Here’s Van Gogh's Starry Night Recreated with ‘DNA Origami’

Scientists created a tribute to Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night from folded DNA molecules. Learn how they did it via Gizmodo, and see Van Gogh’s iconic painting in our fifth floor collection galleries.

[Image: P. Rothemund et al./Caltech]

(via Here’s Van Gogh's Starry Night Recreated with 'DNA Origami’)

This handsome youth is Imre Thököly, (in Hungarian: Thököly Imre.) A Hungarian Patriot, leader of an anti-Habsburg uprising, Prince of Transylvania.

Let me tell you about him:

He lost both parents while still a child. His father was executed for having had a role in the Hungarian magnates’ conspiracy against the Habsburgs.
Imre Thököly`s war against the house of Habsburg began in 1679, Upper Hungary (now Slovakia) was soon in his possession. and forced Leopold I. to restore Hungarian liberties. In 1690 Thököly was elected prince of Transylvania. He fought heroically, but couldn`t maintain his position against the Habsburg Armies. He was sent into exile, and after one more unsuccessful attempt to recover the principality, he settled down in Turkey with his wife.

His wife, Ilona Zrínyi, was a beautiful, and very brave woman, who was 14 years older than him, and very much in love with Imre. (who could blame her for this ;-) Their marriage was a sensation, the wedding of the century although was a bit schocking because of the age-gape. A Hungarian poet even wrote a lovely poem with 87 strophe about it. Ilona helped her husband in everything, and alone defended the castle of Munkács for three years. Ilona had two children from her first marriage; a girl, and a boy, who later will be the leader of a great anti-Habsburg uprising in 1703-11. (Rákóczi’s War of Independence). Ferenc Rákóczi (who also was a very handsome man) to put it midly didn`t like his stepfather, but Thököly was quite fond of his stepson, and welcomed his freedom fight.


One of my favorite things to do is paint on location at coffee shops. I have so many paintings from Cafes and Coffee shops around the LA Area, that I am considering putting a book together! Here are a few from my archives over the past 6 months. Visit for more, or follow me on Instagram @Kristysketch for weekly updates!