Idea for a movie:

A satire of action movies where The Rock leads a ragtag group of amateur paintball players in a paintball competition.

Kevin Hart is part of his team. His character hates paintball but his best friend, the Rock, somehow convinced him to join.

Byung-Hun Lee is another member. He’s the silent, badass paintball player, basically parodying his role in Magnificent 7.

Tom Holland and Maisie Williams are the youngest members of the team. They’re high schoolers who signed up for fun but didn’t expect for the game to be taken so seriously.

J.K. Simmons is the oldest member of the team. He signed up because he wanted to feel young again.

Emilia Clarke is another one of the Rock’s friends who he convinced to sign up. It’s later revealed she has a “dark, hidden past” as a world champion paintball player.

Charlyne Yi is the last member to join. She is a nerd who wants to prove herself as a paintball player, despite being the least aggressive member.

Ryan Reynolds is the main villain. He is the douchebag leader of the current paintball world champions.

anonymous asked:

Roast the Goblin Deuce shotgun

What the shit is this fuck I don’t even

This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen and I want one. It looks retarded and it almost certainly won’t shoot worth a damn and I don’t even care.

Fuck you OP, I’m not roasting this gun I’m roasting myself for wanting one. Clearly I’m a severely damaged individual and why anyone would willing associate with me is a mystery for the ages.

I went paint balling for the first time last week and it brought up a lot of thoughts about the current gun control debate. We ended up played with a bunch of random men shouting slurs at each other. There are a lot of issues with who’s being blamed for violence - individuals are being put at fault rather than the culture of white masculinity, gun manufacturers, and media that attempts to hide the blatant problems behind it all. 

Of course, guns don’t make us safer. However, criminalizing weapons them means criminalizing more people of color, rural people, and low income communities. Instead, we should really focus on limiting the biggest perpetrator of gun violence: the US police and military. Police are statistically the most likely population to use guns for violence. It’s imperative that we begin where the most common forms of violence are rather than where it’s reported on in media (while never losing focus).

Hobby Headcanons for the Batfamily~

Jason Todd

  • Paintball, smoking, reading
  • Jason is a gun whore okay, so the chance to convince his friends to come shoot things with him and he totally gets to fuck them up without fatalities Bruce will bitch at him about? Hell yes, sign him the fuck up!
  • I’m not just talking cigarettes here okay, even though he absolutely smokes cigs obvi, but my friend and I have this hc that Jason takes Kyle Gardner and Roy Harper and goes into the forest to just camp and smoke weed and forget all the shit in their lives for a while.
  • Jason hates to admit it, but he’s a total nerd and loves literature. He likes to go to bookstores and breathe in that ink-and-paper smell and get lost in the shelves, or on a rainy day just sit quietly with a book and get to be someone else for a while, to get away from his own problems. I could even see him writing occasionally, he has a certain way with words but he’s too embarrassed to really show off his writing to anyone.

Tim Drake

  • Photography, cars, game design
  • Tim has a sharp eye, he’d be great at capturing the smallest detail or telling a whole story in a single photo. Most of his social media is simple shots from his phone, but occasionally there’ll be these truly breathtaking shots.
  • Tim loves fancy cars, but he’s probably not going to get down and dirty in the engines, he’s going to like to go cruising or browse car magazines or go to those fancy car shows and just admire all the different makes and models.
  • This boy is a genius, alright, he’s a brilliant hacker and probably great at programming, probably loves to participate in game jams and do quick indie games or point and click adventures, just something quick he can build and put online and watch people enjoy, he loves watching streams of people playing or seeing screenshots and reactions.

Dick Grayson

  • Acrobatics (obviously), video games, basketball
  • Nothing Dick loves more than to let off some steam by getting up on the ol’ trapeze and swinging around, he likes to stay active and it brings up fond memories of his early years before Robin and it’s a little bittersweet but flying through the air is a rush he’ll never stop loving.
  • He used to play all the time with Wally, online and on the couch in the big media room in the manor while they elbowed each other and trash-talked and for a while got to act like normal teenage boys. Video games he’s always had a soft spot for, he gets pretty high-energy and competitive but he’s still good-natured if he’s losing because he’s a sweetie.
  • He’s a pretty active guy and basketball is just something to horse around while doing, he’s even dragged Bruce into the occasional game of hoops and those are some of his best memories. He doesn’t really watch games on t.v., but bring him to a live game and he’ll get so into it so fast, heckling and cheering and booing along with the rest of the crowd.

Damian al-Ghul Wayne

  • Art, fencing, volunteering at the animal shelter
  • Damian loves to draw, or paint, or anything really with a creative medium, it’s one of the rare times he’s truly quiet and calm. He also just loves going to art museums, and Bruce’s favorite way to bribe him (other than letting him adopt a new pet) is to offer to take him to the art store to buy more supplies. He’s very gifted and has a very steady hand, and all that assassin training gave him an incredibly sharp eye that picks up on every detail.
  • Now this is just a random thing of mine, but Damian likes fighting with a sword and he’s a fancy rich boy, I can absolutely see Bruce wanting to give him an outlet for that without bodies that have to be dealt with, so fencing lessons. Like everything else, Damian is a little prodigy and best in his class, even if he felt like he was above all this.
  • It’s no secret Damian loves animals, and is a way nicer kid than he likes to pretend. So in his rare spare time, he likes to go to the animal shelter to help take care of all the homeless animals. It breaks his heart a little bit to see the condition of some of them when they’re brought in, and he hates having to leave them behind when he goes home. Often he’ll try to smuggle them in under his shirt, he has way too many pets already but he can’t just leave them behind.

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