Eric Otto’s Art Rises Like the Sun

Eric Otto is a professional artist who lives in San Francisco.  He works with recycled materials, and in addition to smaller works he also creates larger installations pieces.  All of Eric’s work is fluid and bright – he often includes mirrors and neon lights.  I think the best think about his works is that he always includes a large round element – like a rising sun or moon.   Thanks to VSCO!

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The Photos Behind Gil Elvgren’s 1950s Pin-Up Girl Art, Part II 

Image credit: Gil Elvgren 

What did the real women who posed for the iconic pin-up paintings of the ’50s look like? As a series of “before and after” images that appeared last year and placed pin-up mastermind Gil Elvgren‘s finished pictures side-by-side with the photographs they were based on revealed, the paintings and their inspirations are uncannily similar — aside from some differing hairstyles, costumes, and sometimes proportions. (Dangerous Minds calls the women “the original victims of Photoshop.”) For those who can’t get enough of these comparisons — or just love pin-up art — Retronaut has located another, substantially larger, set that you can page through after the jump. Those with sharp eyes will notice that many of the photos feature the same woman; she’s Elvgren’s wife, and apparently had quite a flair for provocative posing.