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Roast the Goblin Deuce shotgun

What the shit is this fuck I don’t even

This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen and I want one. It looks retarded and it almost certainly won’t shoot worth a damn and I don’t even care.

Fuck you OP, I’m not roasting this gun I’m roasting myself for wanting one. Clearly I’m a severely damaged individual and why anyone would willing associate with me is a mystery for the ages.

Made it to the gym this afternoon but made the mistake of going to 24 hour fitness.

It’s either folks playing on the equipment or folks that would marry the equipment if they could.

Managed to get my reps in though and I got a good plan for Sunday if I don’t go paintballing.



Smithsonian Narrator Guy: Best friends since childhood, Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers were inseparable on both schoolyard and battlefield. Barnes is the only Howling Commando to give his life in service of his country.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

(It literally didn’t occur to me until I was making this that Troy and Bucky have the same last name because I’m an idiot)


History Pt2! You guys loved yesterday’s so much, we’ll show you some more! Recognize any names? TAG YOUR FRIENDS who should know #paintball History! Ruff N Rugged All Day!

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Michael Fassbender Turned the Assassin’s Creed Set into a Paintball War Zone

I see he graduated from the BB guns 😂


INSANITY IN POLAND! BORNE TO STRIKE IS ON THE FREAKING BUCKET LIST!!! TAG a friend who needs to see this! #idpaintballpics #Schwarzegardescenariopaintballverein # #paintball

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Red Hands

Title : Red Hands

Pairing : Gabriel X Reader

Word Count : 3,180

Prompt : The song Red Hands by Walk Off The Earth. The reader is having a bad day, and when the boys ignore you, there is only one thing to do; begin a prank war. Luckily, you know someone who pulls the best pranks, and the Trickster is never too far off.

You were having a perfectly normal day.

You had even baked the boys some lunch for the first time in years. Most of the time, you didn’t have time to cook, let alone have time to eat it. With the never-ending stream of crap that spewed into your lives in the forms of werewolves and vampires and demons, you never had any time to be a normal human being.

And thank God, because as it turned out, being a normal human being was really REALLY boring.


“I swear Y/N, if you say you are bored one more time I will lock you in the dungeon. I swear to god.” Dean hissed, his voice tight with annoyance.

You heard Sam chuckle at his brother’s comment, but he kept his attention on the book he was reading, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. It was the first book you had ever seen Sam read that was pure fiction. You could tell things were slower than ever when Sam had abandoned his usual research in order to pleasure read.

“But Dean.” You sat up from where you had been lounging on the sofa. “Not even Cas wants to drop by, and he is the most tedious person in the history of existence.”

Dean grit his teeth and ignored you for the most part. “Go read a book or something.”

“I’ve read them all.”

“Then take a freaking nap.”

“I’m not tired.”

“For the love of—” Dean stood up and moved into the kitchen. He threw open the cabinet and returned to where you sat, a bag of chips in his hand. “Eat, then. Whatever you do, just shut up. Please.”

You frowned at him and he stared back at you as you angrily snatched the bag away from him. “Fine.” You stood up and moved away from the living room. You shot Dean and Sam a look as you moved to the stairs. “You guys are the worst!”

“Eat the freaking chips, Y/N.” Dean snapped, turning his attention to one of his Busty Asian Beauties magazines.

You grumbled to yourself as you stomped up the steps, agitatedly. Living in constant peril had its negatives. Apparently, you and the boys could only be entertained when your lives hung in the balance.

You glanced over your shoulder. Dean was still sitting at the kitchen table, his headphones stuck in his ears. You hesitated as a thought struck you, and then you moved past your room and snuck down the hall. You opened the door to Dean’s room as quietly as you could and slipped inside.

You didn’t know why, but trying to find secrets about the oldest Winchester to use on him later seemed like the best bet at the moment.

You sat down on his bed, popping a chip into your mouth, looking around. His room was really neat; it kind of surprised you. You always figured Sam would be the organized one of the two. You looked around and spotted a box peeking out under the corner of the bed. You crawled over the surface and laid on your stomach as you pulled the shoebox up for inspection.

You pried open the lid gingerly and your face split into a sly grin. “Oh my gosh.” You lifted a scrapbook and flipped open the pages. “No way.” You suppressed an amused giggle as you flipped from page to page full of Pokémon cards. You set the book down and lifted up a pair of pink panties. You frowned with an amused snort. “What the heck, Dean?” Was he keeping souvenirs of his hook-ups now? You bit your lip to keep a laugh at bay.”

You noticed a piece of gold and you lifted up a small chain. It was a locket. You opened it gently, only to find that it contained nothing. You frowned and lifted up a picture from the bottom of the box. You felt a slow smile work onto your lips. It was a picture of you and the boys, Castiel mushed in between Dean and yourself as Sam leaned in from the side. It had been taken on Dean’s phone three years ago. He had claimed to have deleted it, but you were glad that he hadn’t. At the very bottom of the box were five DVDs. You grinned maliciously and lifted them up in your arms.

Dean was going to be so upset when he went looking for his “movies”. You grimaced as you looked at the picture on the cover of the top DVD, a girl was bending over facing the camera, biting her bright red lip as a figure stood behind her…

“Why?” You grimaced to yourself, trying not to let the image eat into your brain.

“I know, that position is hardly realistic, let alone pleasurable.”

You whirled around, almost forgetting not to scream at the golden voice behind you. It took you a few seconds to calm your frantic heartbeat so that you could shoot a menacing glare at the intruder. “Gabe!”

The angel was leaning cockily against the closet door, his arms folded over his chest, a sucker stick poking from the side of his pursed, handsome smirk.

“What the heck are you doing here?”

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