I forgot to post the latest Panda arts on here.

For the July one (top) I used a new art program I haven’t yet used called Paint Tool SAI. It’s a free art program that apparently everyone has discovered but me. When I discovered it I was both ecstatic to find a program that can draw smooth lines while also kinda being angry I didn’t hear about it earlier. 

I still need some time to get used to it better, but i’m excited about the opportunities it’ll open up for my future art.

Definitely go pick that up if you wanna art! 

BTW, I should be making another ‘Arting with Petirep’ some time soon - I just need to buy a headset mic. 


i drew alphonse and edward elric

Digital painting of my new OC Alex! She likes to dress in a way that she stands out from other girls her age and she loves to draw. She’s 18 and lives in New York City. Alex loves fantasy/mythology, reading, oversized sweaters and hanging out at coffee shops.

You are free to repost as long as you give me credit. If you repost on Instagram please tag me at kawaii.demigod.of.friendship

I feel like shooting myself cuz i lost lost the stylus for my Wacom tablet and a replacement costs $40 so i gotta find it. My mom said she’d pay half of it but still ew

Later today and the rest of the week I’m gonna be busy packing boxes bc I’m moving soon so I’ll probably find it somewhere in the house

Also, I’m gonna get Paint Tool SAI and use the hell out of that free trial so i can get some prints down. I’ve been thinking of selling prints for quite some time. I’m already creating an Etsy to sell Pearls Spear and Roses Sword and i wanna take the opportunity to start selling art on Etsy