Exquisite Photorealistic Portraits by Hirothropologie


Artist Hirothropologie has devoted himself to creating photorealistic paintings that are spectacularly detailed. Every freckle is emphasized along with each strand of hair. As for the clothing that he portrays, all embellishments are intricately represented and help to add a sense of texture. “I put my entire life in it,” the painter admits. Using a set of precise tools, the artist meticulously creates brushstrokes that are indistinguishable and colors that are true to life. It’s this commitment that makes the creative’s portraits as lifelike as they are. Overall, Hirothropologie’s subjects look as though they’re about to step out of his large-scale canvases and become a part of the real world.



Outstanding Oil Paintings by Amanda Elizabeth Joseph

Amanda Elizabeth Joseph is an artist hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. She draw and paint portraits of women that explore the intersection of race, class, and gender on individual and collective identities through the lens of “white trash”. Represented by Zg Gallery in Chicago. 

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posted by Margaret