This is Juana Inés de la Cruz. Born in 1651. Mexican poetess and playwright. Since childhood she was very curious, what led her to become a nun “to have the right” to study in a period women couldn’t do so. Her poems and plays are known for talking about women’s rights and present strong and clever female characters.

*In this painting she is 15. One year before get into the Convent.

Portland based artist Adam Friedman has an ongoing fascination with our universe which he explores in his psychedelic works. His art expands on broad themes centered on time and space and other natural phenomenon. Friedman goes “Into the Aether” with his latest solo exhibition, now on view at Mirus Gallery in San Francisco. His show presents a new series of acrylic and acrylic aerosol pieces on canvas, 3D paintings, and a new mural inside the gallery.

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