Painting series by Dragan Ilić features abstracted mark-making using an industrial robot, sometimes carrying and guiding the artist himself:

The artist constantly transposes into the third dimension his decade’s long-running conceptual practice based on the usage of pencils as the basic draftsman’s tool, starting primarily with the media of performance art, installation and sculpture in extended field. Gradually, over the years, his expressive and mechanical compositions have become even more advanced with the development of modules, diverse in shape and sizes, devices designed for the task of mounting and holding his drawing tools, which has led ultimately to the construction of an appropriate drawing machine. Construed for non-artistic purposes, these robots have been reshaped into special draftsmanship implements with which the author is capable of processing his ideas at far greater speed and with considerably greater precision. The metamorphosis of the artistic work is positioned at a point where human and machine activity intersects, resulting in an interaction that is essentially based on the need to transcend the limitations of the human body. 

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Whether they’re her bug-eyed, psychedelic deities or creatures made of brightly colored fruits, Mi Ju’s curious creations have us looking at both the big and small picture. On the surface, her characters float through seemingly chaotic worlds buzzing with wild energy. A closer look reveals a whole universe of tiny, emoji-like faces, animals and flora that together make up the larger image. It’s through this simultaneous macro- and microscopic lens that the artist presents her colorful, absorbing environments. See more on HiFructose.com.