Dillon Samuelson Paints the Inner Psyche

Dillon Samuelson is a contemporary artist from New York.  His works are full of deep meaning and evocative imagery.  Through his work Dillon explores the inner workings of man by representing it outwardly, which is no easy task.  Many of his portraits are in fact self-portraits,  and his search for self-knowledge flows outward onto the canvas.  Check out his Tumblr to see more great artwork.

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Hey guys, this terms voice over will be a continuation of last terms character concept part 1 (https://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=2217450) :3
In this part, I will be showing you guys the next step which is to create a detailed pass on top of the black silhouettes, I’ll be giving some design tips and stuff to watch out for  :3 There will be 2 other parts next month to wrap up this character concept voice over tutorial !Thanks guys : D

duration:1h 8 min

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Women Carrying Birds and Flowers Paintings

Jessica Watts, an Australian painter, was inspired by fauna, flora and women’s bodies for her series of oil paintings “Wallflowers”. On paper and with enamel, she painted busts of young tattooed ladies, sometimes naked or in underwear, who carry birds of all kinds and bouquets of tulips, roses or peonies, on assorted backgrounds.