[[I’ve been testing out Clip Studio Paint in conjunction with Krita to see how it measures up to photoshop and painter 12. Pretty pleased so far. Thanks to those who came to view the stream! <3  Have a content Zenny. ~Munyatta ]]

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A Guided Journal

Based on this victorian guided journal filled by Oscar Wilde obtained from the book The Wilde Album and that appears in an entry on the blog oscarwetnwilde:

Your favorite:

1. Color?

2. Flower?

3. Tree?

4. Object in nature?

5. Hour in the day?

6. Season of the year?

7. Perfume?

8. Gem?

9. Style of beauty?

10. Names, Male and Female?

11. Painters?

12. Musician?

13. Piece of Sculpture?

14. Poets?

15. Poetesses?

16. Prose Authors?

17. Character in Romance?

18. Character in History?

19. Book to take up for an hour?

20. What Book (not religious) would you part with last?

21. What epoch would you choose to have lived in?

22. Where would you like to live?

23. What is your favorite amusement?

24. What is your favorite occupation?

25. What trait of character do you most admire in a man?

26. What trait of character do you most admire in a woman?

27. What trait of character do you most detest in each?

28. If not yourself, who would you rather be?

29. What is your idea of happiness?

30. What is your idea of misery?

31. What is your bête noire (someone or something which is particularly disliked, avoided or aversed)?

32. What is your dream?

33. What is your favorite game?

34. What do you believe to be your distinguishing characteristics?

35. If married, what do you believe to be the distinguishing characteristics of your better half?

36. What is the sublimest passion of which human nature is capable?

37. What are the sweetest words in the world?

38. What are the saddest words?

39. What is your aim in life?

40. What is your motto?

i got inspired to do this piece after looking at my disney fairies book. Since Disney has done already ‘Peter Pan’ Tsums with Tinkerbell. i think having her fairy friends as tsum would be cute. Since Disney has made lots of movies of them, to me it makes sense.

This Illustration i have done something different. i have done the background in Corel Painter 12. And the Tsums in Adobe Photoshop CS5.1

Disney Fairies Belong to Disney.

WIP/Preview - Avengers’ selfies (Team Iron Man + Bruce & Stephen Strange)

I’m working on a new series of 16 drawings called Avengers’ selfies. The artworks will be divided in two posts, Team Iron Man (+ Bruce and Stephen Strange) and later this year, when I have the time, Team Cap (+ Pietro and Thor). I hope you will enjoy the result. So far, it’s a lot of fun but as you can see, it’s far from being done (Photoshop CS6 - Paint Tool SAI - Painter 12)

First post
have some god tiers

Extra notes:
-why are their faces so tiny for their giant heads??
-Horns are complicated even if they’re simple cartoon-like shapes.
-Karkat has tiny wings that are too small for his body. he is a bee.
-wtf are legs

These characters belong to Andrew hussie/homestuck
Art is by me


I’ve finally completed - after about 45 hours’ work - my illustration of everyone’s favourite Consulting Detective.

Please, if you like what I do, drop me a like on my Facebook Art page here:

This illustration was done freehand in Corel Painter 12 using a Wacom Bamboo CTH-470 and ‘mounted’ in Photoshop CS6. Tools used: Scratchboard Tool / Mike Thompson Oil Pastel / Eraser.

I used various references - most notably the ones shown above. If anyone can let me know the photographers/sources of the refs, I’ll gladly add them here.

I hope you like - please reblog/like but please don’t repost or I’ll cry. :-)