You asked me today, ‘What are you?’
And wild flowers grew from my tongue, filling my mouth, as they bled their brilliant colours down my throat, before I could tell you that I am all the things I never meant to be.

(I am the sea, my dear, wicked in my calm. I will drown you and I will mourn you, for darling, I should have taught you to swim.

I am a thousand stories, built upon the ruins of a ten hundred stars. I am an artist of fire, my canvases covered in dust and ash. I am a temple, holy in my prayers.

I am a wolf, with lips painted red, waiting for the moon to howl again. I am the deadliest of beginnings, the brightest of ends)

I swallowed the dirt, and the stems, and all the pretty petals, and told you, long after you’d gone;

“I am poet, darling, and I will write myself the sun.’

—  They say if a poet loves you, you’ll never die, and if that’s true, darling, I’ll live forever (on loving all the things you never meant to be) | p.d

These were the layouts for pages that have already gone up and the Patreon folks have reveled in this video for over a month sooooo now you all get it. YAY :D  

Also I’m never painting my nails orange again no ma’am

Uzumaki family Hanami. Today was my fist day at the academy, mom and dad were with me all the ceremony, hontoni that made me so happy; at the end, we taken a photo by the Shadow of the tree close of the building. My dad stars to cry; then he say: (with broken voice), was been a long way, difficult and painting, but now I can be more gratefully…; to be here again, with 2 of 3 my blessings people that I have in my life. Mom and I cuddle him; Until he feels alright. My brother was out on a special mission; and he was going to be out for days. That’s why he was felling incomplet. The ceremony was ended; though our way to home, my brother surprise us behind, bringing to us happiness and peace.

anonymous asked:

How can you like Once in a Life and hate Night Changes? Those two songs are the same shit… boring as fuck!!!

nah night changes is literally the most boring song to happen since enrique had that hidden track on one of his early 2000s albums that was literally 9 seconds of silence. night changes is going out to the store and buying the slowest drying paint and literally painting the same wall over and over again until the bucket is empty and the last coat of paint has finally dried… 62 years later. night changes is like trying to watch grass grow during the winter. night changes is going to school for 8 hours a day but only taking history classes. night changes is like flying a kite with no kite, just string. night changes is watching c-span. night changes is like watching golf and only golf. night changes is like waiting for oil and water to mix. you might as well sit ya ass in a coffin before you listen to night changes because you WILL die of boredom listening to that whack ass song.

jayallebasi asked:

Hi, I just recently decided to start painting again but i wanted to try to paint with watercolor. Ive always painted with acrylics. Any tips? And ideas of something to start practicing to paint, I have absolutely no idea what to paint. Im in a funk

Just paint some abstract random fun stuff to begin with to get a feel for the paint, how differently it flows, how the colors get lighter or darker depending on how much water you use on them, and how they blend. Don’t over think it into a complicated process, just be free and have fun! When you feel comfortable try moving on to actual subjects or landscapes :)


Week Three: Sketch a Day this May!

Week Three was interesting and tended towards more focused work and process than usual. Towards the end of the week I stuck to only one painting a day and tried to make it work. Again, not the usual. I’m learning a lot this month :)

Daily exercise to build immunity to perfectionism; join in! ‪#‎maysketchaday‬