Jon Rappleye blends imagery found in art history, literature, biology, and folklore to portray the cyclical nature of life and death. Ranging from surreal paintings to mixed media sculptures, his works draw from the detailed illustrations of James John Audubon and hallucinatory worlds of Salvador Dalí. And while his subject matter can be grim at times, the artist renders it in such a way that it becomes beautiful and enchanting. View more on HiFructose.com.


I made a custom book plate for myself because I am a huge nerd. 😅 I was looking at some beautiful book plate designs and the designs were so inspiring. So I decided to make my own that reflects me. Now I will be sticking them in all of my books!!! I may be down for making some of these to sell and leaving a blank space for people to hand write their names on. 💀🖋 Book plates are a very traditional but beautiful way to claim a book for keepsies. 📚✨ #art #artist #artwork #painting #drawing #mermaid #audraauclair #naiad #siren #myart #instaart #instaartist #book #bookworm #bookplate #illustration #inkwork #blackwork

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One of my favorite things to do is paint on location at coffee shops. I have so many paintings from Cafes and Coffee shops around the LA Area, that I am considering putting a book together! Here are a few from my archives over the past 6 months. Visit www.Kristydraws.com for more, or follow me on Instagram @Kristysketch for weekly updates! 


Jean-Paul Mallozzi

“We Come Here Often”

Oil on Panel on Cradled Wood

36" x 24"

“It’s been a strange year with the relocation and build out of my new studio and some personal issues I’ve been quietly dealing with. That being said, I’m excited to show this as part of my solo exhibition at the Art and Culture Center in Hollywood, FL coming up April 8th. Since this is a museum institution, they’ve given a room to do whatever I want to do and to make work that I can finally talk about without the concerns that a traditional gallery would have expressed in regards to sales and content. The subject of the male narrative and queer narrative is personally important to me and I haven’t been able to really talk about until now. Whatever happens after this, I’m satisfied to know I was able to get some of these pieces out of my head. I’ll post more details about it later on, but for now thanks for listening to me babble on. 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👍🏻”