From Canvas to fabric.

123cm x 183cm Acrylic on canvas.
I had originally painted this as the floor in my “Another World” exhibition in Oslo, and gifted it to my good friends in One Tail One Head, where it now hangs in their rehearsal space. Perhaps one day, I will explain the meaning behind this artwork..but a woman should never lay all her cards on the table at once.

Printed on my new easywear collection - extremely limited quantities available in all sizes.

No need for a rug. Colorful painted stripes add interest to a floor and tie into the striped paint on the walls. Not a project for the fickle, but a simple DIY. Want to make your own?

(via We Heart It).


Surely he would wake up soon and find himself again exiled in Monmouth Manufacturing or in the backseat of his car or lying on the floor beside Adam’s bed at St. Agnes. (The Dream Thieves, ch. 19)

That night, not long after he returned from work, Adam heard a knock at his church apartment door. When he answered it, he was first surprised that the person on the other side was real, and then he was surprised that the person was Gansey and not Ronan. (Blue Lily Lily Blue, ch. 12)

Source: Alex MaCarthur

Without a doubt one of my favourite dealers in the UK is Alex MaCarthur. Over the years she has developed and created a look that is so strong and unique. She specialises in finding all those pieces you wish you had and more and the best part (in my opinion) is her showroom. She has an achingly beautiful four story Regency Townhouse which has been converted into her showroom. Each floor is carefully curated and put together in a way that lets the customer visualise what a piece might look like in situ. She is ahead of her time in regards to this concept and has perfected it into an art. Can you tell I have a major girl crush? I want her life……

We are inspired by the many painted wood floors we are seeing these days, each with their own unique touch. Love this fun alternative to the everyday area rug. Most important tip is to remember to use the right paint. Floor and porch paint will offer the most durability and is made especially for DIY ideas like the one above. This fun and easy project allows you to get creative with pattern and color while adding an artistic design feature your guests are sure to love.