Edward Hopper. House by the Railroad. 1925 | MoMA

This work by Edward Hopper, born on this day in 1882, reportedly inspired the house in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller Psycho. The painting and the house in the film in turn inspired artist Cornelia Parker’s current rooftop installation at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

[Edward Hopper. House by the Railroad. 1925. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Photo: Gretchen Scott]

(via Edward Hopper. House by the Railroad. 1925 | MoMA)


The process of my “Ohmu” piece. Prints and the original are currently available from my shop. 

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Ceaseless Silence || Blue Iris

The funeral painting for the Blue Iris project. I’ve included some of the different composition I was leaning towards. I wanted something that felt quiet in the time of grieving and still very intimate. Ironically cutting closer to the characters created the opposite effect and creating a very wide shot set the tone better.

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