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We’re not going to bury the lead here: Bob Ross’ hair was actually straight. Just ask his longtime business partner Annette Kowalski, who knew Ross better than anyone — he had just gotten out of the Air Force, and was unsuccessfully trying to make a living as a painter, she says.

“He got this bright idea that he could save money on haircuts. So he let his hair grow, he got a perm, and decided he would never need a haircut again,” Kowalski explains.

Before he could change it back, though, the perm became his company’s logo — Ross hated it. “He could never, ever, ever change his hair, and he was so mad about that,” Kowalski says. “He got tired of that curly hair.”

But viewers never got tired of Ross or his show The Joy of Painting. With his soft, hypnotic voice, he’d bring his viewers in close as he created 30-minute masterpieces — distant mountain ranges, seascapes, forest scenes, always with those happy little trees. He’d sling his palette around, blend the titanium white paint, whisper about his life in Alaska, then gently tap his fan brush to create a canvas full of fluffy clouds. With his partly unbuttoned chambray shirt, his halo of tight curls and his soothing demeanor, Ross was a fixture on PBS.

Re-watching the show decades later — it’s now streaming on Netflix — The Joy of Painting still feels like a personal art lesson. And yet the oil painter we spent so many hours with remains a mystery. Ross led a private life and did only a few interviews during his career.

The Real Bob Ross: Meet The Meticulous Artist Behind Those Happy Trees

Photos: Bob Ross Inc.

Introducing Illustrator Jaesuk Kim and His ‘SusuGirls’

This story is part of our new series #FashionIllustrated, stories of artists from around the world who are using their imaginations to bring style to life.

Illustrator Jaesuk Kim (@jaesukkim) creates whimsical, swirling gowns for his imaginary muses — he calls them his “SusuGirls.” It always starts with a silhouette. “I add shapes, lines and textures spontaneously to create an abstract and fluid form to represent couture-like dresses,” the fashion illustrator, who splits his time between Seoul and Sydney, says. One of his favorite techniques involves a watercolor brush pen. “I squeeze water droplets from the brush, then watercolors are added onto these droplets.” Jaesuk urges other artists to never fear mistakes: “I think the beauty of watercolor is that even if you make a mistake, it somehow adds a special touch to it.”

12 Intriguing Voyeuristic Paintings of Museum Goers Staring at Famous Paintings

Artist  Karin Jurick observes in silence as museum goers admire iconic paintings. Before picking up her paintbrush, Jurick photographs the visitors, who intently stare with interest at some of the most famous paintings, including Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss and Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night.

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I can’t even remember the last time I painted an environment from imagination. This is actually from a dream I had last night and also it’s a real place close to where I live. I remembered it so clearly when I woke up this morning so I thought I’d sketch it real quick. I desperately needed an idea for a scene for my Schoolism assignment anyway so win win! D:

Now I need to paint it in 4 more different lighting setups which will be quite challenging and fun! (and quite time consuming *don’t panic don’t*)