Kotetsu: “Lil’ Bunny, you seem to like holding me like this and looking all mighty, but I can stand you know?”
Barnaby: “I could pretend not to notice and watch you slip on your own banana peel, next time.”
Kotetsu: “…Thanks.”
Barnaby: “fu”


Fooling around and making line art. *If I’m not lazy I might color it but right now I’m not in the mood.I have a lot of Tiger & Bunny merchandise because I’m a geek and I can’t wait until I get my own copy of the first edition Masakazu Katsura T&B illustration book.(・∀・)

*I colored it on October 1st


Just a small series I draw in my last Illustration class. Tomorrow is the last day already … 3 weeks just went by like nothing.

Kinda sad, the summer course was a lot of fun. And what else should I do in the summer x)

Saturday is a exhibition where all the summer courses show their stuff.I will show some 3d Modo stuff.I hope the prints turn out ok.


I’m still not really happy with it and struggling a lot to get the watercolors to work anywhere near how I want them to, but I guess this is ok for an afternoon’s worth of wrangling. I don’t want to look at it anymore ;-;

I was watching a Let’s Play of Fatal Frame while drawing some Witchprince stuffs and suddenly had the urge to doodle Merrill. I guess because she’s also creepy and cute? This took about an hour.

I never brought Merrill along much because I’m oldfashioned and want my mages to heal. I think she’s adorable but I never really got over the fact that she’s all “I can so handle this demon!” and then you have to kill everyone she’s ever loved (I always seem to pick that option anyway XD) which could have been avoided from the start if she wasn’t so stubborn about it, I think.