Kazuhiro Hori Paintings


The paintings of Japanese artist Kazuhiro Hori deftly juggle between kawaii and creepy. Each piece represents one or more of these typical student in uniform installed in sweet universe filled with candy and teddy bears, where, however, there is an atmosphere beyond depression, often related to morbid. You can follow the work of Kazuhiro Hori via Instagram, or go to the Corey Helford Gallery near Los Angeles, where he presented his works alongside those of other artists in an exhibition called Dreamlands.


Tai Wu-Kuang 戴武光 (b.1943, Taiwan) - 天光雲彩共徘徊, 泉聲, 出淤泥而不染, 初放, 寧靜的世界, 塩湖半遮面

Tai Wu-Kuang 戴武光 is an artist from Hsinchu,Taiwan. His concise strokes make his images full of charm and sense of life. From Chinese painting “ethereal” basis, he successfully creates a new visual effect involving the technic of cursive script. As a depiction of amusing images, Tai achieves the full display of the art of Chinese painting edge of the essence.

Images source TAI Wu-Kuang Art Museum & Artlib © All images courtesy of the artist

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