Rainbow Dash’s my Fav MLP *_* I’m not a total fan but I do enjoy watching the show and i love the pony designs !Here’s my take on my fav pony. I also tried a few things with this piece as well so it might look more experimental/rough compared to my other pieces ^_^ 

PSD,Video process, High res of this piece and others will be made available through ►https://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=2473918&rf=371321◄ for bi-weekly support : )

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Colorful portraits by Mihail Korubin

Mihail Korubin - Miho was born in Skopje in 1986. He is the third generation of visual artists, his grandfather artist Mile Korubin and his father artist Rubens Korubin . He graduated at F.L.U (Faculty of fine arts)- Skopje, Macedonia in the painting department . Mihail completed his master’s degree in painting at the same faculty in the class of prof. Blagoja Manevski. For more check out his Saatchiart profile.

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Breaking Bad watercolor series by Chris Ondyak in California

Ondyak made a watercolor for each of the 62 episodes in the series. To see all of the paintings in this project, check out his Instagram. According to Ondyak, “The idea to make this series came to me after I bought the BluRay barrel collection. I wanted to find some way to commemorate re-watching the whole series and I came up with the idea of using watercolor, a medium I hadn’t had too much experience with. My feeling was that the painting series would chart a development in skill and style in the same way the show charted Walt’s evolution as a criminal mastermind. I’ve been wanting to put out an art book and I saw this as the perfect opportunity. I began shortly after Christmas 2014 and finished the paintings in April 2015. Scanning and layout took up April and printing will last through the end of May. All told it took about 5 and a half months.” Currently his book is just for family and friends and is not available for purchase.

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Petting and playing with cats, two of life’s great yet simple pleasures. The Department of Awesome Animal Hybrids invites you to consider how much more cuddling, toy-chasing and batting could be done with these adorably creepy Cat-Erpillars. They’re the latest mutant kitty creations of New York-based artist and illustrator Casey Weldon (previously featured here). They might not be the best jumpers, but they can knead circles around any standard four-legged cat.

A limited edition giclée print of Weldon’s “Calico Cat” (top image), is currently available here via The People’s Print Shop.

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