Kotetsu: “Lil’ Bunny, you seem to like holding me like this and looking all mighty, but I can stand you know?”
Barnaby: “I could pretend not to notice and watch you slip on your own banana peel, next time.”
Kotetsu: “…Thanks.”
Barnaby: “fu”


Fooling around and making line art. *If I’m not lazy I might color it but right now I’m not in the mood.I have a lot of Tiger & Bunny merchandise because I’m a geek and I can’t wait until I get my own copy of the first edition Masakazu Katsura T&B illustration book.(・∀・)

*I colored it on October 1st


I’m still not really happy with it and struggling a lot to get the watercolors to work anywhere near how I want them to, but I guess this is ok for an afternoon’s worth of wrangling. I don’t want to look at it anymore ;-;


Just a small series I draw in my last Illustration class. Tomorrow is the last day already … 3 weeks just went by like nothing.

Kinda sad, the summer course was a lot of fun. And what else should I do in the summer x)

Saturday is a exhibition where all the summer courses show their stuff.I will show some 3d Modo stuff.I hope the prints turn out ok.