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Prompt: Marco/Ace - Sentinel/Guide: Guide Portgas D. Ace never expected to find his perfect match, his Sentinel, because a lot of Active Guides and Sentinels didn't and so just lived with compatible matches. To be fair it came as a surprise to his Sentinel Marco too, especially considering the circumstances.

Marco is old enough to suspect that he will never find his Guide, not when it’s so extremely rare for anyone to find their Guide. He’s only ever met one bonded pair and Shanks is far too aggravating for Marco to ask how the hell he tracked Benn down. He keeps trying to make himself ask, but Shanks is just too much.

“You are far too heavy,” Marco mutters to the small lion on his chest, eyes closed. “You can sleep else where. Are animal guides suppose to sleep?”

This isn’t his. This is not Marco’s.

Marco’s animal is a bird with wings spans twice the length of Marco’s arms and never comes down from it’s watch of the world. The lion is a friend. It enjoys being close to Marco and following him around like they are friends. It doesn’t belong to any of the crew and Marco doesn’t know who to check.

The lion huffs, sleeping happily, licking Marco’s face.

“You are the worst.”

The lion doesn’t respond, content to be sprawled across Marco’s front.


Ace frowns at the bird overhead, circling him like a buzzard. It had been there since he had started fighting Jinbei and now it was still there, far too close. He sighs, closing his eyes and relaxing for the barest of moments before he’s forcing himself up, frowning at Whitebeard’s ship appearing from the mist.

He doesn’t remember much, it’s a blur, trying to fight him and save his crew at the same time, so many things happening before he falls to the ground and wakes up again on the Moby Dick.

With a lion watching him.

“Hello?” He says slowly, blinking when he realizes that this is his. He remembers that much, the tiny lion cub that had followed him until Sabo had died before being replaced by the bird. It licks his face. “Lovely.”

He knows most of Whitebeard’s main crew, so when the door opens and Phoenix Marco steps in, Ace isn’t expecting him to look at the lion first.

“He can’t see you.”

“The fuck I can’t!”

Phoenix stops, “What?”

“That’s my lion, leave him alone, you buzzard!”

“Phoenix actually. It’s a Phoenix.”

Ace can’t believe this is what is happening. He runs. He can’t. He’s suppose to kill Whitebeard, not find his Sentinel working as his first mate.

When people say all straight pairings are boring and forced as hell, then this means they obviously have never watched FMA Brotherhood to witness one of the most beautiful and most perfect ships ever:

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That thing about how cats think humans are big kittens is a myth, y’know.

It’s basically born of false assumptions; folks were trying to explain how a naturally solitary animal could form such complex social bonds with humans, and the explanation they settled on is “it’s a displaced parent/child bond”.

The trouble is, cats aren’t naturally solitary. We just assumed they were based on observations of European wildcats - but housecats aren’t descended from European wildcats. They’re descended from African wildcats, which are known to hunt in bonded pairs and family groupings, and that social tendency is even stronger in their domesticated relatives. The natural social unit of the housecat is a colony: a loose affiliation of cats centred around a shared territory held by alliance of dominant females, who raise all of the colony’s kittens communally.

It’s often remarked that dogs understand that humans are different, while cats just think humans are big, clumsy cats, and that’s totally true - but they regard us as adult colonymates, not as kittens, and all of their social behaviour toward us makes a lot more sense through that lens.

They like to cuddle because communal grooming is how cats bond with colonymates - it establishes a shared scent-identity for the colony and helps clean spots that they can’t easily reach on their own.

They bring us dead animals because cats transport surplus kills back to the colony’s shared territory for consumption by pregnant, nursing, or sick colonymates who can’t easily hunt on their own. Indeed, that’s why they kill so much more than they individually need - it’s not for fun, but to generate enough surplus kills to sustain the colony’s non-hunting members.

They’re okay with us messing with their kittens because communal parenting is the norm in a colony setting, and us being colonymates in their minds automatically makes us co-parents.

It’s even why many cats are so much more tolerant toward very small children, as long as those children are related to one of their regular humans: they can tell the difference between human adults and human “kittens”, and your kittens are their kittens.

Basically, you’re going to have a much easier time getting a handle on why your cat does why your cat does if you remember that the natural mode of social organisation for cats is not as isolated solitary hunters, but as a big communal catpile - and for that purpose, you count as a cat.

I got curious about what fans had been making for Overwatch, the super-slick smash hit Blizzard videogame. And when I looked, I found an ENTIRE ROMANCE NOVEL!!

It’s written by @arcanebarrage & called Hang the Fool . And it is really amazing work, to be honest!! I was shocked by the quality, and ended up reading the whole thing. An action romance that explores some seriously heavy themes. FANWORK CAN BE SO AMAZING.

UPDATE: It took me a day to realize I forgot McCree’s signature belt!!


Here are some photos of the Hoopoe, Israel’s national bird, for Dinokkah! 

Some fun facts about the Hoopoe (I can’t write a full factfile, don’t worry, that’ll come on October 28, 2021): 

- Hoopoe, Upupa, and epops, three names for this bird, are named for the cry it makes! 
- Hoopoes are monogamous, though the pair bond only last for a single season 
- Incubating/brooding females produce a foul smelling liquid, as do the nestlings. It is rubbed into the plumage and smells like rotten meat, which deters predators. 
- The birds will often fight each other, and often stab each other with their long bills. This can even blind rivals. 
- Hoopoes sunbathe by spreading out their wings and tail low against the ground and tilting up their heads! 
- They enjoy taking dust and sand baths

So the Hoopoe is a really cool bird, and a great one to be the national bird of Israel! Happy Chanukah! 

In case someone still doesn’t get it:

headcanon ≠ canon

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Pairings: Alpha!Werewolf!Sam x Omega!Werewolf!Reader

Word Count: 3500+

Summary: You’re a bonded pair with three children and all Sam can think about is having more.

My twist on a/b/o dynamics. There’s a little fluff in here too, I swear it.

Kink Prompts: Mating/Breeding & Were-animal sex

Warnings: Breastfeeding(non-sexual, baby related), knotting, dominance, claiming, fingering, oral, unprotected sex (obvi), biting, dirty talk, rough sex, some dom/sub overtones.

A/N: Written for @impalaimagining‘s Smut-entine’s Day Challenge

Sam comes home late, just after two in the morning, shutting the front door carefully, cautious of waking you or his children. He’s a sore, bleeding and a little drunk but it’s been a good night.

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Meet Fezzik! 🐰

Big dude had a vet visit and got a complete check of health, we just have to stuff more fiber in him. Poor guy had to get some ear wax samples for mites- none found yay!- so he’s been sulking the better part of the last few hours. XD He’ll need to be brought in later to get fixed, but I need another paycheck before I can do that. ^^’

The Purpose of Homestuck

In Gnosticism, Aeons are bonded pairs of male and female entities, that strive towards creation. Sophia left her bonded Aeon, and went to the Darkness. From it, she created the Demiurge, Yaltabaoth. Being a creation of an unbalanced Aeon, Yaltabaoth was flawed. Yaltabaoth saw existence, thought itself the Creator, and fashioned reality. As a flawed being, it could only beget flawed creations. Sophia descended into Yaltabaoth’s reality, and brought Wisdom, so that people could eventually rise to the level of the Aeons. Eve and Adam consuming the Forbidden Fruit was a key step.

Paradoxically, one of the events to kickstart the entirety of Homestuck was a mistake made by a kid at the end of the world, at the end of several worlds. Calliope and Caliborn were poised to begin their own session of SBurb, as Muse of Space and Lord of Time, respectively. They were a male/female bonded pair, their aspects and classes perfectly offset one another. For all intents and purposes, their session should have been fantastically balanced, and hopefully, successful. Proper completion of it could have wrought gorgeous results, and a wonderful Ultimate Reward.

But then Caliborn broke the deal. He turned away from Calliope, and looked towards the Darkness. Upon Derse, in the shadows of the Horrorterrors, he found Jack Noir, and commissioned him to kill Calliope’s dreamself while she slept. Jack succeeded, Caliborn artificially predominated, and his new session was wrought, with Yaldabaoth as its denizen.

Caliborn would quickly go on to create ‘Homosuck’ a flawed, horrible, copy of the reality surrounding him. It’s retelling of events was mistaken, altered, and an all-around inferior copy of the true reality of the story.

As he picked the Path of the Tyrant, Caliborn was granted the power to rampage across all reality at the culmination of his dead session. As he became Lord English, all reality bent to support and perpetuate his own existence. He gained control over at least the four preceding Universes (the Alpha Trolls on Beforus, the Beta Trolls on Alternia, the Beta and Alpha Kids on their respective versions of Earth), and even went so far as to speak in the very fabric of the narrative (his text is written in the same font as the comic’s title).

Both acts of creation were tarnished by another force, though. When writing Homosuck, an external intruder joined the story, and criticized the author. When  rampaging across the Furthest Ring, a sole entity changed events to cheat him.

John Egbert. John was able to access the world of Homosuck, thereby descending into the Demiurge’s own creation. John was able to access the narrative of the comic in a way no other character could, and save it from Lord English - an accounted-for variable with the power to keep bringing flawed, endangered, Universes into being.

When John first entered the Medium, thereby showing us our first glimpses of the world beyond Earth, and the greater scope of the comic, he did so by biting an apple. The apple is the modern representation of the unknown Forbidden Fruit consumed by Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden. Generally, this is viewed as Original Sin, the descent of humans to mortality, etcetera, etcetera. Gnosticism instead posits that this was the first step towards enlightenment. In biting the apple, John was stepping beyond his world, and plunging into the unknown, so as to know it better.

In Homosuck, John descended into the world of the Demiurge, just as Sophia did. But John isn’t Sophia, he’s Adam, as posed above (given the apple by Rose, who can be compared to Eve in that scenario, but also fits Lilith quite well). He’s simply ascending to Sophia’s level, as she intended humankind to do. John further exemplifies her traits when he uses his newfound powers to make the biggest change to the story - changing the events of [S] Flip. John punched Vriska, thereby preventing Terezi from stabbing her, or being forced to let her go. This set into motion a chain of events that led to the kids knowing themselves better, and begetting a Universe no longer beholden to the 'malevolent tendrils’ of Skaia and destiny, as Rose so fantastically put it in her GameFAQ of Sburb.

But I lied above. John didn’t do this alone, he did it as part of a bonded pair (notably, a male/female one). Terezi guided him in undoing the events that led to Aranea gaining the Ring of Life, and dooming the Old Alpha timeline. She further guided him in orchestrating an entirely new sequence of events, and bringing about a Universe free from the flawed creation that Lord English engenders.

But what does all of this mean? Caliborn broke from his balanced pair, and absolute destruction ensued. John sought out a balanced ally, and through seeking out wisdom, was capable of rising above the flawed world he had been born into, and bearing a new world, free of the problems of the old ones. At it’s core, Homestuck is a story of friendship. Kids talking over the Internet, aliens coming together and working towards a common goal, romances blooming in situations no participant had thought possible. But it’s also a story of self-betterment. Not necessarily betterment through traditional means, but betterment through living life, and coming to understand it. It’s about “…[consuming] the fruits of existence [and] living.”

…I bet that fruit bit was intentional.

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I’m watching Casino Royale again and hooooooooooly…

Given that I’m still dying over the thought of a genderswapped 007 AU with Vex as Bond and Percy as…a Q/Bond Girl hybrid? 11/10 would fancast again, holy cats.

I am so into this. So. Into. This. Maybe I’ll write a short one :’D

African pygmy goose (Nettapus auritus)

The African pygmy goose is a perching duck from sub-Saharan Africa. It is the smallest of Africa’s wildfowl, and one of the smallest in the world. It wingspans between 142 mm and 165 mm. The African pygmy goose is known to be nomadic. It can be found across a wide area of sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar. It lives in habitats of slow flowing or stagnant water with a cover of water lilies. The African pygmy goose feeds mainly on the seeds of water lilies but also on other floating seeds and small insects as well as other small invertebrates.They live in strong pair bonds that may last over several seasons and their breeding is triggered by rains.

photo credits: wiki


oh shit son, i totally forgot about lance thinking keith was going to take Blue! like, that rang really weird/out of place for me when i first watched it, because i didn’t feel like there was any actual precedent for him to think keith wanted to take his lion. other than to showcase his own insecurities about his position on the team, at least.

and meh, yeah you’re on the right track when you say that that sort of attraction can’t last. I’ve honestly never bought into the whole idea of opposites attract. if we’re talking about magnets, sure. but like… humanity as a whole has pretty well demonstrated that opposites don’t actually attract… and if they do, it’s usually unsustainable in the long run. in fact, numerous studies on pair bonding for people show that overall, yeah, birds of a feather flock together, so to speak. in that most couples actively need positive similarities or ideological similarities to be compatible in the long run.

maybe it’s just my neuro and psych background talking here, but it’s been pretty well shown that opposite people don’t typically attract unless their opposition is surface level only (the tol and the smol, introvert and extrovert, etc…) OR they attract and stick together if the “opposite” aspects of their personalities are things that the other actively needs or wants. Like one party being somewhat laidback while the other is a bit highstrung (but not overly so) - the “opposite” traits, in this case, can serve as a way of balancing each other out because the traits themselves aren’t to the extreme. The laidback person might do well with a bit more structure, and the somewhat highsrung person might do well with a bit more fun in their life. But because “laidback” in this case doesn’t mean “lazy and totally carefree”, and because “highstrung” in this case doesn’t mean “anal retentive control freak”, they can work together and become better people because of it. (especially if they have other positive aspects that are similar between them)

but that doesn’t really apply to kl//ance. 

in fact, as a side note, it applies a HELL of a lot more to SHEITH. Hell, even the creators have actually pointed this out: Like Dos Santos saying that Keith can be somewhat reckless and hot-headed, and often looks to Shiro as a balancing point for him, to help level him off and keep him in check. And Shiro needs Keith’s hard-headness and determination to persevere. Shiro can be fairly fatalistic at times - not in that he readily gives up or anything, but that he can begin to feel hopeless in times when he needs strength. And Keith is usually the one who is willing to push hard and remind him that he has support, and that things can work out if they fight for it. Shiro and Keith actually do have what couples need as a whole - plenty of similarities, but opposite enough to help balance each other out and make each other better people.)

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At first I only followed Katie but then there were so many posts mentioning you that I was like "goddam y'all are like a bonded pair guess I gotta follow you too"

katie and i are a package u can’t follow one without following the other it’s the law

List of things I hope to see in Yuri!!! on Ice

  • Victor finds out about Vicchan and bonds with Yuuri about it.
  • Yurio swallows his pride and returns to Japan with his cat. Victor has Yuuri help Yurio with the emotional aspect of his program.
  • If he doesn’t return, then Yurio stays in touch with his parents Victor and Yuuri, and reluctantly builds a good relationship with Yuuri.
  • Wherever Yurio ends up staying, he bonds with Yuuri and they end up encouraging and supporting each other.
  • Victor’s (probably tragic) backstory. Bonus points if he willingly shares it with Yuuri as a token of trust.
  • Victor being partway happy that the world finally sees the beauty and wonder he sees in Yuuri, and partly distraught that he won’t have Yuuri all for himself any more.
  • Yuuri having a moment of introspection in which he separates his idol-worship of Victor from his growing feelings for human-Victor.
  • They don’t even have to make their relationship “official” or “explicit”, just give them a pair skating program that’s full of romantic subtext and passion and we good.