painted photography


Tumultuous Paintings Captured as Giant 80-Megapixel Photos

Jill Greenberg makes paintings, only to destroy them.

The artist’s swirling, abstract expressionist patterns are meticulously crafted and photographed, then discarded. The photograph, not the painting, is the point of her work. It’s a subtle but nevertheless pointed commentary on the notion that photography isn’t always taken as seriously as painting.

“If there is a painting you are not going to question whether it’s art,” she says. “But with a photo it’s not always art, or seen as valuable.”

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He once told me
“You are a masterpiece.”
I always assumed he meant
a painting of a sunset
where pinks and oranges and purples
perfectly blend in harmony.
Or maybe a simple photograph
framed on an apartment wall
simplistic and powerful.
I never thought he meant a statue
a piece of stone he could cut away at
pick apart and shape and form
just how he wanted until 
I was something completely different.
—  statue