There it is folks, the lovely ladies of Skullgirls representing our favorite Jojos. Got to do crazy colors and crazy designs.

Sadly that means this crossover has to come too a close…

OR DOES IT?!!!!!!!


Another week, another weekly Skullgirls tee! 

This week is featuring a design by Gashi-Gashi!

Grab it before the curtains close on June 23rd!

EDIT: The outline in the artwork is now white rather than yellow-orange.


Schools out! But this weekly Skullgirls tee is in! Designed by the creative director Alex Ahad himself!

Grab this tee before June 9th before it goes on summer break!


so here it goes this group. Letting the poses be decided by a roll of dice wasn’t that bad, and it was interesting working with such wildly varied group of characters. It was surprising just how much people liked some of the characters. I wasn’t expecting Filia to be so liked considering how much fanart other characters get over her.

Deviantart link


BURNING UP! I’ll do more sometime. Starting Playable Characters.

Marie and the DLC Characters out so far (here)

Adam and Umbrella

Black Dahlia and Annie