I’m fascinated by antiquity, old photographies, ramshackle, collages, rust, peeling paint off the old walls. All this I’m trying to transfer into my paintings, which well works with my own technique similar to sgraffito. It’s about scraping into acrylic and wax layers with tools as is graver and spage to make my painting look like very structural and expressive. I’m often using very nostalgic motifs of memories from childhood, associations with time, memory and death. My colour palette is rich like our memories; bright, dark and contrasting shades of colors, which correspond with my actual emotional being

Antler Gallery in Portland has an upcoming group show featuring three distinct talents:Heiko Müller (HF Vol. 33), Lisa Ericson, and John Casey. Opening March 26, “Habitats” allows the three artists to demonstrate new directions in their personal styles. In his new paintings, Müller invites nature imagery to mingle with mythological elements and abstract designs. Casey presents a new series of bold, colorful sculptures and paintings, which greatly contrast with the tightly executed graphite work for which he was formerly known. Ericson’s paintings of mouse-butterfly hybrids are humorous, endearing, and technically skilled. One might be surprised to learn that “Habitat” is Ericson’s first gallery show, but her work matches that of the other two more experienced artists in caliber.

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