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Does Abel really have a sweater that says cool dad on it omg

yes, he got it from a resale shop for a dollar fifty because it had a hole under one of the arms but he sewed it up.

‘cool dad’ is written in puffy fabric paint and was likely made by someone’s child so despite the fact that even though he is neither cool nor a dad, he still appreciates the effort put into making the sweater.

Progress of Yoshiwara Shiro cosplay pt. 1

So I have decided I could as very well show you the progress on both of my Yoshiwara Shiro costumes. I do not have many photos tho…

As you can see, putting parts together for the Goldfish one was a goddamn struggle (but worth??)

Painting this was actually pretty fun as I have had no idea what I am doing until the very end! Do your highlights and shadows, kids!  (・∀・○)

After glueing bunch of stuff and some minor sewing, this thing finally started to take some shape.

The last thing I did was hand-painting this fabric for my under-kimono thingie as I couldn’t find a good fabric. I call it “a thing” as it is not worth being called nagajuban (sewed about a day before convention ahaha)

And here you can see the results of my hard work! I still am planning to make the umbrella in future.  ✾(〜 ☌ω☌)〜✾ Hope you enjoyed this post!

(Last two photos by, make sure to visit his page!)


Making second pair. This HAS to be the most elaborate pair of ears I’ve made. Galaxy print fabric hand painted in the inside..glow in the cool! After Anime North I will be selling these sets :)