Been working on this piece off and on for about two weeks or so. Maybe more.  
Originally this was a relaxing piece, just something to do in my spare time, then I got a bit more serious with it as time went on.  I decided to slow down with it and try focusing on more details.  Then eventually I said, “fuck it, i’m going to try painting a background.”
Which I know, there’s so many mistakes with this background, but I made the goal not to make a realistic looking background, just one that I enjoyed looking at and making. 
I sorta realized that backgrounds annoy me because they’re inorganic, they usually feel devoid of life to me when I try creating them.  I enjoy working with fleshy living things, so that makes backgrounds pretty boring for me.  So with this, I jut decided to try using forms I normally like to paint with, and use them in the background while not getting caught up too much in making it look realistic.
I couldn’t get the background to perfectly mesh with the character, but overall, i’m pleased with how this looks.

I’m might upload the version without a background later.