Painting from Nature with @hannahjesus

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Hannah Jesus Koh (@hannahjesus), a high school art teacher from the San Francisco Bay Area in California, uses water from the nature around her to capture landscapes through watercolor painting.

Her technique came about at the base of Iceland’s Gullfoss waterfall when, armed with her journal and watercolor paints, she realized she’d forgotten the water. “But the dense mists off the waterfall heavily saturated my surroundings,” she tells, “and that was all the water I needed to render the scene. I collected some with my fingers and used them and my brush to paint. Sometimes I ran my brush directly onto the droplet-laden blades of grass.”

Since that moment, incorporating the water from her environment into her art has become as meaningful as the landscapes she paints. “It’s nice to know an elemental part of the scene will always be a literal part of my painting,” Hannah explains. “The salty Arctic sea spray is infused into my painting of Dyrhólaey. Drops from the largest ocean on Earth permeate my small painting of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Pacific Northwest rain rains into my painting of Multnomah Falls. And cheap black coffee from a hole-in-the-wall joint in Brooklyn colors in the bricks of the Brooklyn Bridge.”


Works of Great Depth by Sergio Cerchio

Italian painter Sergio Cerchio has nurtured his artistic side from a very young age.  He started painting when he was 15.  He also pursued music, which is an important part of his creative process.  In addition Sergio’s education in many different topics informs all of his works. You can see in his paintings references to different ages, myths, religions, and cultures.  All of his elegant work satisfies not only the mind, but also the soul. VIA

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As requested by many of you, here’s the fold tutorial, though it’s a pretty generic one : ) also did a few fun upper outfit  to show you guys different techniques that I use . :3 Everything is in steps so it’s relatively easy to follow !

kinda feels like a dress-up game XD;;

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Animal Crossing house WIP

Here is the painting process of the little house I made! I’m currently sitting in the restaurant near the library because I don’t have internet at my new home yet. I have unboxed some of my stuff and my sculpting things of course, so I can get back to sculpting again!

I saw a pretty dress and I was like, “I need to put Fira in that dress.”

Thanks to everyone who attended the livestream!!! I had such a great time like oh my gosh I really need to put up livestreams more often! Also this will be available as a print soon! You can also commission me if interested :3c Background is also loosely based from Klimt’s “Judith” painting!