Dan Quintana’s “Diffused” at Hashimoto Contemporary.

Opening tomorrow - Saturday, August 29th, 2015 - at Hashimoto Contemporary is the much anticipated solo show from artist Dan Quintana.  “Diffused” is comprised of nearly a dozen new paintings and several charcoal drawings by the Los Angeles based artist.  Dan is known for his symbolism, muted colors and haunting renderings.  This show is certain to please, if you have a chance stop by be sure and do it.


Andreas Fredriksson, known as Effett, is a 24 year old artist from Stockholm.

Andreas began creating digital concept art around two years ago, but his interest in technology, especially video games, was established over two decades ago.

“I started to realise the concept art behind these games, and thus became more and more infatuated with the idea that, ‘What if I could create a creature like that?’ How cool wouldn’t that be?”

He was initially inspired by the work of artists like Axel Torvenius and Graeme Borland.

“These were the first artists that showed me that amazing concepts can be created in a short manner of time, and I really fell into the creative part of drawing rather than the polished 20 hour pieces. I love just throwing my idea out there and start on a new one!”

Andreas’s current art inspiration is concept designer Maciej Kuciara. He practices his art by taking commissions, and posting regularly to his blog. You can support Andreas by following him here on Tumblr.

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Kit & Oda King for “Transfigure” at Last Rites.

Above is Kit & Oda King’s work for the group show “Transfigure” which is currently on display at Last Rites Gallery until October 3rd, 2015 in New York City.  The show also features artwork by artists Alex Garant and Sarah Joncas.  The style of each artists really compliments with one another and all their work should be seen in person if you have the chance.

Breaking the Vicious Circle by Remedios Varo, 1962. Oil on canvas.

One of Varo’s last paintings, Breaking the Vicious Circle (1962, fig. XXI), is emblematic of this tension between the past and the future, between social constructs and spiritual growth. An androgyne stands in a brown, shapeless void – s/he snaps the circular rope that has kept imagination and autonomy entrapped. The breaking of the circle opens up the torso of the figure to reveal a path through a forest. By breaking from the past and tradition, the figure unveils the spiritual journey that lies within the heart.1

  1. Noah Lyons, “Remedios Varo: An Alchemical Artist,” Term paper (Graduate Theological Union, 2012), 20. 


PRISMA Collective Group Show at Antler Gallery.

Currently showing at Portland, Oregon’s Antler Gallery is the PRISMA Collective Group Show.  PRISMA is an international artist collective. It was founded in 2011 by German painter Kaspian Shore and currently consists of 30 people working in a range of mediums including; traditional and digital painting, drawing, illustration, sculpting, and collage.  The artists included above are: Nicole Gustafsson, Kaspian Shore, Kelly McKernan and Casey Weldon.


Charlie Immer x Supersonic x 1xRUN.

Artist Charlie Immer currently has a very limited edition print (top, above) through a Supersonic curated print series on 1xRUN.  Alongside Charlie’s brand new print is an original work of art (above, bottom) that is also available for purchasing.

These prints and artwork are only available for a few more days, then they’re locked away.  So don’t miss your chance at owning either, hit up 1xRUN.