1. Another sunny day 
  2. Finally found you 
  3. Winter fairytale 

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Completed fullbody painted commission of Markhruam the Imperial plague dragon for Seenya!!

This painting took me almost three weeks on and off in order to finish. By the last week I came to a better understanding about color usage and lighting - given the time I would have adjusted the overall lighting so that the whole painting would have had the art style of the second screenshot (clear reddish light source versus bad pillow shading).

Edit: Face and fullbody reupload to fix wonky layering issue

Jacob Lawrence’s Paintings of Police Brutality and Racial Segregation Still Look Familiar, 70 Years Later
In 1941, the artist Jacob Lawrence set out to tell the story of a massive demographic shift that still defines America’s racial divide.

Studio 360 spoke to MoMA curator Leah Dickerman about the relevance of Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series today. The exhibition One Way Ticket: Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series and Other Visions of the Great Movement North closes September 7.


The Extraordinary Mystical and Magical Painting of  Denis Forkas Kostromitin

As the austere Soviet environment had little to offer in terms of esoteric literature Denis eagerly plunged into the world of Greek and Egyptian mythology and mysticism. Upon the iron curtain’s collapse in 1991 the great information deluge delivered translations of works by Levi and Crowley along with anonymous treatises on alchemy and ceremonial magic, which contained precious bits of insight into matters like energy management, will, balance and intent. The purgatory of Russian military service in the mid-nineties had Denis revise his approach to esotericism and brought him to the gates of Western philosophy. In the wake of the new century’s economic boom Denis frequently visited China as a qualified interpreter, a journalist and a commercial representative. He was lucky to have met several native painting masters and was eventually granted a chance to study Eastern painting tradition first hand. Almost three years of heavy practice, which included mastering gongbi and xieyi techniques, helped Denis determine his true vocation and inspired him to take on the path of a professional artist. Before leaving China Forkas developed the principles of his Eglantine Breath philosophy. The approach – aimed at balancing the Apollonian and the Dionysian impulses and reviving the ancient spirit of harmony in a work of art – merged ceremonial magic, meditation and technical prowess in a single current. Txt