Hamilton has a thing for artists, so one day he goes to a park and sees a girl weaving (flower crowns, baskets etc.) , & a boy drawing sitting on a fountain edge looking at turtles in the fountain . Later in life he meets a girl who spray paints, they get arrested together and Hamilton loses all chances of getting into the college he wanted
Spray paint girl is Maria
Drawing boy is John
Guitar girl is Eliza.
The college is his chance at a presidency.

The reason Maria also goes to jail is because she was shunned for a majority of her life after Hamilton while being abandoned by her husband and Hamilton (who she might have loved)

This is probably dumb but...

Okay so im a young artist/writer and I just want to make things for people and idk it may be an easy way to make people smile but Id draw/paint/color/write you anything you want and send you the work when im finished for like idk $5 each? It would make me happy to make other people smile so send me a message if you want me to do anything for you. And repost this to spread the word? Sorry if this is dumb, thank you though.💜


Finished my screencap redraw of Usako and Mamo Chan! There are tons of mistakes, but for my first painting, Im pretty happy with it. :)


The third installment to the writing challenge If @aprofoundbondwithdean @is-this-you-manning-up-sammy @bovaria @but-deans-back-tho @latinenglishfandomblog and @winchesterenthusiast would take a look at it that would be grand. Thank you @deanxkatherine-af for creating this challenge I had a ton of fun writing it. 

Also big thanks to my editor! @brokenaria shes awesome! I love you soooo much! Just a big old tub of awesome sauce! 

Written by: Redlittlefox

Sum: Dean and the reader are at the hospital. (If I say anything else It would give it away. Just read its fluffy.)

Dean X Reader

word count: 1,200+ 

Warnings: none

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