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Whether they’re her bug-eyed, psychedelic deities or creatures made of brightly colored fruits, Mi Ju’s curious creations have us looking at both the big and small picture. On the surface, her characters float through seemingly chaotic worlds buzzing with wild energy. A closer look reveals a whole universe of tiny, emoji-like faces, animals and flora that together make up the larger image. It’s through this simultaneous macro- and microscopic lens that the artist presents her colorful, absorbing environments. See more on HiFructose.com.

Artist Thijme Termaat Spent 2.5 Years Painting And Creating This Mesmerizing Timelapse

Dutch artist Thijme Termaat’s mesmerizing time-lapse called “I Paint” showcases the self-taught artist composing a large scale painting, which took him 2.5 years to create. The surreal and psychedelic piece is composed of several smaller pieces.

Using simple, stop-motion and time-lapse techniques, his short film contains absolutely no digital effects. Watch as the passion within his paintbrush unfolds within every second.

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