Lup finds, like, a gun. Like a big oldschool tommy gun. And she just points it up at the sky and just, like, unloads it. 

Just screaming like-


She literally finds another gun and, like, does it-

Count the shells! GRATATATATA

Lilac Sweet. This is what’s had me be a busy bee lately. I’ve never tried to comic before and make it look like.. a comic, so I gave it a shot! I’m did this up to support my friend @star-gazing-knight

She constantly supports my art, going as far as to motivate me to continue doing what I love and has been doing so for years. This is based on her recent fanfic “Lilac Sweet”, which you can check out here. She’s poured over 100 hours into this thing and finally got around to posting it twice a week. 

Yes. There will be a part two to this comic here! But it will be a bit. A special blue boy has a birthday around the corner!