lots of laughing.

“Okay our seats are right over here” you instructed pointing to a pair of empty stadium chairs.

After sitting the game soon started. Mon-El or now in public, Mike, was asking many questions about the sport.

“Okay but there isn’t a halftime like in other sports?” he laughed watching game. “Right, in baseball there’s innings. When either side gets three outs they switch. Once both sides have batted and pitched it starts a new inning.” you explained while pointing to the innings on the big screen.

“And how do you get outs again?” he had his brows furrowed and his face was scrunched in confusion. Smiling you answered “By getting three strikes or if the ball is caught without hitting the ground are the main ways.”

“This is fun, I’m happy you came with me” he beamed while fiddling with the cotton candy in his hands. “Yeah I’m happy you asked me to come, how’s your first cotton candy?” nudging him with your elbow. The man hadn’t had cotton candy yet, Kara priorities.

He laughed, when your phone buzzed again. Looking down at it you saw a message from Kara, she was teasingly asking how the ‘date’ was going. Rolling your eyes and answering the message you were unaware of the current event on the screen.

“Hey [F/n]?” Mon-El tried to catch your attention. “Hmm?” humming in acknowledgment without looking from your phone. “What’s the kiss cam?” he was looking at you now.

“It’s when the cameras pan to couples in the crowd between innings. If the camera lands on a couple they usually have to kiss.” explaining while finishing the text to Kara. “Why?” you looked up at him.

“Oh, because they have it up” he pointed to the screen. You took a quick glance before your phone buzzed again. Diverting attention back to that you missed that the camera had panned to.. you!

With a devious smirk Mon-El leaned so his face was right next to yours. He whispered “[F/n]” causing you to look up at him. And that’s when it happened.

Out of the blue he planted one on you. Laughs and cheers went through the stadium as you comprehended what was happening. When it registered you closed your eyes and cupped his jaw, eliciting more cheering.

When he pulled away smirking he teased “I like the kiss cam, can we do it again?”

Laughing and rolling your eyes you pulled his lips to yours again mumbling a “dork.”

Yeah, you now liked the kiss cam as well.

Is that my shirt? - Lysander

This is the first in a series of drabbles. Each piece in this series will be focused around a different relationship with Candy, and each piece will have the same title: “Is that my shirt?”.
First up is Lysander.
If you would like to suggest who I write next, leave me an ask.

Public pools. They had never particularly been Lysander’s thing, but if joining Candy at the chlorine filled communal bath was going to make her happy then he supposed the temporary sacrifice to his own comfort was worth it. Thankfully he had managed to find a shady pair of chairs where he could sit his belongings and relax until Candy made her appearance. Laying on the not entirely comfortable plastic lounge chair in the shade, he closed his eyes and attempted to block out the noise of every other pool guest. Of course they would end up going on the day that everyone else had decided was the perfect day for a swim.

A small clearing of one’s throat came from above Lysander, and images of an angry mother who had wanted the space he had claimed for her and her children filled his mind. However, as he opened his eyes he saw not an angry parent, but rather a stunningly beautiful girl who he had the luxury of calling his girlfriend. And in her current attire she was able to throw any and all negative thoughts out of Lysander’s mind, she looked even more beautiful than—Wait. Was that his shirt?

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Speak Easy

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Genre: ….fluff? With Smut? (More like suggestive content?)
Word Count: 2.1k

Here’s Part A of your birthday present 😉

Originally posted by ohitsjustcorina

His hand slid up the side of my leg, slowly, but surely. He sat in a squat on the floor, gingerly moving his hand to the beat of the song. His movements were timid, as he glanced up every time he moved it closer to my hips. I stared down at him with my chest heaving to the sound of the bass. His hand made its way to my hip and I grasped his hand in mine, halting his movements.

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Forced - Request

Requested by anon: Dean x Reader OS about it. It’s basically the Reader gets raped but is too ashamed to tell anyone, but the boys figure it out eventually and comfort her.

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 2,212

Warnings: Rape, gore.

A/N: This is such a hard topic. Please, guys, if it’s your case you have to look for help. I know it can be embarrassing to admit, and to scary, but please look for help. It is the only way to fight back, and to stop that awful people. Sadly, in real life, there’s no such thing as a Dean Winchester ready to kill for us, so please defend yourself by telling the police or any figure of authority in charge of that.


Originally posted by littleblondesamoan

Running away in that endless street, and the night is darker than ever, and the rain is heavy but not enough to hide her footsteps.  She can sense him coming closer, but she can’t tell where he’s coming from.

She knew it was a bad idea to go after him alone, she knew she had to ask for help from another hunter, but her pride was far too big and she had decided to put an end to his reign of terror once and for all.

If she had only known what kind of monster he was, maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t have tried to stop him. Maybe she would’ve avoided the town or called the cops, or maybe she would’ve sent someone else – a male hunter – to kill him on his sleep. Because, truth was, humans were far worse than any other Supernatural creature.

He was morbid, insane, vulgar, disgusting. The kind of man one changes to the other side of the street, just so one doesn’t walk by his side. The vibe he expelled at plain sight was enough to reject whoever saw him.

So he decided that, to get his way, he would have to take it without permission.

In his brain, he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He would break into women’s houses and apartments, he would capture them on the streets and drag them to dark alleys, or even so, get them so drunk at the bars they wouldn’t remember their name the next day – not that there’s ever a next day.

He was a supernatural fanatic. If one entered his house they would find all kinds of books, amulets, sigils, and other things related to the life (Y/N) and the rest of the hunters lived. Thankfully, he was still ignorant to the existence of such things.

Because of his fanaticism, the way he “got rid” of his victims seemed to be like some kind of monster had done it, hence, (Y/N) had target him as his next hunt.

When she arrived in town, she found out exactly who he was. She thought it would be an easy hunt, everyone blamed him for the murderers, and everyone ran away from him so, if he got killed, no one would care.

Humans can be real monsters.

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At Your Service ~Two~

Part One

You watched Netti as she pulled down the last corner of the blanket across the mattress, proudly turning to you with a flourish. She tilted her head with a smug smirk and neared you with an air of expertise. You withheld an irritated growl and returned a sickly smile and waited for her to speak. You were far more impatient to reach the royal chambers and rectify the situation.

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Confidence is Key: Amnesiac

Dean x Reader

Prompt: Reader wakes up with no memory of the past two days when she was under a confidence spell.

Warnings: slight swearing

Words: 1118

A/N: Thank you to the anon who gave me this idea! Want more?

CATCH UP with PART 1 here

Tagged: @winsmut @mypeopleskillsarerusty0203

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Waiting Room

Summary: Bucky provides support to his best friend, and ex-girlfriend, as she makes a choice that will forever change her life. College AU

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2872

Warnings: pregnant reader, heavy mentions of abortion (and takes place at a clinic), angst and fluff out the ass. 

Author’s Note: I made the mistake of listening to “Brick” by Ben Folds Five for the first time in a while, and this is the result. I’m honestly not even sure where this came from, tbh. Read at your own discretion, please. Also you will probably maybe cry. Or at least tear up.

Six a.m. Day after Christmas. Bucky hadn’t slept, although the alarm on his bedside table was beeping. He didn’t move, staring at the darkness beyond his window. It was cold, the blankets on his floor and the window cracked. A gentle breeze caused goosebumps to crawl over his skin and he let out a breath, watching as gentle mist appeared in front of his lips. He couldn’t see anything aside from the space right in front of his eyes, the light from a streetlamp below flickering like a fallen star.

The world is asleep, Bucky is numb.

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My Hero

Anonymous requested: Can you make an imagine where a guys like being all gross and mean to you and then your crush catches him doing that to you and then he stands up for you and then he confesses that he likes you? Sorry if this didn’t make sense, LOVVEEE your blog! 😍


Anonymous requested: Can you do one when your crush is jealous when you hang out with other guys etc? Thank you x

“C’mon, (Y/N), won’t you come tonight? For me?” Your best friend pestered you during your last class of the day. It was the Friday before a long weekend and you just couldn’t wait to unwind in the comfort of your home. Nothing appealed to you more in that moment than the idea of putting on your coziest pajamas, watching the cheesiest romance movie, and eating the greasiest of pizzas. But that’s not what (F/N) thought. She gave you the best puppy dog eyes she could muster as she continued to question you. “You never go out! And it’s my birthday this weekend. If you go you won’t even have to get me a gift…” 

“Why is it so important that I go? You go to parties without me all the time!” You rolled your eyes at her as you shoved a book into your bag.

“Because you’re my best friend! And it’s my birthday weekend! And you love me!” She glanced around and then leaned closer to you. “Annnnnddddd because a certain (C/N) will be there?” 

You blushed a little and pretended to contemplate. “I guess if I have to humor the birthday girl.” You grinned as she squealed in delight, causing half the classroom to turn towards you.

She came to your house straight after school, giddy to plan your party outfit. “What about that red dress you have?” She called out from the pits of your closet.

“You mean the one that ends an inch below my crotch? No thank you.” You snorted. “Why can’t I just wear what I’m wearing right now?” She popped her head out and quirked an eyebrow.

“You don’t want me to answer that question.” You heard her rummage through a few more racks and drawers and then a distinct “aha!” She emerged a moment later brandishing a skirt you hadn’t worn in months. “This, with a black shirt and the right accessories, is what you’re gonna stun the room with. This is what you’re gonna get lover boy with.” 

After a few hours of just goofing around, it was finally time for the dreaded party. Before leaving the house you checked yourself out in the mirror one last time. If not for (F/N) you never would have even thought of putting this outfit together. The skirt was a tad short but showed off your legs wonderfully. The black tank top was low cut but not overtly so, and the necklaces glinted against your skin. You liked how you looked, not something you say often. (F/N) dragged you out of your house and shoved you into her car, bubbling with excitement.

After a few minutes, the two of you pulled up to a grossly large house. You couldn’t hear the music so much as feel the vibrations in your bones. Laughter peppered the air and you could feel your stomach twisting. There was too many people here, you couldn’t last a night surrounded by the noise. Almost as if she read your mind, your best friend reached over and grabbed your hand.

“Trust me, we’re gonna have fun! And if not, we can leave whenever you want to. I’m just glad you decided to give this a go in the first place.” And with that you plunged yourself into the party world.

As soon as you opened the door, the stench of beer overtook you. People crowded together everywhere, you grew a little claustrophobic. You weren’t too keen on drinking, but if you hoped to make it through the night alive you were gonna require alcohol. Lots of it. (F/N) searched for the girl throwing the party, stopping sometimes to say hi to random people you didn’t recognize. You hadn’t realized how popular she was but in hindsight you could see why. She drew in people like a magnet. 

“(Y/N)?” You heard someone call from behind you. It was Thomas, your neighbor and friend since age 3. 

“Tommy!” You yelled as a huge smile broke out on your face. 

“I can easily say, you were the last person I expected to see here.” He chuckled as he wrapped you in a huge hug. “What are you doing here? You never go to parties, much less the one’s thrown by Rachael. Her’s usually end with the cops getting called anyway.” Your eyes grew wide at his last comment but you vowed to stick it out for as long as possible, for (F/N).

“It’s (F/N)’s birthday tomorrow and she begged me to come.” You explained over the thumping music. He grinned down at you.

“You never come when I beg you.” He fake pouted, causing you to laugh. 

“Maybe because it’s creepy when you beg. Reminds me of some pervert or something.” You laughed along with him.

“Fine well this pervert is gonna leave you to it. See ya.” He kissed your cheek and then was absorbed into the crowd. You turned around, searching for (F/N). Someone caught your attention from the corner of your eye but as soon as you saw them, they melded back into the background. 

“(Y/N)! Can you grab us beers?” You spun around and saw (F/N). She was on the dance floor by herself, captivating her audience. You assumed by us she meant you and her, which you were happy to oblige.

The kitchen was practically deserted as everyone was in the halls or out in the backyard. Spotting the cooler full of beers, you rushed forward eagerly. You grabbed two, one for you and one for (F/N). Eager to have the flow of alcohol subdue the noise that encompassed you, you popped open one bottle and chugged half the contents with a slight grimace.

“Someone’s thirsty, huh?” A voice called out from behind you. Someone too close for comfort. You turned and were met with Dick, the gross grease bomb that kept flirting with you despite your (constant) rejections. You quickly stepped backwards in an attempt to escape from his proximity. Instead, you were met with the wall and no escape. 

“Look, Dick, I’ve told you before. I’m not interested. Can’t you just leave me alone?” You tried to ignore the panic that was starting to bubble up in you. Of course you’ve heard stories about girls at parties, you just never thought that you would be one of them.

A menacing smile grew on his face as he staggered towards you and put his arms on either side of your head, trapping you between him and the wall. Your breathing quickened and you searched for a way out. ”You know, if you gave me a chance, I think I’d be able to change your mind.” His boozy breath flowed over your face as he started to lean in. Your eyes grew wide in fear and you tried to slip past him. Despite his drunken stupor, Dick grabbed your wrist forcefully. “Nuh uh darling, not tonight.” You couldn’t do anything except screw your eyes shut and pray he’d loosen his grip on you. 

Suddenly, his presence was yanked away from you. A sigh of relief whooshed out as you sagged against the wall. In front of you Dick was sprawled on the floor with a body kneeling over him, grasping Dick’s shirt collar with so much force you thought it was about to rip. “Don’t you ever go near her again you scumbag, you hear me?” And with that, the figure slammed him on the floor. The voice was masculine, definitely someone you knew, but you couldn’t pinpoint who it was.

As the person went to stand up, Dick couldn’t help but make a fleeting comment. “One of these days, I’ll wreck you babydoll.” He stared right at you as he said it. The person lost it, throwing punch after punch at Dick. You gasped at the sheer force and anger that they demonstrated. It was so intense you feared he would kill Dick. 

“Stop! Stop it!” You yelled and ran towards the man, yanking his arm in a feeble attempt to stop the attack. When you touched him, he turned to look at you, and you were finally able to identify your savior.


You widened your eyes slightly in surprise. “You’re gonna kill him. He’s drunk and stupid and a perv, but he’s not worth going to jail for.” You tried to reason with (C/N), keeping your voice level as you held his gaze. With one last scowl at Dick, (C/N) rose and stalked out of the room quickly. Throwing your own disgusted look at the writhing and bloody idiot on the floor, you rushed out after your savior into the backyard. People streamed past you to see the damage done to Dick, leaving the yard practically deserted save a few couples.

“Hey! Wait up!” You called out as you jogged towards (C/N)’s retreating figure. He visibly tensed as you caught up to him. “What…. what was….. that…” You panted out, tired from the brief exercise you were subject to.

“Nothing.” He replied gruffly.

“It sure as hell didn’t look like nothing!” You grabbed his arm as he tried to leave. “Look, at least let me grab you an ice pack for your hands or a beer or something. You kinda saved me back there.” He seemed to contemplate it for a moment before nodding yes and following you to a pair of chairs separated from the rest. You ran to the outdoor cooler and grabbed a beer. Since there were obviously no ice packs, you untucked your tank top from the skirt and threw a few icecubes in the pouch you made, creating a temporary ice pack.

(C/N) avoided your gaze when you returned, accepting the beer silently as he stared at the dewy grass. Realizing you wouldn’t be able to get him to talk much, you gently took his hand. His eyes flickered to where you two connected but still refused to look at your face. 

His knuckles were bloodied and bruised, evidence of the intense anger that lied beneath his calm exterior. You gingerly placed the makeshift ice pack on his hand, his fingertips grazing your stomach slightly. He yanked his hand away quickly. “What are you…” he trailed off, finally meeting your gaze. 

You spoke softly. “What happened back there?” You reached for his hand again. He hesitantly let you resume icing his hand. His fingers rested on your stomach but neither one of you made a move to pull away.

“I…. I don’t know. I saw what he was doing, what he was gonna do, and I just- I lost it.” His hand curled into a fist beneath your shirt as the anger flared up again.

You let your shirt drop, the ice tumbling from your shirt onto the grass. You rose from your chair and stood in front of him. He looked up at you, his eyes betraying the sea of emotion that stormed inside. You threw your arms around his neck and collapsed, ending up sitting on his lap. For the first time that night, the weight of what could have happened sank in and you started crying. “Thank you. Thank you.” You whispered into his chest as his hands immediately circled your waist. You couldn’t help but feel perfectly safe in his embrace, as if you were meant to be held by him. You leaned back and searched his face. He tenderly wiped the tears off of your cheeks. He opened his mouth to say something, but he was interrupted as someone called out from behind you two.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N) where are you?” It was Thomas. He visibly sagged with relief when his eyes landed on you and he ran to where you sat. “What happened in there? Dick keeps mumbling about you… about what he was doing before his ass was kicked. Are you okay?” He picked you up from where you sat on (C/N) as if he didn’t even see him. And he probably didn’t, you were so close to him that he was essentially your older brother. 

“Yes, Tommy, I’m fine. I promise. (C/N) saved me….” You gestured to the chair behind you only to find it empty. Your eyebrows knitted in confusion as you searched the yard to find his towering figure. You glimpsed him exit through the gate and walk towards the street. Ignoring Tommy calling out for you, you bolted after (C/N) for the second time that night.

The gate slammed behind you as you swiveled your head from side to side, searching for the only person you wanted to see in that moment. A few kids loitered on the front lawn but none of them were the person you needed. Squinting your eyes, you finally spotted (C/N)’s brooding figure a block down and on the other side of the street. You called out for him but he either didn’t hear you or he ignored you. Sighing, you took off again. Damn (F/N) for making you wear a skirt tonight. Your legs were starting to chafe.

When you were finally a few feet behind him, you called out his name once more. He didn’t acknowledge your presence at all. He just continued his brisk walk down the street. You jogged past him and stopped so he couldn’t move past you. Seeing that you weren’t gonna budge (C/N) finally halted. His eyes no longer were the pools of emotion from moments earlier, now they were clouded over. Unreadable.

“You need to stop doing that.” You said, crossing your arms. 

He shrugged. “Doing what?”

“I’ve ran more tonight than I have in the past 3 years of my life combined.” 

“What do you want, (Y/N).” He said it as though he were exasperated, not as if he actually wanted to know what was happening.

You dropped your arms and stepped towards him. He eyed you suspiciously, like you could attack him at any given moment. You spoke softly as you searched his eyes. “I want to know why you keep running from me. Why you saved me in the first place. I want to understand what happened tonight, I want to understand you.” 

He laughed without humor. “Why? You seem to understand Tommy pretty well already.” 

You stepped even closer to him, reached up to touch his arm. “Is that why you left?” His eyes flicked to you for a split second. He didn’t answer you but he didn’t have to. It was written all over his face. Your hand dropped to your side.

“Tommy’s not the one that saved me tonight. Tommy isn’t who I chased down twice tonight. Tommy…” you drew a breathe in.”He’s not the one I want.”

At this (C/N)’s head snapped towards you. You averted his gaze, much like he did to you earlier tonight. This time, (C/N) was the one to take a step towards you. His hands cupped your cheeks as he lifted your face towards his. For a few seconds nothing happened. Your eyes were locked, both of you searching for answers. He needed to know if you were being honest, if you meant what you said. You looked for a sign that he felt the same way you felt. Those few seconds seemed to span for eternity.

Finally, as abrupt as (C/N) is, he kissed you.

His lips crashed onto yours so suddenly it took you a moment to realize that (C/N) was kissing you! Instinctively you wrapped your arms around his neck and his hands rested delicately on your waist. You couldn’t help the smile that broke out in the midst of your make out session. Feeling your mouth curl up, (C/N) broke the kiss suddenly. 

“Did you just grin while I was trying to seduce you?” He smiled down at you, his hands still sitting on your waist. You threw your head back as a laugh bubbled out of you. 

“Did you just say you were trying to seduce me?” He nodded his head enthusiastically.

“Does that mean it’s not working?” He fake pouted at you, drawing your attention to his swollen lips once more.

“Maybe you should try it again, just to double check.” He wasted no time reattaching his lips to yours. Without realizing it, he subtly backed you two up until your back was pushed against the bark of a tree.

“WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!” You pulled back so quickly your head slammed against the tree. Behind (C/N) stood (F/N), her eyes blown wide as a hand covered her mouth in surprise. Tommy stood next to her, his hand resting on the small of her back and his facial expression mimicking hers. (C/N) quickly stepped so he was standing next to you. Your eyes flicked between the pair standing in front of you until you realized what was happening. 

“Are you two…” 

“LIKE YOU SHOULD BE TALKING WE JUST CAUGHT YOU GUYS DRY HUMPING AGAINST A FUCKING TREE!” (F/N) screeched. You frantically looked around, hoping no one was near enough to have heard her.

“No, please, say it even louder. I’m sure someone in Australia didn’t quite catch that.” You hissed out. Tommy calmed (F/N) slightly then turned to face you again.

“Yeah, (F/N) and I are going out now.” Before you could interject with the plethora of questions that bombarded your mind, (F/N) spoke up again.

“That’s why I begged you to come tonight. We were gonna tell you. But APPARENTLY you should have been the ones that had to tell us something.” She grinned while looking between the two of you.

“Hey,” Tommy barked out, looking directly at (C/N). “You better treat her right. If you don’t I swear to God-”

“Tommy, he’s the one that saved me tonight.” You cut him off, warning in your eyes.

“She’s the best person I know. Don’t do anything to fuck it up, okay?” Tommy questioned, his tone steely cold.

“She’s the best person I know, too. I don’t know how lucky I got but… I’ll spend every moment trying to be the person she makes me feel like I could be.” His stare burned into yours as you looked up at him, a blush crawling up your cheek. You looked back at your friends to gauge their reaction. (F/N) seemed to be glowing with happiness. Tommy looked like he still wasn’t sure. (F/N) looked at her boyfriend and rolled her eyes, dragging him away finally. 

You turned to the boy that towered over you. “Did you mean what you said?” You practically whispered, gazing up at him through your eyelashes.

He smiled down at you. “Every word.”

You pulled him down to meet your lips once more. After a few seconds he pulled away from you, making you pout.

“What, did my plan to seduce you not work?” You teased him. 

“No, no it may have worked too well. I was gonna say, my house is just a block away if we cut through the park. Do you wanna come over and hang out?” He scratched the back of his neck nervously.

“Only if you give me a piggyback ride.” You spun your finger, indicating that he should spin around so you could hop on his back. Instead he gave you a devilish smirk and scooped you up bridal style. You laughed with delight as he carried you off towards the park. Tonight was already the best one of your life, but it looked like it was about to get a whole lot better…


A/N: Hey guys! Long time no write! Also: if your crush’s name is Dick or Tommy I’m sorry, just try to change it in your head as you read it. I left it so that I can continue it if that’s what you guys want. Let us know what you think! 

Tension - Request

Requested by @phanisnotonfire1:  Can you make a Imagen where Sherlock has had so much Sexual Tention towards you and He finally Looses it and is really rough but at the end Mrs.Hudson walks in.
And anon:  Can I request a smut one shot with Sherlock in his purple shirt of Sex where the reader teases him(wearing a few things) when he tries 2 concentrate&he just can’t take it anymore and has sex with her on his leather Chair?thanks!!

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,177

Warnings: Smut - rough, unprotected (this is fiction, wrap it up guys!).

A/N: Today’s work was so tedious I needed a release and this was just perfect.


Originally posted by gingerbbatch

Sherlock was sitting at his desk. His eyes were focused on the microscope in front of him, trying to get as much information as possible from a small particle of dust he had found at the victim’s front teeth.

(Y/N), on the other hand, was bored and Sherlock wasn’t of much use so she decided to have fun by herself.

She walked out of the room and walked towards him like she didn’t know what was going on. Sherlock couldn’t help but to look at her.

“Are those fish nets?” He asked, looking directly to her legs.

“Maybe, do you like them?” She inquired flirtingly, showing off her net-covered legs.

“Yes, they are… lovely.” And so he turned back to the microscope, ignoring her once more.

(Y/N) sighed heavily and went back to the room before going out once more, this time with a tight shirt with a low cleavage and red lipstick. She prepared some tea and walked back to Sherlock with the cup in hand.

“You changed your shirt.” He observed as he took the cup and drank from it.

“I thought this open looked better with the tights.” She replied nonchalantly, “Do you agree?”

“Yes, of course.” Yup, he was still ignoring her.

Maybe if she was as observant as he was she would’ve noticed how his whole figure stiffened at the sight of her, or how Sherlock pressed his legs together after five seconds of her waltzing around the flat. Maybe she would’ve noticed the hungry stare Sherlock gave her while she prepared tea, or the thin layer of sweat that was starting to cover his skin.

(Y/N) went back to the room to put something else on… Or, most likely, remove something else.

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Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to the comic books or the TV series. I am merely borrowing the characters. And all I own is my imagination and the laptop I wrote this on.

A/N: One more story to tide us all over until the next episode. I really hope you’ll enjoy it. I also post on Archiveofourown so if you have the time, please find me there and review. :)


And despite his bad reputation, he will be the one that makes her feel safe.

Betty had seen him. She had witnessed him slip away when he thought no one was paying attention and walk away as if he had a secret to keep. Instinctively, she had followed him, both surprised and curious when he had led her to the Twilight Drive-In and disappeared inside through the backdoor with his employee key. Jughead hadn’t come back out and not knowing quite what to make of it, she had left.

Yet, a couple of days later, on a Sunday morning, Betty couldn’t fight the urge any longer, the feeling that something wasn’t right. She traced his steps back to the movie theater. It was one of those quiet and crisp mornings on which most people were still lounging in bed or out for a late breakfast with friends. Her restlessness had woken her early and she had left the house swiftly and thoughtlessly in the slightly cropped flamingo pink t-shirt she had gone to bed in over a pair of baggy gray sweatpants and white sneakers. Her initial intention had been to go for a walk to clear her mind, but instead, her feet had carried her with a destination in mind and brought her to the same door Jughead had slipped through a few days before.

Betty tried the door, expecting to find it unlocked since there was usually an employee or two around who had gotten stuck with cleaning or preparing for some kid’s party. She had never been inside the drive-in before and found the inside smaller than she had pictured it to be, the short hallway leading to a single room that acted as a storage space as well as held the movie projector. Film reels were everywhere she looked, but scattered throughout she spotted items that didn’t belong: a plaid shirt slung over a chair, a pair of black ripped jeans left on the floor, paperbacks stacked on the bed and empty soda cans discarded on the desk. A bag that had clothes spilling from it sat in front of the bed, the entire room a reflection of the boy who had been calling this his home.

Sadness sunk into her bones, leaving her heart heavy. So many questions filled her head. Betty reached for the cell phone she remembered leaving at home after which she realized that Jughead didn’t carry one anyway. In her current powerlessness, she lowered herself on the cot Jughead had been using as a bed as she looked around the room once more.

On his bed was where Jughead found her. A sudden and vivid pop of color amid the gray and charcoal, an intentional eye-catcher to draw in his gaze. She lay on her back, one hand curled close to her head while the other was sprawled on the sliver of bare skin that peeked out from beneath the ridden-up shirt. She looked comfortable as if it was something she had done before like she had been in his room before when really they had never been close enough. Each being the third wheel in their respective relationship with Archie. He sometimes wondered if she was as aloof as she seemed while she questioned if he was too aware of everything going on around him. But if he were honest with himself he knew that there were secrets behind those beguiling baby blues while she was aware of the fact that his inquisitive regard for others was a distraction, a way to keep the world and its people at bay.

Figuring that she most likely needed the rest, Jughead moved around the room as if he wasn’t there at all, having experience in the act. He considered grabbing his laptop but didn’t want to risk waking her prematurely so he settled on a book. He sat back in the single chair in the room, resting his feet on the table. He was on the 4th chapter when her eyes fluttered open, sleep still lacing her limbs as she sluggishly rolled onto her side, eyes instantly finding him.

You didn’t wake me,“ she said in a tone that was supposed to be accusatory though the sharpness fell short.

"You needed it,” Jughead declared simply. He held up the open book. “Plus, I’ve been meaning to reread this.”

Her eyes didn’t flick to the title of the novel in his hands but remained focused on him. “This is your room,” she stated. “Is it that bad at home?” Betty knew that his father struggled religiously with his sobriety as well as maintaining a steady job. It wasn’t a secret in this town, but it still hurt since Jughead knew that Betty’s source had most likely been a more reliable one and that meant that Archie hadn’t managed to keep his mouth shut.

“Dad,” he started, lowering his eyes to the pages in front of him as if the solution was right there if he only knew how to interpret the words. “He tries. But after so many times, I don’t want to be there and watch him fail over and over. He barely noticed whether I was there or not. It’s more peaceful like this. For me.”

Betty pushed herself upwards and his eyes shot upwards, her intent clear to him before her feet had managed to find the floor. He got up instead, the book already forgotten on the desk. He paced over to one of the many shelves, arms crossed as he pretended to go through the titles on the film reels.

“Juggy,” she said his name softly as she attempted to hand him a lifeline, something to clutch onto so he wouldn’t spiral downwards too far.

He recognized the benign intent behind it, even when he felt the anger flare up inside of him, cracking his outer shell. He lost his hold on it as if it were a rope that was being forcibly yanked out of reach. The emotion was misplaced, an inevitable reaction to all the things he had been keeping to himself. And like an out of body experience, he heard and saw the violent way the words left his mouth. “I’m not looking for your pity or help. You weren’t even supposed to know. I’m doing just fine.” He didn’t know whether he was reassuring the girl on his bed or himself. He turned from the shelf to look at her, features set and hard as he continued. “You tell me who’s doing better, me, who’s on my own or you, stuck in that house with all of your family’s lies and secrets all the while keeping up appearances and feigning as if your life is so perfect. Pretense breeds enervation.” He delivered the final blow by simply nodding his head in her direction. “Just look at you.”

Raw hurt cut through her expression suddenly and sharply and while she attempted to keep it all from showing because she knew this was just him lashing out, a symptom of his pain, the brace face she was putting on was crumbling.

Betty lowered her head, her chest tight and fingers pulling at the covers as she breathed through the tears that were so close to springing to her eyes. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” She looked up at him through hooded eyes. “Like you said, you’re doing fine.” She got up, fingers curled inwards. “I should get home. But just so you know, those secrets and lies you’re referring to, they aren’t mine. They’re my mom and dad’s. And Polly’s. I’d like to be free of them one day. Though, I suppose I’d hoped that my friends would already know this.” She tried meeting his eyes once, but he looked at everything but her as he silently came to terms that perhaps he was much more broken than he would like to admit.

Betty took the few steps over to the door, but Jughead was faster. He stood in front of her, fingers on her wrist as he caught her before she could pull open the door. “Betts,” he said her name as if he already knew how futile his words would seem. The damage was done and hadn’t his mom taught him how irrevocable words could be? Still, he tried, pouring all of his regret and dissatisfaction with himself and his situation into the words. “I didn’t mean those things.”

Betty let out the breath she had been holding, long lashes still hiding her eyes from him. “I know. They still hurt, though.” She mustered a watery smile. “But it’s okay. You’re sad and when people are sad they sometimes pretend they’re doing just fine.” She used his own words against him to prove a point, even though there was only concern in her expression when she finally looked at him. “Where are you doing to stay once the Twilight Drive-In closes?”

Jughead looked young to her as he just shrugged, not having an answer for her. She laced her fingers with his and squeezed. “You’re not alone in this, Jughead. We’ll figure something out.”

“That’s why I didn’t want anyone to find out. Especially you. It would be another thing for you to worry about.”

She used her free hand to lightly shove against his chest, needing a physical release for the frustration she was feeling towards him. “You don’t keep things from your friends just because you think it will worry them. That’s what they’re for. I’m for.”

She tightened her hold on his hand and he smiled. “If I’m the Kettle you’re the Pot.”

“I’m fine,” she told him, not wanting the light to fade from his eyes. She tried pulling her hand free, but Jughead wouldn’t let her. A sigh escaped her. “There’s something going on. My parents are lying to me about something. Something important. I just don’t know what.”

“Yet,” Jughead fine-tuned her reply. “I’ll be the Watson to your Holmes, Cooper.”

He said it in a light way, taking the edge from their words, their secrets. Her gaze roamed over his face: the midnight locks so carelessly shoved beneath the crown beanie, the disarming conviction in his jaw and the kindness in his blue and green eyes. She worried about him. About what would happen to him when he already seemed unattached from the world and too derisive for his own good, cutting down not only others with his humor but also himself. But he was also so many other things that you only managed to catch a glimpse of if he let you get close enough. Unable to help herself, her other hand went up and she touched her fingers to his cheek.

“Don’t retreat too much, Juggy. I would miss you too much.” The words were cryptic but the emotion strong and genuine. It reverberated through him and it compelled him to tug at her hand and pull her against him, holding her to him. Betty’s other hand clung to the shirt he was wearing while she pressed her face against his chest, inhaling him while his arm came around her waist. He wished he could take a snapshot of this exact moment, but he knew the restful feeling would be there every time he thought of it. The feeling of home.

“If I don't—can’t figure out my situation, I’ll let you know,” he promised her. “Okay?” He whispered against her, her very feminine scent of vanilla and dandelions enveloping him, a wildness contained. Beautiful and fragile while simultaneously enduring and free. Her fingers were a slight and comfortable warmth against his chest, the thin fabric in between a nuisance, hindering a carnal connection.

He felt her nod against him. “Okay.”

They stayed entwined for another breath or two, leaving their imprints on one another before disentangling.

“Let’s go to Pop’s. For lunch,” Jughead suggested.

Betty looked down at herself, all of a sudden self-conscious of the bright pink shade of her shirt, the flash of bare skin. It was an insecurity brought on by her mother.

“Hey, at least you didn’t sleep in your clothes.”

Betty smiled at that, not thinking about the words too much. “I look fine,” she agreed with him.

“Some would say more than fine even,” Jughead leaned in and shared recklessly, his lips as close to her skin as they had ever been.

The colors of her cheeks deepened, the tone now closer to the shirt she was wearing. She didn’t know where to look, though he offered her a distraction when he grabbed his denim jacket from a makeshift hook behind him and held it out to her. He had noticed how her arm had crept across her waist despite her words, or his.

Betty shrugged on his jacket without saying anything while he pulled on the flannel shirt he had tied around his waist.

Jughead opened the door for her, waiting for her to pass before he followed.

If people saw them, they would appear mismatched but it wasn’t the external that bound them together, that mattered.

It was more deep-rooted than that.

The past, the present... The future.  -Part 4

Summary: In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state.

Chapter 4: Who are you?

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: This part is pretty dark, you’ve been warned. Mentions of abuse, torture, human experiments and panic attacks.

Word count: 1,988

A/N: I got a bit carried away writing this. Specially the beginning and the end. Please, don’t hate me! I really want to explore the reader’s backstory in detail. As always, I would love to have feedback, so don’t doubt telling me what you think!

Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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“Who are you?” the voice rips me suddenly from my trance. It’s deep and menacing. I turn around slowly to face the man staring at me from across the room.

His figure is tall and strong. Pale moonlight drips along his face. His dark hair is messy and longer than I remembered, going down to his jaw, that is clenched and stubble. The moonlight reflects on his exposed left wrist made out of vibranium. But that’s not what gives him away. It’s his eyes.

I will never forget them, no mater how long I live. Those piercing blue eyes have haunted my nightmares countless times, and now, all of a sudden, they drag me back to my fourteen year old self, hiding in a corner, waiting for the monster to grab me.

It’s him.
It’s the soldier.

>>Sentences in cursive and bold are flashbacks.<<

Y/N’s POV:

“Who is her, sir?”

“Who are you?”

“This, doctor, this. This is where you are going to test the serums on.” he smiled, running a hand through my arm, secured between two leather holds. “We have others, so don’t worry about the condition it is left in. We just thought it would be an excellent place to start.”

The doctor nodded. “That’s good. I think I will need more, I don’t expect this one to be left in a good condition, but this is an excellent place to start.”

The world is spinning. Past and present mix before my eyes and absorb me with a magnetic force.

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More than friends//Draco x Reader imagine

Imagine where the reader is a gryffindor but draco still manages to fall in love with her


You sat with all your friends and fellow house mates at your table. It was all peace and quiet until some students from Slytherin started throwing food at your table. You saw some of the guys get up and throw stuff back. You looked at the professors and they were all looking down or in their own conversations, too busy to notice what was going on. Like always it got to far and it was practically a food fight between your two tables. You never bothered getting into it because it didn’t do anything accept cause more trouble. You looked over at the Slytherin table and met eyes with the one and only Draco Malfoy. He himself wasn’t doing anything either. He was just sitting at the table eating his food quietly which was odd because he was the one who usually started these things.

He gave you a faint smile before looking back at his plate. You saw a piece of something land on his plate. He scoffed and stood up to leave. By now some professors were getting involved and yelling at the students. You got up as well and left, shaking your head at how childish everyone was being. You were walking down the hall minding you business when someone interrupted your train of thought. “Quite silly hm? I can’t believe that used to be me in there, causing no good food fights..” You saw him chuckle a little to himself. “Yeah, I understand how our houses don’t exactly like each other but this is just stupid!” You saw Draco slowly nodding along in agreement. You gave him a smile and started walking again. You noticed that draco started walking along side you. You gave him a weird look but kept walking. You weren’t quite sure where you were going but you just followed along side Draco. You two ended up in the library. You both started gazing over the books. “im not much of a reader, I don’t really have the time. But i would like to start reading again.” You saw Draco pull out a book and skim it quickly before putting it back. He looked up and gave you a kind smile. You pulled out one of your favorites. “im quite a reader, I just enjoy it. It helps me relax.” You handed him to book, he looked over it and gave you a nod. He didn’t put it down, in fact he kept it in his hand as you two wandered out of the library.

You started walking again, you two started a small conversation which you were actually enjoying. You looked up and saw a group of Draco’s friends turn the corner walking in your direction. You froze, you looked over at Draco but he didn’t look as nervous. You looked back at them and they were all talking between each other, hey haven’t noticed you so you decided to run. Draco looked at you and was about to follow when his friends finally noticed him there. After you couldn’t see them anymore you finally slowed down to a walk. You decided to go back to your dorm and do some homework before heading back down for dinner.

During dinner you tried to ignore Draco but it didn’t work. You met his eyes once again and he gave you a confused look. You had to explain what happened but you didn’t know where or when. You found a scrap piece of paper in your pocket and scribbled down a small note. After dinner you were walking out of the Great Hall and you saw Draco right beside you. There were a lot of students leaving so you had to be quick. You put it in his pocket and rushed out. Draco went up to his dorm before opening it. He looked over your messy cursive, the note said ‘library at 10:00’ Draco quickly ripped the note up and threw it out so nobody would know where he was going.

You looked at your watch and it read 9:45 so you decided to leave just in case. You quickly and quietly snuck around the castle, you turned one corner and almost ran into Snape, you quickly hid and once he passed you let out a quiet sigh before continuing on. You quietly opened and closed the doors to the library. You whispered Draco’s name but there wasn’t a reply. You looked at your watch again and it now read 9:54 You decided to sit down on a chair and patiently wait for him. You heard a Dorr open and you looked over at the door and saw Filch looking around. You quickly ducked behind a stack of books. You heard him mumble a few words before closing the door. You sighed again and decided to sit there and wait for Draco.

After a few more minutes you heard the door open again. You peered over the stack of books to see Draco quietly closing the door behind him. You stood up and started walking over towards him. As soon as he saw you he jumped a little. “you almost gave me a heart attack” You laughed at his comment which made him laugh as well. You led Draco to a pair of chairs, he sat across from you. “So I need to explain myself about today.“ Draco nodded slowly.“The reason I ran off is because I was scared. I was scared that your friends would’ve made fun of us for hanging out. They would’ve bothered me because we’ll I’m not exactly there favorite person. And they would’ve gotten mad at you for associating with me! I just didn’t want that to happen so I quickly left before they noticed us” Draco was silent, your eyes were locked with his. You couldn’t quite tell what he was thinking which made you nervous. Neither of you said anything for a few minutes. It wasn’t an awkward silence though. You were about to saw something but Draco got out of his chair, reached across the table and smashed his lips into yours. You were shocked at first but you kissed him back. Your hands were tangled in his hair and his were holding your face gently. You two pulled back you just stared into his eyes.

You couldn’t help but smile at him, your cheeks were a hot pink. Draco showed a smile as well. “how is this going to work? I mean our houses hate each other. And your parents…if they found out your were with someome like me..I don’t even know what they would do” All these thoughts rushed through your head, you were getting overwhelmed. Draco noticed it and gave you another kiss. He held your chin up. “we’ll figure something out okay? And I wouldn’t worry about my parents, they won’t do anything. I’ll make sure of it" You smiled at him. “We should get back, before Filch has a chance to find us.” You led him to the door, “I’ll see you tomorrow okay?” You nodded at him. You quickly kissed his cheek. You two said goodbye quickly before sneaking back to your dorms.