Congratulations to  5 years on YouTube to the loudest man in the world @therealjacksepticeye! <3
thank you for bringing joy and laughter to our lives.
Here’s my attempt to paint his Instagram picture (it’s the first decent painting I made with watercolour pencils)

Cheers to another 5 years!

Funny story; my tablet just randomly quit working after 4 years of use so I couldn’t draw anything since my last post (which was how many weeks ago???) But rest assured, my mom pitched in and helped me buy a new one (thx mom <3)  So hopefully I can continue drawing more 😋

And in commemoration, I drew Victor! I’m not sure if he’s sad or content-looking..???? What are your thoughts? 🤔😄

what ur fave painter says about you

Van Gogh: art hoe, unappreciated, depressed and lonely

Picasso: mhmm. you’re pretty weird and inventive 

Leanardo Da Vinci: gay genius, ultimate prankster

Matisse: you love anything cultural and appreciate the value and beauty of almost everything

Edvard Munch: you are depressed, nihilistic and very lonely 

Salvador Dali: what is wrong with you? seriously what are you ever talking about

Monet: you have an eye for beauty and wish you could live in a field of flowers

Renoir: you love the women, the children, the bread

Andy Warhol: hello you are pretentious and gay

Rembrant: you are serious, detailed, and classical. 

Keith Haring: you’ve got a hard on for the 80s and you are into activism 

Bouguereau: dude we get it you love the female body and you love mythology

Edward Hopper: america? america. also you are realistic, serious, observant and hard working

Klimt: you are goddamn beautiful and you love goddamn beautiful things

Egon Schiele: you are obsessed with the human body and need to get laid

Magritte: you are an existentialist and want to have tea in the clouds 

Frida Kahlo: fuck imperialism and fuck america and fuck white people. also you’re the coolest motherfucker around