Monday: Painter Mary Weatherford discusses her work in an intimate in-gallery discussion relating to the exhibition The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in an Atemporal World

[Mary Weatherford. La Noche. 2014. Flashe paint with neon lights and transformer on linen. 9’ 9 3/8” × 8’ 8 1/4” × 5 7/8″ (298.1 × 264.8 × 14.9 cm). Collection Mandy and Cliff Einstein, Los Angeles. Courtesy David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles. Photo: Fredrik Nilsen]




Tiferet is not the sum of parts but the clear reflection of a faceted gem.  Form must have dimension and it is Tiferet who coats it in definition.

It is true, to look upon the countenance of Tiferet is to know many faces. Such is also, to know the thread within the rope.

Tiferet wears a crown comprised of the fingers from the many hands of Ein Soph, whose many efforts goad existence from the dark. They scribble their will onto the face of Tiferet, forming the features and expression of creation. Tiferet knows love and justice from the great Legs of Ein Soph, Gevurah and Hesed. Tiferet Is intuitively present and steeped in wisdom, by Binah and Chohkmah. Knows glory and its cost, by the balance of Netzah and Hod. All that is unseen, be the face of Tiferet.

As the Sephirot are, so too is Tiferet. A chorus of many, a song of multitude, a dream with many dreamers.

So many wills be sung unto the Earth.

-from the Book of Summations

Art by Peter Mohrbacher
Art and writing by Eli Minaya


Expressive Watercolor Portraits Of Kurt Cobain, Other Legendary Musicians

Artist Natalia Vallès from Barcelona, Spain, has created a beautiful collection of art prints that feature expressive watercolor portraits of legendary musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Elvis Presley.