Reuben Negron: This House of Glass

Evolving from the journalistic sensibilities of Dirty Dirty Love, This House of Glass is an intimate exposé on what we keep hidden from others - and in many cases, what we hide from ourselves. Working with volunteers, I interviewed each model about their lives, personalities and history; specifically focusing on sensitive and vulnerable details they normally keep veiled. Through this process their personal narratives were dismantled and reconstructed into the watercolors seen here. Staged in the model’s own home or place of special interest, each painting is a cumulative experience not meant to document a singular instance but to illustrate the entirety of the model’s story. (artist statement)


Process for ‘Hold onto Innocence

Okay so I’ve been so excited to complete this drawing because A) not only have I always wanted to draw wings (beside from the fact that I’ve never drawn wings), but B) I’ve been planning to make a speedpaint video for the first time in AAAGES! I’ve recorded the entire drawing process in a YouTube Video that’s sped up to a short, 6 minute summary!

The Speedpaint Video: https://youtu.be/ndr0ZxP3ZTQ

I’m planning on documenting more processes of my drawings as speedpaint videos on my channel as well in future!

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