This Sweet Rescue Pig Was Saved From Slaughter... Now She Loves to Paint!

After being rescued from a factory farm, one lucky pig is making headlines this week for her incredible artistic talents!

It all started earlier this year when Joanne Lefson rescued a lucky four-month-old pig from a cruel fate at a local factory farm.

Joanne quickly taught Pigcasso how to paint, and now she knows how to dip the brush in paint, apply it to the canvas, and even paint with long brush strokes! She “signs” her paintings by dipping her snout in paint and pressing it to the page.

Now, according to a local news source, “Pigcasso, a 450lb pig, is apparently rarely seen without a paintbrush in her mouth and spends the majority of her time at her easel in the fields of Cape Coast.”

This is certainly not the last time we’ll hear about this talented pig.

Joanne plans to host an exhibition of Pigcasso’s work sometime next year in an effort to raise awareness of the cruelty many pigs endure.

The vast majority of pigs are kept in filthy conditions, mutilated without painkillers, and subjected to a ruthless slaughter. They are denied nearly everything that comes naturally to them.

We can all take a stand for pigs and other animals who suffer at the hands of the meat industry by leaving them off our plates for good.

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(Photos by  Joanne Lefson/Caters)


Hey everyone! Here’s another art for Moana. An exploration piece, super fun to paint. I explored some different lighting but here’s the chosen one.
Thanks again for all the kind support and check my Tumblr page and Instagram for no compressed version: :)

PS: Moana is still on top of the box office :D!!

To celebrate Gene Davis’ signature stripe paintings, one of our buildings has a bold new look.

The (temporary) vinyl stripes are made from a high-res image of the artist’s “Hot Beat”—one of the large, bright pieces from the 1960s on view now at our @americanartmuseum. Walk up the stairs and you can see the brushstrokes.

Feel the rhythm of “Gene Davis: Hot Beat” through April 2.