Amazing Fairy Tale Art by Bluefooted

Bluefooted on DeviantArt aka (Erin Kelso), is a unique artist. Not only because she has a PhD in evolutionary biology and a Master’s in zoology, but foremost for the fantastic dreamlike atmosphere of her illustrations.

Erin’s fairy tale art was recently featured  on io9 and, just like them, we were also blown away by these brilliant images of fairies, dragons and other fantasy creatures:

Source: dailypicksandflicks


The newest member of the Department of Extraordinary Upcycling is Portland, OR-based artist Mike Wellins. Wellins takes unremarkable thrift store paintings and turns them into something awesomely unusual by incorporating science fiction, horror, and fantasy elements into the scenes. Bunnies wear jetpacks, owls wear monocles, and landscapes and seascapes alike are invaded by robots, clowns, zombies, ghouls, and tentacular sea monsters. We like Mike Wellins’ visions of the world.

Prints as well as some of Wellins’ original altered paintings are available via the Peculiariam gallery.

[via Laughing Squid]


I’m very happy to announce that I now offer larger prints as simulated paintings for some of my work!

Collage is made out of small magazine cutouts, and when enlarged too much, artifacts are showing in the prints. For most full-page magazine pop collages the largest we can enlarge is 18"x30" before printing artifacts become visible, but a more common size is 12"x18". And when creating collages with smaller pictures, the largest we can go is… 6"x8". This is one of the reasons that collage hasn’t taken the more high-end (aka outrageously expensive) art world by storm: size. That market asks for huge sizes in big showrooms, and that’s something that simply can’t be done with collage properly (short of somehow getting our hands on the original 1950s film rolls and rescanning them!).

So in order to offer some larger prints, that many have requested in the past year, I decided to run my smaller collages under a well-regarded simulated painting application. In it, I could feed a small 6"x8" collage and get a huge, convincing painting out of it, without any artifacts! Most of these paintings are in watercolor style, but I have a bunch in Monet, and a few in VanGogh and my favorite, Klimt style.

To celebrate this new category of faux-paintings, I now hold a competition to give away THREE SIGNED PRINTS at 24"x36" size (a value of $75 each), to three winners (1 each). The competition will run from now, until Wednesday, Sept 2nd, 11 PM PST. Instructions on how to enter the competition, below:

- For Tumblr:
Go to my store here, and from the categories on the left pick any collage(s) of mine you like, and post them on your tumblr as such: “Collage by Eugenia Loli”, with a link to my store. Make sure you TAG the post with “#eugenia loli”, so I can see it. Also, don’t use more than 5 tags on that post, or Tumblr will disregard and won’t list the rest (a little known fact about Tumblr…). Finally, make sure you have either an email listed, or your “ASK” link enabled on your Tumblr, so I can contact you if you win!

- For Instagram:
Go to my store here, and from the categories on the left pick any collage of mine you like, and post it on your Instagram as such: “Collage by @eugenia_loli”. Make sure you TAG the post with #eugenialoli so I can see it. Do not tag the image itself with my username, because these, I won’t see.

- For Facebook:
Go to my store here, and from the categories on the left pick any collage(s) of mine you like, and post it on your Facebook as such: “Collage by @EugeniasCollages” with a link to my store. Make sure you “mention” my FB page, and your post is world-visible, so I can see it.

To increase your chances to win, feel free to post on all three platforms! Good luck!

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Here’s some doodles I did this past month.

I’m going to be flying out of town for a few weeks starting tomorrow and I will probably be without internet or phone service for the most of it. If anyone reaches out or anything and I don’t reply right away I apologize!

I’ll see you all when I get back and hopefully I’ll have a ton of cool new sketches to share too!