Another late night shot. Had to run errands today to get paper + stamps + sign orders, yesterday had to hire help to print, cut and package prints. Tomorrow I can ship them. It’ll have taken 3 days for this weeks shipment, to get it ready and sent off. 80+ more orders. I put aside some time to paint every day as well. I work extra days to put more personal touches on my orders, to sign each one, this is important to me. I am always being asked when I am going to make more YouTube videos and my answer will always be “when I have time”. To be able to create I need balance, I work 6+ days a week and a lot of them are doing business related stuffs. I’d love to make more vids but until I can find a way to save time but still put out good products my art will come first and YouTube will be a thing that I can set aside 1-2 days a month for. I love the YouTubes and one day I will have more room for it but right now I am juggling it with other things that take priority. It makes me anxious among other things that I have people demand I make videos, I didn’t really know that’d be a “thing” when I started making them. I want to make them but I’d like to kindly ask that people please stop requesting me to make them. I will when I have time and energy. 👍🏻✨ #art #arte #artsy #artist #artwork #instaart #instaartist #myart #painting #gouache #audraauclair #drawing #wolf