Artist Paints Ocean Stones With Thousands Of Tiny Dots To Create Colorful Mandalas

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Elspeth McLean, an Australian artist based in Canada, creates hypnotizing paintings of mandalas on smooth and perfectly round ocean stones that will soothe your soul and fill your wold with color. She paints her beautiful explosions of color with tiny dots, which makes her works even more symmetrical and soothing.

Her rocks are insanely popular, and sell out of her Etsy shop very quickly! But she also has tons of other artwork, so be sure to take a look!



Tyrus Wong’s expressive paintings caught Walt Disney’s eye and became the visual guide for Bambi. Born in China, Wong — now 104 — used forged papers to enter the U.S. under the Chinese Exclusion Act.

In 1938, The Walt Disney Studio hired Wong as an “inbetweener” to draw the frames between the main drawings of the animators. Wong soon learned that the studio was trying to turn Felix Salten’s novel Bambi into an animated film. After reading the story, he saw an opportunity to break out of his humdrum job.

"I said, ‘Gee, this is all outdoor scenery,’ " Wong recalls in a video featured in the museum exhibit. "I said, ‘Gee, I’m a landscape painter. This will be great!’ "

The Chinese ‘Paper Son’ Who Inspired The Look Of Disney’s ‘Bambi’

Image credits: (From top) Tyrus Wong/Courtesy of Mike Glad, Tyrus Wong/Courtesy of the Tyrus Wong Family, Tyrus Wong/Courtesy of Ron and Diane Miller

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moon and stars original painting by natashanewtonart

natasha newton is the talented artist behind this shop’s paintings — you can get an original piece, like this half moon on an inky sky, or you can get one of her works in a print form. the grey watercolor lunar face has an incredible depth against the celestial semicircle.


When I first read this morning that Eurovision superstar Conchita Wurst had been styled by Jean Paul Gaultier as Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, and photographed by Ellen von Unwerth, I assumed it was an April Fools’ joke; but I was so very wrong. For those of you who haven’t seen the image, taken to promote the upcoming Aids Life Ball, please enjoy this pretty spectacular project.