paint fight

I just. I don’t like this view of “millennials vs Gen Z”. This is NOT supposed to be a competition of who got fucked over the most and who’s “actually fighting back”.

Millennials are fighting back just by surviving in a job market where the minimum wage doesn’t cover the living cost. Millennials are awesome at “killing” the diamond, golfing and napkins industries. Millennials are using the internet to make sure things that corporations want to keep in the dark are exposed. They’re open LGBTQIA-friendly business, they’re supporting each other with online donations so everyone can survive this shitty economy.

And the Gen Z kids? The Gen Z kids are rad. I remember a post about something like the millennials making a collective promise to never become a disenchanted generation that only criticizes the next one and I want to point out that this “millennials vs gen z” trend is trying to do exactly that: split us apart. Prevent millennials from being the older siblings that teach the younger siblings to throw a good punch and turn them into the annoyed adult complaining about “those kids” on their lawn. We are the two groups that grew in a connected world of information. We are two very unique generations.

I think that it’s our duty for us millennials, as a disrespected, underpaid, very angry generation to stand up by our younger siblings, and fight together the oppressive systems that brought us all to this point.

love me now

wade wilson is such a treasure like he wears socks with sandals and kitten shirts and likes my little pony and wears heels to kill horrible men and he called out xmen’s sexism and racism and he has an adventure time watch and a hello kitty gym bag and he suffers from clinical depression and mania and he enjoys being pegged  and being submissive and he just has so much love to give but doesn’t think he’s deserving of love himself and he supported negasonic and yukio’s relationship and he doesn’t put up with people being abused or hurt and he called peter sugarbear and told him that he wasn’t going to let anything happen to him when peter was scared and he was so gentle when he saw the bruises on russell’s neck an- 

You are a work of art.

A bit of positivity❤️

(and a friends appreciation post)

One of my friends sometimes paints on her legs or arms when she’s feeling down and I decided to do so as well because I’ve been feeling not so great recently. It’s amazing how a bit of bright colour on your arm can cheer you up so much, I highly recommend anyone to do it.

Even if you may be feeling sad right now, things will get better. You don’t have to go through anything alone, there will always be someone standing behind you and supporting you. You are important and you are loved.❤️

I’m incredibly grateful for having the best friends anyone could ask for. It all started two years ago when I asked Maki (she’d asked on Instagram if anyone who’d go to see TØP in Cologne, Germany would be willing to meet up before the concert) to put me in the whatsapp group chat. We were all pretty awkward back then and the only topic we really talked about was music. Two years later and there’s a lot more people in the group chat. Some of us frequently meet up and we’re planning to spend a few days together in the Netherlands and celebrate New Years Eve.

We’ve started out as a little group of strangers meeting up before a concert, now we’re a big family. I feel like I can tell you guys everything. You are amazing and I love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Bird and the Bee

Me: has 11 requests in my ask box that I am truly interested in writing as well as a full-length fic to work on.

Also me: stays up until 4:30 am writing completely unrelated, self-indulgent fluff.

I couldn’t help myself, the idea popped into my head and demanded a blood sacrifice my time. AO3 link here. Enjoy!

“Hey, Nath.”

“Wha—,” the artist lay one last touch on the mural he was painting on his bedroom wall before turning his head toward his girlfriend…who was holding a paint brush up to collide with his cheek as soon as he turned. He glared at the blonde out of the corner of his eye. She bit her lip in a half-hearted attempt to stifle her giggles.

Nathanaël raised his own paint brush in the air and smiled maliciously. “Oh it’s on, Honey Bee.”

A devious expression spread across her features as she backed up, holding her paint brush like a sword. “Come and get me, Pretty Bird.”

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Paint Fight

Ayo this is my first ever smut and i feel weird posting it (and even weirder writing it) but oh well gotta be adventurous I guess.

I pull the paint roller out of the can and shake off any excess paint. Ed, my boyfriend, stands a few feet away from me and I notice he’s staring at me. What’s there to look at? I’m wearing black leggings and an oversized gray shirt of his, covered in ivory paint. Painting your bathroom isn’t as easy as you’d think, by the way.

“What?” I question.

“Nothing,” he says with a cute smile.

“Why are you smiling?” I say.

“Because you’re adorable,” he says.

I give him a confused look.

“You’ve got paint all over you, your hair is in the cutest bun, and you’re wearing my shirt. You’re adorable,” he repeats.

I laugh and smile a little. “You’ve got paint all over you too!” I say.

“Not as much as you, love,” he says. He wipes paint on my, um, his shirt.

“You jerk,” I say, giggling.

He touches my face with his hand, leaving paint on my cheeks.

“Stop it!” I say laughing.

He wipes more paint on my forehead and on my nose, marking my face with ivory.

“We’re painting the bathroom walls, not me!” I say giggling uncontrollably and pushing him away. “Cut it out!”

“Make me,” he says.

I dip whole my hand in the paint can and smear it on Ed’s face, through his shaggy, ginger beard, and on his cheek. He stands there, shocked staring at me. I lift one eyebrow and smirk at him.

“Oh, you’re gonna get it!” Ed says.

“Ooh, I’m scared,” I say taunting him.

Ed attacks me with his paint roller and I scream. I pick up mine and roll it over his black t-shirt. He tackles me and we land on the floor next to the shower. I scream again.

“Say uncle,” he says.

“Fuck you,” I say cracking up. I smack his forehead with paint on my hand.

He holds me down and lifts the whole paint can over me.

“Don’t even think about it!” I say shielding my face. He tips the can ever so slowly until the paint is almost running out. I shove the can forward and the paint runs into Ed’s shirt and pajama pants.

I laugh so hard I can’t breath anymore. I start snorting because that’s what I do when I laugh too hard.

He starts laughing too. He rolls off of me, but I roll on top of him, attacking his face with kisses.

“I win,” I say.

“No, love, I do,” he says while rolling over so he’s on top again. He’s positioned himself between my legs. We’re both a mess now, covered in paint.

He kisses my neck, then my cheek, my nose, then finally my lips. I pull off his paint soaked shirt and throw it somewhere next to us. He returns the favor and takes off the shirt I’m wearing, leaving me in my black and white polka dotted bra. He kisses my collar bone, sucking and making my knees wobble.

“You have paint in your beard,” I say giggling. “You’re getting it on me.”

“It’s your fault, you put it in my beard,” Ed says, mockingly.

“Hang on,” I say getting up and grabbing a wash cloth and wetting it.

I wipe his beard with the cloth, then turn around to look in the mirror to wipe my face. He comes and stands behind me. He puts his hands on my hips and turns me around so that we’re facing each other.

“I’m not finished wiping my face,” I say. There’s still plenty of paint on me.

He takes the cloth and cleans my face for me, gently. He even wipes my neck. Once he’s finished, he throws the cloth in the hamper. I kiss him on the lips gently. He picks me up and props me on the counter, so I wrap my legs around him.

He rubs my thighs and it sends chills down my spine. His tongue finds its way into my mouth, swirling about.

“Mmm…” I murmur lightly into the kiss. His hands wander my body.

He breaks the kiss and moves down to my neck. The feeling of the scruff on his face mixed with his soft lips brushing and sucking on my neck make me melt into him. I pull him into me more, tilting my head to the side giving him more access to my neck and shoulders. It’s not fair; he knows exactly where the sweet spot on my neck is. I grind myself into him making him breath heavily.

He pulls back and looks me in the eyes.

“Do you want to go to the bedroom?” He asks me lustfully.

I nod and hop down off the counter. He joins us in a kiss again and gently pushes me backwards, guiding me to the bed. When I feel the back of my knees hit the bed, I know we’re there.

He gently pushes me down on the bed and I crawl backwards to the top. He follows after and stops halfway up and kisses my belly. I giggle a little bit because it tickles. He smiles because I giggle.

He leaves a trail of kisses up my belly and the center my chest before kissing my lips. My hands travel over his biceps and then down his chest, feeling his abs. He doesn’t have many, but I don’t want him to. I hate when guys are too buff.

We really get into it, our bodies moving together in a certain rhythm while he lies on me covering my mouth in a deep, needy kiss. It’s only when he’s sliding my leggings down when I notice something.

“Ed do we have a…?” I look down toward the bulging area in his pants.

“Oh… I think we’ve used the last one in my wallet,” he says.

“There aren’t any more in the nightstand,” I add.

He sighs and rolls off of me. Damn. No protection, no sex.

“I’m glad you remembered because I was really in the zone,” he says.

“Yeah, I’m definitely not looking to start having children tonight, so I’m glad I remembered too,” I say half jokingly.

I sit and think. Then I have an idea.

I roll over on my side and rub his chest, “You know, there are other things we could do… even though we don’t have protection.”

He looks down at me and I raise my eyebrows. My hand moves down towards his erection and I grab him through his pants. He closes his eyes and breaths in deeply.

I climb on top of him and pull off his pants, leaving us both in our underwear. He groans as I kiss his neck and slowly work my way downward to his throbbing erection. I feel how hard he is through his boxers and it turns me on even more. When I reach the place where he needs me most, I start massaging him.

He’s not a big fan of teasing (unless he’s teasing me) so I pull his boxers down and lick my lips as his rock-hard cock slaps against his stomach. Without hesitation, I grab him in my hand slowly run my hand along his length, paying extra attention to the tip. He all but screams when my other hand joins and grips tight, slowly pumping him up and down.

“(Y/N),” he sighs.

I look up at him and smile and wink. I don’t break my eye contact with him as I wrap my lips around his tip and suck hard.

He bucks his hips upward because he can’t help it. I remove one hand from his length and move it upward so that I can caress his chest and abdomen. I close my eyes while I take him completely into my mouth, sucking as hard as I can. I have to be careful though because my gag reflexes might kick in. I have to work up to the point where I can bob my head quickly.

“Ugh,” he groans while he closes his eyes and throws his head back. “Don’t stop.”

I pick up the pace a bit, going ‘mmm’ every once and a while to send vibrations through him just to drive him wild. He starts gripping my hair before realizing he’s holding on really tightly. He lets go with an embarrassed look on his face (he also has pleasure written all over his face). I grab his hand and place it back in my hair because it’s kind of hot that I’m making him have to grip on to something.

He’s whimpering like crazy by the time my head is bobbing so fast I’m almost dizzy. I know he’s close by the way his eyes are squeezed tight, and his face is scrunched up, and by how he’s fidgeting and breathing so loudly. Not to mention that he’s twitching inside my mouth. With one last pump I pull my mouth off of him and he’s moaning slightly and releasing himself all over my hands.

I grab a tissue from the nightstand and wipe my hands off because swallowing is disgusting and I refuse to do it no matter how much I love him.

He looks down at me with heavy breath and wild eyes and says, “Come here.” I follow directions and climb up on top of him. He flips us over and lies on top of me. He reaches around me and unhooks my bra, then slips my lacy underpants down my thighs making sure to hold eye contact with me. I want to see what he’s doing, so I prop myself up on my elbows.

Once his face is level with my nearly dripping heat, he looks up and says, “Tell me what you want, love.”

“You. I just want you, please,” I say breathlessly.

“You’re so sexy when you beg,” he says. “How bad do you want me?” There’s a mysterious grin on his lips and it almost kills me.

“So bad,” I whine.

“Show me, love,” his voice is hushed. “Touch yourself for me.”

I hesitate, but I slip my hand down and glide my finger through my wetness. I weave up and down my folds. And then I reach my clit. I gently roll around the hard, swollen little nub. It makes me moan in the slightest way, I’m not even sure Ed heard it.

“Are you thinking of me?” He asks huskily.

I nod and bite my lip.

“Do you do this when I’m away? Do you touch yourself and picture me between your legs getting you off?”

His words turn me on so much I let out a whimper before I nod again.

I feel myself getting close, so I reach my other hand down and start rubbing over my slit. I can’t help my hips rocking up against my hand. I’m so close…

Suddenly Ed grabs my hands and holds them so I can’t touch myself anymore.

“Ed,” I whine. I try to move my hands but he holds them tight.

“Now, (Y/N), I can’t just let you get yourself off,” he says sounding very satisfied.

I whine some more because my progress is completely gone. I’ve lost all my build up, and that’s exactly what he wanted.

“Don’t worry, love, this will feel even better, I promise,” he smiles.

“Okay then, what are you waiting for?” I ask frustrated bucking my hips toward him unintentionally.

He chuckles and plants a kiss on my inner thigh. He finally reaches my throbbing area and slowly slips his tongue upwards through my lips making me inhale deeply.

“Does that feel good?” He asks seductively, his lips moving against mine. Even though my eyes are closed, I can feel him staring up at me. I shiver while he slowly traces his fingers towards where his mouth is. His tongue lazily laps at my clit and I moan to answer his question.

He gets a very concentrated look on his face and his tongue starts working harder. His lips close around my delicate little bud and he sucks and licks all over it. I can’t stop myself from moaning when he hums a small ‘mmm’ into me.

“Ed,” I sigh loudly latching onto his fiery hair.

I can almost feel him smirk because he made me moan. He goes faster, his tongue darting back and forth across by clit making me loose control. My hips force themselves closer to him.

“Lay your hips flat, love,” he tells me.

I nod and try my best not to move them while his tongue gets back to work. I can’t resist grinding them into him, though.

“Oh god,” I whimper feeling my climax approaching quickly.

Right after that I feel one of his fingers glide up and down my slit. He gently slips it in and pulls it out slowly, repeating this motion gradually increasing his speed.

“Oh my– fuck!” I feel like I’m nearly pulling his hair out, but I have to hold on to something because this feels way too damn good. I throw my head back and my eyes are clenched tight. I’m so close and he knows it. My facial expression is a dead giveaway (and of course the breathy moans).

With one last flick of his tongue and pump of his finger, I’m putty in his hands. My orgasm washes over me as I go completely numb.

“Oh god!” I squirm and whimper. My legs shake while I ride out my high. Ed keeps going, though. The feeling is just all too much.

“Ed, please,” I beg and squeeze my legs shut around his head. Lucky for me, he stops and I still remain numb. My body feels like jello.

He climbs up and kisses me again. I really wish we could actually do it because this just left me wanting more.

“Was that okay?” He asks me looking really uncertain. His body is hovering over mine and I sit up a bit to kiss him some more.

“Okay? Baby, that was amazing,” I say.

“You promise?” He pushes.

“Yes, Ed,” I say. “Couldn’t you tell it felt really good?”

“Well, I did have you gripping my hair and screaming my name,” he sort of jokes with a smirk.

I playfully shove him off of me and then settle down next to him. I curl up into him and he pulls the blankets over us. His warm body embraces me and his arms hold me tight. I close my eyes ready to drift into a nap.

“Babe, I just realized we were supposed to be painting the bathroom,” he reminds me.

I giggle at that and say, “Oopsie.”

anonymous asked:

not to be a downer but dan going from condescendingly scoffing at the idea of painting his own nails to performatively painting his nails as a part of a stunt (for charity, i'll give him that) but still talking condescendingly about them the entire time isn't exactly the positive character development everyone likes to pretend it is lmao

Uh, he still painted his nails though… when he didn’t even have to.

and two other times before that:

This happened because someone gave him black nail polish. He might’ve taken it off the next day because he said they started to chip and he had to chip all of it off. 

But he still did it and he thanked everyone for the compliments. 

There was no warning on this one. Dan wanted to paint his nails sparkly pink and no one even asked him to. 

–also what part of “Phil painted my nails, look at the incredibly messy job he did ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ “ is condescending?? 

Going from “I will never paint my nails - that’s a girl’s thing/I’m not comfortable enough in my sexuality to paint my nails” to Dan PURPOSEFULLY wanting to paint his nails IS a major character development. 

But, you can go off on how he’s still condescending on his role of painting nails I guess. 


Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”  - Sarah Williams

Though his soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; he has loved the stars art too fondly to be fearful of the night life. (x)