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Dynamic Abstract Art from Justin Christenbery

I think art’s promise is a released and empowered soul. It’s less about the art made than the energetic act of creation itself. Somehow, the process unlocks something within those who hear the call to create & respond. We can always be more than we are, and it is the creative act that reveals the truth of this to the conscious mind.

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Roos van der Vliet’s “Storytellers” at KochXBos Gallery.

Currently on display in Amsterdam’s KochXBos Gallery is the authentically stunning solo show “Storytellers” by artist Roos van der Vliet (Previously on Supersonic).

For her large-scale, intensely real paintings Roos chooses to paint women that she can identify with, seeking to visually portray a discourse on the ideas of inner turmoil, inner dialogues and intimacy.  With “Storytellers” her subject’s intense gazes relate all of this to us, their mouths locked shut by their hair and somehow, telepathically perhaps, we’re imparted with their histories, intent on hearing all they have to say.

Storytellers” will be on display until October 22nd, 2016.

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Nicholas C. Mathis, Paintings.

I was struck by the work of Nicholas C. Mathis when I received his submission by the ability of his abstractions to conjure senses of natural ease.  That feeling you get in a sparse field, or alone under a tree’s shadow with no distractions that seems just right.  There’s enough chaos within these physical places but somehow while existing in them things are just fine.  And that’s what I felt when looking through the work.

I’m glad to see he’s starting to do murals as well.

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