INTRODUCING : FURSDAYS! As the third part of #potluck100pfa, Thursdays will be dedicated to our furry (and feathery) friends. So yes, this means that you’ll be able to commission a painting of your pet. This is day 3/100 (1/25 Thursdays) : Timoteus the Sloth. 🐼🐭🐰🐨🐦🐵🐴🐻🐱🐤 #potluck100pfa #fursdays #miniature #watercolour #pet #painting

PLEASE NOTE THAT I WILL BE INTRODUCING THE PROJECT THIS WEEK; SALES WILL ONLY OPEN NEXT WEEK. Paintings cannot be booked yet. I will announce the way bookings/sales will work on Monday 9 March, and I’ll give a heads-up here of the exact time when sales will open via my website.
(at Buchanan Square, Woodstock)


Grace Lang’s “Babes in Deathland.”

Ending this week at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, New York is Grace Lang’s solo show, “Babes in Deathland.”  Brand new works in Grace’s stylistic signature feature neon colored beasts and women.  Grace feels that exploring the demons within us and getting to know them, rather than trying to get rid of them is best.  The show is on display until March 8th, 2015 so definitely check it out if you get a chance.