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Hello, so if anyone wants a nice painted commission like the ones above~
They’re also on sale for now

Headshot: $40
Torso: $60
Extra people: $40 for both

Payment is all done via paypal.
Drop me an ask so we can work the rest out either there or via email.

I won’t draw:
Anthro (idk how to paint them, sorry)
Overly complicated armor

I will draw:
slight nudity (i.e breast)
and basically anything else?

Hand-Painted Pokemon Cards

Looking for a unique piece of Poke-art? Each card comes as a one of a kind, hand-painted further insight into the Pokemon’s surroundings. A great keepsake or gift for any Pokemon collector and addict! Custom orders also taken upon request!

Click here to check it out!

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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 5.20.15

hand-painted wooden gem pendants by jillmakes

spinning pink heart emoji, yellow sparkle emoji. i am in love with these hand-painted gem long necklaces, crafted on laser-cut wood. many gem cuts and shapes available — so creative <3


Just a little view of some cards I’ve done lately.

All cards are sprayed with gloss to keep them safe and shiny, and to make them relatively flat to the touch.

I take pride in saying that I do my best to keep these cards as flat as possible by watering down my paints. This prevents any unsightly bumps created by the acrylics that you may see on other painted cards.