painted toenails

random things associated with the signs
  • aries:slam poetry, vintage milk bottles, quilts, roadtrips, movie/tv show marathons, daydreaming about the future
  • taurus:sandals, iced coffee, someone mixing you a drink, pick-up trucks, exasperated sighs, cartoonish voices
  • gemini:aviator glasses, clouds, lanterns, christmas lights, gardens, mini vodka bottles
  • cancer:70s motels, used makeup, lawn flamingos, novelty socks, bathrobes, painted toenails
  • leo:old horror movies, the stars, staying up late talking to someone you care about, cats waking you up, musicals, scrapbooks
  • virgo:90s video games, hot tubs, novelty gifts, puns, board games, long lasting hugs that dont feel awkward
  • libra:half melted candles, books that have been read over and over, thursday nights, long stories, sunny days, mirrors
  • scorpio:jack o' lanterns, loud punk music, smoke, crystals, heavy eyeliner, notebooks
  • sagittarius:floral designs, dark circles under your eyes, the smell of fresh cut grass, going shopping, lost earrings, lunch dates
  • capricorn:that time right before the sun rises, secrets, loud abrupt laughter, thrift stores, getting your hair done, wine glasses
  • aquarius:warm tea, leather jackets, dogs barking, neighborhood kids playing in the street, sunset, summer breezes
  • pisces:tacky shirts, bird noises, daytime television, pool parties, baby animals, songs around a campfire
f2f - becca and heather.

After stopping by the store and getting a bottle of champagne and some ice cream, Becca drove over to Heather’s place and pulled into her driveway. She was really happy that Heather was shooting in Atlanta - this way she didn’t have to be away from Naya but could also visit her friend since it had been a while since they last hung out, the last time being the final day of shooting Glee. She got out, her heels clicking against the driveway, and went up to the door to ring the bell. Heather’s mom greeted her, baby on hip, and Becca greeted her back with a smile as she was ushered in.

She was told Heather was just getting out of the shower. Smelling something good coming from the kitchen, Becca walked into Heather’s room and smiled as she saw her friend sitting on her bed in a towel, painting her toenails. “Ooh la la, Heather Morris in a towel,” she teased. “Want me to let you get dressed? I don’t mind stealing Eli…I mean playing with Eli for a while.”

I often receive cases of gangrene like this where the woman has painted finger or toenails. Gotta love a woman who wants to look her best, even when her fingers and toes are rotting off of her body!!! 😷💅
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