I watched a few weeks ago the Alice through the looking glass movie. I really enjoyed it! The outfits were amazing. I definitely recommend it, it touched various subjects which are still problem nowadays soo girls, go and watch it ;D

And this was my first try with anilinky watercolors c:




While you knew me very little, Lucia knew me better than I may even know myself. There was so much she wanted for you and your people, her people. The depths she would have gone and the depths that I knew she did go to protect you all, made her an admirable dark soul. She was not fearless, but she was perfectly imperfect. As flawless as paint on a stained glass window.

I could write you pages of guilts that do not matter to you. I know that you loved her and so did I. So I am sorry that I failed her. That I failed you and that I failed everything.

In the beginning I gifted her a ship to mark our partnership. Unfortunately that vessel had to be destroyed and a new one was commissioned. Its completion came too late for her and now, too late for me. Like the one before it, the Frigate has been named ‘The Scorpids Tail’. It will be delivered to Daggercape Bay in Northrend. If she is still alive, if one day she returns from whatever immeasurable place she was taken to, then I at least made good on one promise.

Take care of her legacy and should you ever need the assistance, you and yours will always have an alliance with The Vengeance and their new captain, Saeris Blackblade.

~Captain Kurel An’Diel

Her hand trembles, fingers clenching and biting into the letter. Paper crinkles, as Kierianne’s right brow twitches. Sore legs carry her back into the Vitae estate, door kicked shut. That was a mistake, sending a shock of pain up her leg, but she only grimaces and keeps walking. Eyes trace over the words written, again and again. Trying to make sense of it? No, trying to believe it. Trying not to believe it. Trying to force the letters on the page to form into something else by staring at them. Intimidation doesn’t work on inanimate objects, sadly, so Kierianne is left to take inventory of all the damage her heart has suffered through this past month alone.

“Who th’ fuck d’y’think y’are, Kurel? Off’n fuckin’ dyin’ on me?!” The black flame’s words fall onto the page with a front of spite, but a backing of grief and want. Brows would furrow, but they knit instead.

“The hard truth of life…”

The letter finds itself on an office table, Kierianne’s hands on either side of it, gripping the edges of the furniture piece. Grip tightens, and the druidess hunches forward, hanging her head. “I cain’ keep doin’ this…” Came her defeated voice, echoing through the empty house. “I cain’ keep losin’ you… n-no’ another…”

“…is that everyone leaves…”

Hands come up off the table, elbows supporting her as she puts her head in her palms. Slumping down, she, thankfully, finds herself landing in a chair, once-recently-broken legs giving up on her. This legacy of death, disappearance, and failure. Is that what Lucia had bequeathed to her? Is this her inheritance? Are Vitaes doomed to suffer the worst brunt of life at every turn, or is it merely coincidence?

She’s already cursed.

“…and everything dies.”

The druid, with no haste, leans back against the chair, head hanging. There weren’t any tears, no matter how much she wanted them to grace her. There was no relief, no catharsis, from this. Only pain, only more agony. How many waves must dash her against the shoreline? How many…?

Against all odds, Kierianne then pulls herself from the chair, using every ounce of effort in her veins to do so. She meanders through the house, finding a writing utensil and paper. Making her way back to the office, and re-seats herself. Kurel’s letter not far, the druid’s crimson gaze often darts to it as she tries to put the words she needs to paper. Soon, cursive script would flow forth.

Captain Blackblade,

I wanted to get this to you as quick as I could, or I’d risk forgetting. I have near to no knowledge about our partnership. I’d like to discuss with you as soon as possible.

Kurel was a good man, despite everything I’ve been told. He was a good man, more than anyone could ever realize.

He entrusted his and Lucia’s legacy to you and I. Let’s not disappoint. I’d like to meet with you soon. Write back.

-Kierianne Fletcher-Vitae

It was a struggle and a half to get those words out, but our resident idiot did her best. Folding it up, prepping it for send-off, she looks back to Kurel’s letter. “I won’ fail you. I won’ fail Lucia. Tha’s a promise.” She stands up again, making for the door one final time, “An’ I never break m’promises.” 

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Staff Pick: John La Farge’s “Spring” seamlessly marries Eastern style and composition with a Western-inspired motif. You can see it in the newly renovated American art gallery 111.

Spring,” 1901-2, designed by John La Farge, assembled by Thomas Wright, and painted by Juliette Hanson



Gifted glass painter Judson Portzer created this awesome medieval portrait of the internet’s favourite sour-faced kitty, Tard the Grumpy Cat.

Entitled Sir Grumpsalot, this stained glass piece is part of an upcoming group exhibition taking place at the Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment center in Huntsville, Alabama. The Grumpy Cat Art Project is exactly as wonderful as it sounds - it’s all artwork inspired by “The internet’s grumpiest cat.” (Who isn’t actually grumpy at all.)

There will be an online auction on the Lowe Mill website beginning on Monday, May 27, 2013 and end at 9 PM on May 31st. All proceeds from the auction will go to the contributing artists and to constructing a children’s playground at Lowe Mill. After the online auction ends, there will be a public art reception at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment center on May 31st from 6 PM to 9 PM.

Head over to Laughing Squid to preview more delightfully frowny pieces from The Grumpy Cat Art Project.