IT’S FINALLY DONE!!!!! I am honestly so proud of this, it took so damn long to paint. Everything is made by me except the weapon, my hubby made that, I just wrapped and painted it. Materials used are wonderflex, EVA foam, craft foam, PVC, fabric paint, bolts and wire/cables. Lady KRIEG IS HERE TO CONDUCT YOUR POOP TRAIN. uh…or maybe just take your scalp. Whatever you’re comfortable with. I just made a cosplay page! Not much up yet but there will be! /p>

death is your gift, 2015.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired…can’t believe I hadn’t done anything related to this show yet.

Decided to experiment with my fabric paints on this. It’s messy … there was some bleeding (lol) but paints are something I haven’t practiced with much so overall this was a test run & I’m excited to improve.

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Drunk Deduction Cushions

For some reason when I saw the drunk deductions I thought “these would make good cushions” so I made them. I bought the fabric, sowed them together myself (which is why they aren’t quite perfect squares but i think it adds to the drunkness), and then painted them with fabric paint.

These actually took forever to finish because I have been procrastinating them for months. I bought the fabric this time last year.

Go on judge me on my bookcase.


Avery Legacy House.

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