I wanted to practice my environment skills and things got carried away…

I’ve also been having zelgan brother thoughts, between Covarog and Ralnor, while they’re growing up. I’d imagine Ralnor to be timid when he was young, thinking he would never be good enough like his brother. Covarog reassures Ralnor that he’s priceless as himself. 

I can imagine Zelda and Ganondorf to be very busy during the day, and they’d be only availble at later evenings. So during the day Covarog would teach Ralnor some archery, although he’s not that into it. 

Last piece is the zelgan brothers are at a party at a far away kingdom to negotiate between their kingdoms on their parent’s behalf.

1st piece - 13 hours (I didn’t know what I was doodling at first)

2nd piece - 6 hours


Pennsylvania based artist Dorian Vallejo paints the realm of our subconscious as a dreamworld of floating figures, forests and natural motifs. Though his subject matter and style has evolved and shifted between Hyperealism and Surrealism, one element remains the same and that is his interest in feminine beauty, and the beauty of life as a whole. “Most of my work centers around an interest in psychology, philosophy and how we process ideas,” the artist explained in an email to Hi-Fructose. “I’m also interested in pop culture, the modern existence, and what I see as the poetry of life. I alter my approach depending on how I’m engaging ideas.” 

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