The Murder In My Backyard

by reddit user Pippinacious

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There was no love at first sight, no stomach fluttering feeling of “This is the one!”, just the realization that this was the best my budget could get me. My realtor, already frustrated with how many times I’d said no to other places, watched anxiously over my shoulder as I signed the papers, as if she was afraid I’d back out at the last minute, and just like that, I was the less-than-proud owner of a decades old house and all the issues that came with it.

Still, I told myself as I was handed the keys, it was better than continuing to live with my all too recent ex-husband.

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i want so many pictures taken of me. i want pictures of me writing in journals. i want pictures of me reading. i want pics of me watching the sky and i want pictures of me being excited. i want pictures of me jumping up and down after hearing the best news ever and i want pictures of me having to fix my glasses. i want pictures of me with my hair being blown everywhere because of the wind and i want pictures of me so blurry that im not even sure what im doing in them. i want photos of me sitting on my bed with my phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other whilst laughing the hardest i’ve ever laughed. i want pictures of me looking out windows and pictures of me sitting on the floor with paint all over my hands in nothing but a long flannel. i want pictures of me running in all types of directions in fields. i want pictures of my facial expression the second someone calls my name. i want pictures of me dancing and jamming to music and i want photos of me when im in deep thought. i want pictures of me when im a mess and sobbing on the floor. i jus want so many pics of me doing things bc i wanna know what kind of person everyone else sees. i want to capture every raw moment.


i very nearly passed out watching this x


Sneak peek for the last chapter of Home. 

(Also you should totally click for full res to see all the detail that took me two weeks to paint *weeps on the floor*)

Hostage (Newt Scamander x Reader Oneshot)

Request by: @iwatobiswimmingimagines

You opned your eyes as the blindfold was taken off. At first you couldn’t sse anything as the brightness around you blinded your eyes. Yoi tried to move your hands but they were tied to the chair you were sitting on.
As your eyes got used to fhd light you made out the room around you - plain white walls,dark wooden floors. Some paintings were hanging from the walls, hravy mahogany furniture was spread around the room and there was a giant chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

The back of your head was aching from the blow that had taken you out.

The door of the room opened and Graves came in.
‘What is the meaning of this?’ You demanded. 'Release me at once!’
'Ah, goof you’re awake.’ He said ignoring your words. 'Now, I can release you, but only if yoh do as I say.’
'As if.’
'Well, that is unfortunate. Imperio!’

You suddenly felt as if you were in a dream. It was quite nice being like that. You were going to be just fine if you did as you were told.

Youblost track of time and suddenly realized you were walking toward Tina’s flat.
“What am I doing?!” You asked yourself.
'You are looking for Newton Scamander to tell him he must come with you to Central Park. And bring his case.’ A voice in your head answered.

“I am under the Imperius curse.” You realised.
You decided to continue following Graves’ instructions and warn Newt.

You soon reached the flat and knockex on the door,
'Oh hello!’ Queenie said as she opened it.
'Hey Queenie, is Newt here?’
'Oh, dear, he just went out looking for you! He was worried because you didn’t come back last night.’
'Where did he go?’
'Oh, well, I think he wentbto Central park, because he thought you were checking the place for any of his creatures.’
“Oh no” you thought, but you only said: 'I’m going to go find him.’

You reached the park when you finally caught sight of him.
“He’s brought the case damn it.”
'Newt!’ You shouted. He stooped, turned around and smiled at you.
'Hey, (Y/N)! I was worried, where were you?’
'Newt, it’s a trap, you must go, somewhere far-’
’(Y/N), what are you talking about-’

Suddenly you felt as if your whole body was burning, the pain was unimaginable. “Cruciatus….” You knew.
’(Y/N)!(Y/N), what is going on?!’ Newt caught you as you fell to the ground, screaming.

The pain disappeared as fast as it came and you managed to catch your breath.
'Graves.’ You said in a weak, cracking voice. You stood up, hardly holding your balance. Newt caught you as you almost fell back down.
'What about him? What is he doing to you?’
'He wants you. Your case. He needs your creatures for something-’

And then you noticed him walking toward you, raising his wand.
You quickly pulled Newt to the ground as a blast passed a hair away from your heads.

Jumping back up you and Newt started throwing curses and jinxes at him, but you were no match. For each curse one of you threw he shot back three and soon you were on!y defending yourselves, unable to attack, retreating.

He soon pushed you into a dead- end valley. You didn’t have the power to apparate and even if you did it would coat you your life.

And then suddenly it hit you. You missed one of his spells and it hit you. You looked down and yousaw blood soakimg through your clothes. You were falling yet again.
’(Y/N)!’ Newt shouted as he stood in front of you, repelling Graves’ spells.
You gathered all the strength you could, caught Newt’s ankle and apparated to the first place you thought of - the bank where you first saw him, chasing that black ball of fur.

And then everything turned black.


You opened your eyes to a warm light, luckily not a blinding one this time. You tried to stand up but a sharp pain flew through your body, making you shut your eyes thightly and hold back a shout.

You turned your head around, realizing you were in Newt’s case. There was a Kneazle cuddled next to you, but it jumped off as it felt you move.

It came back with Newt a few minutes later.

'Hey!’ He said, sitting next to you. 'How are you feeling?’
'Been better.’ You said weakly. 'What happened?’
'Well in short - you took us to the bank, I had to obliviate the security guard that saw us, then I took us back to Tina’s flat and er…patched you up.’ He finished blushing a little and shuffling uncomfortably.
You looked down and zaw the bandages covering the whole of your body, your left leg and arm as well.
'Thanks.’ You said. 'How long was I out for?’
'5 days.’
'Wow. Bet you found all the creatures then.’
'No, I….uh….I stayed here in….in case you w-woke up.’ He shifted uncomfortably again.
'Thank you.’ You said awkwardly and sat up your back against the wall.

You and Newt were locked in each other’s gaze for a moment when he suddenly leaned forward and crashed his lips on yours. You were stunned for a second, but then you kisssed back.

After yoh split apart you smiled awkwardly at each other and turned away, blushing heavily.

And then the silence was broken by your rumbling stomach.
'Sorry-’ you murmured, but Newt jumped up, saying:
'You’re probably starving, let me get you something.’ He then clumsily walked away, swaying a little.

Your stomached probably rumbled more of nervousness than of hunger, but you still chuckled and smiled to yourself.

They’re working a case with a pack of ghouls up in Oregon when Sam’s phone buzzes with a picture of a symbol, sketched out in white paint on a concrete floor. He blinks at it for a couple of seconds before he recognises it. Fifth pentacle of Mars. He smiles, despite himself; feels a glow spread over his cheeks. His phone vibrates again. You gotta admit it’s classy. 

Sure, Sam texts back. And then, fingers tripping despite himself, I’m totally swooning here. 

As soon as he sends it he’s seized all over with hot prickles of regret. Jeez. Like. Way to make it weird. First time he meets an, an interesting man in how many years, and he’s right in there with the inappropriate messaging. Jeez. 

He doesn’t have too long to stew in his own embarrassment before the phone scoots sideways, rattling plastic against the table. You should see the pictures I send to the guys I really like. 

Ouch, says Sam. 

There’s a longer pause after this one: a real pause, maybe thirty or forty minutes. It’s enough time for Dean to get back from the diner down the street with two bags of takeout, flop down onto the bed nearest the door and eat fries all over it, wiping his fingers on the blanket. 

“Dude,” Sam says. “How can you be such a neat freak at home and such a slob out here?” 

“Not my castle, Sammy,” Dean says. 

Sam rolls his eyes, digs into the bag Dean’s set down beside him. In what he’s choosing to read as an expression of thoughtfulness, his burger contains both lettuce and coleslaw. “Thanks,” he says, lifting it in Dean’s direction. 

“No worries, dude,” says Dean, leaning forward with the remote control in his hand, flipping through channels on the fuzzy TV. 

Sam looks at his phone. Nothing. Huh. It’s fine. Like. He’s not sure what he was expecting. But there’s a little jab of disappointment in his stomach nonetheless. 

He scrapes his chair backward, looks at what Dean’s watching. Wrestling. The burger is okay, a little tough. The coleslaw is good though, and the fries still not quite cold. 

On the table, Sam’s cell buzzes again. 

He puts down the half-eaten burger; wipes his hands on the greasy wrapper, which doesn’t much help. His fingers leave traces on the screen as he unlocks the phone. 

It’s another picture, and if the first one, the pentacle, turned him pink and pleased he can feel himself flush head-to-toe red at what he’s seeing this time around. Um. Um, okay. 

“Y’alright?” says Dean, looking up at him quizzically. Sam wonders if maybe he made some kind of noise, opening the text. He couldn’t swear that he hadn’t. 

“Yeah,” he says, nodding at Dean. He drops his eyes to the screen again, feels himself turning redder. He feels suddenly very conscious of his own skin against his clothes. “Yeah, I’m fine.” He breathes, slow in and out, then gets to his feet, phone clasped what he hopes is inconspicuously in his hand. “I’m just. Uh. I’m just gonna.” 

“Go wild,” says Dean, frowning at him. And yeah. Okay. He doesn’t usually ask Dean’s permission to use the bathroom. 

“I’ll be back,” Sam says, escaping inside. Door locked, he puts his phone on the sink and bends over it to strip out of his shirt.

More from the tea-loving history teacher

His room was always a complete disaster of old student projects and weird antiques. We’re talking paintings on the floor, a box of old hats, weird Egyptian-looking statues. I’m pretty sure Tut’s tomb was more organized than this guy.

I once asked him for one of my projects back after he had handed out everyone else’s. He pulled it out of a recycle bin at the far end of the room and explained that no, it was good work, that’s just where he keeps stuff.

Along with not owning spoons, he also never washed out his teapot. I’m pretty sure there were tea stains inside it older than I am. The whole class breathed a collective sigh of relief when he accidentially broke it and had to buy a new one.

He used to play us movies in our ancient civilizations class on an old VCR. Not sure how he managed to get 300 on VHS but hey, I was 14 and not gonna complain.

At one point our VP buzzes down to his room on the intercom in the middle of watching 300. Since his VCR looks like it was put together with parts from about 3 different VCRs, he understandably had trouble finding the pause button. The VP had to listen to a solid minute of fighting and shouting before he finally got it to stop. His excuse? “Sorry, we were just blowing up…….Korea.” No idea where he got that from but the VP then had to listen to a solid 3 minutes of our class dying of laughter.

We spent several periods in the ancient civilizations course playing RISK. Pretty sure everyone who finished that class ended up with a slight taste for world domination.

Did I mention he was my favourite?