Johanna Helena Herolt

Johanna Helena Herolt, born in Frankfurt, Germany, was the eldest daughter of painter, draftsman, and engraver Johann Andreas Graff (1637-1701), and well-known insect and botanical painter and nature researcher Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717). Along with her sister, Dorothea Maria Graff (1678-1743), Johanna Helena learned to paint from her renowned mother and father.


Agata Baltyzar born 1979 is an artist painter from Poland.

The source of my inspiration is nature, people and animals observation. My pictures are full of metaphors as a great medium of symboliclanguage. I am focused on the human figure in space and in nature. Colour in my painting has strong correspondence with feelings, emotions. The relation between the figure and the background is the basic requirement of my paintings. I work with oil technique. My style seems to display magic realism.

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Paintings of Landscapes Shaping Faces

Canadian artist Wanda Koop just released a series of canvas entitled “VIEW from HERE”, which mixes two different genres : portrait and landscape. With ink and acrylic paint, she composes surreal faces made of landscapes’ elements. She questions what we really are, how we construct ourselves socially and what we understand about our relationship with the natural world.


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