Community brilliantly recreated the elevator scene from ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

Not only is it a callback, but it’s an homage to two Community alum: The Russo brothers, who’ve directed dozens of Community episodes each, helmed The Winter Soldier. Danny Pudi, who plays Abed, also cameos in the film, but we’re not sure whether seeing the film blew his mind.

A Slytherin and a Hufflepuff Discuss Moderate Paintball Wounds
  • Slytherin:WHO DID THIS TO YOU?!
  • Hufflepuff:No it wasn't like that it was just a game-
  • Hufflepuff:It wasn't any of my friends! We were competing against a group of marines on leave!!
  • Slytherin:...
  • Hufflepuff:...
  • Slytherin:...
  • Hufflepuff:I'm glad you-
  • Hufflepuff:Babe no.

de-epik-asian asked:

Yo, Cia-Senpai!~ I'm back again! Oh, and I hope you pass your exams! I'm sure you will, hehe! So since it's almost Summer, I had this one idea that I came up of STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT being formed into two teams for paintballing outside! Huehue, brilliant idea! And so, who would be in which team and how would those two teams against each other go? Would each individual do this or that and be good/bad at it? ヾ(*・ω・)ノ

Omg I love this idea


Team Awesome: Ranmaru, Tokiya, Syo, Camus and Cecil
Team Awkward: Otoya, Natsuki, Reiji, Ai, Ren and Masato

I’m sorry, but Team Awesome would win hands down. They sparkle in the sunlight, what wouldn’t they win. Well, apart from Cecil who probably just hid somewhere in a tree.

Amazing players: Ranmaru, Ai and Masato

Good players: Camus, Ren, Syo and Tokiya

Meh players: Otoya, Natsuki and Reiji

Nope: Cecil
Tightening Weapons Laws: Germany May Seek Ban on Paintball - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International
In response to the Winnenden school shooting in March, the German government is moving ahead with a plan to ban paintball, which politicians describe as a game that glorifies murder and teaches people to kill.
By SPIEGEL ONLINE, Hamburg, Germany

Sit with me, children and let me tell you the story of how close Germany was to becoming even worse than Britain in regards to nanny state gun laws. 

Two months after the deadly school shooting in the southern German town of Winnenden, the German government is planning to ban paintball. The tragic March event saw a young man named Tim K. shoot 15 people before turning his gun on himself.

According to reports in the Berliner Zeitung and Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung newspapers on Friday, games like paint ball and laser tag are to be banned in Germany in the future, and people who violate the law could be fined up to €5,000.

“These games simulate murder,” Wolfgang Bosbach, who heads the conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) in the German parliament, told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. He said a deal had also been reached with German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

Something bad happened: Save the children, ban paintball now!

But wait, it gets worse! And of course, by ‘worse’ I mean the Green party’s opinion:

Meanwhile, Claudia Roth, the chairwoman of the Green Party, described the proposed tightening of weapons laws as a “courage-less concession to the gun lobby.” Instead of banning large calibre guns in general, the coalition government has only managed to agree on a token ban on paintball.“ By doing so, she said, "the coalition is tightening weapons laws in areas that are the least painful to the gun lobby.”

Her party’s legal affairs expert, Jerzy Montag, said that while he is no fan of such games (“Do you really need to shoot paint at other people?”), he didn’t see any advantage in banning them. “The real issue is the millions of guns kept in peoples homes and at sporting clubs,” he told SPIEGEL ONLINE.

You see, the gun lobby boogeyman exists even in a country that doesn’t have the NRA. Better ban all guns!

But again and again, paintball makes the headlines because it is played at events in Europe held by right-wing extremists or military freaks. In 2007, photos circulated of the head of Austria’s right-wing FPÖ party, Heinz-Christian Strache, playing paintball in uniform with a group of right-wing extremists. 

Add some spooky scary right wing-paranoia and you’ll see how government simply has no choice but to ban an increasingly popular sport.

This is the single most ridiculous case of gun control (if that term even applies, considering paintball markers aren’t even guns) knee jerk reactions and media hysteria after a gun-related tragedy.

It almost happened. In all honesty, I’m not sure what saved us from this madness, considering it had bipartisan support and the media hype that tends to make these things happen. But the tightened weapon laws that followed, while needlessly strict, neither banned paintball nor video games.

But this still serves as an example to see how bizarre things can get if hysteria overpowers the forces of sanity.