Everyone knows that Unicorns make rainbows, but it’s not always easy to find a unicorn on short notice. Instructables user Antzy Carmasaic created an awesome paint roller that can paint vibrant 10-color rainbows, which is a huge timesaver when unicorns are scarce. It’s called the Rainbow Roller and Carmasaic created a handy Instructables tutorial to enable anyone else to assemble their very own rainbow-maker.

“One day while just surfing around on the internet, I came across the nyan cat GIF leaving a trail of rainbow in its wake. That got me thinking about how to do the same in the real world. After a bit of trial and experimentation with different types of sponges and paints, I managed to create the rainbow roller as I had imagined it.”

[via Incredible Things and Bored Panda]


Art of Niharika Hukku 

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“For me, to create form and function out of what is essentially mud was magical,” says Sydney-based artist Niharika Hukku (@niharikahukku). With a background in painting, Niharika started out her career as a commercial illustrator, but later decided to pivot into the field of pottery making. “I always felt a pull towards ceramics,” Niharika says. “I wanted to do something that was personal and organic.”via:designcollector