Photorealistic Paintings by Alexandra Pacula

Polish-born, New York-based artist Alexandra Pacula (b. 1979) paints large-scale works that explore the dynamic energy of cities at night. With virtuosic brushwork, vibrant color, and fluid gesture, Pacula captures the motion and chaos as well as the sublime beauty of urban space. Her streets are filled with light that travels almost of its own accord within the compositions, and she has developed a nontraditional style of painting that combines impressionism, expressionism, and photorealism. The resulting paintings ensnare the eye and transport the viewer to another dimension, reminiscent of the fleeting yet mesmerizing moments that take place only in the big city. 

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I was recently asked to paint this super cool wooden dragon for the Stokes Brown Public Library in Springfield, TN. His name is unofficially Francis and he’s going to be the top of a really neat sign post directing visitors to the children’s section of the library. I’ll post pictures of the sign post once it’s all put together and on display.

He’s done in acrylics and some fancy glitter paint. I had a blast working on him and I hope the kids enjoy him too!

The Backside of the Painting, and Other News
Vik Muniz, Verso (Illha de Itamaraca), 2016The hatchet job isn’t what it used to be. To read Tobias Smollett’s book reviews from the eighteenth century is to discover, as J.H. Pearl writes, ever-higher concentrations of venom: “Smollett, who helmed The Critical Review from 1756 to 1763, never minced words in his judgment of whether a particular text... Read More »
By Dan Piepenbring

Historical hatchet jobs, make America write cursive again, the backside of paintings, and other news.


Commissions Are Open!

Above are some examples of my previous work, and the mediums I can work in: oil, acrylic, watercolour, ink and pencil.

I’m happy to negotiate prices, depending on the style, size and medium of the artwork you want.

If you’d like to discuss a commission via email, feel free to send me a message at: sophiyashaw@gmail.com

All of the above pieces are available as A5 prints for $6 plus postage :)

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